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  1. This is the thing. There’s enough in there that you could assume an intent of what the writers are going for. And for some people that’s enough, and sometimes it is. But I think a lot of people need them to be explicit in why she was doing what she was doing. I think there was a intent to make it seem like she viewed the people in kings landing a complicit in Cersei’s rule, and combined with losing a dragon and her closest advisor to her, coupled with everything else like not being loved by the people, it could have been enough for her to decide that they deserved to be purged, as well as being an act of power. I don’t know if for sure though. It’s not been enforced nearly enough for me to be sure of it. Of course it’s possible that in the next episode we’ll get given something about that and it could turn out to be something like bran fucking warging into Drogon for funsies as revenge for Ned while Dany spent the entire last third screaming at Drogon to stop. Laugh at that last line all you want as well, but I know people who actually think that because you don’t see her close enough to see her face from the point of her starting her rampage.
  2. In case anyone clicks this thinking it’ll have some juicy drama about how Varys thinks it’s all gone to shit, he simply means about how much presence and importance he thought his character had. He doesn’t speak about being frustrated regarding anything else or the quality of the story writing. As for the episode.....I dunno. I still enjoyed it. But god did it have flaws. It’s film making going from moment to moment at the expense of everything else. Lots of big bits of stuff and very little to connect them in a satisfying manner. I think there’s a skeleton of something that could have been really good in there. Aside from one major thing that I think needed totally reworking I don’t think the rest would have taken that much. Some stuff where I think there was a hint of an intent, but not enough to make it stick. Might explain more later, currently at work.
  3. Don’t think this has been mentioned yet, but there was a thread I saw on twitter that felt like it explained why there’s been a bit of a disconnect between the last few series (and especially this one) pretty damn well. The person who wrote it says that you can roughly divide writing styles into either plotters or pantsers. Theres overlap and often you’ll get a mix of both to varying degrees, but GRRM is very much a pantser. Pantser being their way of saying someone who writes “by the seat of their pants”, which means they’re more inclined to make up or adjust the story as they go, rather than plotters who will be more inclined to have a structure or plot line in place before they write, and stick to those story beats. Thats not to say that one way is better than the other - people are just more inclined to be better at one type - but it can affect how the story plans out. A pantser will often write according to his characters, very much feeling out things according to what they do and tailoring the story around that. This does mean that character motivations are usually consistent and things that happen feel like they happen more for a reason or naturally to the story. While a plotter will likely have events or situations in mind and write his characters to that point. A good example of this can actually be found in GoT. The Red Wedding has a small bit important detail that causes it which is different in the book compared to the show. In the book, Robb gets news of Bran and Rickon supposedly being killed and in his grief turns to a woman who he marries shortly after because he feels honourbound to do so. It is, in a way, a reflection of him being his fathers son, and that doing what he believes is the honourable thing leads to his death. Whereas in the show, he falls in love with her prior to the news, and marries her for love. Both work, but one is a stronger representation of the character and says more about them, while one is as event that happens to lead to another event. Someone (it may have been GRRM) described his writing process as a garden. He plants the seeds and then his job is to tend to them and prune it as it grows. And while he may have a rough idea how the garden is going to grow, and he has to make sure it doesn’t get too out of hand, he allows it to grow as it sees fit. So he’s written all these characters and all these sprouting plot lines, and its ended up massively overgrown. Then the showrunners have come in and know they need to get it under control to get to an ending. And so the style of the show switches. While it followed the books, it still largely followed the same style, with a few exceptions, where characters drove things and because of that the plot that happened around them felt like it made sense. Now, they’re in full on plotting mode, trying to wrangle this beast with all its complex plots and motivations into something that resembles a satisfying ending. And as such, they probably went away, looked at what they wanted to do for the ending, and what plot beats they felt they needed to put in, and literally plotted them out. They then probably gave that to the writers and left them to figure out how to get these characters to these points. This is (I think) why you’re now getting characters feeling like they’re not acting as they should or doing dumb things - because they are as they either dont have time to plot things out better and more sensibly, or they’re sticking to the plot points so rigidly that they couldnt be bothered (or maybe just couldnt) figure a better way. If feels different because it is different. It was always likely that it would be noticeable when they went past what GRRM had done, but the main reason that this series especially feels different is because they’re really writing according to plot beats rather than writing from character motivations. So we still get some big, juicy moments, like the battle of the bastards last season, or even bits of this season. Like the bit that happened with Rhaegal was a pretty bit “oh shit” moment. But it was one that would have been served much better if they’d spent more time connecting the dots better between the other big bits they needed to put in.
