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  1. George Clooney


    More nerfs just about to hit. Cold Blood is going up to 2 mana Hunters Mark is going up to 2 mana Emerald Spellstone is going up to 6 mana Flametongue totem is going up to 3 mana Equality is going up to 4 mana none of these seem unreasonable. All still playable at the new mana cost, but knocks them down enough to not make them auto includes. Though it sounds like for a few of them they found at the current mana it limited what they could do with future cards - equality in particular was mentioned as making it awkard when giving paladins any kind of board clear or aoe removal as having such a cheap combo card to hand could be too strong. It should also be mentioned that the FT change pushes that out of even shaman now, though the spellstone change puts it and the secrets together for a potential even hunter. Not sure how strong a 1 mana steady shot would be - probably not enough to make it top tier - though I’m sure well see a few people playing it. On another note, they’ve got a lunar new year bundle - £19.99 (bought through iOS) for 30 pack, 10 of each from Raztakhan, Boomsday and Witchwood. I bought it because I’m a sucker, and statistically I did great from the number of legendaries I got - 4 in total. However, the 4 I got, none were from Raztakhan (which I hoped I’d get as I’ve not got many from there yet), 3 were from Boomsday (both Myra Rogue cards and Mechac’thun) and the last one was the warrior spire card from Witchwood that sucks balls. So basically none of the ones I wanted. Myras spell might get some use. I know its played in some of the deck types where you fill your deck with academic espionage and nerubian stalkers, so I might look into that. I’ve been playing a version Brian Kibler plays with it that doesn’t use it, but it’s a lot of fun. Myra herself has made me try a deathrattle deck, which I had most the rest of the cards to, which Ive also been finding fun. I’ve literally got no interest in trying the other 2 and can never see me using them, so I think they’re gonna get dusted. I usually dont dust legendaries just in case, but I really cant see these being used.
  2. George Clooney

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    I really liked it. I kind of get some of the points that people have made, like that it doesn’t really feel like it explores some of the themes it puts forward particularly well, but I think that its really well done in terms of how it delivers the experience. It probably helps that I was bought up reading choose your own adventure books from the local library and my childhood gaming experience was pretty much the period this was set in - the style of games that we see are more or less what made up my early years. This alone meant my nostalgia feelings were off the chart. I didnt really know anything about the setting or time period before coming in, and from what I’d heard was expecting something a little like a full “film” experience with a number of paths leading to definite ends. Basically that each viewing would be around feature length before it would end, so the format it actually gives was a bit jarring at first. Then I realised it actually perfectly fits the theme of a choose your own adventure novel, and they do it in a way that actually doesn’t detract from it while making it so you can redo bits without it being tedious. In fact, in a way it reminded me of how you’d sometimes keep your finger on the page when you made you a seeming choice in the CYOA books, just in case you made the wrong one so you could restart from there without reading everything again. In terms of the actual story I found it engaging enough. Its not amazing and wouldn’t work nearly as well without the gimmick. I thought all of the paths I saw (I think I saw about 4 “full” endings) were at least interesting. It still felt a bit restrained if anything though. Like they were busy making sure it worked to really do anything too daring. And I think in that respect its been a success.
  3. George Clooney


    Expansions out now. Opened up a few packs and got the Paladin champion legendary, and got the Warlock Loa and spirits for logging in, which I think was the class I wanted least. Oh well.
  4. George Clooney


    Ha ha they’ve just announced a legendary that could potentially see play just to troll druids. It’s a 6 mana 5/5 that resets both players mana crystals to 5. It does mean that your opponent actually goes with 6 mana on his next turn, so it’s “only” knocking them back 4 mana, but I can already see the tears from Druids who use up wild growths and nourishes to then have that advantage taken away. It’s potentially got more uses too, as it effectively disrupts any deck that relies on big mana cards, making them wait longer to get them out. I could see it potentially being used in more aggro/tempo/zoo decks despite it not being the best card in terms of its own tempo, just because it means you can prevent something like Gul’dan or Jaina being played for a few more turns. Theyve released the new Hero card as well, Zul’jin, which is a hunter hero - 10 mana gets you the normal 5 armour, changes your hero power to deal to damage to any target, and he has a battlecry of recasting any spells you have played this game with random targets. Potentially very strong. The hero power is decent, if not as strong as some, and as you’d likely build around spells, you’ll likely get 3-5 secrets, and a full board mixed with wolves and animal companions at a minimum. That’s easily worth the 10 mana. The problem is Deathstalker Rexxar, which is currently in pretty much every hunter deck and has so much value it’ll often be what wins you the game. Zul’jin is a one shot burst of immense value, but Rexxar arguably provides the best long term value of any of the hero cards, and the longer the game goes, the more value you get. The question will probably be is Zul’jin good enough to delay playing Rexxar till after him, or even if he’s strong enough to effectively just be a finisher and played after you’ve ground the game out a bit with Rexxar, because I can’t see him full on replacing him until he rotated out.
  5. George Clooney


