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  1. Maybe this should be in the film and TV forum
  2. I admit my first thought was "uhm which games have they made" before realizing they're not a videogame publisher/developer. Good for them I guess, but yeah..
  3. Like a Dragon is not on game pass day one, no. All the previous ones have been but those were ports of older titles that had been out for some time on other platforms.
  4. When did Microsoft buy CD Projekt? I must have missed the news
  5. Demon's Souls is cross-gen too, the PS3 version has been out for some time.
  6. Demons'ses isn't arriving until the 19th so for me it will be the glory of Yakuza on the 10th
  7. It definitely was. No new additions
  8. Tenchu backward compatible at 4k plz
  9. Fantastic atmosphere but it's a small indie studio's first game and the budget shows. It's also way more streamlined than for example the old Tenchu games, but Tenchu is definitely their inspiration and what they're trying to evoke. It's also pure no nonsense stealth - there are no combat options. You either sneak or fail. Not omg 10/10 amazing but enjoyable if you're in for that specific sort of thing.
  10. Everybody play Prey, people.
  11. Okay, then all is well again! If you had said you also didn't like Prey, I would have theorized you maybe didn't like the genre anymore twenty years on. But we agree on Prey! What a game, what a bloody great game. Now that they have Microsoft money I really hope they get to make a sequel.
  12. Tried Prey 2017? More System Shock 2 than Deus Excellent but the same immersive sim type game giving the same satisfaction. Prey stays way more true to System Shock 2, than Human Revolution did to original Deus Ex. Scientifically speaking, taking what you said about your tastes, it should be right up your alley.
  13. You should try Dishonored 2 - it takes the Deus Ex "choose your own playstyle and improvise freely in a sandbox environment" formula and puts its own spin on it, but is more approachable for modern audiences.
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