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  1. George Clooney


    Worth noting the “new” starter package is available, and you can buy it if you’ve already bought the first one. This time it’s 10 Classic packs and one of the classic legendary dragons guaranteed for a fiver. So that means Deathwing, Ysera, Alextrasza, Onyxia, Nozdormu or Malygos. I already had Nozdormu and Ony so because I’m dumb thought sod it and I’ll risk it and hope I miss Deathwinv, which was the one I really didn’t want. Thankfully I got Ysera, who’s always useful.
  2. George Clooney

    Food Prepping

    Finally tried making that curry based on the Jambalaya recipe....and it works! It's nice as well. I based the spices used on the version of curry I make from scratch normally, and while I think I slightly prefer that version, this works better for something you could take in to work, or given that its got rice in there already, if you dont want to faff about with sides. Havent got any pictures yet, I'll try and remember to take some when I box up the remaining lot. In case anyone is interested, I basically griddle pan fried some diced chicken that had been marinating in yogurt, garlic, ginger, lime juice, with about a teaspoon each of cumin, corriander seed, chilli powder, and tumeric. I normally add garam masala and tomato puree as well, but I hadnt got the former when I did the marinating, and forgot the latter. Basically it ends up with something close to chicken tikka, but without the insane red colouring you get in restaurants and cooked with a different method. So cook all that and set aside. Then in my casserole dish, I started cooking 1 and a half onions over a medium high heat. After about 4-5 mins, I added chopped ginger and 2 finely chopped chillis. gave that about 3-4 mins, then added 3 cloves of garlic, crushed. About a minute after that, I added about 2 tablespoons of tomato puree, stirred that for a bit, then added the spices, which were a tablespoon each of garam masala (which I'd gone and bought by this point) and chilli powder, and a teaspoon each of cumin and tumeric. Stir that round for about 30 seconds, then added the tomato/stock mix that the jamabalaya recipe used (basically strain the juice from the tinned tomatos and add stock to it so you get the correct amount for the rice - in this case 500ml). whack that in with the tomato bits, give it a stir, then whack the rice in (I literally use a mug as my measurement, which seems to work great). Stir the chicken through, whack it in the oven for 45 mins, then take it out and dig in. Looks like enough for 4 people if you served naans with it, or 3 decent portions for yourself to take to work. Its a pretty basic curry recipe, and I'm sure some people do versions with other stuff in that would work just as well, but I'm pleased with how its come out.
  3. George Clooney

    The Random WoW Thread

    Having played more now, here are some of my thoughts on the content I’ve done and the classes I’ve tried. Hunter is at 120. She’s my oldest character and been my main most of my playing time, and I had all but 2 (rogue and mage) levelled to 110 thanks to legion invasions, so I went with her first. BM is pretty much as BM has always been - bit boring but very good for solo content, but it turned out there are some terrible choices talent wise for levelling (which aren’t actually as bad at end game). Survival is where its at though - bit harder to kill elites than BM, but still doable, and much more fun and more choice with your talents. Marks seemed fine, but plays so differently to previously I still haven’t quiite got my head around it. Of the other specs I’ve tried, feral feels super strong, especially if you get the traits that buff shred and use the talent that resets tigers fury. Open from stealth with rake, and you kill em quick enough you have tigers fury every pull. Demo warlock is loads better thanks to not having to buff your demons every other cast, which sucked. Arms warrior also felt pretty fun. Basically I’ve enjoyed pretty much every spec I’ve tried except BM. Really liked the overall story on alliance side. Some bits I absolutely loved, and while they’ve been a bit inconsistent with how they’ve handled Jaina, I think they’ve done well here so far. Anduin, I’ve been enjoying for a while, and that’s not changed here. My worry is that we’re going to get a lame “Sylvanas’s plan was actually meant with the best intentions and she’s really good, honest” twist. I cant see how they’ll pull that out though. Again, she’s another character they’ve been inconsistent with, but we’ll see. As far as the game world though....I see what they were trying to do with the split levelling zones, and in some ways it works. In others, I dont think it does and feels worse than previous expansions. I love the gloomy setting of Drustvar, and Boralus is amazing as a capital - genuinely the best one I think they’ve done in expansions. The other 2 zones feel a bit bland though. There are some interesting bits in each one, but its few and far between. Compared to something like Pandaria, where there were plenty of zones that had really interesting bits you could explore, even if the reward was just that the area looked cool. Haven’t experienced the horde areas yet, but have used my boost on a horde toon to have a nosey - but from the quests that send you there, I’ve not been grabbed by them. So far, I’m probably enjoying it more than WoD and Cata, but less than Legion, MOP and Wrath. Seems unfair to compare it to BC as I didnt play at the start of that expansion.
  4. George Clooney

