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  1. fretnoise

    F1 2020

    I'm a sucker... Waded through the "My Team" stuff for a while before admitting that I really just wanted to go and do time trials, so spent a decent amount of time pounding around Interlagos using the in-cockpit view and with all the hud off. It's pretty immersive, and much more involved than GT Sport - my forearms were noticeably more tired after half an hour on this than after any of the recent Monday Night Rllmuk Endurance GT Sport races, for instance. I started and restarted the first My Team race a couple of times to get the AI difficulty adjusted - I think I ended up with it on 70% and brought my brand new car home in 16th, which felt pretty good, following an all-race to and fro battle with Giovinazzi and my teammate (who eventually retired... doh!). I had one bug in time trial mode where it just sat on the loading screen for ages, possibly because I changed the time of day whilst it was loading. A quick game restart fixed that. Also, the sound seems really quiet, especially the pit-to-car radio stuff which comes out of the PS4 controller if you're using one, or out of the TV if you're on a wheel. I'd turned the big distracting HUD off by this point so I was really struggling to hear the updates on how far ahead / behind people I was in the race. I may have missed a setting somewhere I guess - but my TV is usually on volume '8' for gaming... I had it on 22 for this and it was still too quiet. It's the first F1 I've bought for ages, and I'm pretty impressed so far - a good sense of speed and involvement in the driving with the FFB letting you know about all the bumps on the straights. I like the feeling when you lose front end grip too - it exaggerates the steering going light so you can really tell when you go past the limit (but you can switch that off if you want).
  2. It's got to the point where my boy (who doesn't know very much about these cars at all) can look at the silhouettes and call out which one I'm going to get because "it's the one without any spoilers".
  3. I got the 20 million Ferrari a while back. I think I've been paying for it ever since...
  4. Yep - great fun as always @beenabadbunny and I shared a (now-sacked) strategist so I was looking after tyres and fuel saving for nearly the whole race... so whilst I carried out my one-stop strategy successfully, I don't think I can say I made it "work" as such. I probably should have got the message after being overtaken by @GwiDan about 4 times in my second / final stint as he pitted and caught up, pitted and caught up, and so on ad nauseum, but by then I was fully in the short-shifting, tyre-saving mode and I suspect changing to softs would have seen me in the kitty litter most laps. Sorry for being a bit of a mobile chicane - I tried to keep out of the way of people on obviously different strategies, but was glad to only see the @Varnsen go past once towards the end of the last lap. The MX-5 warm up race was excellent. I particularly liked the calls of "that's not a left!" by at least one creature of habit every lap, and the strong slipstream made for some 'interesting' moments at turn 1!
  5. Shame @Jonster we’d have opened another lobby and split between them if we’d known you were trying to get in. Couple of regulars down this week meant we all just about squeezed into one room. Most of the game chat (rooms, party invites etc) is in a PSN message group - I’m sure @McSpeed will add you when he gets a minute
  6. That was an amazing race. Felt like I was battling like that for the whole 12 laps. Bad luck for @Batmobile on the last corner - out of fuel?
  7. Oh and <obligatory> join us! </obligatory> (Monday night, 8pm UK time, an hour or two of friendly races. 90 minute endurance at Interlagos tonight.)
  8. And sometimes it just doesn't work due to a bug https://www.gtplanet.net/gt-sport-players-hit-by-daily-workout-gift-bug/ (If that's affecting you then you're probably not missing much - it usually taunts me with 3 interesting looking racers and a Fiat 500 or something, and I always get the Fiat...)
  9. The Aston Martin V12 was great for this at Bathurst, turn 2. You want to get the power back on as early as possible to carry the momentum up the hill, but too early and the back steps out. The GTR would spit me backwards into the left hand barrier at that point, whilst with the Aston Martin you can keep the throttle nailed and drift your way up the hill. Slower, but you arrive at the next corner with a massive grin on your face so it doesn't matter as much
  10. @beenabadbunny Being a relative newcomer I have similar feelings when we're in a full lobby - surely I should make way for one of the old faces... so you're not alone - we just need to lobby for bigger lobbies... or mount a massive recruitment campaign so we have 30-35 regular racers After Monday night I spent ages in the X-Bow at Brands Hatch Indy trying to get a handle on its oversteer. I find with the wheel I can correct small mistakes before they happen but any big oversteer moments usually result in some manic fishtailing followed by a spin ("straight to the scene of the accident" as they say). I guess this is where the game used to help me out when I was on the pad. I ended up doing lap after lap at Brands, trying to keep it tidy but not backing out of oversteer when it happened, especially at the exit of Clark Curve onto the pit straight. In my case, I think I was trying to be too restrained with the opposite lock. It's like you need to let the front wheels find their natural angle (which is always greater than I expect), but then use some muscle to keep it there to prevent the fishtailing. That's when stuff like this starts to happen (I know it's not quick, but it looks cool and feels great!)
  11. Me too - I got it down to a 2:04.123 in the end before I started missing my braking points through tiredness... Optimum said 2:03.3, which is faintly annoying! (Though I'm not completely convinced I trust it - at one point it was telling me my optimum time was a tenth slower than my PB, which I'd just set in that session... ) @marsh that was on a pad?! This was a particular bogey track of mine on the pad since it's so difficult to do anything other than all or nothing braking. I had some amazing races at Bathurst though. The chicane at the bottom of Conrod Straight is excellent - you can make moves stick on the inside and the outside with a decent opponent - I had a particularly memorable tussle against a Mustang where we were side by side through the kink and the first bit of the chicane, and I just managed to hold the line through the exit of the chicane to take the place - proper heart pounding stuff. Actually, this race photo was from that encounter - flat out side-by-side into the kink
  12. Bathurst is an odd fish. I'd written it off earlier in the week as a lost cause, with a 2:10.something and seemingly nowhere to improve, but a few sessions later I'm down to a low 2:05. If you give it a chance it seems to be a track where you'll unlock a tenth here and there every lap, and when you hook up the last fiddly corner (the Elbow?) it's like you've got rocket boosters for the straight. Pretty good (clean) races too, though I'm not sure I like the fact my half-decent qualy time has me up against A and S class drivers in some races!
  13. Did we reach a consensus on the next endurance race? I believe the suggestions (here and in the PSN chat) were something like: Red Bull in Red Bulls (I'm assuming the Juniors, since they're 'only' 350k credits compared to the full-fat versions which are 3 million a pop) Brands Hatch GP in F-1500s (GP length, grid start, no refuelling, just tyre stops, with an MX-5 support race) (@beenabadbunny just likes Brands, and had given it thought ) Monza (in anything, I guess... Noble suggested the no chicane version for some 'mega slipstream fun') Nurburgring in Gr4s (we've already done this once) or in randomly assigned German Gr3s so that everyone doesn't just take the Porsche Catalunya in the Merc F1 NOT Bathurst Did I miss any?
  14. Who was it who called out "oh, black screen" or something heading into the first corner, first lap at Fuji? I didn't get the joke and backed off thinking we were going to restart again, which ended up getting me out of the ensuing mayhem ahead of me - kind of like that scene in Back To The Future where Marty shifts into reverse at the lights. So thanks, whoever it was (Forgot about that till I watched the replay)
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