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  1. I guess I'd wonder if there was really that much difference between the theme of DS and BB, and then ask if they'd played BB and loved it despite their disinterest in the visual themes. So very much the same questions I have now about Sekiro. I think the differences are greater though. Its not just a visual thing though. Generally I'm put off this sort of theme for other reasons. It's a "world" I have little to no familiarity with, it's names I can't pronounce let alone remember, it's story telling that relies on an understanding of values/beliefs/history vastly different to a western perspective (I'm talking more broadly here, be it games, films, anime, etc). Maybe that would add to the mystery, maybe what's been shown so far isn't fair to make any assumptions from. I dunno, I still feel like if everything (environment wise especially) just looks like what you'd expect to see in any samurai movie, I just won't ever care about exploring that world.
  2. God I wish I was excited for this, I really do. I've finished all three Dark Souls, the DLC on 1 and 3, platinumed Bloodborne and DLC and have loved every minute. The wait for BB especially was excruciating. But the Ninja/Samurai/whatever theme has just never appealed to me in the slightest. Ive watched so many videos and so many aspects look to improve on what From's previous titles have done, yet all I find myself thinking is "imagine a new Bloodborne with that speed and world traversal". I can't be the only one I'm sure, but it feels like I stand alone thinking "Ninjas.... meh". I'm hoping I can get a chance to play it before just buying it in the hope this feeling fades and I spend every waking hour consumed by thoughts of the game as I have in the past (please forgive me for saying it, but I'm even considering pirating it to see if I can get past my lack of interest in the theme, then skip merrily to the nearest store to buy it Not words I ever thought I'd say about a From title). Perhaps I've just been spoiled by pure excellence and I can't imagine not being part of the early days of discovery and excitement. What's wrong with me? Convince me otherwise rllmuk hivemind!
  3. FozZ

    Dark Souls 3

    Hah! Dead as a very dead thing and now standing at the start to the Ringed City I should start posting about bosses before I even try them, I'd take them all down first try the way things are going!
  4. FozZ

    Dark Souls 3

    Took out the sister/father combo and carried into the Freg Heap. Summoned Gael to help with the two demon bosses and started celebrating when the second went dowb.. only to find there's another phase! No real people around to help though. ..just tried again and Gael finished off the second demon right as I dealt with mine, but died very shortly after. I don't understand how you're meant to dodge half those fire attacks
  5. FozZ

    Dark Souls 3

    Well it's great so far, but Sir Vilhelm is kicking my arse right now. He kicks my shield away, stabs me and takes just under my full health bar away, takes 2 estus to heal, and when I get a back stab it does chip damage. Bit of a jump in difficulty along with those big Wolverine/Kruger wannabee gits hanging about the place Edit: Naturally after having a moan about him on here, I took him out the next go. Next bonfire found, time to level up then onward!
  6. FozZ

    Dark Souls 3

    Just cleared Archdragon Peak I thought it was just gunna be the first Wyvern and that's your lot. Was not expecting a full area with such a great end boss. I bought the season pass on your recommendation, just downloading the first one now.
  7. FozZ

    Dark Souls 3

    Finally finished my first run through after a very very on/off affair with the game. Its only been what, 3 years since launch? Doubt end game is a good time to start the DLC if I pick it up so might give that a miss. Think I did all areas/bosses apart from Archdragon Peak. That place is crazy hard, but I'll do it at some point.
  8. FozZ

    Trials Rising

    I've accepted your request. I've noticed on leaderboards and in the race intro bits that show other players, everyone else has an Ubi logo next to their name, but I don't on my own player, as though my Ubi account isn't linked to it, despite me connecting, getting the free rewards, etc.
  9. FozZ

    Trials Rising

    A bunch of you should have a friend request on ubi club from me (Monophobian)
  10. FozZ

    Trials Rising

    Ordered physical Gold Edition on Amazon for £26.99 if anyone is looking for a decent price.
  11. FozZ

    Darksiders 3 - Fury's Road

    https://gamingbolt.com/darksiders-3-performed-within-expectations-remains-a-key-ip-for-thq-nordic/amp Well this makes me happy Darksiders still seen as a "key IP". Has made enough to cover all dev and marketing costs. 2 DLCs coming for DS3 this year, and the original remaster coming to Switch. All sounds positive that the franchise will get to tell the whole story (fingers crossed)
  12. FozZ

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    Cheers, I just stuck a half hour one on whilst I'm working to see quite how bad things are and 5mins in..... it's fucking jibberish! It's like listening to another language where you occassionally recognise a word or name How the hell they expect people on systems KH is new to, to cope is beyond me. Oh well - I think I'll just stick on the trailer with the release date at the end and leave her to investigate the back story (and tomorrow she gets Uncharted 4 after she recently polished off the remasters of 1 to 3 and loved them)
  13. FozZ

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    I've pre-ordered this for the missus' birthday which is tomorrow (and got her something to receive on the day). Neither of us have played the KH games before, but every time she's seen footage she's been excited to play it. I'm sure she'll dig into it more, but can someone please point me to a good and not mega long roundup/overview of what she'll need to know before playing it please? I'd like to have something loaded up ready so I can just turn the TV on and tell her to watch it tomorrow. Thanks
  14. FozZ

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    Been dipping into this on and off since it came out and I think I've got 3 stages left and about half the challenges to go (some to find and some to get 2 bots on). Looked through the trophies and I've got about 20 left to go! Seems like a lot given how much of the content I've found, but I'm determined to get Platinum on this beautiful game.
  15. Whereas I found a coin, killed maybe 3 enemies (that don't seem to die from 10 headshots which makes no sense to me in a zombie game), and saw very little. I'd be fine with them forcing you to start over after half an hour, but to just cut it off entirely is a very strange choice. Probly took me 2hrs to download the thing.

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