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  1. I'd leave the flour the first time, use the exploding barrel by the red gate on a few of them, run back up to the room with the other barrel, forget the ladder is there then just run around in a panic. The big guy turned up and i thought that would trigger something. I started it again on standard not realising the auto save would be overwritten. If it's timed then that seems more fair. Did it first time on standard but still seemed harder than it ought to be.
  2. So that's how to kick. Yeah i was just blocking then using the closeness to get a better shot. The next section has a few of them then.. God bless the developers to have a control setup that switches run from thumbstick down, i was getting worried there was no custom controls. My pad is a bit knackered and it's always been far more awkward than immersive when needing to do it on call of duty. Curse the guy who thought that up and every other game copied it thinking it's really cool. As long as i can run I'm confident, lets see... edit: *carefully climbs dow
  3. I only see restart or quit? edit: oh i see now. I eventually killed number 2 anyway, with 1 bullet left. Whenever i watch walkthroughs it seems like the player coasts through with ease, not that they're at an expert level, just that nothing is a big deal. Whereas I'm very quick with the 'it's impossible!' for not much reason.
  4. i don't think I'm going to have enough ammo. I foresaw this and used my knife against the warewolf but then he'd jump on me and rip my heart out so i stuck with my gun at least to see how many bullets it'd take to bring him down.
  5. Just started this, on hardcore. Not all games allow you to change the difficulty during your game do they? After playing The Last Of Us 2 i just assume it's standard now. I've not read the thread, I'm not the only one to pick hardcore and then 40 minutes in be unable to kill the first thing you come across, the warewolf am i? I run out of bullets then..die. edit: killed it! That's not remotely one of the difficulty spikes I've seen mentioned is it? There's more to follow isn't there? I've just used the medicine.
  6. I don't think the show is worth a new thread, I'm not interested in that story personally. I never said it was difficult, just impressive how good the likeness is given how Lily James has always appeared.
  7. That's the first time I've heard Thiago speak, on motd just then, he sounds like a universal soldier. That's such an interesting robotic voice.
  8. Is there no Hulu thread? Where is someone meant to show this great make up job in the upcoming Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee tv series? Yes, somewhere in there is Lily James.
  9. I saw this on the chelsea vs man city match report: and thought; who is Tommy? Who are they referring to? Did Tammy Abraham play? Is that a mispelling? His appointment? Then i thought of this comment and previous rllmuk discussion.
  10. I think everyone agrees but not that Kante is overlooked - motd have picked him out with post game analysis and clips what seems like dozens of times, more than fancier attacking players. The majority of Sarri's time at Chelsea was everyone confused at him playing Kante advanced when everyone regarded him as the best defensive midfielder in the world. Even though he did show good attacking instinct as well, and some well taken goals. With France winning the world cup too after back to back premier leagues with 2 clubs, people see Kante as the difference. I looked for
  11. Things Heard And Seen. This film i think it said at the beginning (feels a long time ago now) takes place in 1980. Perhaps if it was released in 1980 it could be forgiven for feeling so tired now. It's so on the nose It's hard to take seriously. Even the title is very on the nose isn’t it. Things are heard and seen, that is true. So on the nose that at one point Seyfried spots a bible on the shelf while tidying up late at night and flicks through, finding a family tree and list of deaths, one name scribbled out at the bottom with 'Damned' written down. 'Damned' says Seyfried. Is th
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