    Telltale Games closing

    It’s kind of heartwarming to see the rest of the industry banding around them trying to help the people laid off. Arguably they’re doing it for their own gains because they’re genuinely after staff anyway, but people like Ubisoft have basically said to them “anyone paid off her, turn up at this restaurant at this time, we’ll buy you all dinner and see what we can do for you”. Obviously the biggest downer out of this is the huge number of people suddenly without a job and no severance to fall back on. That is way, way beyond anything I’m about to say. But it kind of sucks that it doesn’t seem like they’ll get to finish Clems story now. Nothing concrete has been said, but it appears that the second episode will release, as it was finished, but the ones after had loads of work to do and the remaining staff aren’t/won’t be enough to finish it. The first season was one of those games that I genuinely found special, and a large part of that was the connection they created between the player and Clem. Weirdly though, I never felt compelled to play the later seasons. I can’t put my finger on why, but I just never did. I’ve got them in a bundle, but given this news I don’t think I’ll play them. It would be terrible getting even more invested in what happens to her only to have it left hanging. I played a few of the other games they did. I’m not that surprised that they didn’t do that great to be honest. Game of Thrones had potential, but it quickly became a case of too many “choices” which were either “which of these 2 characters who are on your side do you want to piss off more” or “do you want to appease this arsehole but be their bitch, or stand up to them and risk fucking over people on your side”. There were so many times where the choice was a complete downer no matter what, without at least some upside to make up for it, and often with it turning out it didn’t really make too much of a difference. Batman was the worst case I’ve seen of them trying to fit their formula around a license, with choices put in for the sake of it, again sometimes just playing off people to make it seem like a hard choice. They never really nailed the feel of having to make “hard choices” in their games after TWD season one from what I can tell, instead it felt a bit like they got praise for how they handled it their so shoved it into everything without thinking if it was needed.
  5. George Clooney

    Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    If there’s any time travel or Avengers/current hero appearances I’d wager it would be Dr Strange coming back to warm Fury to only use the pager to call her after the snap. End scene is Marvel going off somewhere in deep space to help protect something and gives Fury the pager saying if she’s needed to use it and she’ll be back. Cut to credits. Mid credit scene, Fury is sitting there when Strange pops up, warning not to use it until the right time. Doing the whole “not saying what happens in the future” thing, Fury will ask how he’ll know when to use it. Zoom in on Strange’s face and he’ll say about “when the world is turning to ash”. Or something. Thatd be my guess of how they’ll explain where she’s been. Wherever she is, she’s obviously not somewhere it’s easy to get news of what’s happening to, or just difficult to contact in general. Strange knowing she’s needed for the final battle to defeat Thanos and being able to sneak back in time to say not to contact her seems too convenient not to use.
  6. George Clooney

    Food Prepping

    Another update on the Jambalaya - all the leftovers are eaten, and I probably enjoyed them more second/third time round (it also went down well with a workmate who tried a bit - think she’s now thinking of getting a cast iron casserole dish to have a go at it too). Like I said, the only let down was the cheapo tasting sausage I used, but thanks to a Polish mate at work, I’ve found where I can get decent kielbasa around here. Its defo getting made again, but I’ve been thinking about trying to tweak it into a curried version. Realistically I dont see why it wouldnt work - you can break the recipe into 4 steps, cooking the meat, cooking the veg, adding the spices, then the stock/rice. So for the meat, I was thinking just to replace that with chicken tikka, in the veg stage using slightly more onion and ginger and garlic (possibly chilli too) and then for the spice use what I normally do for a full curry which includes chilli powder, garam masala, cumin and turmeric. The stock/rice stage would use the same technique. Overall though the method would be the same and none of those ingredient changes should mess that up, that I can see. And it should hopefully end up with a curried rice and chicken dish that would be less hassle than the curry I usually make, and be more convenient after because while it has less sauce it already has rice with it. Thinking of trying it this week, will definitely report back if I do!
  7. George Clooney

