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  1. do the new Sony Pulse 3D phones really do anything that can't be done via a 'standard' pair of phones? I have some XM3s already and am loathe to get more phones unless needed
  2. Good Girls was pretty good. Girlfriend loved it, her vote is a fairly dominant influencer in what shows we watch lol (I still have half of Watchmen to see...). The good: - Christina Hendricks - Cricket from Always Sunny - easy watching - quite funny Less so: - weirdly non-threatening villain - seems unsure whether to go full Breaking Bad or not There's prob more points for either side - in summary, this is worth giving a go.
  3. Yup, all that and the fact that there needs to be a community of online-connected Porters playing the game & all helping one another, to really understand and appreciate the game. I realise that I missed the point of this thread a bit, though I wanted to make a somewhat related point on this too :-D
  4. Bloody hell you lot OutRun for me I think; speccy c64 master system megadrive saturn dreamcast does one of the yakuza games count? switch
  5. Triple A


    The LE has the teacup! I have my Cotton cup from an ECTS show giveaway many years ago - they're worth a few bob now I hear, although sadly I chucked away the box a while back.
  6. Now #19 in my SCAN queue. They better hurry up unless they want me to go team red!
  7. Misco now refunded folks who ordered the ASUS TUF per their earlier listing of today... :-D
  8. tempted by 6900XT but let's see charts showing comparison with RT and DLSS as well
  9. 6900XT price to performance looks pretty good, as well as power consumption and size.
  10. they're becoming like houses aren't they? the agents get involved and want their slice, next thing there will be lawyers, surveyors and all sorts!
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