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  1. I got the Elite 1 for free and loved it while I was still on my One X. Didn't use the paddles but it was just such a nice controller. For what it's worth at the moment I use my Series controller on the Series X, I prefer it to the Elite v1 purely because it's more ergonomical - and the improved buttons and especially dpad are a welcome bonus on top of that. If the Elite v2 is more like the One controller, then I would wait until they announce a v3 which will presumably be based on the superior design of the Series controller. But hey ho that's just me.
  2. They're still running off of Xbox One S chipsets... Upgrade to SeriesX chipsets was apparently delayed a bit. So yah, those are dem Bone loading times!
  3. It's a game pass game, at least on the Xbox side it means it's immune to "the warz" - people just play it
  4. Highly recommended Twitter thread! Top 45 Giant Bomb moments of all time:
  5. This picture of happier times would brighten anyone's day. Look at how much fun they were having. Such good wholesome fun
  6. The new owners also bought GameSpot right? Maybe they have no need for two overlapping videogame websites.
  7. Maybe it's the end of Giant Bomb full stop
  8. Giant Bomb at its core was the next form of the good GameSpot days. That's literally all gone now. Just Jeff by himself is not Giant Bomb, I agree. Most surprised by Brad leaving.
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