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  1. 34. The Unauthorised Biography of Ezra Maas by Daniel James. Picked this up after reading about it on the Guardian following its shortlisting for an award. It's certainly as unusual as the noise around it suggests: it's three or four narratives within one novel, and straddles several genres while also offering an overview of recent art trends and loads more besides. I don't quite know how to summarise it, but I do think it's a fantastic piece of experimental writing. Previously:
  2. 33. The Railway Man by Eric Lomax. I really enjoyed this. It's the true story of a very normal young Scottish man - boy really - who goes off the the second world war and becomes a POW where he is horribly tortured. I found the simple way it was told really powerful, and his account of his later life, the way he was emotionally scarred by his ordeal, and then how he learnt to forgive extremely moving.
  3. My pre-Deadwood film run through the original show has reached series 2 episode 2. The writing is consistently amazing - every single episode has several scenes that I find myself rewinding to take in the quality of the dialogue. It's similar to The Wire in that just about every character would be the standout in most other shows.
  4. Yeah, I think she's thinking smaller than my preferred approach of the systematic murder of Gilead's men of power, climaxing with the on-screen castration of Frank Waterford.
  5. That's 3.8 I think? Grim and also strangely boring. 3.10:
  6. My patience has also worn pretty thin, though it does feel like it's about to finally kick into gear in the next episode. My problem with this is that with the world today I really don't need any more portents of doom - we've had three seasons of miserable shit while watching all manner of crap going on around us - I just want to see Gilead crumble now.
  7. Miner Willy


    I thought that was an encouraging start from Murray. He's clearly miles from where he needs to be, but he competed and improved as it went on. It's just a question of whether the hip holds up and permits him the mobility he needs; the fitness and match sharpness will return if so.
  8. 32. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. This book's central relationship between a young blind girl and her father is really beautifully portrayed, but the rest left me somewhat cold for the most part, and it definitely felt overlong. Previously:
  9. Miner Willy


    Ok, not so interesting after all, though fascinating to see how Nadal has completely unnerved a guy who'd barely missed a ball all week.
  10. Miner Willy


    Looks like Medvedev is going to reach the final without even being tested this week. Will be really interesting if he plays Nadal in the final. On this form he's looking the most likely US Open contender outside the big three.
  11. Miner Willy


    Amazing news that Murray is ready to play singles in Cincinnati. It will be so great to see him play. In other news: incredible play from Medvedev to take Thiem apart today. He's not a beautiful player by any means, but when he gets going I think he looks a certain future number 1. He's like Djokovic crossed with Gilles Simon, but with the wingspan and serve that come from being 6 foot 4. He must be a monster to play, I guess unless you can bamboozle him by mixing up the pace and spin as effectively as Federer did in Miami.
  12. @charley farley - This was the Body Library post. Stupidly, I had no idea it was second in a series until I finished it.
  13. I really liked all three. I posted about each in a little more detail when I finished them - so just check earlier posts in this thread.
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