    Still not much in the way of pirates for rogue though, the only class one so far is the legendary revealed yesterday. Which I’m not sure is that great. An 8 mana 6/3, so super weak stats, that summons 3 pirates from your deck. Is that good enough? I’m not sure. For a start, you waste any battlecrys if it pulls any, so hitting something like captain greenscale is a bit bad. Potential for a lot of value though, but you’ll want to miss certain cards that you’ll likely want to play in a pirate deck. Hitting something like a southsea captain though is super good. Theres some other potential though, and while I don’t think this is a combo you’re likely to see often, you could potentially, if you have the coin, on turn 9 play the spirit and that doubles battlecry effects, then on turn 10, play Hooktusk, which will then draw and play 6 pirates, giving you 7 total on board. Then prep + coin + cannon barrage, which will give you an extra 21 damage. I’m sure other people will figure out some decent combos with it, but consistency will be the issue. Also, currently there isn’t enough pirate support (still) to make it a competitive deck, I think, more just a meme/fun deck. The one that has overkill:draw 2 cards would be super good to pull from Hooktusk, as the overkill effect is great, just without rush, you probably won’t see it happen seeing as it has only 3 health. That isn’t enough to make it good, but we’ll see what else gets announced.
  6. George Clooney

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Single Player, NO SPOILERS thread

    Well, the other day I was on my way to visit the trapper with a perfect bear skin, and picking up other stuff on the way, so had several mor perfect pelts (at least a boar and fox pelt that I remember) when about 200 yards away from the guy, I got jumped by a cougar that insta killed me before I got a shot off, making me lose all those pelts. Annoyed wasn’t the word.... I did finally get the perfect wolf pelt, and thankfully didn’t lose it. In fact, I got two. They’re a pain to track and scan first to see their quality, it’s much easier to just wander into where you know they gather, wait for them to try and attack your horse then pop em with a single shot to the head in dead eye mode with a repeater. If you have the trinket for improved stuff from animals, you won’t damage the pelts this way and it’s loads quicker than trying to hunt them properly, you just have to hope they are decent enough. Speaking of annoyances though, I basically lost 1300 bucks thanks to a random event that I couldn’t really anticipate or do anything about. Minor spoilers for a random event Also, @stefcha sorry, meant to reply to you before now. I realised about just picking up the carcasses first after skinning 2 with perfect pelts, purely because I’m just so used to skinning first so it was kind of an autopilot thing, but I did start picking up the carcass first to check if it was suitable after. I also just kind of assumed that pelt and carcass quality was tied together because prior to that, they’d always been the same. It’s possible skinning it first knocked it down a bit but I can’t say for sure as I’m not sure what those were before skinning them. When I got the perfect one after, I did t risk skinning it, just in case.
  7. George Clooney

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Single Player, NO SPOILERS thread

    Im finding hunting in this equal parts satisfying (and one of the things I’m spending most my time doing) and frustrating. I’m currently after a perfect wolf pelt as its the only thing I’m missing for a full set of something from the trapper. Problem is, i’m finding wolves a bugger to find and hunt. I know where some are, but there’s not usually many around, and even less of them are pristine if I even get the chance to look at them to get their value. I think I’ve found 1 so far, and just as I was lining up a shot, it ducked behind some rocks (it hadn’t even seen me, this was just its natural movement) and I couldnt find the bugger after that. I’ve killed about 10 wolves since, and non have been good enough to give me a perfect pelt. This is with the bonus trinket that gives you better chances to get better stuff off your kills. Similarly, I spent a fair while last night hunting rabbits after a perfect carcass for a side mission. You need that and another animal (which I see much less of) and by luck I got the other one in an area I knew rabbits were in so thought fuck it. Again, about 10 rabbit kills later and much wandering around and several perfect pelts but not perfect carcasses (which was annoying) and I finally got it...... I admit though I have no idea about using bait or anything, I should probably look up and see if that will do me any better as Ive got a fair amount in my bags.
  8. George Clooney


