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  1. Yeah, fine. There's one really fiddly bit that feels out of place, but otherwise it's pretty easy.
  2. For most people it'll be 6 hours or so to 100% it. Took me around that time, but I enjoyed just having a wander about the place. The Fez comparisons are both accurate and slightly misleading - it has a similar atmosphere, that sense of a sunny, happy place with mysterious secrets beneath the surface, but it's ultimately fairly lightweight stuff. Worth a shot, I'd say, though the suggestions that it's a genuine 'Switch GOTY contender' are a bit much. Then again, people went similarly overboard about FAST Racing.
  3. That's what you draw money from, not inspiration. I'd hate to stand behind you at an ATM.
  4. Well, in an ongoing saga, of course bad stuff is going to come back around - it's not as if they can throw a giant party celebrating the end of the Empire for three films. Essentially, what we've got here is neo-Nazis having taken over because the older generation got complacent and let it happen. Thus it's up to the young folks, notably led by women and POC, to lead the charge against these idiots who think fascism is cool again. I wonder where they drew inspiration from.
  5. Same. Just assumed they were Mules. Actually said "Ah, sorry mate" at the TV.
  6. Finally caught up with this, and found it a crushing disappointment - although I can see why some people got more from it than I did. I accept that many will disagree on this, but I don't think it's close to Phoenix's best performance. If he's to win any awards, it should be for *most* acting rather than best acting. (Unfortunately his high-pitched fake laugh - not the involuntary one, the one he does a couple of times during the film, including his TV appearance at the end - sounds very similar to Stewart Lee's impression of Richard Hammond, and so I couldn't take it seriously.) Beyond that I found it to be one of the most clangingly unsubtle films I've ever seen, and desperately shallow in its portrayal of mental illness. The script is so on-the-nose at times it's untrue. There's no real journey for Arthur - it's just a parade of awful things happening to him, as a way of hammering home that yes, the world is horrible and it treats people badly. It's not saying anything new or particularly interesting, it's just two hours of misery porn. Nicely shot misery porn, in fairness. And the score was great, though it gave the film a gravitas it didn't earn. Lots of people have expressed surprise that this is from the dude who directed the Hangover trilogy, but for me there's a clear throughline: Todd Phillips' cynical, misanthropic worldview. It works better here because at least it's not supposed to make you laugh. Anyway, there were a few things I liked, including one small detail near the end: One thing that really made me shake my head: Anyway. Not terrible, but I found it one-note and mostly dull. Two stars.
  7. My wife went to see it tonight with her workmates. She came in and I asked her if I could guess how it panned out. Yep.
  8. I'll be very surprised if it's NOT what appears to be blindingly obvious from both the trailer and a cursory recall of the song lyrics.
  9. I'm merely speaking to my first-hand experience with the game and how it doesn't entirely tally with what I've seen elsewhere. It's not an 'excuse'. As for hand-waving proof it 'looks a bit rubs'... "rough around the edges" "As with X/Y on 3DS, it has its technical kinks" "It's perfectly fine to be disappointed" "there are some visual issues" "It's also clear that Game Freak had to cut a few corners to get the game done on time - Pokémon's never been a technical powerhouse, but there are a few issues. Rather than blaming the dev, you might ask if it should have been given more time/resources." And that's just quoting myself over the past few pages. Your suggestion I've ignored its technical problems is patently absurd.
  10. You've posted 25 times in here since page 10 alone, all but one of your posts either shitting on the game or those daring to look forward to it. If people got a bit annoyed it's because, despite your protestations, you have quite clearly been labouring the point. Some of the footage doing the rounds has been taken from an emulated version of the game, I believe, which may explain some inconsistencies with what I've seen while playing. Yes, there are some visual issues, as most people have acknowledged, but for the vast majority of players they won't be ruinous by any means.
  11. See, now you're just being a dick. No one's saying it's beyond criticism, but you're using selective evidence from people with a vested interest in bashing the game as conclusive proof that you're right and everyone else is wrong. You might be unhappy at what's missing, and that's absolutely fine. Others might feel the QOL improvements, the excellent new monsters, the big-event feel of the gym battles and so on compensate for its shortcomings. I'm personally a little surprised at a couple of the higher scores, but I'm not about to spit the dummy because some disagree with me. People are allowed to look forward to it, flaws and all.
  12. It was fine. I think while 38 minutes might be fine for the other episodes, it's a little short for a pilot. Once you've done the place-setting, you've not got much room for anything else. Still, plenty to like: the effects were great (the jerky movement of the droid bounty hunter was terrific) and the world felt very tactile and lived-in. And the ending was great. I echo the complaints about the music - not so much that it was bad, it just didn't feel very Star Wars, and it was overbearing in places. It doesn't need to be slathered over every scene.
  13. In which case, I think it will fulfil your wishes. I did a little tweet thread earlier about playing it with my 13-year-old.
  14. Yeah, I'm surprised more reviews haven't commented on this (or not the ones I've read, at any rate). A lot of the QOL improvements make it friendlier to newcomers, while experienced players won't face many hurdles if they want to hurry to the post-game.
  15. But there has been a hate campaign, one predicated on people being unhappy about the National Dex decision and thus deciding to pick out and amplify every single negative about the game while hand-waving away any of its good points. Constructive criticism and expressing disappointment is entirely fair; actively accusing the devs of laziness and lying, and sending abusive tweets and emails not only to the studio but to Pokémon-centric websites like Serebii.net is quite another thing.
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