  4. Or just to put it even simpler - using the time stone to change things that happen is considered against the natural order. Strange uses it as a last resort only except when he’s using it on an apple and doesn’t understand this yet. Thanos rewinds Vision because he doesn’t give no shits. The only person there that likely knows how to use the time stone to bring Tony back is Strange and he probably could, but won’t because he knows it’s not meant to be used that way. That they don’t use it isn’t some weird contradiction or plot hole as some seem to think, it’s entirely consistent with what they’ve established. Whether they could do it with it or not is irrelevant. They won’t.
  5. Just come out of it. Very brief review for now till I get chance to write more. First 2 hours - “this is interesting....hope it’s about to kick into gear though because nothing major has happened since the first 10 mins....” Last hour -
  6. Watched it just. It wasn’t perfect and there are a few things that niggle at me, but holy fuckballs when it was good, it was spectacular. Non spoiler-y stuff first. The first 20-30 minutes were genuine, edge of my seat spectacle. Some amazingly well shot scenes, which I’ll say a bit more about when I talk spoilers, but there was a proper sense of dread from the undead army, in a shockingly brutal manner. I think they did a really good job of making even really important characters feel vulnerable at times, even though the longer it went the less that feeling was there and you got a sense of who was living and dying. There were still several times I thought major characters were fucked though. Now for spoilers. First the good stuff Now the stuff I’m not so sure about. I hesitate to call this “bad” but its stuff that niggles at me It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the last 3 episodes now though. Not sure what they’re going to do to try and top that one, but the directors doing episode 5 so im guessing that’s where we’ll see it if they try.
  7. I really liked that episode. It didn’t do much but it did a better job than the last episode of letting us spend time with these characters we’ve spent so long watching before everything kicks off. It also had some really good moments as well. Non spoiler version; Pod was ace. Jaime and Brienne were great when they were on screen together. Lyanna Mormont continues to be a badass. spoilers for more details Not really a spoiler but at the end of the trailer for episode 3, Brienne shouts something and I can’t make out what it is, did anyone catch what she says?
  8. Silence/res/taunt priest can be pretty harsh. If their mass ress hits a few big health minions and even worse also hits Vargoth or Catarina so they get more minions, unless you can answer that they can often kill you next turn with inner fire/divine spirit. Can be super annoying, but they can also be dead inconsistent and easy kills. I killed one on turn 6 after he barely played anything and the minions he did play I either could clear with my considerably larger board or Earth shock sorted them out. If they can get to the late game thought you’re usually screwed because the value they pump out ramps up.
  9. So from my packs I got Rafaam, Staladris, and that neutral that replaces your deck with 5 discovered cards. I also got the Paladin dragon that heals you both to full. Due to quests, I’ve mostly played 4 decks, all of which have been really good. The 2 I played most have token Druid, and Murloc Shaman. I’ve included my current lists in case anyone is interested a bit below. I’m sure they can be refined a bit, and the murloc one deffo has cards I’m messing with a bit, but they’ve worked pretty well for me so far. First off, token druid There would be 2 crystal song portals probably if I had two, not sure at the moment if its good enough for me to craft though. Vargoth can be bonkers in this deck though, especially as you run loads of buffs and can create super sticky boards. Getting a decent size board, drop him then play blessing of the ancients twice and you can almost hear your opponent crying. Or soul of the forest. Hes cheap enough to combo with so much stuff, even something like dream way guardians so you have 4 1/2 lifesteal tokens as a turn 6 play is pretty sweet. Next, murloc shaman Scargil (which I crafted) and underbelly angler do so much to make this vialble now its unreal. Angler in particulars ability to generate resources makes cards like ghost light angler actually pretty dame good because you’re now generating more cards fairly cheeply while still gaining a board. Which you can then make sticky much like token driud with soul of the murloc now. Its not quite as strong, but then the follow up with bloodlust can be. If you have that minion that double casts the next spell as a battlecry, I’d probably add that in, as a soul of the murloc means you can get often keep enough minions on board to make a double bloodlust a play that could actually happen. The storm bringer is in there kind of because of that - you can hit lots with it. That said, I’m just playing that as a fun card to see how well it works, a second bloodlust would almost certainly make more sense. The other 2 decks I’ve played are mid range hunter and thief rogue. Hunter is probably the best budget minded deck at the moment as you can build a very cheap to craft version. That said, mine is running Zul’jin, as the amount of