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  1. I used to have the Haohmaru plush in that style, I think it got chucked in a house move /sadface Used to have a framed KOF '96 poster too.
  2. Triple A

    Greatest PS2 games of all time

    This is such a tough one! There are so many amazing games on the system - the PS2 really was brilliant. I'm sure there's loads of games I've forgotten. I'm also conscious to not include more than one game per franchise. OK here goes!: 10pts: FINAL FANTASY XII 9pts: METAL GEAR SOLID 2 8pts: DRAGON QUEST VIII 7pts: SILENT HILL 2 6pts: KINGDOM HEARTS II 5pts: SMT NOCTURNE 4pts: ICO 3pts: OKAMI 2pts: GRADIUS V 1pt: RIDGE RACER V
  3. Triple A


    Premium mode in M2 Garegga is a great way to learn the patterns etc. It has a nice flow to it. Once you've mastered that then get into the less forgiving arcade mode.
  4. Triple A


    pretty cool music in that game - will wishlist
  5. Triple A

    Cinema Paradiso - Disc rental service

    i have been using this service for about a month. never used lovefilm or similar previously, as there was a video rental place just down the road before i recently moved. am impressed. decent range and that they do 4k discs is saving me loads vs buying them. i pay 12-something a month for the two discs option - works out at roughly two discs a week therefore roughly 1.50 per rental. never had a scratched disc either, all discs have been mint.
  6. Triple A

    Bros: After the screaming stops

    Good interview in GQ here too. Definite angle of damage control, but with an element of sincerity as well. https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/bros-documentary-interview
  7. Triple A

    The best game machine ads

    Still the benchmark.
  8. Triple A

    Bring forth your pixel art champions.

    By none other than Tetsuya Nomura (pixel art followed by the original art from which the pixel art was based); much more FFVI stuff, at http://www.videogamesprites.net/FinalFantasy6/
  9. Triple A

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    awesome! i am in tokyo at the end of the month so will pay this a visit!
  10. time flew by in Wolf of Wall St., but I feel the same generally about a lot of modern shows and films.
  11. @Zero9X yes a few of us mentioned the HDR thing. Capcom need to get on that stat
  12. I'm on PC you're on base PS4. (I also play those PS4 games you mention, on PS4 Pro). TBF God of War is right up there as well, just not at native 4K60.
  13. yeah it’s too bright and washed out, and kills atmosphere
  14. Couldn’t help myself and got the demo on PC. Didn’t clear it in time boo, but really enjoyed it. Comments?: - graphics are truly insane with the best character models I’ve ever seen and an almost fetish-like attention to detail with gore. A real step up and really adding to the inmersion. fyi I was running this maxed out at 4K60 with a 2080ti. Framerate stayed solid unless there were multiple zombies - each character model clearly taking a fair share of the available VRAM etc. then. There is a bit of aliasing here and there, I didn’t use the full FXAA & TAA anti-aliasing as it would have made the game look too soft - perhaps the final game’s DLSS will solve this. - the above said however; a) I noticed a lack of shadows around the main character - no contact shadows with the floor etc. Very jarring and an immersion breaker given the level of detail on offer elsewhere. b) HDR implementation is sub-standard with everything too washed out (spot effects like lamps etc. look good though) c) running this maxed out is very resource intensive - if they put RTX features in then I don’t expect any more than what would equate to 1080p true res at 60fps, upscaled to 4k when using DLSS (benchmark: FFXV upscales 1440p to 4K at 60fps when using DLSS with 2080ti card). - really pleasantly surprised by the quality of acting - the guy in the police station who you saved and then talk to seemed pretty convincing to me. pretty good facial animation etc. too. - gunplay pretty good but a little bit floaty. - seemed to shakeup the original - I played the original to death and while I can’t really remember much of the fine detail, the remake seemed pretty different in terms of flow while still sticking to the essence. - did I mention the graphics and character models? Omg wow Only two weeks now!
  15. Triple A

    Mandy - Panos Cosmatos

    HMV is out of stock re: standard Blu-ray now; https://store.hmv.com/film-tv/blu-ray/mandy-(hmv-exclusive) And the 'VHS' blu-ray version isn't even shown on their site anymore

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