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  1. Yes. Though I highly recommend just watching all the episodes or at least the previous 4/5 or so. It makes the frustration so much more palpable. The episodes are all really short btw, 10 - 15 minutes. And it's a really funny series.
  2. Perfect thread title It's always funnier when it's true. Bet they give the Sekiro QL to Dan because sure why not
  3. And where's my pre-load?
  4. On PC you can use both Xbone or PS4 controllers! Sekiro Ultimate God, is it Friday yet?
  5. Your hands are fine! I have big Dutchman hands, so each generation I tend to skew towards the Xbox controllers. The first gen Bone controllers were crap however, but now that they fixed the bumpers it's become my favourite controller. It's a subjective thing. I recently played through DaS3 and its DLC and a big chunk of DaS1 on my Bone, so I know for sure I like the controller for From games. Prefer it over all others in fact, while in the previous gen Souls was the only game I preferred playing on PS3 instead of 360. Because of the itty bitty 360 bumpers. It's all relative.
  6. First gen bone bumpers? Yeah, they are CRAP. But on the newer model Bone controller (the one with Bluetooth) the bumpers are fine.
  7. Whatever they do, it'll be their own unique take on it. That already makes it a way more interesting and exciting prospect than most other studios you can think of taking a crack at GaaS. They also usually have multiple projects on the go, so it probably won't be at the expense of a new big sp epic.
  8. @Gorf King besides, From Software has been there, doing that. Remember Chromehounds on 360? From doing dat persistent online world multiplayer thing way, way before it actually became a thing. They could bring Chromehounds back! (Coincidentally it's also one of the bazillion From Software Xbox exclusives that @Thor forgot about)
  9. A hundred ninjas drop from an airplane onto a huge island, they promptly disappear and are never seen again until the round timer runs out.
  10. DO THE BUMPTY BUMP! I knew there was a thread somewhere With the upcoming release of Sekiro, an awesome looking Souls-a-like with a heavy Tenchu influence*, Tenchu has been on my mind a lot lately. I'm desperately hoping for some Tenchu goodness on Xbox BC, because it wouldn't be unusual to accompany the release of a new game on Xbox in this manner. But while I'm slowly going crazy waiting for either Sekiro's release on Friday or that Major motherfucker finally tweeting that Tenchu has come to BC, RetroGamer came through! Check this out: The MAKING OF TENCHU!!! Holy shit! Why wasn't I personally informed @strider, you have my DM, my inbox is open Needless to say: BOUGHT! this oughta be a good 'un *“A lot of influence came from ‘Tenchu,'” Miyazaki said. “We even pondered upon making ‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’ a part of the ‘Tenchu’ series at first. Of course, after that we researched and referenced many other games as well; however, I think the largest influence was from ‘Tenchu.'”
  11. This is probably the most relevant thread right now to post this: THE MAKING OF TENCHU OMG WTF
  12. No, sorry but that's nonsense. The only exclusive Souls game since Demon's was Bloodborne. Every other Souls game was multiplatform. The ONLY instance of them fluffing it was the PC port of DaS1, which they apologized for and everything after has been fine. They released a bunch of Xbox exclusives during the PS2 era, they've been on Xbox since the very beginning. On 360 they also released a bunch of exclusives. But even apart from that, the only problems they ever had were with DaS1 on PC, they NEVER had any problems with the Xbox consoles - DaS1 came out same time on 360 and was fine. Every game after that was also fine. DaS1, 2, and 3 are all on XB1 and they're fine. You're basing this on absolutely nothing, if anything given From's extensive experience with the Xbox platform going all the way back to the OG Xbox, all signs point towards Sekiro on X being good.
  13. Those ads are a fascinating insight into the American way of life. Apart from building your own website (beautiful), the Bomb Crew are just as easily promoting online prescription medicine and check-ups - because your health is important! So get to some website, it's easier than going to see a qualified GP. And of course there's also Dr. Dick, who's selling dick pills through his website (beautiful), just use the offer code WIENER PATRICK to get 10% off getting off! It's easy! Really emphasizes how fucked everything related to health is over there. To them the notion of consulting some random dude calling himself a doctor on the internet is not even weird, it's just an everyday thing.
  14. He's presumably talking about the PC version if that is also an option for him. But yeah, the power difference between the X and the rest (PS4 Pro on down) is such that you can blindly go for the X version of any game. The X version would have to be extremely badly optimized if doesn't outpace everything else easily. I think there was that recent Ace Combat game that had really messed up the X port? That's probably a rare exception though and not something to worry about. On top of that, if Sekiro turns out to be at least as good as Souls/Borne then I'll end up buying every version anyway

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