value you get from him is insane in this deck, especially now you have that twinspell card that summons a 5/5 rush minion. It pretty much makes up for the loss of spellstone in some circumstances. Thief rogue lost some really, really good cards like vilespine slayer, but the cards it gained may make up for it. They’re good enough that the theif “package” will probably get run in rogue decks in general, and Hench Clan Burgler means that the mirror match up doesn’t make some cards a lot worst than every other match up now. The loss of Valeera sucks though, mainly because she was fun. If you’re looking to ladder up though, token druid seems the deck to go with right now. The other big deck that I can think of that I’ve not played is bomb warrior (and I dont think I will as well as its super expensive to craft and I have non of the expensive cards - I think I’d need at least 2 legendaries - both dr boom cards - and at least 4 epics, which are bomb generators) and I’ve not lost against one yet with druid. Could be luck, admittedly, and I think people will hate playing against the deck as it’ll feel bad to lose to. Drawing bombs that kill you doesn’t really seem like you’re being beaten due to skill, i can see if feeling a bit cheap eventually, especially as once they’re in your deck, you cant really do anything - if they can get 6 in, which it seems isnt that hard to do, unless you’ve got some healing you’re basically on the clock to beat them first. And Dr Boom with a load of boom bots that have rush thanks to the hero Boom witll be super annoying im sure. Add that to warriors being able to outlast with a tonne of armour gain and I can see them being well frustrating at times.
  10. Sorry, meant to reply to this before now. If you search for Trumps Teachings on youtube, rather than get a racist president teaching you about ineffective ways to finance walls, you’ll get one of the big streamers tutorials. They’re a bit old, but still mostly valid, and there are some general ones on there about things like board control which will be useful. Now that the new cards are all revealed, I can see lots of Dr Boom warriors in the game soon. The Dr Boom hero was already a staple in warrior, and the new Boom minion is so strong, and make the bomb shuffling package very worthwhile, that its not that hard to have 20-30 damage in bombs in your opponents deck waiting to fuck them up. Plus playing the Boom minion when you have the Boom hero means the boombots have rush, so you can trigger them straight away (possibly) and wreck your opponent. It just seems like a deck that has some really OP plays, and they always seem popular.
  11. So just to mention so of the stuff Linkster has mentioned ”Where do I find these people and why do I care?” Simple, they’re on social media. Despite what you think, I dont go searching for them, but I do follow people who are more left leaning who are quite happy to point out douchenozzles like these. Not only that, but a few people on my facebook friends list were reposting memes about wanting Captain Marvel to fail. I care because I think they’re a toxic part of the fandom driven by people who misrepresent what’s actually been said to fit an agenda. ”can you not imagine someone genuinely preferring Alita over this?” Sure, I can, but often these are people that havent even see this film. They tried to get a hashtag Alitachallenge to trend before the film even came out to drum up support, often with the bollocks that Larson hates men or some other overblown rhetoric. ”you’re doing it to feel good laughing at people and feel better about myself” I’m certainly laughing at them, that’s for sure. But I think they deserve to be laughed at. More importantly, I think they deserved to be called out and ridiculed for being shitty and toxic because they feel threatened something isnt specifically aimed at pleasing them. If you dont believe me, one of the biggest culprits is a youtuber who I’m not going to name to make sure absolutely no clicks get sent his way, but he routinely criticises things that dont cater to straight white guys - the best example being the she-ra reboot which he described as”horrific” and made several videos complaining about them making her a young-ish girl and not a grown woman with tits. He literally made a video complaining that Apex Legends had too much diversity because it wasn’t “realistic” and therefore pandering. The same guy also complained about Lara Crofts actress in the last film not having big enough tits, and was therefore SJW propaganda. This isnt stuff Ive gone out looking for, I wouldnt willingly subject myself to that, though I do follow some people on YouTube and twitter who delight in making fun of these people and their shitty opinions. And this guy isnt alone, there are tonnes of people doing this. On guy on twitter pointed out someone who’d made about 5 videos around the release of Captain Marvel, and the guy hadn’t seen the movie, but was declaring it trash and encouraging people to see Alita. Same guy was posting conspiracy bollocks about how the numbers must have been fudged after the films opening. These aren’t people recommending one film over another, these are people with an agenda spewing bullshit because someone dared say something that even slightly made them feel like they weren’t the most important person in the world. These people deserve to be called out on that and made fun of.
