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  1. The double-air-fireball-throwing no-dizzy Akuma has been there since Super Street Fighter II Turbo, that's what has since been called Shin Akuma (he wasn't named in the game itself, while the name Akuma came out later on). You could play as him with a code in the same game too, but with no double-air-fireball throwing ability- this version of character is what has since been called just "Akuma". To me you were playing "Shin Akuma" the other times too. EDIT: Watch 13:50 onwards
  2. When you go against Akuma that IS Shin Akuma, I'm sure?
  3. Oh yeah I know about those (I was even going to mention that), but in general it's the ultimate version.
  4. Totally this. It's the ultimate version of Street Fighter II IMO (not just the best version of Super Turbo), and even Ultra SFII doesn't come close. I love my copy on the PlayStation 2 and part of the reason why I want this is cos my PS2 is in its box ATM.
  5. Pity. I have Sonic Mega Collection and (separately) Sonic CD on the PlayStation 3. I would have liked to have got this on the PlayStation 4 (especially for the widescreen redrawn sprites feature), but not in this flawed state and not as a download.
  6. Does anyone have a list of the issues? The only main ones I can see are: Sonic 3 MJ music was swapped out, new version isn't amazing Sonic 3 and Knuckles can't be played separately unlike all the other earlier collections No physical release Confusing DLC options
  7. Yeah I'm annoyed too. I saw the Amazon entry stating something like "no stock" which was weird. Now it's live but for US imports only. Yeah, Hyper SFII is amazing, I already have the PS2 version. Playing that online would be great. Nearest I can get is getting the SF 30th Anniversary game and playing Super Turbo online there.
  8. So out tomorrow. Looks to me that there's a physical release in the US but none in the UK, is that correct?
  9. Nah, it was always going to be complicated given that Paramount (at least) will have thousands of films out there, and different ways of contracting different companies in different markets to do different things. It was always going to be complicated, and you'd never get everything to line up perfectly for an arbitrary launch date given the above.
  10. Or it simply wasn't possible to pull it due to the terms that they signed before they thought they were going to enter another market? Disney+ had the same issue on launch. WWE had the same issue before they could launch. Some they can pull, some they can't. Existing distribution rights don't just disappear the moment they enter a new market, you know.
  11. The app is on my Samsung TV, so either LG are slow in putting it up, or they don't have it full stop Yeah you need Amazon Prime and you need to pay £6.99 on top of this. It's also a "404" for me too. I think they're getting hammered, the Sky Q app is real slow in bringing up the thumbnails this evening. EDIT: Actually try this - https://www.amazon.co.uk/adlp/paramountplusuk Different country, different distribution contracts. Someone else has probably got Sonic 2 streaming rights at the moment. None - you can use any e-mail address, you don't have to use your Sky one, it's not a prerequisite for linking with your Sky Cinema contract, right now I'm using my usual personal e-mail address.
  12. @multi I don't think so. Let me check.... EDIT: See here:
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