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  1. It definitely gets better. Bloodstained has been there since forever - since day one maybe iirc? - so it's unlucky that he only just got his console.
  2. This is EXACTLY why it took me awhile and a few attempts before it clicked. I'm used to stealth games about being quiet, not alerting enemies, sneaking up behind someone. You can sneak in this but it's not viable as your default approach. And the most effective weapon is loud as hell! It's not really like Hitman at all, but it's similarly different from all other stealth games like Hitman is. Hitman subverts stealth game conventions by focusing on social stealth - you're mingling, disguising, hiding in plain sight. Instead of hiding in shadows or behind objects. In Sniper Elite 4
  3. At the moment I can't see me stopping anytime soon. This might become one of those rare games that I'll always keep returning to. Most games are one and done for me, but I have a few (Thief1/2, Blood Money,DaS,HaloCe/Reach come to mind) that I keep returning to over and over no matter how many years pass. Sniper Elite 4 could become one of those!
  4. Well the previous three Sniper Elite games were linear corridor shooters. Wide corridors at times, but corridors nonetheless and definitely linear. SE4 is when they finally went full sandbox and that's ideal for this type of game. There are just enough systems at play with the player entirely free to use and improvise them all as they see fit. Makes for fun and tense exploration coupled with hilarious emergent gameplay moments as you try things out. The sandbox levels so far are excellent and playing cat and mouse with the AI is brilliant fun.
  5. That's something I'm considering for a second run. Normal with all its assists already seemed challenging. Now that I've wrapped my head around it all, it does start to feel a bit easy - but I'm having so much fun this way. And it's not*too* easy, I'm still constantly in danger of alerting enemies by blundering about ir getting too cocky.
  6. I think 30fps is 30fps locked on whichever console you run it on. I don't recall any of those having a performance/quality toggle. So unless they're ported or patched or get their framerate boosted in that Xbox BC feature, 30fps they shall remain
  7. Sniper Elite 4 is just the best thing ever Came across a village in a valley, crawling with nazi scumbags. Managed to sneak up on two guards on the outer edge, taking them out with my pistol. They were guarding a generator which you can sabotage to create a permanent sound masking racket (or until a nazi gets wise and fixes it). Looking around I saw I could climb higher. Up on a ridge I got prone and carefully timing my shots with the generator racket I took out like twenty enemies without moving from my spot or them ever finding me. Two guys got very close, one of them wad even already busy
  8. That's just human isn't it. You can't fault him for trying his best and not knowing every single little detail about everything related to the UK. In the end he's there to talk about games and be entertaining. Is it really that bad if someone gets some fact wrong in the small talk bit? Not trying to be the Danny Defense Force here, I'm just thinking that if I was in a similar position - guest starring on a UK based podcast from a fellow forumite for example - I'm sure I would get asked a few things about Holland and get some stuff wrong and get jumped on by Cyhwuhx or Vemsie!
  9. I have to admit; same here. But I like her because she's entertaining and fun - always a laugh when she turned up for the Friday shows or for some DnD shenanigans. No matter how hot she is, if she was annoying or boring on those streams being hot wouldn't compensate for that.
  10. I obviously can't speak on any UK knowledge, but to be fair - whenever I'm abroad I become the de facto expert on all things Dutch. While I've been born and raised here, there's loads of shit I don't know and would get wrong. But, I'm of course happy to play along and don't mind getting things wrong. When I was in Japan I even became the de facto expert on all things European, I know even less about that! But that's just the way it goes. Of course Danny is the resident Ireland/UK/Europe expert just by being there in the presence of Americans, ie the country notorious for being stubbornly obli
  11. She's gorgeous full stop, never mind for 57! Chun Li ain't bad either I guess
  12. It ends with Batman answering the door and looking really surprised.
  13. Pillars of Eternity 2 on the other hand has been a bit disappointing. The game itself is brilliant, I know that because I got a good way into the PC version before I decided to start over on Xbox since that is where I finished Pillars 1. First disappointment was that the Xbox version doesn't support save importing! Wtf, it's 2021 come now. The PC version does, but consoles do not. Ended up downloading the first game to load up my last save and take note of my character's name and background, and quickly scroll through the journal. Made the same character as best I could. Second dis
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