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  1. Football Thread 2017/18

    apparently, movement is occurring here
  2. Football Thread 2017/18

  3. Humanity : Ricky Gervais (Netflix)

    Not like I followed it much, but i thought people said it was a bit off to use a tragic incident of a car crash to make a joke. So not trans phobic, just tasteless. He doesn't seem to be aware of that in his routine though. 15 minutes in, I don't think he's good at extending his jokes, but I'm not keen on any comedian trying it. Bill Burr for instance having a chunk of his stand up set about a gorilla, i guess it's just story telling vs word play, and I prefer the word play. If there's no inherently funny quirk they're mining it seems like they have to try real hard.
  4. Game of Thrones for Dummies

    I thought it was one of the greatest TV shows I'd ever seen by episode five. It doesn't take long.
  5. Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Collection, PS4, Xbone, PC

    Yes, this. I'd buy that. I had to check the date on when this thread was started, because..how many of these Megadrive collections has there been now..
  6. Splinter Cell 2018

    Nah. 3 routes tagged on to a linear route changed nothing, just led to more general design rather than the specificness of the original. Basically, I just prefer linear games, it's not like I wanted it open ended. Designers can be more intricate with your route through, the guards you come across, the situations, and through that be more surprising. Splinter Cell would have you entering a room with loads of guards that would seem impossible - I love that. Then you try loads of things to reach the exit, wondering if you can do it without violence. But it's a contained room, you can see how everything is. Chaos Theory would have you enter a series of corridors with a few rooms and guards moving throughout. It's not as claustrophobic, less of those great moments in SC sneaking past a guard inches away, it felt so exciting the access you'd get. Chaos Theory is also just..less. Less everything because they think linear is a problem.
  7. Splinter Cell 2018

    First is still the best.
  8. Football Thread 2017/18

    This is sort of perversely inspired, mocking the club he currently manages while reminding of his achievements in the past, but deflecting blame from himself entirely for this shock result. He can crumble into dust now, peak Mourinho has been reached. He's wasted in football.
  9. The Man Utd Thread

    United have seen a year on year increase in profits despite spending so much and winning so little since 2013 haven't they ? Why change the galactico approach now, it works. Not on the pitch, obviously. But United aren't about that. If Mata had played instead of Fellaini, i don't think there's any way United would have lost. But that's not 'play this player not this other one', just..identify the great players, a system that gets the best out of them and has balance, and maybe at least a few will flourish. So what of Mata's weaknesses? Did anyone care when he was Chelsea's best player for two years? I know it was a long time ago now, but then you look at Silva, who is better but different, and see how he's still so important for City despite doing it for so long, despite all their new signings. He basically only doesn't play if he's injured or leaving the country for an extreme personal family matter. No one has any idea what the teamsheet will look like with any game, one after the other. No idea.
  10. A movie watchers blog

    Never heard of it either. Also very eager to see it.
  11. Football Thread 2017/18

    'Are you getting sacked today? *smug*' ..you just think it's gonna happen again..
  12. Football Thread 2017/18

    If someone spat at my daughter I don't think my reaction would be 'ooooh, nice'. Somehow he's scummier not being remotely shocked or appalled, even if he was looking for a reaction. Jamie Carragher has always been a big dodgy hadn't he, what with the whole threats to knee cap people section of his autobiography.
  13. Movies of the 90s

    The best thing about 90s films I've never heard of is reading how two prominent actors play opposing characters in interesting roles that makes you keen to immediately watch them. So let's see, *google's Deep Cover* Sold on Goldblum biggest drug dealer in LA.
  14. Football Thread 2017/18

    I'll be surprised if Hart is no1. Sort of feels like Del Bosque continuing with Casillas in 2014 as respect to what the keeper had achieved with the national team with the previous 3 consecutive tournament wins, when De Gea was the clear choice to take over...like that except without the tournament success, deserved respect and it being less clear what keeper takes Hart's place, although it being madness not to replace him. Don't see why Rashford shouldn't go, he's not fazed by the big stage, and typically, as with England and United changes a game with his pace and directness. He's still so young so i'm not sure 'form' matters because he's not going to be consistent anyway. At least Rashford will be fit and ready, unlike so many names picked that weren't.
  15. A movie watchers blog

    After yesterday's Man United vs Liverpool game I wrote a guardian comment on the report with the first sentence being; I think the world would be an infinitely better place if everyone who would usually spend 2 hours watching a game of sport watched a film instead....lots of words....last sentence; Next time you think of watching a game of sport for two hours, watch The Big Sick instead. i'm a terrible Man United fan Someone replied; You say watch a film instead, then follow with a load of caveats about what films might not be worth seeing. I can seriously say I have seen more bad films than football matches, & no where near the same amount of excitement. Don't get me started on books... I replied; You must watch a lot of bad films. Very few films I watch are a waste of time. The worst was probably Safehouse, others just cause pain like Terminator Genysis, which you see because it's there. He replied; I thought Big Eyes & Still Alice were both good films which I saw recently. I saw Get Out because it was well rated but found myself struggling, thinking exactly what you say about wasting my time. Lord of the Rings was definitely 3 hours I'll never get back. Can you give me a list of films you think well worth the watch? what does a person recommend? All I've got is; Hmm. ok, maybe you just don't like films that much..so not sure how much you'd get out of what i like. I loved mother! for instance, the most polarizing film of the last decade. Get Out has certainly got to be at least interesting enough! Similar to the anthology tv show Black Mirror... I feel responsibility to somehow decipher his tastes. Big Eyes has a story but i thought was blandly done by Burton, could have been way better. Finding Lord of The Rings boring? Yeah, some do. I'm struggling with his struggling of Get Out. Not seen Still Alice but is a human film a guess. I think there's so many films that are powerful that will leave many thinking; er, what was the point of that? Nothing happened! Nonsense, waste of money and time, not doing it again, is the rugby on, it is, ok, good. I mean how full proof is Take Shelter? 2 hours and alll he does is build a shelter and cries a bit? He might just have the early signs of Michael Owen syndrome, of not feeling any reason to watch stuff that doesn't have a ball in it and a scoreboard. edit: what have i done. the nice guys isn't going to change anyones life is it

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