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  1. I was about to post that... Now I'm on the thought that a win would put United above Liverpool in the table, which would be..hilarious. For one week... I doubt anything acts as motivation to United's players any more though unfortunately. United aren't currently even one of those bottom half teams who can improbably beat Man City or Liverpool 4-1 on a freak day.
  2. All of this is just making me so goddam curious to see him live. John Mulaney is probably the best example of a comedian I can think of who is so harmless and clean without being mainstream naff like Mctintyre. A lot of his jokes stem from poking fun at him thinking he looks look an adult boy. Like:
  3. Inevitable... It's not unfair is it? I love the idea of basically saying to the players; 'you're running the same amount as the opposition no matter what'. Apart from dropping players, what can a manager do to drive up standards? Aside from all the 'players will run through brick walls for him' stuff about likeability. Ten Hag is said to be genuinely nice.
  4. United are acting as though they're trying to wind the fans up, it's just weird because the fans sort of care and some spend a lot of money and time supporting the team so at least, I don't know, respect them enough to not take the piss. For all the talk of a lack of a sporting director, United I assume have professionals in their scouting team.
  5. Also today's "What!?" news that I saw was United wanting Vardy.
  6. Oh snap, yeah. This season would be good too with a new manager but last season would have been as fascinating as any season of any club I'd say.
  7. There's got to be some middle ground though, between transferring in and out loads of players and becoming world beaters/winning the league and not getting everything you want but not being humiliated by teams that a few years ago were in the Championship. No one take that as Man United arrogance and entitlement at teams that at least know what they're doing. Everyone expected United to play well and beat these teams, if not draw because of defensive lapses, not be completely inept. It's like Tuchel saying he doesn't want the uncertainty around Chelsea allowing them an excuse to lower their standards. Ten Hag has had an entire pre season, as well as time before to look at and assess, something Conte when he arrived at Spurs or Klopp who he arrived at Liverpool didn't have. Their low points were mostly being unable to create chances in dour low scoring games, not being humiliated. Though Klopp inherited a comical defence so there were stupid moments, but anything like that against Brentford? I'm honestly gutted we never got an All or Nothing documentary covering last season, it would have been so interesting. The chance has gone now.
  8. OI'm retiring all optimism that centers around having faith players/people will show their best when changes are made. Losing 4-0 to Brentford after losing to Brighton at home is shocking I think, and people are reacting like it's inevitable. Brighton are good and so are Brentford, goals were gifted and teams can lose consecutively but still. This is looking like the early signs of Ole being sacked, being so inept the team can't do anything well. I felt embarrassed on Ten Hag's behalf. If he doesn't feel embarrassed then I don't know. Though Guardiola was embarrassed defensively as was Stones in that first City Pep season, but single errors, nowhere near as shambolic. The same signs before that Liverpool game when I thought 'well, Ole has done well against top sides...' then that horror show. I know...transfers. But that lineup, 4-2-3-1, Fred, Eriksen, Sancho, Bruno, Rashford, Ronaldo as the front 6, that...isn't some impossible to get playing, unbalanced waste, why the team is so low on the basics, running, sprints, winning balls etc I don't know. Ten Hag has the option of playing youth, it's not ideal but no other type of player is as willing to learn or as willing to run for you when you give them their chance. I still want 3, 4 midfielders (lol) but it's never going to be perfect in regards to the squad, injuries, untested players, signings you can't get, ones who come in and just don't excel. Of course I agree, glazers out, better structure in place, but it's going to be never ending complaints, it's still on the manager to get a team competing.
  9. Avoiding scores as I want to watch motd fresh.. What the fucking fuck was that. Fuck me. Head in my hands. Although the stream froze after the 4th goal and then when it returned Brentford had one shot at the other end and the match ended, so perhaps United had chances, did United get near their goal??
  10. They covered Rashford being wanted by Psg on 5 live, something about Psg targeting players with one year left on their contract, though they didn't know about some extension he has been offered, i dunno I wasn't really listening. I doubt Rashford would play much, but getting to train and play with Messi I'd take it, Rashford pr gives the impression he thinks higher of his ability than fans do. Also they mentioned a footballer who said Rabiot was the most impressive midfielder he'd played against. They were all surprised by this. Nothing specific, just 'hard to get the ball off him'. I guess at this point any midfielder will do, sigh. Really, go for 3, 4 and see how they work in the premier league. Look how Kulusevski has done, physically he's perfect for the league and has that De Bruyne unfussiness about him and a range of skills he just does simply. I don't watch Juventus, maybe Kulusevski was a star, but he's definitely excelled more than fans would have expected, surely.
