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  1. George Clooney


    Just to comment on how how this is possible, because it’s completely consistent with the rules of how deathrattles work. Deathrattles trigger and resolve in the order cards are played. So in this case, they’ll have played the “kill deathrattle minions at the end of your turn” card, followed by coffin crasher (? Think that’s the name, the one that summons a deathrattle minion from your hand when it dies), then the 2 ticking abominations. So coffin crashers deathrattle triggers and resolves first in this case, summoning Mecha C’thun and putting him on the board prior to the 2 ticking abominations going off, which allows them to kill him. If he’d played those cards in a different order it wouldn’t have worked. It may seem like bullshit it this case, but it’s a consistent system that does make sense to work this way without having a number of specific rules to confuse things,
  2. George Clooney


    I got the priest legendary that looks pap. Opened 10 packs bought with gold and got the hunter minion legendary. Think it’ll be bad, but gonna try and make a deathrattle mech deck and see if itll work, or at least be fun. Think it may be the latter at least.
  3. George Clooney

    Shenmue 1 and 2 coming to PS4,XB,PC

    Shenmue, especially the first one, was all about how well it captured the sense of being an actual place that you got to know and felt like you lived in. The gameplay was always never great even then - I remember the first time I played it thinking that the controls were a bit naff at times. To me it was almost relaxing to play at times, just wandering around what felt like an actual town. You could see the cracks even then, and I don’t think time will make them so much worse now that the main experience is lessened. I played it again not too long ago, and it was much the same as it was then pretty much because it was always a game you either didn’t get on with or loved despite the obvious flaws. There’s nothing now that seems off that didn’t seem off then. Its a very different game to many newer ones though, and one that i suspect a lot of new players will get put off by. Me, I’m diving in day one and I can’t wait.
  4. George Clooney


    Now we’v seen all the cards, I cant help but think that this expansion has some of the most powerful stuff we’ve seen in ages. Certain cards just seem bonkers in terms of their potential, and the magnetic ability has me thinking we’re going to see some broken shit that we havent thought of yet. Maybe it wont turn out quite that way, maybe some things will be powerful but wont find a deck that can run it. But you’ve got stuff like in Warrior where both the legendaries seem nuts (one of the pro players who considers themselves a warrior player mainly says that the Dr Boom card is good enough to be played in every deck no matter the theme or if it uses mechs because the hero power upgrade is that much better, and The Boomship seems stupidly good in a class that is likely to have big stuff like the Lich King to play using it), as well as stuff like that new weapon that could do some really good trades. Then there’s stuff that may work like Mech hunter, which I think will on its own, but there’s potential with the legendary minion and some of its new cards that you could do some massive plays. Whether you can do them consistently for it to be good, but mechs are looking good enough to be able to carry around it. Without the mech stuff, Shaman is getting some strong elemental synergy, Druid has cards which look like fitting into what is already one of the strongest decks at the moment, zoo lock gets a 1 mana draw 3 spell that is amazing value and likely to be run in every zoo deck. Rogue is getting a tonne of combo-y stuff that might be good, but I think we’ll need to wait. Paladin has some mech stuff that fits into an odd deck that may also make another strong deck stronger. The only classes that dont seem to be getting bonkers stuff are mage and priest. Well, arguably they are, but I dont think that they’ll actually be that good. The mage legendary spell is certainly strong but you give up almost an entire turn to play it and unless you play draw cards, you’ll run out of steam. If you play Aluneth then it, you’ll have a great setup from then on, but you’ve now wasted your turn 6 and 7 with no play on board. The priest spell sounds great, but it works out 9 mana for at most 7 1/1 minions, which you cant control too much, can’t combo that well with them, and they die super easy. So you need minions that do something in that time, and I cant think of many that make it that worth it. I’m sure someone will, but I can’t imagine it being consistent enough to be worth it, It does actually seem like it might be a load of fun, and have a range of decks that work. I just wish the pre-orders didnt seem so expensive now, else I would be in,
  5. George Clooney


    Some more cards revealed today, the big one being the Warrior hero card, Dr Boom. 7 mana, the usual 5 armour and for the rest of the game, your mechs have Rush. Which itself is pretty powerful. The new hero power sounds pretty sweet too. It basically changes between 5 different ones, always switching to a new one so you don’t have the same twice, and it does it on your opponents turn so they know what they’re going to deal with on your next turn at least. All 2 mana; - summon 3 1/1 mechs - deal 3 damage - discover a Mech - gain 7 armour - deal 1 damage to all enemies bear in mind those 3 1/1s are going to have Rush thanks to his passive. Guessing Mech Warrior is gonna be powerful next expansion at this rate.
  6. George Clooney

