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  1. It's coming to Game Pass this Thursday.
  2. The Hitman 3 6000 points punch card has reappeared. 13 days left.
  3. I had something very similar to this, and it turns out I hadn't redeemed the legacy pack in the original Hitman 2016, even though I have played all 2016 content in H2. Downloaded it, redeemed, and now it's there in 3.
  4. Was coming here to say the same thing! Progression has transferred over despite saying error on the transfer site.
  5. Finally got the progression carryover going, said In Progress for a while each time the page refreshed itself. Now it just says Error.
  6. CD Keys only have the PC version available currently, Xbox is showing as out of stock. I've pre-ordered digitally from the Microsoft Store for £52.49 and got 6000 points (£5) back. I did hit the Rewards punchcard before it disappeared the other day, though. The Hitman 2 expansion pass is currently on offer on MS Store as well, £8.19 (75% off).
  7. Me too! It worked.
  8. @jimmbob Ah, excellent. Thanks!
  9. The Hitman 3 punch card has disappeared on the Rewards app for me. I hit the first icon on the card before it disappeared. Will I still get the 6000 points if I pre-order the game?
  10. Series X just froze part way through a game of TDM on Garrison, then switched off.
  11. Well chuffed that my Xbox One official play and charge kit works on the new pad. Needs a USB-C lead instead, but I have one of those from my Switch Pro controller.
  12. As already mentioned, Amazon are sending out £10 discount codes for an Xbox controller as a thank you for purchasing a Series S/X. I wasn't planning on buying an additional controller straight away, but somehow I now have a Shock Blue pad on its way to me. Well played, Amazon.
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