  11. There's a bit of punditry guessing about how Ten Hag took that loss, like 'I think now he truly understands the job he has on' and 'he was a bit passive wasn't he? In training he's not like that'. I wonder if they'll be big lineup changes, maybe it'll be more surprising if he sticks with Fred and McTominay. Like there was no need to vent because he's thinking 'they won't have the chance to let me down again'. Ten Hag was asked about how big the job is and he was like 'yeah, I knew that before'. I don't know why interviewers can't be more upfront, 'that midfield is garbage isn't it? What are you going to do Erik? Really, what?'
  12. I really don't think De Jong will leave, all reports say he loves the city, is settled, just bought a new house, the club treat him and all the players like enemies but every club treats players as disposable. At this point I'm with everyone on the 'end of glazers time, nothing good will happen until they sell the club'. I'm never really sure how the ones at the top treating the club one way should affect the team and staff at the bottom, but if they're unable to have any idea on signings then it's all compromised. Under Ole the transfers were deemed good at the time. There's the Sancho saga but generally there was more sense of knowing what they want, but this summer has been laughable. The problems and transitions Chelsea have had in the last few years, they still get deals done. Like with United with most signings, Lukaku for Chelsea was a mistake but they still got it done. I thought Rabiot was older really. Juventus fan Mina Rzouki is not a fan Top comment basically 'he excels at changing clubs and disappointing fans'. Can't wait ! I love all the stuff about messing up 5 yard passes.
  13. Tbh I'd probably laugh my head off. Then cry. I don't want this season to happen if there isn't going to be a midfield. Went into summer saying 'club must buy 3/4 midfielders' to focusing on one they can't get, then getting Eriksen who while class everyone associates him further up field.
  14. I don't think Crowe is amazing in that scene at all, his Mexican line is a good example of delivering it flat, no one is laughing at that, they're laughing at everything Gosling says, Crowe's 'yeah...I feel great' is not delivered poorly but not great either. I think there's enough there to find humour in his character but he's just not funny nor trying at this stage of his career so does the bare minimum. Nothing wrong with the casting, the character's personality. Spin it around again, if Crowe says 'at least you're drinking again' to Gosling (who you are introduced to as an alcoholic) and Gosling says 'yeah...I feel great', everyone is laughing at Gosling's delivery. The way The Nice Guys opens with Crowe playing the aggressive hard man it reminded me of how he was in LA Confidential, that's deliberate isn't it, given the setting and period (LA earlier sure). And given that Crowe hadn't played that hard man role for ages since LA I think. It's not a coincidence is it he was cast in that role? I don't think so. Again, the rllmuk thing of dismissing a point I'm not even making. Yes, I think the two characters are exactly the same, of course. That's the fatal mistake here. Maybe someone should post again how 'lmao they're supposed to be contrasting characters'. Mark Kermode for some reason when The Fighter is mentioned always brings up that Christian Bale can't be as showy if Mark Wahlberg isn't grounded, but again the point would be; is Wahlberg doing anything remotely different to what he usually does? No. No one finishes that film and remembers Wahlberg because he's just going through the motions, applying his thing, because he knows he doesn't need to do more with standout performances all around him (Amy Adams and her family are exceptional too). Ethan Hawke before Training Day said to Denzel 'if I nail this part you'll win an oscar'. But Hawke brings his best anyway, when he's pushed and pushes back pulling a gun out he's as convincing as ever, when he's pleading for his life he's making it extremely convincing despite how hammy the other actors are. Acting classes probably ask students which performance they prefer. Lordcookie used to say Kevin Bacon was the better performer in Mystic River while Penn got all the plaudits. I think Rain Men is Tom Cruise's best performance, just present in every moment in an unlikeable role. All these performances i think got more attention, a lot of people say the same of Cruise in Rain Man, people now appreciate how good Hawke was in Training Day. No one finishes Ford vs Ferrari and says 'wow, Matt Damon was unbelievable!' He's playing the boring role but still possible to think he could do more in his scenes. De Caprio's is the best performance in The Departed but Matt Damon as a villain is interesting, his sleazy arrogance convincing. Another film where an actor doesn't go through the motions with bigger actors elsewhere, he still brings something interesting. Tldr Crowe casting is fine, character is fine, chemistry is perfect, just think he doesn't do a lot with the scenes and dialogue he has.
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