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  1. Yeah, whether it can sustain this standard remains to be seen, but there's loads of good stuff.
  2. No, not yet - I've got about eight more to get, I think, spread across six stages.
  3. At first, I had a few small doubts about the controls. By the time I was chasing gold ranks I became convinced they're just about perfect. It does take a bit of acclimatisation but it allows you just enough fine control without being *too* twitchy. But yeah, some of those gaps are a tight squeeze - makes each run more tense when you can't afford to crash once.
  4. Just found it! Very sneakily hidden, that one.
  5. Same, and I've got all golds. I was sure I'd spotted it once, so I deliberately died so I could go back and get it, and then couldn't see it the next time.
  6. Yeah, I'm not normally one to fuss over frame rates that much, but I'm finding it very off-putting.
  7. Yeah, some of the gold ranks - particularly on the longer tracks - are pretty tricky. And you unlock something for getting them all.
  8. Rudderless

    PES 2020

    Played the FIFA demo. It's rubbish. Defending, as has been the case for a while now, is just no fun at all, and even on lower difficulties the opposition keeps possession better than before. They'll ping it between themselves for ages while you wait for one of them to get into a position where you can step-tackle into the invisible bubble that surrounds everyone on their side. Then they'll mess up a simple shot or pass and it just feels like the game's patronising you. It doesn't feel like you've *won* the ball, just that they've given it away. Early days with PES, but it also feels really flawed this year. How they've fucked up player switching I'll never know. If you've got two runners either side of you, it's pot luck whether it'll pass to the one you're aiming at. Shooting's a little off, too, and I've experienced the occasional bout of unresponsiveness - in one case, I had to hit the through-ball button three times before it worked. In terms of look and overall feel it's still streets ahead. But for my money, it's not a great year for either game.
  9. Cases could be undermined by social media posts, true, but no one's pursuing charges here - this action has been taken to prevent other people from being harmed. Several women came forward with allegations, some of which were corroborated, others of which were supported by former colleagues suggesting it fits a pattern of behaviour they've experienced. If all of those accusations were untrue, then Holowka would no doubt have had some kind of legal recourse. We've already had Alexis Kennedy threatening legal action against his accusers, though he's since gone silent after more and more people have come forward with reports about him.
  10. That's exactly it. There's been a lot of talk this week about women having to rely on 'whisper networks' to avoid abusers, but that only goes so far, particularly when it's young women coming into the industry who don't have those connections - and who are more at risk from these men. I'm not convinced that Twitter is the best medium for a whole lot of things, really, but it seems there's a distinct lack of alternatives to making sure those most at risk are aware of who to be careful around. EDIT: I started typing this reply out before seeing Alex W's post.
  11. Hang on - "on either side"? All I've seen is the absolute dregs of Twitter claiming that Zoe Quinn's allegations were 'false', saying she's responsible for murder, and then their followers and the usual mob of twats jumping all over that and blaming and harassing her and everyone directly or tangentially connected to this (including Holowka's poor sister who went out of her way to say 'Alec wished Zoe well, don't harass people about this'). That's one 'side'. Then you've got people with a modicum of empathy and kindness basically backing up what she said and being disgusted and horrified by the inevitable tidal wave of awfulness. I'm not sure how the latter are 'leveraging' this.
  12. I've run out of reactions today - suffice to say I agree wholeheartedly with Festoon. The long answer about abuse there is a very useful response to the whole 'why didn't she go to the police?' argument.
  13. This whole situation is awful, and I really feel for you. I hope you're OK. By his sister's own account, Alec was a troubled guy and had been struggling before any of this stuff came out. And other people cut ties with him, too. You absolutely did the right thing with the information you had, and no, it wouldn't have made any difference.
  14. Definitely co-op, there are several competitive interludes that are much more fun with a partner. AI is occasionally a bit too useful and sometimes annoyingly dumb. Don't watch the trailer btw, it's a bit of a spoiler for my favourite intro sequence of the year.
  15. Alec Holowka's sister Eileen acknowledged that he'd "caused harm" to people. Plenty of other people corroborated Zoe Quinn's story, and had stories of their own to tell. To use a tragic, upsetting event to level baseless accusations at someone you've decided is untrustworthy is fucking ghoulish.
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