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  1. I would hazard a guess and reckon that the millions Sky pay for rights to certain programmes and films they'd simply redirect to paying for access to Disney+ for their subscribers instead. But only eventually for those rights for programmes such as The Simpsons, other top programmes and movies - Sky will still covet the contract that gives them exclusive broadcast rights because it's all about exclusivity. Just guessing though.
  2. Any word on the Sky/Disney+ deal? I believe that an app on the Sky Q box is pretty much a given but what about access being included within one of the existing contract packages (Sky Ultimate on Demand), like Netflix? @gooner4life - do you know anything?
  3. Two things about VAR: I don't understand how after the great application of VAR during the 2018 FIFA World Cup it's been shit since, I mean the Women's World Cup it was pants, in the Premier League it's been pants, the Champions League it's been soso (great when it denied ManShitty a goal to put them out of the Champions League against Spurs, dodgy decisions other times ) I don't understand why it's not used as a tool for the ref i.e. the ref decides whether it should go to VAR. Is it a conscious decision considering the mess it was in the Women's World Cup when the refs seemed to go to VAR all the time because they weren't sure? The refs should be able to rule themselves, and if they need to consult the linesman they should do so, as per usual, and only THEN if they are still not sure they can then go to VAR (and they should be able to look at the footage themselves, maybe 2-way converse with VAR refs but have the final decision). That way, we can all still blame the ref for getting decisions wrong because the decision will have come from him/her and not VAR
  4. When I get a bigger house, and get my office room (hopefully) all kitted out with my consoles, I'm going to come back to this thread to get a big CRT (28" at least) - I'll need one to play all the Point Blank games, as well as all the Time Crisis ones
  5. Knew it looked familiar... *facepalm*
  6. Spurs' third kit, apparently: Has to be bollocks, why would the badge be back in the shield again?
  7. Spurs 4th kit (yes there will be FOUR kits per team next season, supposedly). Supposed to look like Nike's Air Max 95
  8. Looks like it's started early this year (the leaks). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Spurs' rumoured 2020/2021 kit:
  9. Robocop is a masterpiece, and in particular because of the violence! But yeah the first two are great - for me it was the scene at the end when both Riggs and the Bad Guy go all GuileSpecial Forces on each other, and the second one because of the racist South Africans who get their comeuppance in amazing ways (the South Africa embassy trolling scene, the pulling-down-their-house-on-the-hill-with-a-truck scene, and "diplomatic immunity.... *BANG*... "has just been revoked").
  10. Apparently Sky and Disney+ is almost a done deal. Does anyone know what form this will take e.g. access to Disney+ app for subscribers of a certain level of contract, just like Netflix?
  11. Re Trading Places - not sure about that. Sure, it does have racism, but that is the point - the Dukes are racist cunts. In my mind, "films from not that long ago that seem a bit 'off' these days" seems to be more about films where dodgy-by-today's-standards things happen that seemed to encourage the audience to either act dismissive or they play it for laughs, bits like casual misogynistic behaviour or rapey jokes, etc. Ghostbusters - definitely. Peter Venkman comes across as a total perverted dickhead when watching it in 2020.
  12. In football offside has always been based on the distance from the entire goal line (which runs from corner to corner, not just in the goal) and the opposition's players.
  13. Streaming the Spurs v Brighton broadcast now - using the smart TV app the picture is smoother than casting from phone. That said, just noticed that the sound slipped out of sync with the picture over the last 20 mins or so.
  14. Nah it's a London thing that's been around since at least the 80s, but is now so overplayed pretty much everyone uses it now.
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