    Shazam! - Non-grimdark WoDC movie

    Levi is pretty much perfect in that trailer, except that it looks like he’s wearing a muscle suit, rather than actually being buff himself. Just looks a bit weird to me. Other than that, I thought it was a good trailer. He seems to have nailed coming across like a much younger character in a superhuman body, and hasn’t really shown too much of substance while getting across the tone of the film. I mean, you only see one brief shot of the big bad in the film, and even then it doesn’t show anything of what he can do or what he’s motivated by. Didnt think i’d be interested in seeing a Shazam film, but here I am, interested in a Shazam film.
  7. George Clooney

    The Random WoW Thread

    So aside from Vanilla and BC, I’ve always gone with the boxed collectors editions because I’m a sucker. This time though, the bloody thing is £90! I’m sure it’s not been close to that before, I think the last one was £70, tops. Am I just imagining that or has it really shot up that much?
  8. George Clooney


    I’m a bit torn on the cheaty bullshit decks. Recruit was always going to come with the risk that you could do some unfair stuff, and recruit hunter certainly has times when you can create an army of Witchwood Grizzlies from nothing. It doesn’t help with that card that the battlecry that makes it fairer when you play it is ignored when you recruit it. Similarly, taunt Druid can be infuriating to play against when they start pulling off the Hadronox shenanigans (and it looks like Boomtown will make it worse with that new Druid legendary) which just makes it annoying as you’re facing an uphill battle from that point on to get to your opponents face. On the other hand, these decks can be very dependant on how well they draw and if they get the right cards at the right time, and can get screwed up by actually drawing the wrong cards. I’ve played some versions of recruit hunter that I would get screwed over by drawing the beasts before Karthena making her pretty much pointless and reducing the power of the deck vastly. Similarly, I’ve played taunt Druid and been utterly screwed over by not drawing Hadronox. I dont think they’re that unfair at the moment - they certainly have unfair moments though which can be very unfun. I do agree about the diversity of the meta at the moment though - it feels like there are plenty of decks around that you can do well with, and a lot of differing play styles. I think this is the most I’ve enjoyed playing for ages.
  9. George Clooney

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I think Shaqiri will do well for you, he was blatantly too good for us and the championship, and needs more skilled, attacking minded players than what we had. Give him that and I think you’ll see him much more consistent than what he was with Stoke, where we got occasional flashes of brilliance and a few times where he’d do something that won us a game. I dont think he’ll be winning player of the year awards or owt, but I’d be amazed if he didn’t end up more than worth the transfer fee.
  10. George Clooney


    Magnetic minions can be played as a minion themselves even if another mech is already out, so it can be one or the other. There’ll certainly be times when buffing another minion to give a better trade will be a better option than more minions, so I think it’s a neat idea. It’s a bit clunky though, you have to play it directly to the left of the minion you want it to fuse to, meaning if you just wanted to play it as a normal minion and actually position it to the left of a mech for some reason, you can’t. I’d have just thought they’d make it so you target the minion to fuse with it. The shaman legendary looks potentially powerful, especially for 3 mana. That and bloodlust gives each minion 6 extra damage - if you have a reasonable board before that, it could be devastating. At that mana you can spellstone for a ridiculous board. I’m messing around with an overload shaman Brian Kibler has been using and this would fit right in there giving you a potential turn 10 play that floods the board with 8/8s. I have no idea why that rogue spell exists. I suspect it’ll interact with a card we haven’t seen yet. Doesn’t make sense otherwise. Projects could be interesting but need a deck where the effect benefits you more than your opponent. While ramp Druid is a thing, not sure having cheaper ramp that also works for your opponent is a worthy trade off. That omega card is probably great for arena, but won’t see play. Not really worth playing before turn 10, so if you draw it before that, you’re just a bit sad. Theyre going all out for pre order stuff this time, with a mega pack that gives you a hero. Think one gives a guaranteed golden legendary too. They also seem to be the worst value so far, being a fair bit worse per pack than any others so far. Think there are less cards in this one too? Im interested but I can’t see myself pre ordering.
  11. George Clooney


