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  1. I believe you, but I heavily dislike MMO gaming and playing solo makes no difference. Trust me, I've tried. I've heard a lot of praise for those campaigns so I would be very happy if this translates into a traditional sp game of a similar quality.
  2. Surely, given the series' prior form: P6 on PS5 but only after the PS6 has been out at least a year? Doesn't matter much in any case with BC now being a thing
  3. I'm even hoping for a new Easter Egg related to Control tucked away somewhere in the remaster. It would be an extremely Remedy thing to do.
  4. I think, but I'm not 100% sure, that subscriptions are also shared on your home Xbox. They could simply pin the gamepass app to the dash and browse that. Or go into the game library, there you find every game available to you subdivided into categories: owned, gold, game pass, EA Access. Each category is sorted alphabetically by default iirc but you can filter by purchase date, install status, whatever. There should be no need for them to ever use the Store. Basically, they use the Xbox as you do now with everything available to you also available to them. It works for them how it works for you.
  5. They can download and play everything you can, that includes everything on game pass and all the gold games you've claimed.
  6. Oh, that's excellent and very encouraging news.
  7. That's the thing for me too. Not everything they're trying is doing it for me, but at least GB is trying wildly different and new stuff. And some of it is genuinely great. The NL guys up and left to apparently remain stagnant. Beyond "let's do a patreon and then stream games" it doesn't seem like there was much of a plan. Unless they've outlined some future stuff/a roadmap for their patreon subscriber, I don't know about that. It was really touching hearing Vinny get all emotional about how much GB impacted his personal life in the final Beastcast. I'm sure he was genuine, so I don't see the logic of then leaving GB to do the exact same stuff he has been doing up until now. So I guess he meant what he said, but I assumed that was also part of the reason he decided to leave - and apparently that isn't it. If anything he started a new GB from scratch, which means a bigger workload and a similar if not bigger impact on his personal life. Whatever the case, even if "more money" was the main reason that's totally fair enough. Those guys have kids n bills, you do what needs be. I do hope they'll improve though. With Jeff and Ryan as the main events, GB was fantastic right from the start. Even before it became a website. They needed time to find their groove, but while they did that, they were fantastically entertaining. NL on the other hand is just boring while they're currently searching for any kind of groove.
  8. The graph does explain why FF7R went full Kingdom Hearts towards the end. Great if you like that series, but I honestly can't stand it and it spoiled whatever things I still liked about FF7R despite the combat. If FFXVI turns out to be great and prove that graph right by being more like FFT/VS/FFXII, then I'll be there day one after all. Love me some classic FF goodness. But I have to see it to believe it, in terms of the single player main games we've now had a long line that's lasted more than a decade (XIII, XIII-2, XIII-3, XV, FF7R) of FF games going full Nomura. It takes a bit of effort to win back after all that.
  9. I finished this last week and loved it. The story and visual design were wonderful. The gameplay is maybe straightforward but passable imo, the only fiddly aspect for me was constantly switching powers in the more involved later levels. The difficulty was okay, very easy tbh because from very early on there's nothing stopping you stocking up on healing items and auto-revives. I decided to invest all the purple currency into upgrading the pouches for those items, which meant I was rocking a shedload of healing items and auto-revives, which made it near impossible to die. Some of the levels were incredibly impressive and I loved every bit of bonus background story content. The writing really is top-notch imo. Overall, I loved it but I can see it's not for everyone.
  10. Wonder how accurate that graph is or whether we can draw any conclusions from it, I always assumed that hardly any who worked on the older titles is still working on the newer titles. They may have the same team name within Square, but it's not the same people, was my assumption. I love FF Tactics, Vagrant Story, and XII - but I heavily dislike all the MMO stuff. So I have no idea whether I will like XVI! What I do know is that I've never been less hype for a new FF game. But that's XV's fault. I didn't like the XIII series but XV was just a complete car crash of a game and I don't like the idea of this being the foreseeable direction of the series. Didn't like the combat in FF7R either, so seeing the reveal trailer for XVI did absolutely nothing for me. I thought XV was so bad, it turned me off the series completely. Not enough to make me ignore this thread, but still.
  11. The original back in the day blew me away with its freedom and openness. That's way less uncommon nowadays of course. And the voxel environments looked extremely advanced and unlike anything else. The remake didn't grab me at all, but I wonder if that's because of the quality of the remake or the original game being a product of its time. Still, Outcast the original will always be one of my favourite videogame experiences. I hope the sequel will capture some of the same magic. Like I said, sandbox environments are extremely common nowadays but maybe there's a unique experience to be made by focusing on the open-ended gameplay that the original had - apart from BotW, that's something modern day sandbox games don't do at all.
  12. I wouldn't, I can adjust to 30 if needs be but I'd rather not if it can be avoided. But I'm arguing that it's not for me or you to say that someone would be wrong for choosing to avoid that 10 purely because it's not 60.
  13. Let's say there a 7 or 8 games released across all platforms that are at least worth a 7 or better. Maybe one or two have a wonky framerate nowadays, probably the ones on the Switch and the odd exception like Omno. Let's say I have time to play two of those this month. WHY are people arguing that it absolutely must be the ones with bad frame rate that I should play? Why would I be missing out by playing others instead? I'm never going to play ALL of them. Crazy.
  14. Exactly what happens with me I'm always on XSX PS5 or PC, Switch is gathering dust despite me liking the platform itself.
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