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  1. Triple A


    Great article and one that feels eerily familiar, having read a number of similar pieces involving those that lay eggs for the entertainment industry to chow down. NGE might have lost a lot if it had greater budget to enable the tinkering/rendering of exposition currently left open to interpretation. And adding to the sparse number of locations would detract from the themes of isolation and depression too. But people should get paid. I agree that putting the profit to creators on the backend via royalties and a smarter bonus structure, might be a way forward. But, Hollywood accounting, right? So sad. What’s the solution??
  2. Triple A


    Am watching the Netflix version of NGE, first time for me. Just saw episode 25 last night - that one and the preceding few threw me for a loop for sure. Cool show - and I love some of the ideas in it. I think I’m OK with the controversial edit they made to Kaworu’s dialogue after having read about it then seeing the episode, though I’d like to process it a bit more.
  3. The townie egos in the villa really are quite something! Though I wonder how much of last night’s episode might have been influenced by the producers wanting to make it be like the typical nightclub barnie at the end of TOWIE.
  4. NECROTIME So I started half-genie hero today. Oh my god! I had a massive grin on my face the whole time I played. Brilliant game design and visuals of course - but it’s the editing of the gags in the script and the holy-shit-wow-oh-my-god music, that elevate this game to special status. That Jake Kaufman is a particular talent.
  5. I watched two and had to stop due to the extreme cringe. Fresh Meat, this is most certainly not.
  6. They always bloody do it, I find that the mail is the worst for this. Just one more reason to hate them
  7. Just watched this trailer again. ”builder-hating CULT” loool
  8. launch trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydKe1Ug8Wus
  9. I agree, and I do really buy into Vulture’s motives, although this was factored into my earlier opinion already.
  10. It would be amaze but I can’t see it. Then again there have been some strange twists in this blatant yarn of a tale...
  11. First year of watching this show. Was always a bit dismissive before, but I got home late from work one night after a long day and the GF had it on after being peer pressured herself - we watched it in the background and got sucked in. I'll admit to it being decent telly. Weird how the combination of the prize money, pressure cooker environment, and shot at fame, are making people in there go absolutely doolally. Exploitative stuff for sure but if you're gonna take part... Few genuine people in there, but like I say, decent telly. Maura’s “arsehole Wednesdays” quip had me in stitches. Best girl.
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