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  1. Mr. Gerbik

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    Just unlocked the platinum trophy on this. Usually I don't bother with achievements, but that's saying everything about how much I enjoyed this. After a somewhat lacklustre start, the game gets better and better as you master the swinging and combat. The open world is gorgeous, and the core gameplay is just so goddamn fun that in the end it didn't matter that the side missions and collectibles were straight out of Ubisoft game design 101. Any excuse to swing about and beat up groups of goons! Fantastic stuff, or rather - amazing. A spectacular game Biggest downside: the stealth bits with the others. Bloody hell. The lab stuff was also shit, but way less annoying.
  2. Mr. Gerbik

    Paying to Play 'Early'

    Well with DLC -unless it's an useless or game-breaking extra- I only mind when it feels like they've cut relevant content from the main game. Like in Arkham City and Mass Effect 2/3. With loot crates I mostly mind when it concerns content that is more than cosmetic, paying for an advantage. But this? The play a few days early stuff? Whatever! Whatever a fool is willing to pay for it. It doesn't impact content, it doesn't force you to pay to avoid a disadvantage, it bothers nobody. I'd rather they do this than shitty DLC and loot box stuff
  3. Mr. Gerbik

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    The 'R' in 'SeanR' stands for 'Revenue'
  4. Mr. Gerbik

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    I would like it if this incentives making proper, AAA Marvel superhero games again. All that mobile shite isn't for me and that Squeenix Avengers game is allegedly a GaaS/Destiny type affair, but I would love a new take on Hulk Ultimate Destruction or a new Ultimate Alliance game that doesn't look like it was developed with PS2 as the leading platform. Or something completely new even.
  5. Mr. Gerbik

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Revenue is revenue like a banana is a banana.
  6. Mr. Gerbik

    Labyrinth of Refrain - Coven of Dusk by Nippon Ichi Software

    Don't know if it qualifies for you, but Bard's Tale IV has also appeared on Steam just last week. https://store.steampowered.com/app/566090/The_Bards_Tale_IV_Barrows_Deep/ Edit: I've too many brand new games to play through right now so I haven't read up yet to see if it's good, but the footage looks gorgeous and promising at least
  7. Mr. Gerbik

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    They were probably too far along already
  8. Mr. Gerbik

    Discuss the future of game graphics

    The image on the right looks the most cinematic to me.
  9. Mr. Gerbik

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    East side is the be(a)st side! I've said it before and I'll say it again - just force Jeff to move to New York. And Jan too, and force Abby to go live in San Francisco. It would be awesome! Jeff and Vinny back together, small businessman doing his thang again - and! A Jeff & Jeff podcast! It would be perfect.
  10. Mr. Gerbik

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I can't imagine that it won't be hacked, you just won't get anything approaching the benefits you get on XB1 BC. And it looks like we're stuck with the worst of all the PS1 controllers. No Ape Escape for you! But yeah, I'd be very surprised if we can't play ALL PS1 games on the mini within the first week of release. On 5 you mean. We could get it on 5, at the very least BC with the PS4. But Sony ain't gonna do shit on 4 at this point.
  11. Mr. Gerbik

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Having said all that, if the PS mini has Tenchu then I'm giving this round to Sony
  12. Mr. Gerbik

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Most. And certainly a much, much larger selection than whatever will be on the PS mini.
  13. Mr. Gerbik

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Same here. On XB1 I can simply use my XB OG and 360 discs without additional costs. And they run a lot better and in a some cases they even look like modern HD remakes! Meanwhile on PS4: I still have all my PS1 discs but Sony only allows us gullible plebs to buy separate hardware that will run a small selection of games the same as on OG hardware at best, or slightly worse if we're unlucky. It's a shite situation, being the market leader means they can't be arsed even with basic PS1/2 BC. And yet the fanboys flock to argue that this is in fact far preferable for random bigly reasons.
  14. Mr. Gerbik

    Just Cause 4. - December 4th

    With RDR2, Spider-Man, DQ11, Hitman 2, Yakuza Kiwami 2, and Fist of the Northstar already on my playlist for the remainder of 2018, Just Cause 4 will have to wait until it's cheaper. And after the disappointment of JC3 I don't mind waiting, see what the 'muk hivemind makes of it first.
  15. Mr. Gerbik

    PS4 Pro

    I'm not an expert, just some random bloke thinking out loud on the internet So I have no idea, my logic is that you can look at how VR fares on current high-end PCs, the next generation of consoles aren't going to be much more powerful than that - certainly not in terms of CPU. And if more horsepower is the answer, apparently even current high-end PCs don't provide enough of it. But I'm also thinking about how the mass market couldn't be arsed putting on small-ish 3D glasses at home - so asking Fifa Johnny to give the VR headsets a chance, as bulky as they are now, is maybe too big an ask. I dunno, I really think the tech is far enough along to show its potential but not ready yet to fulfill it. At which point you have to ask whether Sony will still see see it as a worthwhile addition to the PS5, at least as standard instead of as an optional add-on.

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