    So we’re starting to get an idea of the themes for each class. Its seems they’re going in quite heavy with some of the themes and synergies so far. The ones that seem clear so far; Warrior is going to be dragon themed (the legendary champion copies the dragons in your hand) Warlock gets more discard stuff as well as what looks like some handbuff synergies - both legendaries benefit if you hit them with buffs as they copy themselves in different ways. It looks like they’re trying to make the discard mechanic a bit more controllable and not so punishable by rng by having cards that return discarded cards and cards that make the discards more predictable, like it being the lowest cost card in your hand. Mage seems to be focussed around the hero power from what’s been revealed so far, and seems like it could be crazy powerful. So far there’s a well statted 3 drop that draws a card when your hero power kills something, a 1 drop that gives your next hero power +2 damage, and the spirit card makes it so your hero power also damages the minions adjacent to the target. The real crazy comes in the Loa card though - its a 7 mana 4/4. So it better have some crazy powerful effect, right? Well, if you deal 8 damage with your hero power before playing, it summons Ragnaros. Yes, that Ragnaros that was deemed so powerful they removed it from standard. And now you can get it for 1 mana less with a 4/4. The obvious idea is that you play odd mage, so at most you hero power 4 times to activate it, which isnt bad. Or you can play that 1 drop twice and hero power twice. But there’s more potential than that - if you play non-odd mage you can play the spirit (which is 2 mana) card, which in addition to the 1 drop is a 5 mana, deal 3 damage to 3 minions, combo that also comes with a 1/1 and guarantees activating it. Plus, if you play non-odd, you can include brewmasters, bounce the Loa back, and summon Rag a few times. Not to mention, if you put Jaina in the deck, when you play it, you’re also getting a 8 health heal from Rag, They’ve also released what looks like a really good neautral legendary in Oondasta, a 9 mana 7/7 rush with overkill: summon a beast from your hand. It’ll be stupidly easy to get the overkill effect, and means you’ll be able to cheese out some big stuff. Hunter is the most obvious, but there are some other classes that’ll benefit, namely Paladin, who;ll be able to combo it to get their Loa card out without playing a silly amount of spells to get the discount down from 25 mana. I can see that being strong enough to run in paladin and ignore stacking spells at all to try and get the Loa out as intended.
  9. George Clooney

    Hitman 2 (2018)

    Yeah, I’m deffo getting this but I didn’t even know it was out, and while I saw a couple of adverts I kind of thought it was a “season 2” rather than a full fledged sequel. I was going to hold off because I’m currently playing rdr2, but I think I’ll pick it up now even if I don’t download it for a bit just to show my appreciation of what they’re doing. It’ll be a shame if they don’t end up doing more, as I love this style of game, and Sapienza is legit one of my favourite levels from any game, ever.
  10. George Clooney

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Single Player, NO SPOILERS thread

    Well this is annoying. Been hunting some of the legendary beasts, just killed one, but didn’t realise I had my vermin rifle equipped and not the repeater, so it took several more shots than it should. During this, it ran towards a stream, and ended up dying in there and started floating towards the nearby lake. I was just about to pull it out in the nick of time when a stag decided to charge me and knocked it away, into the lake. It then floated out towards the centre of the lake and now I can’t get it. I can’t dive down for it, and while I can see the prompt when I swim above it, it’s jus enough out of reach to prevent me actually using the prompt. I even tried using the lasso to see if that could get it. Either there’s something I’m missing that would let me get it, or I’ve now lost out on being able to craft a few items because of this.
  11. George Clooney


    From extra bits revealed now, it seems like they’re going to have the new class cards mostly based around a theme for each class, which isnt unusual, but it seems like both legendaries for each class and the spirit cards will be designed to have synergy, so it may be slightly more prominent than before. They’ve even said that when you log in after the release you’ll get a bunch of packs free, but also get a random Legendary Loa, as well as the spirit cards associated with that Loa. They’ve not released all three types for one class yet, but they’ve given descriptions of each class champion, which seem to hint at what they could be. For example, it sounds like we’re going to get dragon warrior and pirate rogues this expansion, warlock may be expanding the hand buffing thing, priest sound like its going to have more ressing minions . Mage gets an interesting legendary, Malacrass, who’s battlecry gives you a copy of your opening hand. Not sure if it’ll actually be any good, but the design is interesting, to me at least. Makes your mulligan potentially more interesting, with the possibility of keeping cards you normally wouldnt and sacrificing your start to get stronger cards later.
  12. George Clooney


