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  1. Smoothy

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    I don't think so, no.
  2. Smoothy

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Ah the Wii - I still have mine. None of the multiplayer options in games work now, right? Now that I have three kids, I'm wondering if it's time to get this one out again...?
  3. Smoothy

    Football Kits 2017/18

    I was very confused, first thought it was Japan's new kit (with erronous sponsor logo), then thought it was a knockoff, then 100% thought it was a knockoff with a Chelsea logo on it, then realised this really is purporting to be Chelsea's 2018/2019 kit. Anyway, Spurs' home and away modified France template kit, supposedly.
  4. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    Oh really?
  5. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    Wow Spurs are fighting for that 3rd automatic place!
  6. Liking this new series. Yeah, blatantly more like "classic" Top Gear. Only downer is the end of the latest episode - really fell flat - like a joke that goes on and on when you're waiting for the punchline and then it's over and you're wondering if you missed the punchline. As for the "unscripted" scripted bit, not sure why people (in general) are banging on about it, it's like people banging on about wrestling being fake long after Vince McMahon specifically came out to state it's all scripted and they're presenting it all as "entertainment".
  7. Smoothy

    PS1 Appreciation Thread

    Oh there is a PS1 thread? Nice. I got my PlayStation (as it was called then)/PS1/PSone/PSwhatever when I was at Uni. Originally I was a total Nintendo nut, with a Super NES. But Sony converted me to their lineup for two principal reasons: 1. World Cup 98 was cheaper on their console, with more features (CD v cart, blah blah blah) 2. it had Gran Turismo So sorry Nintendo, Cruisin' USA wasn't cutting it for me, the REAL Driving Simulator was where it was at! From memory my PlayStation was the later (original) iteration, so basically the difference with the launch version is that they dispensed with the photo ports IIRC. Obviously this is the one before the actual major design change (to PSone?). Great memories: World Cup 98, FIFA 99/2000/2001 (beating my friend using the offside trap and pressing formations constantly ), Bust A Groove (not Bust-A-Move, but a cheapo dancey game where a particular button combination would send a "super move" to your opponent that would knock them flat on their ass - which was quite entertaining... at the time!), Time Crisis with the Gcon guns you stuck in the back AND front, (especially) Point Blank/Point Blank 2/Point Blank 3. In fact I really really really miss Point Blank, as I don't have a CRT any more, but I do see that Namco have produced a Point Blank X arcade game 2 years ago and am hoping that they may bring it to PS4 with proper LCD-compatible light guns (forget those Move things, ugh!). The only thing that made me give up the PlayStation was the PlayStation 2, with the hype decimating everything all and buyers needing to prepurchase it due to "stock demand on launch"...
  8. Smoothy

    Super Mario Land 2...now in glorious colour....

    This is a romhack? Wow, looks good! Game was still way too easy though. I blame the battery-backed up save. Games were better when you had to spend another whole day plowing through all the levels again until you got back to the same spot as the last time before you set a new benchmark *waveswalkingstick*
  9. Smoothy

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Ooh I loved WWF Royal Rumble. I borrowed WWF Super Wrestlemania (the previous game) from a mate - still have it. Royal Rumble is better with a meter telling you who is winning grapples, but is still a button-bashing endurance test (a slightly more forgiving button-bashing endurance test). Always wanted the Street Fighter II: World Warrior, I only have Turbo and Super SFII. Universal Adapter - I had that, it was standalone version of the the "universal adapter" bit of the Action Replay cart IIRC. It stopped working, so I got one of those "top-loading" universal adapters instead, which used all the pins. I brought down my original PAL Super NES when I got the Super NES Mini, intending to check to see if it worked, but never got round to it so it's gone back into the wardrobe. I've still to find out where the carts are though, they're "somewhere" in the house. I especially wanted to know if my saved games from Super Mario World are still there
  10. Smoothy

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Humpf. They should have included Hyper SFII - then they could have binned all the other versions. Also they should have included Ultra SFII. Why didn't they put this in? They really should have included Street Fighter Alpha Anthology - as in all the alternate versions of SFA2 and Hyper SFA. In fact, is the versions of Alpha literally the arcade versions - no Zero 2 Alpha/Alpha 2 Gold or Alpha 3 Upper/MAX? I'm probably being picky... but if they're doing a compilation, they really should stick all the alternates of all the games in there.... or do they expect me to fish out my PlayStation/PS2/PS3/GBA out again?!
  11. Smoothy

    Football Kits 2017/18

    I don't know why Ireland insist on putting sponsors on their replica shirts when the actual shirts aren't allowed sponsors' logos in actual competitions.
  12. Those Super Turbo and Super Mario World shots on CRT make me so ... aaaaahh... the good old days... EDIT: Kids these days won't ever know the struggle to tune the TV in via RF lead to UHF channel 36, the "borders", playing games on a tiny 14" screen, overscan, twiddling the V SHIFT and H SHIFT knobs... that's how you get to know how technology works under the hood!
  13. Smoothy

    SNES Mini

    Such a great game, loved this one... just before Daytona USA wrenched the "King of the Arcades" title right off it. The Megadrive version wasn't a patch on the arcade version in the slightest. That said... it was OK-ish, and even if it was a blatant "SuperFX/Stunt Race FX" cash-in at least you could relate it to real cars. I remember on BBC Sports Personality of the Year one year when Virtua Racing's popularity was at its height and they dragged out Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill and made them play on it against each other. As good as the game was, even then I thought that they both were probably embarrassed at playing a computer game that was probably nothing like the real thing that they were both total experts at.
  14. Smoothy

    SNES Mini

    Ha, Starwing. You're still heavily influenced by the renaming then? Also Turbo - those pads need to be worn in to play that one with any confidence I find

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