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  1. Yeah I had no idea what that riddle referred to. It's not even the same room. I only worked it out from the noise that only played after clearing a certain room. post dungeon 4:
  2. Everything about that apart from the word "shit" sounds awesome. Why do you think it looks shit?
  3. Any reviews yet? My one concern is that it'll be super short.
  4. As someone who's worked with a few voice acting studios both in america and UK, it depends on the studio you use. For some of them it's down to available casting talent, for others it's who's directing them. I'll admit the most consistent level of quality has been a uk studio though
  5. Also didn't realise until afterwards that Mike is the Old Spice "The tickets are now diamonds" guy.
  6. Did everyone notice that Eddie's wife
  7. Alec had actually been working with us on an unannounced project. We let him go after the news broke out. I really don't know what to think right now. Would the same thing have happened either way?
  8. Wroth

    The return of FMV

    Telling Lies, the new game from Her Story dev has just come out.
  9. Why did they get the two people in the company who can't pronounce their 'R's to do a video where they say raytracing so many times?
  10. Personally, Godless was a huge missed opportunity. For a show whose premise was a town run entirely by women, it sure seemed to spend the most of its time on all the men.
  11. I guess talking about lynching implies they have been taught at least some part of black history, and they just don't care.
  12. I had to look up U Knuckles to follow the last few pages of this thread. This is the first thing I found. Please Neg, tell us you think the above isn't racist.
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