    No, it’s how any effect that is triggered by damage works and is consistent in the game with similar effects - if something is triggered by a minion dealing damage, how the damage is dealt doesn’t matter. In that case, I’m assuming they must have had minions too? The damage from Geddons AoE that damages them and your opponent would also have lifesteal, regardless of who it hits. Geddon is strong with DK Jaina because of this - he can be a massive AoE and heal in one. In your case, they must have had 4 minions hit by him on their board, plus the damage to them, as well as the damage you took. Poisonous works the same - if you could give a Wild Pyromancer poisonous (eg, via an effect that adapts them to give the trait), then when the AoE goes off, it’ll kill any minions that it hits. Its worth bearing this in mind when you use DK Rexxar, as there are some combinations that can give you loads of health or kill more things because of it. Eg cave hydra (attacks hit minions either side of target) can either give 3 times the attack it ends up with back in health, or kill three things a swing if it ends up with lifesteal or poisonous. Anyway, the reason I came to post was that this weeks brawl is pretty broken - play Druid, mulligan for nourish/ui, win turn 1 unless you’re unlucky. Your draw ability plus potential life gain while building attack means you can outheal the life you spend enough to kill in a turn.
  12. George Clooney

    Red Letter Media Fan Club

    I’m amazed that Jurassic World gag video got taken down so quickly (and I saw when it first went up - it got taken off very quickly) seeing as how they did the same gag with THREE videos for Transformers The Last Knight, and I never saw them get taken down.
  13. George Clooney

    Derren Brown is slightly rubbish

    I went see Miracle live about 2 years ago I think. To be fair, it isn’t that much longer than the Netflix show, but certain bits have definitely been cut down to make it seem like things happen quicker. The bit where he gets everyone standing to attempt “faith healing” is much longer in reality, probably about 5 times the length at least. Some bits definitely seemed to come across better in person, and there was one point where he was “healing” people where he walked past me (I was near the front, towards the sides) where he stopped and said to the guy next to me “you’ve had an operation on your knee, haven’t you?”, which genuinely amazed the guy for the rest of the night, and I have no idea how he got it. Ive also been see his Infamous show live, which was much better. This felt at times like it didn’t really tie into the theme too much, like he was doing a few bits that didn’t really fit, but are part of what he does, then going into the stuff that tied into faith healing. I’d recommend looking for Infamous if you can.
  14. George Clooney

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - 2018

    Just to touch on this, but some modern blockbusters also edit more to try and create feeling or give an impression of something via the edit, rather than shoot for clarity. The most obvious example is Batman begins, where Nolan edited certain fight scenes to be really confusing purposefully to try and convey the fear and confusion the bad guys would have felt fighting Batman. It didn’t really work though, most people just didn’t like those scenes, so in later movies he shot them much clearer. A better example, and one that works IMO is the fight between Cap and Bucky about 2 thirds into The Winter Soldier. If you watch the behind the scenes footage, you’ll see that Evans and Stan really can do that sequence with the knife, in one take and it looks really cool. They could have filmed it from a fixed shot, in one take and it would have looked great, but they made the choice to edit it so it’s less clear and slightly more choppy, but the tempo of the edit builds till we get the reveal at the end of the fight. Not sure if I explained that very well, it’s one of those things that makes sense in my head, but putting it into words is harder. Also, coming back from seeing this, I thought it was pretty well shot. Theres nothing in there that’s as good as the grass shots from 2, but there’s several I thought were well done, and the editing didn’t cut all the time to hide things. Mentioning the floating camera, there was one shot using that which I actually really liked on the outside of a building, but given that they didn’t zoom in through a window, I actually wondered if they had a rig set up and did it properly. That said, it’s a stupid movie. A fun movie with some bits that dragged, but utterly stupid.
  15. George Clooney

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    I can see why people who totally haven’t seen the characters or know much about them might get frustrated, but I think the film does as good a job as it can with so many people in it and so many stories that lead to it to make it as easy as possible to follow. As has been said previously, the way of grouping specific characters together so that important plot points from previous films get explained to them for the benefit of the audience is pretty well done. I don’t think there is anything in the film that’s confusing because they leave out an explaination for it, or important that it’s explained. An example is the phone that Tony has to contact Cap. I’d forgotten they show him getting it in Civil War, but it’s not important how he got it, because ultimately Tony having a phone to get in touch with him in emergencies is totally believable. So they don’t mention it, because they don’t need to. In fact, first time round I thought it was a joke at Caps expense. Because it’s an old phone. Cap is old. Geddit. Relistically id say you could watch Age of Ultron, Civil War and Thor Ragnarok and you’d be fine. AoU introduces Vision, Wanda sets up the events that cause the split in Civil War and why Thor and Hulk bugger off and end up where they are. The other films are good for introducing characters and setting up where things are, but it’s not important with them to really know before this film.

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