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  1. Triple A

    Deadpool 2 - 2018

    caught this at the weekend and really liked it a lot. thought it was better than the first one, helped by what i saw as a more interesting buddy team. the humour makes it very rewatchable and it was great that the humour wasn’t a smokescreen for the plot, which held its own nicely. subsequent viewings of this may tip it past the likes of black panther and dare i say the mighty and awesome but bit-too-po-faced infinity war?
  2. Triple A


    Got PS4 Mahou Daisakusen. Very nice stuff! M2 rocked it again and delivered perfection. Can’t wait to see what Hiroshi Iuchi cooks up with them.
  3. Triple A

    B@sea was right then lol mobile gaming

    2011? Ooh, such prescient stuff indeed. Please kill this stupid thread.
  4. Triple A

    Pac-Man CE 2 Plus (Bandai Namco next masterpiece)

    just re-watched the trailer. OK. in. think the other half may be tempted by the co-op in this as well.
  5. Triple A


    August 30th in Japan according to Play-Asia. I'll get the download version to keep the box number on the shelf down.
  6. Triple A

    Last game next game...

    Last: Metal Slug XX PS4 Next: Octopath Traveler
  7. Triple A

    Zone Of The Enders: The Second Runner

    Only seen it on PS Store (digital) so far - it's 10% off for PS Plus users. Thx for the tip about the demo, will try it this weekend.
  8. just cleared this tonight, finally. great game but i felt that it peaked at the dragon boss battle. that bit was unfuckingbelievable. while the rest was good i was expecting the ante to have been upped further, yet it fell kinda flat and ran out of steam. bit of a silly ending imo and there are still way too many loose plot threads, for them to now disingenuously milk of course. solid 8 from me, down from what was a solid 9 maybe even a 10.
  9. Triple A

    Devil May Cry 5

    Haven’t seen the sony show yet- this was my new product announce of E3 so far. Those bitching about the art direction changes (not so much here but in other places I saw), need to get with the program. Dat photogrammetry. Dat facial animation. Dat theme song. Can’t wait!
  10. Triple A

    E3 2018: Xbox E3 Briefing

    great show. cyberpunk! MS clearly looking to get a market-leading third person adventure or at least nick naughty dog's and sony santa monica’s staff, putting darrell gallagher’s new studio there (cory barlog was his creative director on the tomb raider reboot).
  11. did blighttown no probs, but now i am stuck on the discharge - i may have to leave 30k souls there and go ash lake way instead. prob should have done that in the first place in order to get green titanite then do catacombs, bollocks.
  12. Triple A

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    i hate the menus and UI in this. so obviously done on the cheap and by people with little time, and/or little love for the series. really lacking in soul and flair. and the music player! alphabetical playlist really?! and shit sound effects of too-high volume, coming in over the tracks?!
  13. Triple A

    Anthem (Bioware new game)

    it is good functional box art, if uninspired at this point given how obviously it wears its influences
  14. endurance endurance endurance
  15. Triple A

    Just Beats And Shapes (rhythm game bullet hell)

    i’m getting on this like tramps on chips. thanks for the headsup!

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