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  1. Hewson

    Are games fun?

    I think there's also something here about really well established systems that have become standard but which simply aren't fun to be part of. I'm replaying Witcher 3 for the first time and while it's absolutely first class and one of the games of this generation, you also spend a lot of time dealing with stuff that's inherently annoying. Inventory management, encumbrance allowances and object collection is a big part of it. I'm only a few hours in and a fair chunk has been spent here and in worrying about what I should keep and what I should sell. I'd love to see a couple of games tackling this kind of stuff and making it all more... well, fun. It's also the herb collection and alchemy which kind of should be enjoyable but which for me ends up with me attempting to pick up every herb I go past in case it's useful. It particularly jumps out because of someone drawing out the BOTW cooking mechanic earlier in the thread. For me that at least involves experimentation and gut instinct whereas in the Witcher there's just specific recipes. To be clear, these things obviously don't get in the way of just how brilliant the game as a whole is.
  2. Hewson

    PS4 Pro

    Gotcha - it crossed my mind partly because I can't find any Pro stock anywhere at the moment.
  3. Hewson

    PS4 Pro

    Ooooh... is there likely to be a revision of it? Had assumed they'd just wait til PS5 next year?
  4. Hewson

    PS4 Pro

    That's super useful - really appreciate it. Was knocking the idea of an X around too, but I just can't justify the price and another format entirely.
  5. Hewson

    PS4 Pro

    Looking for some kindly advice. It's my birthday coming up and my launch PS4 is feeling a bit tired (not to mention loud). I don't have a 4k TV though I'll likely get one in a couple of years... Should I invest?
  6. Hewson

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    I’ve spent the morning building the RC car with my five year old and then just playing with it. The ingenuity of adding the timer and the camera is wonderful and the make/play/discover aspect of the software is inspired. All the complaints about the price of this package look even more ridiculous seeing just how much time we’ll be spending with this as a family and just how much learning there is in the package. It’s one of the best things Nintendo has ever done.
  7. Hewson

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    And the market reaction? Nintendo adds nearly $1.4bn in value... with cardboard https://www.ft.com/content/74950b1a-fc31-11e7-9b32-d7d59aace167
  8. Hewson

    Assassin's Creed Origins

    I think the reason I continue to play them - and I’ve played all bar Rogue - is because when they come together it can be wonderful. I guess my post was just an expression of disappointment that it still all feels a bit janky to me. Broken is probably too harsh although I did say borderline broken. In terms of new mechanics, I suppose I should have said constant building and elaborating on non-core stuff. I just wish they’d pared it back and made the basics all feel better.
  9. Hewson

    Assassin's Creed Origins

    It’s just a personal opinion. For me the conpariosn’s fair because the mechanics aren’t as good as i’d hoped and it remains a game that loses all atmosphere the moment it descends into Benny Hill territory. Personally i’d have preferred them to nail the mechanical element rather than build a dizzying variety of different weapons, model an extra 20km squared of Egypt or continue to iterate on elements that are deeply unfun like driving wagons.
  10. Hewson

    Assassin's Creed Origins

    I totally understand that it does play better than AC2 - I'm sure if I went back to that right now it'd be clunky. But I don't think the series has come on enough, especially compared to Zelda. Every single iteration has focused on increasing the size of the world and adding pointless new features. I do realise a lot of people have enjoyed this, and of course a huge element is down to taste, but I feel like I'm controlling a tank at the best of times while suffering through a bunch of gameplay features - particularly the RPG lite stuff - that just get in the way all the time. That gameplay loop appeals to me for all the same reasons it does in the best Far Cry games. The difference for me is that FC's mechanics are decent. There's something just so great about the basic idea of creating historical settings in an open-world video game that I really want it to be something special.
  11. Hewson

    Assassin's Creed Origins

    Bought this in the sale in my continuing behavioural loop of “I loved AC2 so maybe this time they’ll have cracked it... oh bollocks it’s basically worse”. it really astonishes me how utterly terrible games are at narrative and character, especially when there’s such effort and success here in terms of world building. But it’s the mechanics that continue to feel borderline broken to me. It’s really emphasised having had Breath of the Wild and Odyssey in the same year. Moving around the world and fighting in it just isn’t very much fun in and of itself and that’s what I was most expecting them to have focused on in the extra development time they had.
  12. Hewson

    Rllmuk Top 100 Games 2017

    Well that’s freaky. All those years of near silent lurking have really paid off in a very specific way. @Benny, thanks so much for all the effort that went into this - it’s been fantastic seeing it all come together and it’s massively appreciated.
  13. Hewson

    Golf Story

    I'm another one finding Golf Story crashes the Switch coming out of sleep mode. Have to save and quit to avoid it. I really hope they patch it, not least because it's such a charming and relaxing timesink!
  14. Hewson

    Nintendo Switch

    Eurogamer have been absolutely brutal on the online point.
  15. Hewson

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks for such a measured response. I definitely agree that people on both sides could be less dismissive but I'd also point out in terms of shutting down debate that this debate has completely dominated the last ten or so pages of the topic. I think there's sometimes a difference between people expecting everyone to suddenly agree with them and having the room to state their opinion.

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