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  1. Yeah - good point. The Canadian guy went past me in the kart and quickly pulled out a 1.5s gap and then that was that.
  2. A little confusion always spices things up a bit Strong slipstream is amazing, especially in the karts (which is how that guy was getting lap times of 56s I reckon - no way he was just that fast )
  3. I lucked out and got one from Smyths Toys recently - they’re listed on Stock Informer but you don’t get alerts, so worth keeping a manual eye on them. They’re ridiculously scarce at the moment. I continued getting Stock Informer alerts for a few days and they’d all gone by the time I clicked on the alert link every time - something to do with bots scooping up all the stock for price gougey resellers - bah. Mine is for my soon-to-be 12 year old son’s birthday. Any tips on setting it up? Let’s assume we’ll probably end up with a lite too at some point for his little brother and/or me - can you share digital purchases between accounts like on PS4? Are saved games stored on the switch or on the cart? Anything else a Nintendo noob needs to know? Oh, and do I need to lie about his age so that he can play Fortnite with his mates?
  4. Here we have the deceptively mild mannered @GwiDan cruelly punting fellow 'mukker Fretnoise off into the dust in a rare daily race meet up. (Ok, ok, it was really my fault for having accidentally punted the red car in the background, who rejoined the track into GwiDan who was then pinballed into me, but the camera never lies, right? )
  5. Impressively symmetrical @morcs! Mine does something similar every week or so. Some tracks you win, some you lose...
  6. I jumped straight into Race C after our fun last night. It's all relative of course, but the Gr.3 R8 is quite a bit grippier Regarding Race C... I started 4th in the R8, got nudged down to 6th or 7th on the first lap, but worked my way back up to 4th by lap 6. And then everyone pitted. I stayed out, but after a couple of laps my tyres just seemed to fall off a cliff, whilst the one-stoppers behind me came through and swamped me, especially in the middle sector. I finished about 8th I think whilst still sticking my elbows out as far as I could. Second race I tried the 911 as it's supposed to be easier on its tyres. This time... no-one pitted! I was running 5th or so before getting punted off at the tight right hander in the middle sector (a case of no grip from the guy behind, I think, being charitable). Race ruined though as I got the punt and the penalty... grrrr. So... it seems there are strategy options. I'm guessing if you're suitable twinkle-toed then no-stop is the best?
  7. That's a shame. They need to get Joe on the case with some mad fuel and tyre wear multipliers. Who needs more than one lap of fuel anyway!?
  8. I've gone for quick and obvious, with the addition of your rllmuk badge. You may not be able to make much of it out in your rear view mirror anyway...
  9. I counted Catalunya and Dragon Trail too (admittedly that's a bit of a stretch). Saint-Croix would count too I think, but if we had to drive that again I reckon people would flout the lockdown rules to go and give Joe a bit of a slap...
  10. Yeah, 3 decent tracks there. Interlagos seems to get a lot of hate because it has overly strict track limits and it can turn into a bit of a wreckfest session, especially at "Hamilton-Albon" corner, but you can have decent races @McSpeed has said tonight's tracks are going to be of the Mediterranean persuasion. I think there are only 5 or 6 of those depending on how you define "Mediterranean", and we did one of them last week...
  11. My F40 for tonight is already kitted out with your rllmuk logo
  12. Nice to see a friendly face in the dailies last night, @morcs Pretty scruffy race though. I got taken out (and given a penalty for good measure) by one of the randoms at the hairpin, and then I’m afraid the red mist kind of descended...
  13. I agree it's a bit odd - it's like the Google marketing folk think having Stadia only on Android phones will drive people that way, instead of it probably just driving people away from Stadia instead.
  14. @Mike1812 @Hass @sbrandon111 friend requests sent I take it that’s for non-iOS devices? I just get the normal “Haha sucks to be you” page from chrome on my phone.
  15. I am now! Edit: And now I'm not - Smyths came through and delivered today - pretty speedy considering! Thanks for the heads up though - this is the first time for aaaages I've wanted to buy something and couldn't immediately get it.
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