    The Random WoW Thread

    No, its 4 - lfr, normal, heroic and mythic. Normal is what used to be considered "flex" difficulty, and is intended to be cleared by pugs, about similar to how most normal difficulty bosses during Lich King could be - you should need some co-ordination especially at early gear levels but nothing major. Heroic is what most people would have considered normal from about MoP maybe, in that it was actually pretty challenging for pugs unless you had decent gear and experience. Mythic is now what used to be heroic and. At least thats what I've heard them described as. In short: Normal is for pugs and casual guilds. Heroic is for semi serious guilds or casual guilds that have more skilled players Mythic is for top end guilds.
  8. George Clooney

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    Holy shit I didn’t even mention the theme song or the opening credits, both of which are amazing. Even the fighting with the Superhot style figures looks fucking brutal. The song is great by itself, but even that is a statement of intent - “You Know My Name” may as well be saying fuck yall who don’t think Craig can pull off Bond, this is our guy now.
  9. George Clooney

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    Ok, buckle up motherfuckers, because this has now become "why Casino Royale is the best Bond film in ages and its a fucking travesty to think what came after". Because Casino Royale is not only great, its exactly what the start of Craigs run needed to be and has some of the best handled stuff in a Bond film in forever. So first of all, I've addressed the parkour chase action scene. Seriously, if you havent seen that bit alone, go watch it, its freaking amazing and does a great job of conveying character through action while also being fabulously well done in its own right. But thats not the only good bit, its just the standout bit. The airport scene is also really good, and the fights are uniformly excellent. Again, they really sell Bond at this point in his "career", this isnt the suave, calm cool Bond that lamely karate chops bad guys, this is an angry, rough around the edges Bond windmilling his way through people in the most brutal fashion weve ever seen the character. The fights are harsh and brutal, from the opening kills to make him a 00, to the stairwell fight. This is the most physically capable Bond they've put on screen and Craig is freakin' excellent at making Bond someone who you think would be able to beat the shit out of a load of henchmen. Second is Eva Green, who I am pretty sure is the best Bond girl ever. She's shown as capable and as a match for Bond, but in a way that doesnt feel like they're trying to make her similar to Bond like they have done with Bond girls in the past where they've claimed they'll be more than a match for him. She's got her own strengths and she's clearly not there to swoon over him at first sight. In fact, if anything the verbal sparring during the first meeting makes her seem like she's rightfully wary of him. Then when she sees him kill some guys, she rightfully freaks out. Its a completely human reaction that doesnt make her seem weaker, it just feels like how the character may react. Greens character is the perfect foil for Bond here, to the point where her betrayal - which itself isnt a standard "oh she was evil all along" - just adds more to how we get the Bond we know. And lastly there's Craig himself. Before release, a lot of people scoffed at the idea of Craig as Bond, citing him as not looking the part and doubting if he could pull off the "feel" of Bond. But this wasnt Bond, not really. It was Bond becoming Bond, and Craig was freakin' excellent for that. I've said that this was a much more physical and brutal Bond than we've seen, but he also showed glimpses of him becoming the character we recognised. This was Bond learning that while he had skills, he still needed to learn some things to be a 00 agent. It's also Craig himself becoming Bond as the film goes on - there's a reason why we dont see him say the iconic line till the very end. And that end was freakin' awesome, played perfectly, from the phone call to the "who are you" teasing the line we know is coming, to panning up to the shot of Craig, and him finally delivering that line. Freaking. Amazing. It's not just Bond announcing himself in the film, its Craig announcing that he is Bond now. It was a shame that Quantum Of Solace was such a bland movie that didnt really build on anything they did here, because they did some awesome stuff that should have lead to the best run of Bond films ever. Instead we got one great Bond film, and couple of ones with some decent scenes. I do think Craig has been great with what he's given, but there was so much potential, its hard not to be really disappointed with what they did.
  10. George Clooney

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    The parkour based chase through a construction site beats 99% of action movies all by itself. That shit is sublime, and one of the best constructed action set pieces ever. Not just because it’s really well done action wise, but it serves perfectly to set up Bond as a character, or at least how he is at that point in his life, with his actions and choices in the paths he takes through the site informing us of the kind of person he is - while the guy he’s chasing is much more capable at traversing the area quickly, Bond uses his wits and occasion brute forces his way to keep up. That was what completely won me over for Craig as Bond, and it’s probably in the top bits of any Bond film ever for me.
  11. George Clooney

