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  1. the first one. why did you continue the sentence with the others. the first one. Quake on the Saturn was the first horror game i played, i think. Or it was Resident Evil, but i gave up with that after the dog jumps through the window so Quake was more a sustained horror experience of dreading every corner until the end. The sound design is incredible, the atmosphere so imposing, always much preferred it to Doom.
  2. Bit harsh. I thought that was quite a funny clip really.
  3. Mount is a loss for the knockout game after if he's still required to isolate but there might have been reason to rest him in this game anyway. This is the last opportunity to play unused players in a game with nothing riding on it, I think there's little chance Southgate uses Saka, Sancho, Calvert Lewin as late subs in games against top opposition when he wouldn't against Croatia and Scotland. Bellingham too. I think he needs to allow them to impress to give him more options later on because he doesn't seem to trust any of them/has so much faith in Kane/Sterling/Rashford/Rice/Phillips.
  4. Over in the copa america...Bravo trying to nutmeg a time wasting Suarez...
  5. An example of Sterling using his big bum: look at how the player goes flying
  6. Southgate has the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer syndrome of over relying on individuals who have performed for him before who he trusts that is so unshakeable that even though England are through i still think it's likely he'll play Kane, even if he looks like he could do with a rest. My belief in Foden is embarrassing sure and he might as well give way for another of the as yet unused players, but I'd try him at false 9. I watched some nations league highlights again, ultimately Southgate is falling back on what has worked before rather than rethinking things with recently brought in play
  7. The oddest thing about is its awareness of how lame it is and it seems to point it out and mock itself in order to mock how stale the zombie genre has become?
  8. It's delightful. I don't know how much i care for that though. I'm not finding Pixar an antidote like some do, clearly they're still a cut above other cgi animation studios. I just think of Over The Hedge (still..75% on rotten tomatoes) whenever i think of all the churned out wise cracking furry animal cgi animations released in the mid 00s and when you compare Luca to that it's like Pixar are using a different medium, operating in a different realm, things like beauty and poignancy permeate every frame of their films while tacky crassness is just mostly all you get from other studios. And I'v
  9. Without Remorse None of this film makes any fucking sense. None of it! Yes, i got to the end, finally, not without pain and resentment and know what it was trying to say but just because it's idiotic doesn't mean everything else is just allowed to be as well. And the direction and cinematography is so good as well, in that crisp darkly lit moody serious way i like so much. I've not seen Zero Zero Zero, but the trailer looked so impressive, so not a surprise to see the director of this be involved with that. What is surprising is he'd waste his efforts on a story so badly put togeth
  10. You've misread that, i should have added 'about that/pressure' at the end. I mean these young players don't care about the occasion in terms of the pressure. Apart from the slower tempo of international football (which i think is the main reason for underperforming), the reason always brought up is the negativity surrounding England and the scrutiny players face. Ex players of the 'golden generation' talk about the benefit of these young players playing together in u17 tournaments and winning together, there's no dread about joining up with England and hoping no mistake on the pitch leaves you
  11. There was a bit where Sterling held it up in the box on the left, blocked by two defenders trying to cut inside and dawdling into view was Kane lightly jogging when he should have been sprinting to Sterling's left to give him an option or creating distraction for the defenders. Whether he's carrying an injury or not, if after 2 games every chance is falling to every other player Southgate needs to re think a lot of things. There weren't any crosses coming in so would Calvert Lewin offer more? It's so frustrating that managers are so hesitant to make substitions late in games, afte
  12. *remembers to not say World War Z is one of the handful of zombie films i've watched and i also liked it*
  13. There's a good best zombie films ever list i've been looking at and using to add to my watchlist (i've seen very very few zombie films) https://www.pastemagazine.com/movies/the-zombies/the-50-best-zombie-movies-of-all-time/ Is there anything missing there that's worth watching? Is it even a good list??
  14. The only commentator i can't stand is the one who does Europa league games who also is the commentator on pes 2021, Jim Beglin. Nothing because of what he says, it's just his voice, i find it unbearably boring in a way i can't really explain because it's not like there's no energy or enthusiasm behind his voice. He's not morbid and miserable, i just can't stand it. I can't stand Rafa Benitez's voice as well but i think that's more with him never saying anything interesting. Something else..Kalvin Phillips was asked by a presenter what he's been up to with England inbe
  15. I didn't realise there were so many cgi actor replacements in Logan. Just saw the videos. No one spots it because it's seamless but also everyone will think; don't you usually replace the background, not the actor. It seems so unnecessary but the action and camera movements are so quick or shaking and you're so engaged you're less likely to notice. With a young Harrison Ford walking around it's different.
  16. It doesn't remotely deliver on its idea, a heist with zombies in Las Vegas has the potential to be outrageous. There should have been laugh out moments, genuine tension, characters with charm you care about. I am convinced every single person who has slated the film if given that premise, the same budget, the same crew and actors could make something that delivers more on it. I think everyone when developing the script would fall into a cliche and think; no i can't do that, i know by following some basic story structures it's inevitable sometimes but bad films are lazy like that,
  17. I scrolled up to that thinking; what's the big deal it's just like last ye-ohhno no
  18. I cannot believe you've never seen a Zack Snyder film before!! What have you been doing with your life??! What have you been doing????!! Those Who Wish Me Dead - 'A Film By Taylor Sheridan'. I suppose you're going to say you've never seen a film by Tyler Sheridan aren't you, aren't you???! Some people who contribute to this thread make me sick. ... My expectations were lowered after other reviews and that i don't think Taylor Sheridan is some kind of screenplay writing god, so i enjoyed it. I love watching assassins on screen, they don’t waste
  19. I genuinely can't believe he's skied that so high. The hesitant run up i thought he was going to panenka it and thought 'oh no, don't' but what he tried was worse.
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