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  1. yeah but i gave it 9/10 I just found myself in a mood where i had a void and something Frozen-shaped filled it. Don't think as an adventure it progresses imaginatively, there's a lot of generic elements, i was a bit too taken with it.
  2. I loved Tangled as well. But i also sort of loved Frozen so i can't be trusted.
  3. I genuinely think the part in Spectre that wiki plot summarises as is one of the worst scenes to ever be filmed that has been viewed by many millions of people. There are poor twists in films and then there is this at the end of a lifeless bore of a film where nothing previously made any sense and then to throw the step brother thing out like it gives weight and meaning to a plot so devoid of coherence it was like on another level of awful, barely digestible as a thing that was really happening. It is so bad no film critic who just conveniently overlooked this crucial penultimate sequence that the whole film had been dragging itself towards can be forgiven for not applying their usual critical eye to how much of a steaming mess it is. I have zero expectations of a film that brings Waltz back and doesn't want to nuke that entire film's attempts at mythology and completely start again.
  4. It's kind of agonising to think of the effort required for Federer to stay in this against the annoying spider that evades every stamp of your boot greatestreturnerevernooffencenovak. i don't think he can last.
  5. im so sorry i jinxed it
  6. and the crowd sound like they're gonna storm the court
  7. its happening its happening
  8. Forgot there was no tie break on the final set! If they can just hang on and pass it around for a bit i'll be able to watch it while i have my dinner at 7.
  9. I like that tennis can make you yell fuck! and yes! in the space of a few minutes. I thought after the ball hitting the net and falling out with the advantage Djokovic would break and go on to win it.
  10. Feel like if Federer can break Djokovic as he has multiple times already he'll win it, if it goes to tie break he'll lose it.
  11. The most surprising thing i read the other day was that Sampras was just 29 (going on 30) when he was beaten by 19 year old Federer at Wimbledon that commentators like to say was 'a changing of the guard'. 29! (going on 30). Thirty one match win streak ending in that 5 set loss, then basically next year..retirement. Sampras did an interview in 2014 where he said of Federer: 'I don't know how he maintains the level. As long as he's healthy and enjoying it, I can see Roger playing for another two, three, four more years." Year 5...the journalist returns with: 'Regardless of his standing in the game, this was a remarkable expression of faith. Federer still playing at 36? It seems hugely improbable'.
  12. I also read when looking up at others that at no point does Jesse in Breaking Bad say 'yeah science, bitch!' He says 'yeah, science!' and 'bitch!' but never apparently the two combined, even though i do recall him saying this in the trailer in that episode. At this point I'd had enough of this stuff.
  13. New Laika film Missing Link 7/10 This was wonderful, like Hunt For The Wilderpeople in being something that you can't imagine anyone not enjoying. It's light hearted and kind of affable in contrast to the more portentous Kubo which i really didn't like. Still though, half way through i was thinking whether this story was compelling enough but then it became funnier and its charm was really winning me over. (i started to adore Link and there were some jokes that despite seeing them coming were executed with such perfect timing they gave me proper lols). And it kind of stays at the same level and doesn't escalate, if you think how the film begins with such epic visual ambition it maybe could have done more with how the journey progresses. But it retains its humour, it's so tightly put together, there are numerous blink and you miss them visual gags, it's gorgeous, and a few hours of it finishing i want to watch it all again. Probably my favourite film of the year so far. When the credits rolled and all the famous actor names came up i couldn't match any to the characters, apart from Hugh Jackman. I had to go to imdb immediately because i didn't want to find out David Walliams played Link. The feel good vibes would have been ruined.
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