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  1. Mr. Gerbik

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Ah, no I have not. That's why I didn't think of it. I assume that if davidcotton is indeed interested in PSVR, then the Pro is the only logical choice given how big the impact of performance and image quality is on the overall experience.
  2. Mr. Gerbik

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    I'm not sure but Lots of intriguing plot threads set up by Ewing in Immortal Hulk so far. Can't wait how he ties it all together.
  3. Mr. Gerbik

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Of course not, once he does eventually change his mind in regards to the telly (do they even make 720p sets anymore? I honestly assumed they didn't) the PS5 will be out. Might as well go for the cheapest option to ride out this gen. Unless davidcotton REALLY cares about framerate, in which case yeah go Pro. But on a vanilla PS4 you simply get the same occasionally wonky performance you always get on consoles. It's only recently, with the X and the Pro, that performance has been sorted out by virtue of developing to the lowest common denominator. And just FYI I care about performance and haven't seen the need to upgrade to a Pro. True, I play multiplatform titles on PC or X, but the Sony exclusives have been perfectly fine imo.
  4. Mr. Gerbik

    Last game that you couldn't put down?

    And Yakuza is better than cake!
  5. Mr. Gerbik

    Last game that you couldn't put down?

    At this point it might be better to wait a bit until Yakuza 3HD (and 4 and 5) appears on PS4?
  6. Mr. Gerbik

    Hitman 2 (2018) - Death by Rake

    Afaik the first game did well, above expectations even, but not good enough for Square Enix (who allegedly needed several Eidos megahits to finance the neverending and grossly mismanaged development of FFXV). Hitman 2 simply didn't receive anything close to the same amount of marketing as the first and was quietly launched right after several blockbusters including RDR2. You may have a point, I don't have any direct insight into IO after all, but remember that for the second game the engine was already done. The tech was already developed, lots of assets were reusable, and no expensive cutscenes this time around. Hitman 2 very likely didn't need to sell as much as the first one to break even. All of what you mention here is exactly why I was wishfully thinking out loud about Microsoft picking up IO. If that is what it takes to get more Hitman, I don't really care if the series becomes Xbox and PC exclusive. I'll go wherever there is Hitman.
  7. Mr. Gerbik

    Last game that you couldn't put down?

    At the moment Vampyr is doing exactly that with me. Whenever I'm not playing the game, I'm thinking about playing the game. I fire up the PC at every opportunity to get some Vampyr time in. The atmosphere, the story, the game world, it's all completely engrossing. I think previously Nier: Automata and Prey (2017) were also fairly obsessive experiences, but maybe not to the degree of Vampyr. That game does somehow everything right for me. In terms of all time obsessive experiences, I played Morrowind practically non-stop for a year and really fucked my studies. Same with FF7, finished two times in a row and after the second time I immediately started over for round three but only got halfway through. Ah, to be young and have plenty of time again!
  8. Mr. Gerbik

    Hitman 2 (2018) - Death by Rake

    The best storylines in a Hitman game are the ones you accidentally create yourself. Asking for more focus on an overarching narrative leads to Another Absolution. Nobody wants that.
  9. In the end I did finish this (and I mean finish finish) and I loved every minute of my 140 hours or so playthrough. Note that I really took my time so don't take that as any indication of the length of the game! If it wasn't for the pile of shame quickly piling up during these crazy times, I probably would have tried to Platinum it. Iirc I only had the trophies for getting each character to 99 left, and everyone was already around 90. I haven't enjoyed a jrpg this much in a long time.
  10. Mr. Gerbik

    Hitman 2 (2018) - Death by Rake

    That's really disappointing Imo, but I have no facts to back this up, the main culprit has to be the release timing. Every gamer is scrambling for the big AAA heavily advertised releases. Spring or summer feels like a far better time for such a high quality, but arguably niche game. I'm currently playing Vampyr for example and I'm enjoying it a lot - and that came out in June. So I googled how it sold, assuming that it probably didn't do well. But apparently it did really well for its publisher! A completely different game of course, but like Hitman something very different from the blockbuster norm, and notable for quality gameplay and design over big budget polish and marketing. Maybe I'm completely wrong and there simply is no big enough audience for Hitman, but I thought the previous game did well enough (if not by impossible Squeenix standards) and November is really a terrible time. Going up against CoD, RDR, AC, and all the other AAA games. Like @Pob says, at least we got two more excellent Hitman games after Absolution - nobody expected that. Let's hope that this isn't the end of IO Interactive, even if this is the last we'll see of Agent 47 for now. They're a great developer and I'd love to see what they do next. Maybe, just maybe, deep pockets Microsoft decides to buy the entire studio and we'll see a big budget Hitman 3 after all...
  11. Mr. Gerbik

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    He said he's definitely going to finish it, so I look forward to seeing what he makes of it!
  12. Fallout 76 turned out exactly as I expected it to. I had incredibly high hopes for Ascendant though. I think I'll join you and also fire up Arx.
  13. I've requested a refund I blame myself for letting my hope/hype get the best of me. Strong candidate for my biggest disappointment of 2018.
  14. Mr. Gerbik

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Maybe - but I assume you mean the story goes places, not that the gameplay fundamentally changes? It sounded like that was his main issue. The story dragging a bit just exacerbated the problem.
  15. Mr. Gerbik

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    I think the implication is that pre-owned can be fine, but ex-rental means that 9 times out of ten the disc has gone on its own Dante-like tour of hell. People are monsters.

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