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  1. "So anyway according to my uncle who works at Nintendo...."
  2. SE5 is on game pass, surely you can afford the £1 to give it another chance
  3. No it's more like What If Proper Hitman As A Sniper instead of that minigame. SE4 is in my top 20 best games of all time. Easily one of the best shooters ever made, the emergent fun possibilities and exhilarating scenarios you create/accomplish are endlessly fun.
  4. Thanks for the write-up Glad to hear it's a fun read for people less familiar with Hulk's history too! The next one should be interesting gor you, it goes into the multiple personalities aspect with the different personas and such. I also love the art in both issues, some incredible designed splash pages.
  5. D'oh I meant Adam after almost accidentally typing Joe Kubert! Andy never ever worked on Hulk. I love Adam's issues though
  6. Brw @Arn X Treme, Grand Design is two issues. Grand Design Monster which covers the green savage Hulk era and Grand Design Madness which covers the gray Hulk era and the entirety of PAD's run. Issue 2 has gray Hulk on the cover
  7. Ah, that's Incredible Hulk 455 which is indeed drawn by Andy Kubert - gorgeous art and a very fun issue. I coincidentally tweeted the two opening pages from that specific issue to show off my omni: No clowns though. But maybe you were thinking of the X-Men's silly costumes
  8. I love Hulk Grand Design! Would love to read what you think of it, as someone doesn't know by memory where each panel is from exactly. Is your issue either one of these? This was directly after PAD left and longtime Hulk readers were unhappy to say the least. Not taking away from tour enjoyment, but it contains one of the most controversial moments in Hulk history - writer Joe Casey thought it would be a good idea to have a common snake wrap itself around the Hulk's neck and chocke him out. Yes, a common python. Against the dude who lifted an entire mountain range bigger than the Himalayas a few years before. It's drawn by a very young Ed McGuinness btw Casey really doesn't like talking about it I specifically chose that cover. When Mike Deodato jr. returned to the series years later he had levelled up considerably to become a very impressive artist. But his early work doesn't do it for me, including the alternate cover for this Omni. While the DM variant features not just one of my all-time favourite Hulk covers, it's also by one of my all-time favourite Hulk artists Adam Kubert. I've chosen each cover of each volume with a reason and only volume 2 was a difficult choice. I've thought about the She-Hulk omni but decided to stick to expensive Hulk omnis for financial reasons.
  9. SE4 is one of my all-time favourite games. This is better? Oh man oh boy
  10. Haven't been here in awhile, my mind was elsewhere - on music instead of comics. Doesn't help that the Comixology makeover took away the joy of reading that massive collection I'd built up over there. BUT now for some good news, something I also want to show off to you all: My PETER DAVID HULK OMNI COLLECTION IS COMPLETE My second favourite Hulk run of forever and the one I have the most nostalgia for. I was 7 when I started reading Hulk. 10 when PAD took over and 22 when he left. If it wasn't for him I probably would have simply aged out of reading Hulk at some point. LOVE IT - and I'm so glad Marvel actually put out all 4 omnis
  11. I'm not sure about the library thing. Using our own forum as anecdotal evidence, many jumped ship (including me) to PS4 and/or PC after loving the 360 long time. Admittedly, digital libraries are now a bigger thing than back then, but my gut suspects that less fanatical people than us have way less problems with leaving their libraries behind because they're mostly interested in the newest latest greatest. And with subscription service models becoming more popular it would become simply a matter of replacing one sub with another. I do think Sony has strong solid ground for the time being with their incredible first-party output. I don't see Microsoft catching up to that anytime soon - for now the Xbox first-party studios have put out more titles on PS5 than on Xbox. And every project they've announced feels decades away But Xbox are really nailing every other aspect. By fumbling their Game Pass alternative, Sony could be inadvertently putting more attention on Game Pass and on how good game pass is and how much better their BC solution is. Nevermind that you can simply run those PS1 and 2 roms on a Xbox Series (which a lot more people will find out about because of all the articles/reports/social media messages pointing this out while criticizing Sony's PS1 BC). Sony messing this up is free advertising for Game Pass, really. But it's early days yet they could still turn it around based on feedback.
  12. Meanwhile over at the other side of the tracks, they're allowing people to use their existing discs, and games are getting free fps boosts, and you can convert your remaining gold sub into the equivalent length of game pass. I know Sony probably don't care about what Micro does since they're so far ahead, but shit - it would become them if they'd pretend to care a tiny little bit.
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