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  1. Someone already baggsied M Bison in Street Fighter's "For me it was Tuesday" line, but I think this was almost equally as funny!
  2. You obviously haven't witnessed the Italia 90 final. Or the utter hatchet job of the 2010 FIFA World Cup final.
  3. I thought this series was going to be terrible with those two. I was wrong. It's very entertaining, and is definitely got more potential than all the previous three series. I can already see all the posts complaining about the over-the-top lad banter. To me that kinda means the old Top Gear is coming back
  4. The official Laws of the Game for 2019/2020 says this: (bolded for emphasis) So how come the Premier League get to opt out? Is there a source that states that they are not using it for the above? EDIT: BBC News said so
  5. Spurs 3rd kit confirmed? Also looks like the home kit is almost a certainty?
  6. Ah good point. Probably should have started the conversation in the 2019/2020 thread then.
  7. Does the conversation about the Women's World Cup still belong here, as it's technically still a part of the 2018/2019 season maybe? Women's football - what's the general feeling over the progress? I haven't really been watching any of it, but noticed that the BBC seem to be giving it pretty much similar coverage as they did the men's World Cup last year, so seems like it's slowly being afforded a level of attention that may rival the men's soon. Where can we watch the Women's Super League, is it Sky Sports?
  8. Yeah fair enough, I suppose it could be very variable (server load, internet line contention, amount of users connecting, etc.) and for a title like Street Fighter it would require everything to be pretty much "perfect" at all times, whereas other titles (like RPGs like you said) have much more leeway. Personally I much prefer physical media (or even downloads) over streaming, but then you have the likes of my sister who can't be bothered with all that and are happy to pay a sub per month for access to "everything". I think we're at a stage where the latter for gaming is viable and people will pay for Day 1 streaming access.
  9. I played this on PlayStation Now when it was in beta, well, Ultra Street Fighter IV. It was totally indistinguishable from the PS3 disc version IMO. If Google can do the same for this (and also bearing in mind that the PS5 apparently may have streaming games alongside downloads/discs from Day 1 release of said games) then this may be a good thing.
  10. OK, how about Spurs... I presume third kit... #Fake
  11. I think La Liga only finished on the 19th, and presumably if they chose the stadium a year or two ahead of time, then there's not much they can do if the league finishes on xth May (and didn't I read somewhere that the rules stipulate that the stadium must not be used 10 days before)?
  12. He's there. Weirdly BT Sport's HDR stream isn't the same as the Ultra HD/HD stream, it has different commentators.
  13. So... the YouTube stream was waaaay behind (30+ secs). Found the BT Sport app for Android better, but it's 15-ish seconds behind the BT Sport app on my mobile (and I can't cast from it). Pity, the YouTube stream was Ultra HD. Still, the BT Sport app on Android has an HDR stream.
  14. Can the BT Sport feed be cast to TV?
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