  12. So just to change the topic from the seating discussion, it’s looking like the angry man babies are going to have more to cry about. After a strong opening, they were pinning their hopes on a second week drop off, often going with some bonkers almost conspiracy theory level ideas that involved them opening in more places worldwide so they could claim a large opening while somehow knowing they’d drop dramatically after the second week so this was their way to spin it as “success” by “putting all their eggs in one basket” to inflate numbers somehow, despite it performing really well in indivual areas. There were other things as well like that Marvel were buying tickets and shit or paying people to go. But they were sure that they were going to be vindicated by the week after opening being really poor. Insert *wah wah waaaaaaah* sound effect here. So far it’s looking to break $600 million soon. The drop, percentage wise, is about average for most films in the MCU, actually stronger than a lot of high profile films like that small film they did called Infinity War. Only barely, but its a much smaller drop off than Spider-Man, and the first Cap film did, and they were hardly classed as failures (plus IW had a bigger opening to fall from). The film that a lot of them pinning their hopes on to do better, Alita Battle Angel, has taken $200 million less while being on the cinemas for much longer. Despite this, some are still desperate to try and pitch their “Alita Challenge” campaign, which was to get people to see that instead, as some kind of success.
  13. Its a tricky one, because as much as the game is designed as a casual game that is supposed to be easy to dive into, there’s so much stuff now that it can be hard for a new player, especially as most players now copy their decks from websites and even at low ranks you’ll sometimes get someone using decks with multiple legendaries. Plus what you can play is very much defined by your cards, and as a casual you’ll likely have a very limited amount. It’s not like it used to be on release as well where you could often swap out cards reasonably well, with a few exceptions. Now a lot of decks are based around synergies that become much weaker if you’re missing cards. This puts a lot of the “fun” decks or powerful ones out of reach. For example, my current fave deck to play (fave being as in fun, not wins the most, though it does alright) is a rogue deck based around stealing cards from your opponent. The problem being it has 4 (if I remember right) legendaries, 2 of which are really quite important, and at least 4 epic cards that are more or less essential. Thats a big barrier for a new player. There are cheaper decks that are more accessible that you should have a look at trying, then just practicing with. If you go on hearthpwn.net and then have a browse of popular decks there, they’ll have the crafting cost listed so you can see if its something that you could possibly build. Also at least pick a class and get it to 10, as you’ll be missing spells that you get from doing that. When you say you don’t know what you’re doing though, how much do you mean? As in, you know the basic rules, but dont know stuff like when its best to hit your opponent or hit their minions, or you aren’t sure what keywords on cards are and such?
  14. New expansion announced - Rise of Shadows. Releases April, will start a story that continues on through this standard year involving the league of EVIL, represented by certain classes, attempting to take over Dalaran. Some things announced - no new hero cards. With them rotating out they just want to leave it with the current ones for now. - new keyword, Twinspell. When you play the spell, you’ll get a copy of it without the keyword, effectively meaning you can play it twice, in effect meaning you can have four copies of it. Only on spells it seems. - some old mechanics and effects being bought back in or paid tribute to. The ones shown so far are “forbidden” cards where you used all your mana for an effect (in this example, spend all your mana and destroy a minion with up to the attack of the mana spent - priest card), and the golden monkey effect has been put on a class legendary - Rafaam, a Warlock minion which just gives the effect without needing to jump through the hoops you had to to get the monkey. - lackeys will be cards that can be generated from other cards, and are currently 1/1 minions with 1 mana and an effect, like Battlecry:deal 2 damage. The pool of lackeys will increase over this standard year. - scheme cards are spells that will have an effect that upgrades each turn its in your hand. The example is a shaman spell that’s 5 mana and deals 1 damage to all minions, but the longer it’s in your hand, it gains an extra damage each turn. Other noteworthy card revealed was the Mage legendary - Kalecgos, a 10 mana 4/12 dragon that makes the first spell you play each turn cost 0 mana, and has battlecry:discover a spell. Seems good enough to whack in most decks, the effect means you can play the spell you discover straight away, which can be super good if you get something like a pyroblast or a flamestrike. Or you can hold on to an expensive spell to ensure you get value from him regardless of what you discover.
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