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  1. Loik V credern

    The Man Utd Thread

    It's been mentioned by everyone by now in the media so..everyone already is aware of it..but perhaps they could let Mourinho know that if you have conceded more goals than you have scored it kind of means you're not succeeding in being defence first, attack second. Because if you look at Man City, they've scored 36, let in 5. If you keep the ball it means the other team doesn't have it, and the less they have it the less chances they can make. Usually. If a journalist could be allowed to patronize Mourinho this way, and phrase it the same. As Jonathan Wilson said last season, the pragmatic thing to do wouldn't be try not to concede then score if possible, it's instead go for it. When you're up against this Man City (over a season not a single game) you have to. Negative goal difference. It's embarrassing. That's a stat for a team struggling near the bottom of the table. Man City on 31 !
  2. Loik V credern


    It was going to be called Solo before the Star Wars film got in the way. The crew were following Honnold for months to make a film about him, and he used the film as motivation to really go for El Capitan. I hope to go there one day, the scale of nature/art when experienced in person can really have an effect on you that's overwhelming. I got it from a Rothko, stature of David, and the grand canyon. Yeah i loved this documentary, really recommended, and not that easy to buy/access when i tried to watch it. The way it uses photos to bring the period to life is so seamless and effective. Jimmy Chin made Meru as well about alpine climbing which is supposed to be great, and is also on Netflix. Not seen it yet. Honnold's mum has more reason than anyone to lose her mind with worry over Honnold's free solos yet is pretty relaxed about them. Maybe she has no choice but to accept it. She says 'i think Alex is measured and knows what he is capable of'. It's other climbers who flip out most about his climbs, who know the difficulties. There's footage in smaller films he's done where no one in the group will commit to a route and Alex will say; 'are we just going to sit around then, if no one will try it i will'. Then he's essentially soloing as if he falls it will be an 80 ft drop. He just does it. There's one in Ireland in YouTube where he on sighted it with no prior knowledge or preparation and there's a load of people watching at the top, trying to be quiet and not put him off. The host of the video described it as the most intense thing he's ever seen, you see Alex check holds, measure the route, and go back to go forwards. I'm more nervous watching other people free solo now - Alex in all the videos is so assured and calm, smiling, whistling, loving every second. No grunts, no aggression, no apparent struggle. So he seems so supernatural.
  3. Loik V credern

    Your Very Best Gaming Year

    1993 Gunstar Heroes The Chaos Engine Zombies Ate My Neighbours NBA Jam Rock N Roll Racing Aladdin Doom Myst Sonic Pinball Cannon Fodder Sam & Max Hit the Road Mortal Kombat II Super Bomberman The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Virtua Fighter Daytona USA Sim City 2000 Mega Man X Ridge Racer Day of The Tentacle Syndicate Secret of Mana Star Fox
  4. Loik V credern


    This video does the best job of any I've seen of making his climb and the consequences feel real. The bit at 2:50 is ...i mean really fucking hell. I can't really grasp Honnold (or any free solo climber). I always think of Tom Daley in the last Olympics, when he got an all time great score in the preliminary round but the next day just fell short to qualify for the final. "Sometimes you don’t really understand what’s happening there,” said Jane Figueiredo, Daley's coach. “The brain’s telling you something but the body’s not connecting. I know he was sure as heck doing his best to make his body go there.” I guess Honnold can and has judged how he's feeling it on a given day and decided to not commit. Still think that's what really defines him, the love and desire to do it. Imagine yourself in that position at 2:55, you'd have to embrace the challenge and joy of climbing to get through it. Alex says; 'what keeps me from falling is knowing i won't fall'. Obviously if he didn't want to do it then he wouldn't attempt it and put himself in positions of doubt. Climbing with complete freedom to him is the greatest joy, it overrides the precarious positions he finds himself in. Which is still hard to fathom, when i watch the el sendero climb, i can't believe my eyes. And those were just the parts of the route Honnold was comfortable with recreating for the film. The wall seems entirely flat, the wind is blowing heavily, at one point he crosses over his right hand with his left and left foot across his right...it's insane. I guess just because it appears to be a precarious position doesn't mean it is. He'll just say it's easy and comfortable for him. I'm kind of embarrassingly obsessed by Alex Honnold, i guess because his solos are put to film and others who do them largely haven't been. Imagine doing something so badass and no one seeing it. He's said that no solo climber has fell on anything really challenging, it's always something far lower than their level, the feeling being because they're not as enthused they're less bothered and a little bit of complacency seeps in. I think if Honnold was ever to meet his end climbing (morbid i know but i check to see if he's still alive when i google his name) it'd be with an alpine climb where he's out of his comfort zone. i I kind of want him to stop soloing but then i read about his recent skyscraper climb and was disappointed there was no footage.
  5. Loik V credern

