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  1. Hey I did my part and bought this beauty day one: I then bought it again on Steam, and again a third time with the digital version on Xbox One. How many times must I buy Alan Wake before they finally get to make a sequel?! In other news, I was waiting for the game that this thread's actually about to come to Game Pass but fuck it and just bought Control in the sale
  2. I finally got tired of waiting and just bought Control in the sale. So if it's announced for Game Pass tomorrow, you all can thank me for that.
  3. I'm pretty sure that was the case. I remember hearing in the lead up to the Xbox One launch that Remedy had actively been pitching Alan Wake 2 to Microsoft. But, due to the disappointing performance of the first game, they weren't really biting and asked if Remedy had any other ideas for suitable Xbox One projects - they did, and that project became Quantum Break. You can kinda see the logic of the infamous Xbox team from back then (the "TV-TV-TV / SPORTS-SPORTS-SPORTS" dudes) being way more interested in the idea of a "multimedia" experience where the game part interacted with a live action TV show part. I wasn't too crazy about Quantum Break tbh. I consider it their weakest game, even though it was fun enough to finish it. Unlike Alan Wake though I've never had the desire to return to it or wished there was a sequel. So I'm still bummed out that we got QB instead of Alan Wake 2.
  4. My wife is the best, for my birthday I've got this amazing, nay, incredible lot on the way: -that lovely Hulk: Dogs of War hardcover, collecting the Paul Jenkins run (first appearance of Devil Hulk btw!) - Immortal Hulk vol 2 hardcover - two Hulk Epic Collection trade paperbacks And for myself I pre-ordered the upcoming Incredible Hulk by Peter David Omnibus 2
  5. Is this on the soundtrack Or did they miss a huge opportunity??Could even commission a remix "my controller is like a shark fin" [holds controller on his head]
  6. One of my favourite tracks from the most incredible album I've heard in decades, now has a fun video featuring killer robots!
  7. I'm only half shark-alligator, so in this case I bow to @Doctor Shark's superior shark expertise.
  8. Try stuff that you wouldn't before. I discovered some real gems that way.
  9. Man, I really hope @Boothjan read this before he excitedly jumped the gun. Note that this is a ONE TIME DEAL. If you're already subscribed to Ultimate or you've been subscribed in the past, you can't use this deal. So STOCK UP ON LIVE GOLD FIRST, because once you convert, that's it.* Also note that Ultimate includes Gold, so that's all the sub you need. And there's no such thing as different games or saves for different subscription tiers, nothing changes in that regard. It's a steal, you'll have all of the games for three years!!! It will save you so much money. Do it! *Although you can of course keep topping up with cheap Ultimate codes, they go on sale regularly - 6 months at 50% off and the like. You'll never ever need to pay full price for the subscription if you keep topping up during sales. (Three years max of course)
  10. I'm going to focus on recent examples as well. Seeing The Witcher 3 being played live by a developer a year or two before it came out, Geralt traveling through the woods. Holy shit. And then that feeling was far surpassed when I approached and subsequently entered Novigrad in the actual game. NieR automata. First by the start of my second playthrough and how it related to my first playthrough once I twigged that (spoiler) ...and then subsequently the entire (proper) 'third' playthrough. DOOM 2016, once the combat clicked and the music kicked in and everything flowed together for the first time and I felt like a true killing machine forged in hell. Mesmerizing. The first few hours of Resident Evil VII. You know why. But also because I already decided that Capcom would never make another really good and revolutionary Resi again. Swinging around in Spiderman. Exhilarating. Majima's astonishingly epic introduction in Yakuza Zero. From that moment onwards I knew it was going to be something special. Looking up in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I shit you not. The original is one of my all-time favourites, but of course it featured static cameras and backgrounds. The rest was up to your imagination. Reaching the slums and finally, FINALLY, being able to look up and see the plates... I felt that. I kept looking up every now and then to admire the plates and realizing I could finally look up at them for the rest of the game Titanfall 2, the level where you see the levels being built and you parkour all over the shop to reach the top.
  11. Yeah apparently new and future gamers are being spawned daily.
  12. Again?! (Well, at least Crackdown 1 was shortly before the release of Crackdown 3) Note that Crackdown 1 is Enhanced if you have a One X, making it look smooth and sharp and high res. Playing it also proves it's somehow still the most fun one to mess around in, I really don't get why neither of the sequels managed to quite emulate that fun factor.
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