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  1. The question has already been answered in regards to super-sampling (4k downscaled properly looks way sharper than 1080p with a different kind of AA), but please keep in mind that resolution is just one single visual aspect of many. A more powerful next-gen console will have way more detailed textures and models, bigger draw distances, way better lighting,stuff like that. Not to mention basic things like more enemies on-screen, more intelligent AI, whatever. You can bet that the next-gen version of Cyberpunk 2077 will have way more NPCs walking in the streets going about their business for example, as that is a setting that you can adjust in the Witcher 3 PC version. This was cranked down for all the console versions, obviously. And things like density of the foliage - that's a setting that you can put on ultra in the Witcher 3 if your PC can handle it, and makes a massive difference. Some people talk as if missing out on 4k because of your television means that PS5 and XsX games will look like PS4 games. That couldn't be farther from the truth, it's complete bullshit. Start up Witcher 3 on PC for example and see how it looks at 1080p with all other settings on ultra or very high, and then at 1080p all settings on low or even medium. It's a massive difference. Sure, 4k is very nice but it's not the only thing that makes for good visuals. Another example: to my expert eyes (trust me) my PC games look way better at 1440p with a rock solid 120fps or even 60fps than 4k at 30fps - performance has a bigger visual impact than resolution in that case. The performance hit of 4k is absolutely not worth it for me on my PC.
  2. Correction: DaS, DeS, DaS3, Bloodborne, DaS2 Didn't get on with Sekiro sadly and still need to give NioH another shot.
  3. Come live in the Netherlands, plenty of internet speed over here
  4. For you maybe I expect 15 to 30 minutes tops, depending on whether Xbox Live download speeds ever catch up with Steam download speeds
  5. Dark Souls 3 is brilliant you heathens, and I'm willing to resort to fisticuffs over it
  6. To be honest, I knew what he meant but he formulated it poorly And it's worth noting that IF there are loads more exclusives for the Xbox with the upcoming XsX launch compared to the Xbone in general - more diverse too I hope - then the crossgen stuff MAYBE doesn't matter as much. Is my positive way of looking at it. Big ifs and maybes of course, but at the moment the Xbox Phil division seems to be making all the right moves.
  7. There will definitely be Xbox exclusives. Probably a lot more than we're used to looking at all those studios they bought. More diversity too looking at those same studios.
  8. I loved every minute of it except the scripted tutorial intro. What can I say, I apparently have a weakness for rough gems like this. I'm still surprised whenever I praise such a game to high heaven - based purely on how much I enjoyed it - and see subsequent responses rolling in criticizing the jank. And then I'm like, yeah I guess it is indeed quite janky Vampyr 2 plz! And did @noob ever beat Doris??
  9. I'm buying both and stacking them so that they form like Voltron into a 21TF machine! Might even add the Switch to make it 21.5TF!
  10. Just a guess, but I think it's very likely that at the point that new games don't run natively on/aren't ported to the old-gen One anymore, you'll still be able to play all your purchases through Xcloud on any supported older platform. So Smart Delivery will remain relevant longer than you'd think. Just a guess, mind - but going by what they've done so far.
  11. I think they're currently offering a 7 day trial. At the moment those 7 days are more than enough to binge the Mandalorian and have plenty of days to spare. Maybe also watch the handful of Marvel movies you either missed or want to watch again. That's is literally it. Even if you're also interested in Clone Wars you could probably binge that and the Mandalorian with that trial. It's really obvious why they don't offer a month-long trial like Prime.
  12. Instead of constantly buying and selling to 'find the best console' why not buy both big platforms and keep them? Not a criticism, I genuinely wonder why you would do this if you're not happy doing it. Keep both consoles, buy any game you want on whichever platform it happens to be the best on.
  13. Mr. Gerbik


    If you have the PC version or a capable PC, you're far better off sticking to that version. It doesn't only run a 4k/60 and beyond, they're extremely undemanding games.
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