    Food Prepping

    Update: Made it, eaten it, enjoyed it! By far better than any pre-made jambalaya I've had. That said, I couldnt find andouille or keilbasa sausages around me so I went with literally the only pork smoked pre-cooked sausage I could find, which was Matthesons. And while they werent terrible, I get the feeling that finding a proper sausage replacement would have made this amazing rather than the really good it was- they were a bit spongy texture wise and very artificial tasting with the smoky flavour. The rest was great though. I did half the recipe suggested and it came out really nice. At first I didnt think there would be enough rice to take in the liquid, but it came out just right and the rice was nice and soft and full of flavour. I added cubed chorizo rather than prawns as well, which was a good call. That much made enough for 3 portions, even with my first being massive (which means I'm now incredibly full). I already love the cast iron pot too. Definitely one I'll make again, but I'll make sure to track down proper sausage for it this time.
  12. George Clooney

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Yea it can definitely be a bit daunting to know what to spend your time on as there’s so many even from someone mainstream like Jackie Chan in the martial arts section. The Shaw Brothers films in particular have loads of movies, and sometimes the titles don’t exactly scream quality. For example, my two fave Shaw Bros films are ones called Dirty Ho and My Young Auntie. But the titles make the first sound more like a blaxploitation film, and the second like an 80s sitcom. Ive been thinking about doing a proper post recommending martial arts films, splitting it into categories like Jackie Chan, the new wave of stars, the current “legends” like Donnie Yen and Jet Li, and older classics. Probably take a while to write up so I depends when I’ve got time, if I do it.
  13. George Clooney

    Food Prepping

    So I think I’m going to stop off on the way home from work any get stuff to make that jambalaya recipe posted. Also because I see it as an excuse to splash out on a cast iron casserole dish, which I assume is more or less the same? I’ve been thinking about one for a bit and Sainsburys do then for around 35-45 quid depending on what size you get, so this is as good an excuse as any, plus there’s other stuff I’ve been thinking of trying that it’d be good for. I’ll deffo report back when I’ve done though!
  14. George Clooney

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Some more serious recommendations for martial arts fans - occasionally they whack some old Shaw Brothers films on there, and they've got a few on at the moment that are well worth a watch that arent that well known. First a well known one - 36th Chamber of Shaolin is probably the best known Shaw Brothers film and is on there, if you havent watched many old style martial arts films its a great starting point. One of the better ones story wise, and some great action. It occasionally does something that a lot of older martial arts films do, where they'll have them doing weird or stupid looking things for training or as techniques but its not that bad for that. Next one worth a watch is Opium and the Kung Fu Master, which stars the guy who plays Jackie Chans dad in Drunken Master 2 (if you're a John Woo fan you may also recognize him from A Better Tomorrow). Stories decent as far as martial arts films go - a kung fu master is pretty much unbeatable until he starts getting hooked on opium allowing the pushers to take over the town. The fights are really good though, makes you wonder why they didnt actually have the guy fighting in Drunken Master 2. Next up is Sword Masters: 2 Champions of Shaolin, which is an utterly terrible film, with some bonkersly good fights. I dont think bonkersly is a word, but it fits just how stupidly good the fights are in this film. Some genuinely astonishing skill on display at times, with super long shots of several fighters being held during really complex sequences. The plot is utter bobbins, the acting is poor and the tone is ridiculous. There is genuinely a scene where the fight ends after someone tries a flying kick and the "good guy" counters by ripping his genitals off. This then prompts the attacker to drop to the floor, gasp, then collapse. Everyone acts like this is a normal and expected situation. Skip to the fights though and you're all good. Last one is the Five Venoms, which has some weird fighting styles that they obviously made up for this film, but doesnt go to far with it and is occasionally really good. I know some people like Legendary Weapons of China as well, but tbh I've never been that much for it - for some reason the fights just arent quite there for me. They're not terrible, but not amazing. It's on though if you fancy something more after watching those I've said above. I'm hoping they put 5 Element Ninjas back on, which is also utterly ridiculous but has some of the most amazingly choreographed multi person fighting I've ever seen. Yes, the weapons look like they've made them out of baking foil, but I can forgive them for that.
  15. George Clooney

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I watched "The Confession Tapes", or at least a few episodes over the weekend. It's interesting but not as compelling as something like Evil Genius. That said, the first case mentioned has an utterly bonkers method used by the police that I was struggling to actually believe was a thing. More so because it was Canadian police using something that America had deemed too dodgy to use;

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