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  1. lol Mourinho's jumping around doesn't fool Garth Crooks. you tell him garth. no one is watching final score are they
  2. Morgan still took him down though.
  3. Fernandes looked knackered.
  4. I'm not as keen. It doesn't have the same space and patience to it, the grace, though there's a few releases I've still not heard. I remember Loam coming on a shuffle and I stopped what I was doing, I had no idea what artist it was. I really should get all Blanck Mass though, at least blast it loud. Its immediacy is deliberate but I can't help view it, solo side project an all as somehow inferior. Fuck Buttons wasn't all perfect, it could be cloying, the melodies obvious, but there's a real epicness to them that's due to how patient they were I think. Surf Solar spends minutes getting going and remains one my favourite go to play it really loud tracks. Their tracks have these moments where some recurring sound will drop out and you wait 5 minutes to get there. I really think they aimed high with Fuck Buttons and it showed, those last 2 albums will become legendary in 20 years time I think, their popularity will grow and grow because there's so little to compare them with. The other half of Fuck Buttons i read last night has done film scores and released a sombre pop album with him singing, not what I expected at all. You think with electronic duos, who brings what taste wise and it's a bit unclear. They're big fans of Autechre. They've never done anything as crowd pleasingly thumpingly optimistic as what Fuck Buttons dial into though. Maybe FB lean more into dance than anything, I don't know, but they started noisy. They stamp their personality on to what they're doing, it sits separate to other electronic music I go to. There's nothing that would excite me more than hearing a new Fuck Buttons album, they were tapping into something special that has so much more to explore.
  5. I wish Fuck Buttons would release another album.
  6. Neither, I think I might just skip this generation, it'll only be about what 9 years until the next one.
  7. This is not about who had the most range, who was the better actor, but just which chunk of films is better. I think they both had great careers, for stand up comics. Not sure what one would expect. Ace Ventura and The Mask were great vehicles for Carrey's comedy. Likewise The Genie was for Robin. There are other great stand ups like Chris Rock who never got even 5% of the material or opportunity. Hell there are the greatest actors of their generation who end up doing straight to DVD espionage CIA thrillers for years..at the same time goofy guy Carrey is landing The Truman Show with the great Peter Weir or Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind with the most inventive writer director partnership of the time. I just thought if I was gonna list filmographies I might as well list nearly everything ! Not exclude say The Butler just cos it's forgettable. Maybe people adore that film. Even on a recent Guardian 'best Carrey performances' list (Liar Liar as no.1) they reckon Mr Popper's Penguins is underated, not a sign we deserve to go exist as a species. I personally think Carrey's 90s list of films is flawless. But I even liked Dumb and Dumber To. I like Hook. I loved Robots! I'm happy something silly like Flubber exists.
  8. Yeah. I was watching some football videos, one titled 'Emiliano Buendía - Technical Elegance', thinking; oh who is this young player who plays in some far away league I don't watch, then i notice he plays for Norwich. Granted I don't follow Norwich, but never spotted him in any highlights on motd. (I did miss all motds since the return though). Maybe that's how the edits go, only 1 goal scored, but 7 assists this season. I'm not very observant I guess. Premier league players of all teams regularly do technically good things all the time, you don't often sit up unless you're paying close attention. I guess it just surprised me someone so exquisite with such brilliant confident timing, pirouting all over the place was there in a team bottom of the league, back in the Championship. In the video there's a few bits of him terrorizing Barcelona. /slight exaggeration I often watch skill videos of young players and think they're extraordinary, how they anticipate, how alert they are, the speed, tightness and deftness of touch, kind of beyond anything I've seen in the past. I remember watching one of Isco years ago and becoming infatuated. It doesn't neccessarily correlate to effectiveness on the pitch. Then you're into consistency, decision making, off the ball movement and positioning which highlight clips don't really show. Anyway Buendía might yet get a transfer to another premier league club, he's only 23.
  9. Is anyone familiar with the name Emiliano Buendía?
  10. This is a wonderful video, featuring De Bruyne, Pirlo, Thiago, Kroos, Ozil. Watching a perfectly weighted pass is one of the most pleasing things in football, especially when very few players can do them. De Bruyne's the most impressive for me out of all these. It's the distance they travel and the pace that makes him stand out, for vertical through balls the ball accelerates so much but he gets two bounces in before the player receives to just kill the speed enough. The one at 2:54. I guess he can trust the pace of Sterling though. 5:08 is stupid. Just rewatching it over and over. It's like a sprint for all the defenders to get back, they don't even think to consider what's happened, it so comprehensively demolishes their defence. The first one shown of De Bruyne is so ridiculously perfect you'd think they'd practiced that exact pass dozens of times rather than something that was judged in the moment, one of those passes that sets up the decision for Sane for him, no second touch needed. It's rare to see long passes drilled along the floor. And side footed, does anyone hit side footed passes with little backlift and as much power, it seems unique to him. I don't mind Henderson winning it really, but it'd be nice if De Bruyne could win before he leaves for another league, he's probably the best passer/midfielder the premier league has seen. also stumbled over this '50 greatest managers' list compiled last year, with accompanying article for each. Not a surprise who is no.1. Bielsa is too low, Ancellotti and Mourinho too high. https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-50-greatest-football-managers-of-all-time?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  11. This occurred to me recently. It doesn't matter obviously, competition is bad. Jim Carrey i think did better comedies but Robin has Good Will Hunting which is one of my favourite performances in how true and convincing it is. Of course, Carrey hasn't finished yet. I think of him having emerged from a cocoon around 1993 then unleashed on the world fully formed, but then look at his imdb and see he played a vampire in 1985 film Once Bitten. Of course he did! reminder: Robin Williams films 80s Popeye The World According to Garp The Survivors Moscow on the Hudson The Best of Times Club Paradise Seize the Day Good Morning, Vietnam The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Dead Poets Society 90s Cadillac Man Awakenings Dead Again The Fisher King Hook FernGully: The Last Rainforest Aladdin Toys Mrs. Doubtfire Being Human Nine Months Jumanji The Birdcage Jack Hamlet Fathers' Day Deconstructing Harry Flubber Good Will Hunting What Dreams May Come Patch Adams Jakob the Liar Bicentennial Man 00s One Hour Photo Death to Smoochy Insomnia The Final Cut House of D Robots The Big White The Night Listener RV Man of the Year Night at the Museum License to Wed August Rush World's Greatest Dad Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Old Dogs 10s Happy Feet Two The Big Wedding Lee Daniels' The Butler The Face of Love Boulevard The Angriest Man in Brooklyn A Merry Friggin' Christmas Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Absolutely Anything ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jim Carrey films 80s Once Bitten Earth Girls Are Easy 90s Ace Ventura: Pet Detective The Mask Dumb and Dumber Batman Forever Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls The Cable Guy Liar Liar The Truman Show Man on the Moon 00s Me, Myself & Irene How the Grinch Stole Christmas The Majestic Bruce Almighty Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Fun with Dick and Jane The Number 23 Horton Hears a Who! Yes Man I Love You Phillip Morris A Christmas Carol 10s Mr. Popper's Penguins The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Kick-Ass 2 Dumb and Dumber To Dark Crimes Sonic the Hedgehog Actors do a lot of films don't they. Has anyone seen The Big Wedding? The Robin Williams film also starring Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace?
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