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I don't get it. I am in the minority of liking the current champions league format. I like the group games. I like that teams from lesser leagues go up against big clubs and can conceivably end in the top two and go far in the tournament. It rarely happens, i know, but that's not the fault of the format. And when it does, it's fantastic. Yeah the name 'champions league' doesn't work. A closed league would be the worst thing - what's the point? Any tournament or league without that possibility for unexpected outstanding teams to beat the bigger sides and progress far loses the spirit of sport. Also would it not further create a divide between the top teams and the rest, in terms of players desiring to play for a select group of teams ? The only thing i don't like about the champions league is that by the time the quarter and semi finals come around and the big match ups are made, players are often too knackered to perform at their best. Resulting in dire nullifying games, or ones so lopsided that it's ultimately disappointing that you don't get classic back and forth goal fests. It's all one way, every time. Kind of. You do get a few slight comebacks. It's just not two big teams performing at their best. I think the group games better reflect that. Also the away goal rule should go. The most stupid thing in high level football, along with penalties awarded for unintended hand balls. Pushing forward the champions league second round, quarter, semi and final to finish by Christmas wouldn't be possible and would seem weird. Maybe decrease the number of teams in each league? Drop to 18/16 maybe. Always so much shite there anyway. A few less games wouldn't make much difference i suppose. Cup games are mostly knock out now, still replays sometimes though. Maybe start the season earlier. When is the premier league getting its winter break? It's just one weekend isn't it. woww. I like big teams going against small teams. So often the big team batters the small team. So what, don't be shit. Some people moan about it because they've betted on the small team winning and been let down again. I don't want to see the big teams face each other often, 20 years of that will get boring fast. It should be rare. Like how you think Arsenal haven't faced Real Madrid that much...just..twice?? in 2006, when the bbc report has it that 'David Beckham wasted Real's best two chances in the first half'. Yeah Arsenal have faced Barcelona and Bayern Munich dozens of time in the last 12 years...it's not perfect. Or Liverpool vs Barcelona, I'd love to see that this season and would prefer it be something of a rarity; if not this season then maybe next. A site has it that they've faced each other competitively just 8 times in 42 years. Mid 70s, early 00s, mid 00s.
  6. Loik V credern

    Bottom : An Appreciation

    Yeah, me too. I grew up on Bottom. It was the comedy that most struck me, i was captivated by Rik Mayall's insane performance. It was this absurd, vicious, surreal world...contained within a rotten flat. It was like a live action cartoon, Ren and Stimpy made real. All the obvious episodes were my favourites, in our house the robber kidnapped one was like the centre of our comedy world everything else revolved around. I wasn't a teenager when The Young Ones suddenly appeared on tv to appreciate its searing freshness. I watched it as a kid but not with the same fascination. I think Bottom's premise, dynamic between the two, world building and dialogue were far higher. They captured gold, more consistently, and it's tighter, less indulgent. edit: by 'vicious' i don't mean the slapstick violence or an undercurrent of nastiness, i mean those on the outside - the police officers, people they'd come across. I was frightened by the police officers in Bottom as a kid. The Inbetweeners does a similar thing of having these crass lovable teenagers who can punch a fish to death, or run over a squirrel and say loads of rude things inbetween but anyone they meet in the wider world away from their own is so comparably mean and curt.
  7. The only valuable reason for these films to exist will be for them to bomb hard and for James Cameron to feel the immense failure of that.
  8. Loik V credern

    Sicario 2: Soldado

    I ought to rewatch Sicario, maybe it's a film that reveals itself over time, where you fill in details to compensate for its obtuseness. It was like Villeneuve was continuing on the directional style of Enemy where the abstract quality really enhanced that film. I'm still sceptical and think if the direction, cinematography and score had been by lesser names people wouldn't forgive its uneveness. Its vague nothingness becomes mysterious. Bladerunner is like the pinnacle of this effect, but being sci fi gets away with it. It's like; every other great film has those ordinary things like characterisation, suspense, tension, but make a film that transcends those things with striking visual poetic moments and you get timeless beauty. Still just think Villeneuve makes very good films but not great ones.
  9. Loik V credern

    Sicario 2: Soldado

    I thought this was brilliant. I wasn't sure I'd ever watch it as i found Sicario a nothing film with quality cinematography and direction that seemed to elevate it above mediocre for most people, although maybe i just didn't get it. I can't even understand the attachment people have to it to cynically view this sequel/continuation as a cash grab. For a lot of the prominent reviewers on letterboxd to give this a 4 is madness. I don't know if this film having more of a plot and characters it makes it more straightforward. There's so many good scenes, uncomfortable scenes. I like films that might be mired in unneccessarily convoluted plot to anchor it with something simple that can provide tension throughout as the scenarios naturally play out. My second favourite film of the year so far, (after Tully)...film wouldn't be as interesting if anyone could know which films they engage with.
  10. Loik V credern

    The Man Utd Thread

    Mata is a born footballer, he should always play. (i'm not watching the game, i don't know how he's doing)
  11. Loik V credern

    Cars From Pixar

    I think Cars is more a bit boring than bad without enough humour and also too long. Cars 3 was surprisingly great.
  12. Loik V credern

    Football Thread 2018/19

    5-1 is worse than the Benitez classico score line wasn't it i think.
  13. Loik V credern

    Football Thread 2018/19

    4-1 Suarez hat trick + pained face on Ramos.
  14. Loik V credern

    The Man Utd Thread

    It's impressive how quickly he reacts to score, Pickford's save is awesome as well. Two things more difficult than the run up he agonizes over. Doesn't seem to wait for the keeper like Balotelli.
  15. Loik V credern

    Football Thread 2018/19

    That's one of the best headers I've ever seen by Suarez. way to hype up a goal i know.

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