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  1. It’s true, the prioritisation is mentioned in the patch notes.
  2. Just made it to the casino...that's my weekend gone then.
  3. No, DQ8’s western release was the exception rather than rule.
  4. 365games delivered mine just now (paid 1st class postage). This game is just what I need right now, excited to start!
  5. The monster’s icon has a red ‘pause’ icon when they aren’t timed to move on (I think).
  6. The base game has been patched: http://steamcommunity.com/games/289070/announcements/detail/1662261735494326654 On AI updates: Hopefully the AI better assessing opportunity costs and city placement will aid in their play.
  7. MarkMan heavily implied on Twitter that without company support (i.e. Marvel), MVC:I couldn’t get a spot.
  8. I want all the shinies!
  9. Okay thanks, I’ll try to push on the story missions then. Too many other options distract me!
  10. I was going to ask about the Limited bounties. This week’s third option still reads ‘????’ for me and I’ve done what feels like a fair bit of story missions since the first prerequisite. What is the third one (spoiler, if spoilers)?
  11. It’s good but not great. Better than launch Civ V for sure. My issues are that the end game is absolutely boring and the AI is hobbled by the ‘Civ Agenda’ system which the AI follows to a fault, meaning they weaken themselves (and the strength of the game) through self-sabotage rather than playing a basic game to improve their own position. To compensate, Firaxis have added blanket bonuses and heightened aggression to the higher difficulty levels which only stifle play and narrow your own options. The expansion from I have seen only seems to add additional systems that the AI will not be able to use effectively, much like the district system introduced in the base game.
  12. He reads the quotes when you hit a new Technology or Civic, as well as narrates the opening flavour text for each civ.
  13. Finally got around to this, requests sent! Add me: Hanning - 4795 1961 410
  14. Hyper P

    SNES Mini

    Yeah, delivered by DPD
  15. Hyper P

    SNES Mini

    Toys 'R Us just emailed me to say my pre-order has been delayed "by the manufacturer". Dispatch expected 2-3 weeks from the launch date. Pretty poor considering they already charged my card. They must have taken too many orders.
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