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  1. Thankyou! I hope you enjoy it
  2. Bloody hell, what just happened? I really enjoyed that! And I categorically hated the last 3 episodes.
  3. This guy's doing a brief playthrough of each quest game, including Shadow Point, in case anyone wants a preview of the start of the game. Spoiler warning, he completes the first chapter.
  4. Just learned that beat saber, moss and superhot aren't cross-buy. Booo.
  5. Euron also kind of forgot he was voted King of the Iron Islands at the kingsmoot 2 seasons ago, instead using the fact he fucked Cersei as his argument that he's a king.
  6. No-one's saying the signs were not there! That's not the argument at all!
  7. That, and all those gruesome murders Arya committed were clearly foreshadowing to her turning evil in the finale and brutally killing everyone in winterfell for no reason. If you didn't think it would happen you clearly haven't been paying attention!
  8. Calling it now. It's going to be the Nintendo Switch of VR
  9. I still want to know what Snarks and Grumkins look like
  10. I think so, but It seems weird to assume that, in a scenario with more time to flesh out Dany's arc, that only that character's arc would be fleshed out, while everyone else's remains frozen or replaced with a filler arc. I don't think that's what TSH's post was implying anyway.
  11. People are hating on characters for acting out of character and for bad writing. Both Tyrion and Varys served under Joffrey for seasons knowing full well he was a lunatic and people didn't hate them for that. I don't get your bit about there not being enough time - weren't you just now responding to a hypothetical argument in which there would be enough time?
  12. Plenty of reasons they would have time to explore: fear, hope, self delusion, love, owing a debt of loyalty etc.

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