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  1. Good to see that the Xbox One version of Infinite doesn't look much worse!
  2. Real talk: whatever y'all think of Ultimate Alliance 3 on Switch (I love it), visually it looks miles upon miles better than this shit.
  3. I chose the path of honour like a true bushi.
  4. I just turned on my PS4 with Tsushima in sleep mode and it immediately notified me a patch had been downloaded. I could either continue playing and update later, or update immediately.
  5. I think I'm one of very few people who actually like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and it would suuuuuck if we ever get a 4 and Spidey isn't in that. It would be like a Marvel vs Capcom game without X-Men or something equally absurd.
  6. @Broker you could be completely right. Easy for Sony to say that they also want exclusive game stuff in return for MCU appearances. As a bonus, his appearances in the MCU make him more valuable as a game character. Win-win. Edit: and the success of the recent PS4 Spider-Man game could have made them even more dead set on keeping him exclusive.
  7. Iberat And it reveals nearby question marks you have found yet.
  8. Sony have the movie rights, nowt else. There's definitely also a special relationship because of that and that's how Sony decided to make a PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man game - but unless there have been new agreements in which Marvel relinquished even more Spider-Man rights to Sony, there's nothing else there but "a special relationship". Sony have had the exclusive movie rights for two decades. How many multiplatform Spider-Man games have we had since then? Not even made by Sony, Activision had that sown up for a long time.
  9. Ha, busted. Yes it is. But unlike every other chain their shops feel like indie shops. Way back when I still bothered with physical it was my preferred shop.
  10. Stands for Ass looking at that ugly art style.
  11. The last ones I bought were Halo 3 Cat Helmet Edition and Alan Wake Book Edition. The cat helmet is still on display in my man cave but otherwise physical tat always sits there unused and untouched. I also realized I don't really like having bonus digital tat DLC, so nowadays I always buy the cheapest edition available with as few bonuses as possible. Now that I think about it a few years back there was one collector's edition which did tempt me a bit. The Fallout collection which came in a nuclear bomb. It's gloriously silly: It was like 20 euros at some point at my local indie game shop* but I still didn't go for it though. *It's called Nedgame. Yes, for real.
  12. I completely forgot about this. Weird seeing this and the Amico thread bumped at the same time.
  13. Does the game really need anyone else besides Blanka? Let's be honest now.
  14. I was waiting for a sale but this is even better! I've heard great things.
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