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  1. From the telegraph He took a 50% pay cut, could he not just take a 80/90% pay cut?
  2. I'm shocked and delighted by this, I thought he decided to stay? Like it was finished?? He agreed a like 5 year contract didn't he? Something major must have happened??* After last year when it seemed we might see him in the premier league i was gutted it was back to seeing his final years be exactly the same as the last 4, pulling Barcelona through games then getting humiliated in the Champions League where a highly functioning cohesive sharp team is needed to compete and win. I want to see a rejuvenated Messi, I'd get an enormous amount of joy out of seeing him in the premier league, it's embarassing. Seeing Foden play with him. After last season when his kids were extremely upset and he finally won a trophy with Argentina I thought he'd settled with Barcelona's current state, play with some youth coming through (like Pedri who he loves to play with) and Aguero, his best mate, and see how it goes. He definitely wants to play in the MLS because America fascinates him so if he just jumps to there already then forget all the excitement. And PSG...i don't care for Ligue 1. *oh financial and structural difficulties, ok.
  3. Blimey this speed climbing, they literally look like they're computer animated enhanced mutants from some low budget film, it's freaky to watch.
  4. I don’t know, can't easily find that info. Okay £75m-£90m.
  5. That's why i mentioned £65-90m though, that's what other top players go for yet people are saying Levy isn't happy with £100m and expects £150m. Presumably City offered £100m first, or second.
  6. I might have managed to piss off spurs fans and arsenal fans in the space of a few posts. I just mean now, where the team is now. That 2nd finish was 4 years ago and a different team under a different manager who had spent 2 seasons building up to that point, so this season with a new manager everything kind of starts again. What would be considered 'cheap'? £100m? £120m?
  7. Yeah I know. Unless you get Haaland or Lewandowski you're not getting someone comparable. But so what? People do this thing where they go 'that club can't replace that player, they can't!! who is gonna score that many goals?!!' as though goals don't come through team play anyway and can't be shared around. Just because you have a striker who scores 25 a season doesn't mean by not having that, success is impossible. Liverpool had Salah and Suarez produce record breaking seasons and they still didn't win the league. Then when there was no outright star and the goals were shared as moderate numbers each, with fullbacks and midfielders chipping, they did. Cos the defence improved like...but still.
  8. Yeah there was a cup final last year wasn't there. I guess getting to the odd final and not doing anything in them does count as challenging for them. I don't mean that in an arsey way, there wasn't much Spurs could have done against how dominant City were. I think Spurs should keep an unhappy Kane who desperately wants to leave because despite him knowing he's among the best in the world in his position he ought to waste the last 6 years of his career competing at the highest level accepting never enjoying what it feels like to taste cup success. It's like i don't think of Arsenal challenging for the league and cups even if they then inexplicably win a few and end up in finals. It's how transitional both clubs are at the moment.
  9. But saying 'well we Spurs value Kane at a price only two other players in history have been sold for more than' is not realistic when those players had 3-9 years on Kane and would be almost double what every other top player goes for, £65m-£90m. Saying 'no no no, we value Kane at this price' which isn't remotely in line with previous transfers might as well be saying 'we're not selling him at all'. It's stupid with the whole owner being a billionaire thing. There are strikers out there, Leicester have taken a chance on Daka for £23m who scored 34 goals in 42 games for Red Bull Salzburg. It's not like Spurs challenge for the league or cups and are never at risk of relegation so while losing Kane's goals will affect the team obviously, not in any meaningful way. And Spurs still have the reputation as a top 5 club so can probably attract premier league strikers like Ings, Watkins, Iheanacho, Calvert Lewin, Wilson who all are scoring 15+ premier league goals now with full seasons. And while Kane provides for Son, Son usually does better when Kane is injured and is still one of the world's best. It's a stubborn pride thing at this point.
