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  1. No place for Autechre’s Untilted then, with the write up underneath being: Pro Radii > everything else. Everything.
  2. Can’t believe no one has mentioned Lincoln’s placement.
  3. I’ve seen The Humanity Bureau. I do not recommend it. There’s some driving across a desert scenes where they do it fake with a screen or cgi and it’s so obvious i don’t know why they did that way. That’s the only thing i can remember about the film.
  4. *gets up, notices guardian min by min, checks latest* ohh oh..
  5. I can’t imagine what this will be like. High Rise was slick (and unwatchable i thought, literally..i got through 3/4s and couldn’t take anymore) and Free Fire had big stars and action and was fairly mainstream in tone even if the film ended up being small scale. I can’t imagine why the studio asked him and why he took it, other than it being a job. Googling i read a strange news piece on it, translated from another language or something.
  6. Maybe there’s another director called Ben Wheatley out there? Has anyone checked? This is the oddest director-franchise match up i’ve heard of.
  7. Snowpiercer. I loved Bong Joon-Ho’s Korean films, Memories Of Murder is one of my favourite films, and i read he was directing a sci fi about human transportation, and i saw a few photos and it didn’t matter so much that this was his first English language film as i trusted his brilliance. I saw an early photo of Song Kang ho stood inside a container and it impressed on me an expectation of a sci fi that would be slow, deep, heavy, devastating, powerful. Then i saw the trailer and for much of it was in a state of denial. Then i watched the film and for 20 minutes clung on to a hope it’d improve. After 40 minutes i accepted this was just a comic book film. It hurt, a lot. I so wanted to see that sci fi, set on worn down space carriers, something about human transportation in a horrible dystopian totalitarian reality. Not an action film set on a train that amps up the absurdity. The same thing happened with Gravity. I saw glimpses and imagined a sci fi horror with a chilling quietness, it’d be eerie and maybe even profound, a quality director at the helm. No it was just a rollercoaster ride. I love Kim Jee Woon’s films as well, i think his directing of action is among the best in the world, a pure technician, so The Last Stand also hurt. Like the parent of a child who has committed murder you have to find ways to process the pain and confusion, the feeling nothing is going to be the same ever again. They’ve changed, everything has changed, you can’t go back.
  8. Also Suicide Club which has some of the strongest imagery of anything. And Strange Circus which is mental. Some of Takashi Miike’s recent stuff like Lesson Of The Evil and As The Gods Will i love and Audition is my favourite horror film. He just acts as a for hire seemingly for anything however trashy*, and Sion Sono despite being more of an auteur putting more of his style and his writing in his films still can churn out some rubbish. *Terra Formers? Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbeakable - Chapter 1??
  9. about 5 minutes ago actually. “A notorious criminal must must break an evil curse in order to rescue an abducted girl who has mysteriously disappeared.” poor easily weirded out Nicolas. *shakes head* Sounds like a cutscene from a Japanese horror. Imdb says its in post production so it's too late for anyone to back out. another way to phrase the plot:
  10. Presumably they thought Bailly and Lindelof and Matic could defend though. And i think they can.
  11. The worse thing Woodward does is refuses to meet the people campaigning for football staff to be paid the 'national living wage'. They've asked repeatedly and he just ignores them.
  12. I see this be mentioned a lot in the Woodward bashing, the denying Mourinho a defender thing in his 3rd season. The 'why is Maguire good enough now but he wasn't last season?' thing. (I've been on the guardian this morning) Mourinho was given £124m in 3 seasons for 4 defensive players. Are we supposing Mourinho had no say in those? Because most managers don't either. Klopp and Pochettino have admitted as much. Given Mourinho wasn't getting the best out of any of the defenders he brought in and was bullying a young talent that was there before he arrived (Shaw) why would Woodward trust Mourinho with more money? Mourinho also sold Blind who was adaptable across the back and who i thought was reliable and who seems to be doing well for Ajax, he scored his first senior hat trick whilst playing as a centre back last November and that Champions League run as well. United have needed a proper right back for years but Dalot was brought in and Mourinho let Tuanzebe and Fosu-Mensah go out on loan again despite them impressing in the few first team games they played in. It seems more like Bailly got another serious injury and pushed this move. If next season or the one after Solksjaer is still here and throws a tantrum in pre season because he's not being given another £30m+ for a centreback i don't think it'd be unreasonable to point to the amount spent in this window and say it's enough.
  13. I didn't think there was anything wrong with the thread. I didn't think you were mindmilling or know why you got so massively negged for some of your replies.
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