    Think it’s around the same value wise as boomsday was, though I think there was a higher tier package then. It’s definitely creeped up a significant amount though, though I guess they’d argue that they do solo content like dungeon run for free, whereas previously they bundled that as adventures. Though my counter argument to that would be that adventures used to reward you a decent amount of cards too....
  13. George Clooney


    New expansion announced -Rastakhans Rumble, which comes from the troll storyline in the new WoW expansion. To tie into the theme, each class gets a Loa card, which are basically spirit gods the trolls worship in the lore, but will be legendary cards in game, and a spirit card which will be a minion that gets stealth for a turn. The example of the spirit they gave was the rogue one, where it’s a 0/3 that makes all your minions battlecries and combo effects trigger twice while it’s in play. They also showed the Paladin loa card, Shirvallah the Tiger, which is a 7/5 with rush, lifesteal and divine shield, but costs a whopping 25 mana to play. This gets reduced for every mana you spend on spells, so potentially it could become 0 mana. Currently though I think you’d struggle get that many spells off to make it cheap enough. The new mechanic revealed is called overkill. Basically if the card that has it deals more damage than what it’s attacking health, it’ll trigger the effect listed. The example shown was a 4/4 warrior weapon for 6 mana that had the overkill effect of allowing you to attack again, meaning you could clear out 4 3 health minions in the same turn if you wanted to. They also announced a single player mode that sounded like the monster hunt mode where you play as a troll god in a kind of arena fight.
  14. George Clooney


    Worth noting the “new” starter package is available, and you can buy it if you’ve already bought the first one. This time it’s 10 Classic packs and one of the classic legendary dragons guaranteed for a fiver. So that means Deathwing, Ysera, Alextrasza, Onyxia, Nozdormu or Malygos. I already had Nozdormu and Ony so because I’m dumb thought sod it and I’ll risk it and hope I miss Deathwinv, which was the one I really didn’t want. Thankfully I got Ysera, who’s always useful.
  15. George Clooney

    Food Prepping

    Finally tried making that curry based on the Jambalaya recipe....and it works! It's nice as well. I based the spices used on the version of curry I make from scratch normally, and while I think I slightly prefer that version, this works better for something you could take in to work, or given that its got rice in there already, if you dont want to faff about with sides. Havent got any pictures yet, I'll try and remember to take some when I box up the remaining lot. In case anyone is interested, I basically griddle pan fried some diced chicken that had been marinating in yogurt, garlic, ginger, lime juice, with about a teaspoon each of cumin, corriander seed, chilli powder, and tumeric. I normally add garam masala and tomato puree as well, but I hadnt got the former when I did the marinating, and forgot the latter. Basically it ends up with something close to chicken tikka, but without the insane red colouring you get in restaurants and cooked with a different method. So cook all that and set aside. Then in my casserole dish, I started cooking 1 and a half onions over a medium high heat. After about 4-5 mins, I added chopped ginger and 2 finely chopped chillis. gave that about 3-4 mins, then added 3 cloves of garlic, crushed. About a minute after that, I added about 2 tablespoons of tomato puree, stirred that for a bit, then added the spices, which were a tablespoon each of garam masala (which I'd gone and bought by this point) and chilli powder, and a teaspoon each of cumin and tumeric. Stir that round for about 30 seconds, then added the tomato/stock mix that the jamabalaya recipe used (basically strain the juice from the tinned tomatos and add stock to it so you get the correct amount for the rice - in this case 500ml). whack that in with the tomato bits, give it a stir, then whack the rice in (I literally use a mug as my measurement, which seems to work great). Stir the chicken through, whack it in the oven for 45 mins, then take it out and dig in. Looks like enough for 4 people if you served naans with it, or 3 decent portions for yourself to take to work. Its a pretty basic curry recipe, and I'm sure some people do versions with other stuff in that would work just as well, but I'm pleased with how its come out.

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