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  1. The thing is, with E3 the hype for one big event seeps into the others. If I'm watching the Sony and Microsoft ones, I find myself also checking out the likes of EA and Ubi. Might even check out the PC gaming teleshopping show for a laugh. Now that it's all spread out over several months with each publisher doing its own little livestream, it's all far less interesting. Have to admit though, that Ubisoft games always look good and they make their concepts sound great. In reality they usually turn out to be Assassin's Creed but with hacking or Assassin's Creed but fps, but that's neither here nor there. Also, I discovered recently that Splinter Cell Blacklist is in fact surprisingly brilliant. I'm really looking forward to seeing a new Splinter Cell, if nothing else - hopefully of a similar quality to Blacklist.
  2. Or, if not Elites, enemies that were as convincing and as exhilarating to fight as the Elites in CE. In theory the Brutes could have been that, but in practice they weren't.
  3. While Google does have a gaming platform with tech that works surprisingly well, they seem to have very little interest into turning that into an actual success.
  4. Can't wait to see how many collectibles we can look forward to in the Ubisoft lineup.
  5. Scorpion to be the new Xbox mascot? "Want to play the best games? Then 'GET OVER HERE' to Xbox!"
  6. The Fresh Prince of the Suicide Squad featuring Harley Quinn
  7. Imo there's a huge difference between Spotify playing while the game is running, blasting music through everything without taking anything into account - and the game pulling in music from Spotify at certain points, starting it at points that make sense, muting or lowering when needs be.
  8. It's been a few weeks now, but during the main campaign I found a bunch. 4 or 5 iirc. I did rinse the game, 1000/1000 etcetera, but even so a few aren't tied to things you do for the achievements.
  9. There is in fact. But the presence of stealth by itself does not a good game make. In most cases it's the opposite, in fact! I don't want to be a downer, so I'll just say that TEW2 was just as disappointing for me as TEW1 but for completely different reasons. The sequel is indeed different but satisfaction is not guaranteed - especially if, like me, you come to the game late after playing the likes of Resi 7 and Resi 2 Remàke. Edit: imho of course
  10. Just to balance things out, I disliked TEW2 just as much as TEW1
  11. You can do that in Windows 10 without a third party application. Just select the three wallpapers you want, right click on each of them "set as background". Then go into Windows settings, the bit where you can customize stuff like your wallpaper. There you'll see your most recent wallpapers in a row, right click on the ones you want - you'll see an option to set it to a specific monitor. Set to monitor 1, then right click on the next - set to monitor 2. It works and saves you running yet another program in the background. Shit, sorry. Because Display Fusion handles monitor stuff that would be the first thing to try. If it's not that, but ut happens with every game and not just Steam, it has to be something in windows or that's running in the background. Sorry I can't be of more help... What I would do to troubleshoot in your case, but I'm by no means one of the foremost experts here: Go into Windows 10 settings: -check the resolution settings for each monitor. Do you have a custom resolution set for any of them? Set them all to something standard, maybe even the same - resolution scaling, is it set to something weird? - taskbar is locked and its default position? - multiple monitors: are they arranged probably and set to extend desktop? - mouse settings: anything notable there that could be related to your problem? Check the settings of your display driver, if any? Anything notable? Any other stuff set to start with Windows like Display Fusion was? I can imagine it's very frustrating, I hope someone can be of more help soon!
  12. I've reread your post and googled Display Fusion - this should have been my first suggestion: press shift control escape to launch task manager. Look for the Display Fusion executable and end it. Now launch a game and see if that made a difference.
  13. Because it's better than Gears 5.
  14. If it's just with Steam games, I'd look at Steam itself first before considering the games. First thing that comes to mind is the steam overlay, go into settings and disable it. Then try a game, see if it's different.
  15. Live stream set, these dudes are talented beyond belief.
  16. Haven't read Copra yet but I second Monstress. Not just an excellent story, the art is also out of this world gorgeous.
  17. Everything that I've seen and read about Doom Eternal suggests that it isn't for me, even though the 2016 predecessor is one of my favorite shooters of all time. Game Pass seems like the perfect way to give it a chance, and I'm perfectly happy to wait since I have zero hype for the game. Game Pass is perfect for this, sometimes it turns out I was wrong and I love it after all, sometimes I was right all along but no money wasted.
  18. Immortal Hulk is one of the best comics out right now, arguably *the* best, and is also completely self contained. Zero crossovers. The writer specifically asked to avoid crossovers before starting his run. Start with volume 1 and enjoy!
  19. Doom Eternal also feels like it would be too soon, no?
  20. Because it still runs wonky and crashes on modern PC's?
  21. I'm definitely out. Don't get me wrong, that sounds indeed a lot better than the impression we got from the trailer, but I just can't stand time limits. That goes double when there's stealth involved, when I stalk NPC's you can find me sitting in the same corner for hours. That's totally just me though, and I get that. It even ruined Outer Wilds for me. It's a personal problem
  22. Nah, Marvel Studios are unlikely to think that way - this is a videogame. The Black Widow movie, an actual movie, would probably have been a stop gap before properly starting up the next phase. I can't imagine them giving a single fuck about what a random videogame does as long as the license brings in money. And the success of the movies is what determines that. This is just a badly timed release with a troubled development and a terribly misjudged approach. Assuming it does as bad as it currently looks of course, you never know. But a Destiny like at the end of 2020 featuring your favorite heroes looking worse and less convincing than yer average cosplayer... I'm not optimistic.
  23. I LOVED DISHONORED 2. Sitting around waiting for several minutes doing nothing before calmly performing a one hit kill is perfect old man gaming
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