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  1. England seem to have a problem with keeping proper quicks fit. Stone hasn’t been seen since the first NZ Test and Wood has had issues as well. I think as soon as they get genuine pace they just bowl them into the ground. Should be used for short spells only like Australia did with Johnson.
  2. That’s a bad drop from Sibley. For a team that’s often 90% wicketkeepers the England slip cordon isn’t great.
  3. About 2.5 hours. The one I went to started at 6:30 and we were done just past 9.
  4. They are now, they weren’t when I posted Rahul has sped up a lot.
  5. Both the India openers are going slower than Sibley did yesterday. It’s the lack of kicking on that’s killing him. He’s basically doing half the job well.
  6. Think Birmingham win the Hundred. They look pretty complete as a team.
  7. Fofana looks like he’s broken his leg after an awful tackle in a friendly. He was outstanding last season, horrible challenge which might have ended his season before it started.
  8. Can we not give Finn Allen a passport before tomorrow? EDIT: Even the suggestion of making him play for England made him step on his own stumps. The curse runs deep.
  9. They’ve been set to fail here mind. How much red ball cricket has most of the days played this summer? It’s been minimal. The T20 World Cup is the focus this year and it’s really showing. All of the young players coming through are short form specialists as well. Brook, Jacks, Clarke, Smeed, Banton and probably a couple more I’ve forgotten don’t play that much red ball. Clarke is the clear stand out, but he’s had behavioural concerns and seems to be black balled, which is a shame as he’s a real talent. Hameed has to come in I think next Test. Was surprised he didn’t open this Test. EDIT: any why pick Curran if you are playing 7 batsmen? If you play with 4 seamers pick the 4 best seamers, not 3 and an all rounder.
  10. Combination of being increasingly pigeonholed as a white ball specialist and good old British racism.
  11. Why are the London Spirit so shit?
  12. Yeah, and because it’s a World Cup this year people are trying to get into the team, so it’s IPL to PSL to CPL to the Hundred. The whole calendar has got crazy.
  13. It’s not going to get any better either with Australia’s stance on family travelling for the Ashes. Would be tempted to just bin it off for this year if that’s what they try to enforce. Some of these guys have been in various bubbles for 18 months now, it’s not doing anyone any good.
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