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  1. You understand why Andrés Escobar was killed?
  2. This is an explanation of why England players are self-isolating but no Scotland players are. Parken Stadium Copenhagen.
  3. That's not a nice thing to say about England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland!
  4. Also I know that there's a few under 20s but at this stage surely most of them have been vaccinated (with one jab at least), right?
  5. Fantasy Premier League 2021/2022 is open now. Can @Commander Jameson create a new thread, renew the existing league and put the league details in that thread, please?
  6. They're out till end of 28th? This means that they're unavailable for the "round of 16" game on the 28th (if we finish 2nd), right? What about the 29th game if we finish 1st?
  7. Yeah I recall he did. Then he was caught lying about doing "work" for FIFA and banned, so I take anything he said in the past with a massive pinch of salt
  8. Yep, 32 teams is too many, there are only 50-odd nations affiliated to UEFA, so 32 is more than half.
  9. PlatiniLOL he's long gone. Euro 2024 will be the same 24 teams, in Germany.
  10. I personally don't think it really matters. A team has to play another team, what does it matter if a winner plays a third-placed team or whatever, this doesn't guarantee that the winners win their "round of 16" match, and never really did in the World Cup between 1986 and 1994? It's not like a tennis tournament where they blatantly rig it to keep major players away from each other till the end.
  11. It's UEFA's competition so they'd be leading, but the rules wouldn't have been created in a vacuum, they would have agreed the basic rules in consultation with the nations participating in all competitions way back in the first half of last year. It wouldn't have been a new thing either - the Champions League and the Europa Cup is a cross-nation competition as well. Look up "Project Restart" and UEFA's "Return to play" protocol (RTP protocol PDF).
  12. Oh shit, there's football on?!
  13. Nope. LIke I said earlier, elite sports don't have the same rules as the general public, and in general are thoroughly tested far more.
  14. No. Rules for elite sports aren't the same as for the general public, but before you ask it was all agreed with the competition owners and the various governments as valid conditions for running the competitions again. For example this is what was agreed for elite sports in England and Wales. In general, elite sports participants are tested multiple times as a matter of routine, so groups aren't needed to isolate unless needed.
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