  10. I think everyone agrees Kane was stupid to sign a 6 year contract taking him into his 30s but like with the 'gentlemens agreement' we don't know the details. Did he have the option to sign a shorter contract? If he did why wouldn't he do that after years of Spurs not funding Pochettino and the likehood he is sacked or leaves? And it's not like he could have chose not to sign a new contract, allowing it to run out. Maybe he really just did it for the increased wage and was naive/optimistic. I don't know why fans expect players to have 'loyalty' to clubs when it's not reciprocated, there are numerous examples of legends at clubs who get basically kicked out of the door when their time is up, the worst probably being Casillas after 725 games over 25 years there was no farewell, he just sat alone in a press conference crying. Or legends who want to be involved in the club after but are quickly forgotten. There was one i think it was Everton where he said he was completely baffled by how they treated him after decades of service. Literally just; there's the door. Players who grow up seeing all the as-talented academy kids get let go or forgotten about remember this, it's ruthless throughout. I doubt Harry Kane is sat there thinking; god what a beautiful relationship that has been allowed to grow between me and this special club Spurs, they from the very beginning showed absolute faith and trust in me that i could achieve the excellence they so desire. He's thinking; god if there wasn't injuries and i didn't get that lucky run of games with some flukey goals allowing me to play more i might have gone on loan again for the 5th time to a Championship club somewhere and who knows where i would have ended up. Also probably that Levy is a tightfisted weirdo whose mark on public life is almost entirely 'that guy who doesn't sell players who want to leave' and who looked up to Mourinho in that documentary like a dog looking up to its master, everyone fretting over the difference in millions even though Spurs' owner buys paintings for £26m and sells them for £90m and has an art collection worth £1 billion...just repeating that again. People are saying 'er well it's entirely on Levy to decide what they think Kane is worth and if that is £200m then Kane can't complain' as though £200m is an entirely reasonable figure for a 28 year old that'd make him a more expensive signing than the at the time £198m 25 year old Neymar or £163m 19 year old Mbappe, both whose talents and potential far exceeds Kane's even if their numbers don't. Even £150m during a pandemic puts Kane as third most expensive ever, 3 times more than City's previous record signing and even offloading 1-2 players it's a lot. I don't know what's true, but if City are ready to pay £100m for Grealish, a midfielder they don't remotely need, and not a smilar amount or slightly more for Kane given they're low on strikers then that doesn't make much sense to me. I think £150m would be pretty ridiculous for Kane, £90m-£120m more reasonable. Also plenty of Spurs fans on the guardian saying 'it's not true Kane hasn't had the chance to win trophies' then a list of finals where he's never really turned up, though mostly always never fully fit. No one disagrees Kane hasn't had opportunities but i think it's more likely he would have stayed if Spurs had actually invested in the squad and they kept hold of Pochettino. Even just if Pochettino was still there he might still believe each season they give it another go. I think that's as much loyalty as you should expect, after a season of giving Mourinho a chance.
  11. Couldn't look any more like a continuation of the first though it won't have the surprise of Tom Hardy arguing with himself/Venom - those bits still look the most entertaining. I think the rest looks garbage, every action scene still occurs at night, just blurry indistinct dross really. We're a long way from one of the highpoints of comic book action scenes being the ones from Spider-Man 2, the bank robbery, the fight up the building (which is so imaginatively shot and creative as fights go, Sam Raimi must weep at the standards accepted now when he was putting actual thought into his action), the train fight, anything that involves New York because it's the best city for an action film by faaarrrr, and San Francisco with its sparse openess can't come close. They're not remotely trying.
  12. It is Ridley Scott and lots of actors are in it... Judging by that trailer i don't think Lady Gaga has the acting skills to pull off that role. I like the hand clap and spoon cup tap but maybe more forced than natural, instead of improvisations an actor will do to give colour to a performance they seem like they're too deliberately inserted. And i don't buy the end line. Also was that the best delivery of 'it's time to take out the trash'? It's a poor trailer i think because she's still the only intriguing thing from it. It has Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Salma Hayek but doesn't show them saying anything. Jared Leto in heavy prosphetics and with the clothes and time period giving it an American Hustle feel, a film i hated. Otherwise reminds me of All The Money In The World which seemed like a more interesting story than the film we got.
  13. 3 episodes into series one
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