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  1. Under Suspicion (1991) Caught this on Talking pictures, which specialises in old British TV and films. It's one of those films no one seems to make anymore. A neo noir set in Brighton at the end of the 50s. A satisfyingly labyrinth plot with femme fatales, dead ends the obligatory twist. I really enjoyed it. 4/5
  2. It’d be funny if they got PS2/ps3 games working on the emulator.
  3. i'm guessing it means there's an equivalent card for the 5600x but AMD don't want to announce it yet. Rage should work with all gen 5 CPUs however.
  4. The Amstrad version of Outrun was fucking awful, however there was a budget game inspired by it which was miles better. Twin Turbo V8 looked basic but was fast which is more than can be said of the slide show which inspired it.
  5. Didn't like this at all. Felt janky and is ugly as fuck.
  6. All that for £50? where from? i must be the world's worst shopper. ive been on the look out for cheap parts and i can't find shit
  7. 5th gen for me. It came at a time in my life where I had the time and money to indulge in gaming. I owned the Saturn, PS1 and N64. Out of the three, I liked the Saturn best as I was heavily into 2d Capcom fighting games. Multiplayer wise, it was all about Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye on the N64. And the Ps1 had Resident Evil, Metal Gear and the godly ISS Pro Evo games.
  8. Granted, i probably haven't played the original in decades, it looked bad then so i'd hate to think what it looks like now. it did nail the feel of the arcade though and even though the controls were digital they were fantastic. it's worth having in your collection, but if you want to play it by go for the 360/ps3 release
  9. I’ll bite. I honestly don’t know what to say, other than the 70s we’re probably the greatest decade for Hollywood and The Godfather was probably the pinnacle of that decade. Then again, I find the Marvel films boring which to some people would be just as incomprehensible.
  10. Fantastic stuff. You really should do a guided tour of the Amiga and demo some games.
  11. Just saw this, I thought it was great. Not going to pretend I was clever enough to follow what was going on, but the spectacle of the thing carried me through. Refreshing to have a big budget Hollywood film not signpost everything. Can't wait to see it again.
  12. Seconds John Randolph plays a successful banker who seemingly has everything, yet is dissatisfied with his lot. He makes a faustian pact with the company, who through plastic surgery change him into Rock Hudson, and give him a new identity as a successful artist with a plush Malibu beach house. Regardless to say things go awry and the film ends in one of the bleakest endings ever filmed. Brilliantly shot by James Wong Howe who uses fish eyed lenses and unconventional camera angles to give a sense of unease and paranoia. 4/5 - The middle act ki
  13. The version they showed to kids was cut. I remember seeing both when they originally aired back in 95
  14. The Changeling (1980) I read an interview where Martin Scorcese picked his top 10 scariest films, I'd seen most of them except this one so I thought I'd check it out. In terms of ghost stories, there's two types. You've got the ones that go all out with special effects, jump scares and bluster and ones that rely on mood, you never really see the ghostly entity and your imagination is left to fill in the gaps. The Changeling belongs to the latter. It's right up there with films like The Innocents, The Haunting and The Others. Incidentally,
  15. Wild Tales Magnifcent film, sort of like a latin Tales of the Unexpected only better. You can watch it for free on Channel 4's All 4 site. 5/5
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