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  1. PS5, right? Press the share button (little one next to the d-pad) and then choose the “Start new recording”. Then press the same button again when you want to stop recording. You can then open the video in the Media Gallery app and upload straight to YouTube. You can also double tap the share button to save a clip of recent gameplay. Configure how much is saved (15 seconds fo an hour) in Settings -> Captures and Broadcasts.
  2. ftfy That was weird - I didn't realise the game did that. Turns out it depends on your DR: https://guides.gamepressure.com/gran-turismo-sport/guide.asp?ID=45585 So in DR C lobbies and above he wouldn't have ghosted, and would have taken you out. As per my experiences last night, sometimes the game will penalise the other driver for that kind of thing, but sometimes not. Anecdotally, it seems that if you take evasive action and manage to remain on track and pointing the right way, the other guy will get away with it. Getting back to your examples. At 5:4
  3. The quick guys in my races have been starting on mediums and stopping at the end of lap 6. Very few doing Soft -> Medium, and it doesn't seem to work for those that do it - I don't think you can make enough of a break to make it work. I've been pushing M -> S a lap further, stopping at the end of lap 7, as I find the softs start to fall off on the last lap and I think my slower lap 7 is less slow than my really slow lap 13 would be, if that makes sense. Edit - sorry, what I mean is, I think if you've got time to have one more go at the race, stick with the strategy you star
  4. Sigh. I despair of the daily races sometimes. I've been concentrating on DR C this week, since it's the Gr2s at Dragon Trail which is an excellent combo. On Tuesday night, I had a couple of decent races starting towards the back - my qualy time at that point was slower than my actual pace so lots of overtaking. Excellent, clean, tough races, and a couple of top 5 finishes. I then saw what you guys had done in qualy and thought I'd have a go at that, and got down to a 1:27.1. I started getting top 3 grid positions, and had a couple of fantastic back and forth races, with back-t
  5. Good luck to them. I can't read my own writing half the time. That's why god invented movable type...
  6. I think a couple of people in here have had controllers go bad, right? My right trigger is doing the 'floppy to the point of registering a press if you look at it funny' thing. Game say they need it for "14 working days" (what does that mean?) to replace, and Sony haven't responded yet. What did you guys do? Since it's obviously faulty (and a relatively well known fault at that) I was going to request a refund from Game (and maybe have the argument about it being part of a bundle, despite the extra controller being an itemised line on the order... and it's obviously the extra on
  7. It's annoying, but I think I get it - if you could save mid-cycle then the whole difficulty balance would change. Even if you're limited to campfires / meditation points or something, I still could have saved before heading to the boss and then kept reloading the save until I lucked my way through. It's a much tougher challenge knowing that I can't just jump back to the save to try again. (I can't rely on resting to 'save' though - my PS5 is shared with the family so it's almost certain that by the time I come to play again, my game will have been ended so that someone could play
  8. This is quite an education... I've never played a 'roguelike' before (at least, I don't think I have...) so I basically flip flop between thinking I know what's going on, then being thrown a new game mechanic and feeling completely lost again. I'm still on the first biome, so hopefully no real spoilers, but just in case: And now on to my current point of confusion - spoilered again for B1 details: And finally... I've read about people using rest mode to save progress for really long runs. How long is a "long run"? I can't have the PS5 tied up for t
  9. It's like that one batch of cornflakes that got burnt in 1962 - they'll put one drifty pad in every batch of new PS5s for the next 10 years...
  10. No Junker for the TT leaderboards this week, so here's last week's times as scraped from KudosPrime: (Let me know if you're on Junker's list but not here, and I'll add and update ) KYOTO DRIVING PARK - MIYABI 1 e1978__ 0:45.711 2 Batmobile 0:45.911 3 Pimpalicious_MZ 0:45.958 4 scarliley 0:45.967 5 Fretnoise 0:46.150 6 ThaBaukster 0:46.344 7 fighterdj 0:46.472 8 jonathanhoey1981 0:47.640 Autodrome Lago Maggiore - GP 1 Pimpalicious_MZ 1:55.711 2 scarliley 1:55.752 3 Astrol-Martin 1:55.946 4 Corranga 1:56.642 Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit 1 scarliley 1:27.6
  11. Ahh, is that why I seem to spend my life staring at the "waiting for other players to be ready" message in daily races? Bloomin' PS4 plebs!
  12. My DualSense Charging Station unexpectedly turned up from Amazon today, with the added bonus of using the same power adapter as the old one, meaning it could just quietly replace the PS4 version without me having to venture behind the cabinet to sort out cables - win (and with 2 boys also using the PS5, having a distinct place for the controllers to live means I have half a chance of finding one when I get time to play…)
  13. For info, I ordered mine on the 12th May, got the "We're processing your pre-order and it'll be dispatched the day before release" later the same day (5pm ish), and then got the "We've dispatched your order" a few hours later (8pm ish). It arrived on the 14th. This was all whilst they were saying the 'release' day was the 17th. I did pay the "I'm an idiot" tax to get priority shipping.
  14. Very much up for a mandated in-car view race, btw. That'll sort the men from the boys...
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