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  1. It was still doing the random spinning of the drive every 30-45 mins, even when watching Apple TV but I can cope with that. I never really think about my pc bring loud, the 3080 isn’t too bad anyway but it’s probably because I use headphones on pc but not always when on console.
  2. Well, the PS5 has been fine tonight. No unexpected loud noise from the drive even when I was installing God of War. Strange.
  3. Will have another look tonight. There’s no way the noise the drive was making last night is working as intended. Can’t possibly be. I’ve seen there’s a how to on Sonys website for this issue which involves tightening the drive which some have said solved or improved their issues. Some have said it broke the drive too so that’s worrying. Less than ideal start to owning a PS5.
  4. Got my PS5 yesterday and installing Ghost of Tsushima the disc drive was spinning seemingly way to fast and making a right bloody racket. Once it was installed it seemed fine but then every so often it would spin up for a 10-20 seconds and quiet back down. This isn’t normal right?
  5. PC version has been fine for me too. More or less what I expected. Had a half dozen of npcs in the t pose and had a problem getting through a window but other than those it’s been fine.
  6. Not a chance. £50 from GOG and I feel like I've had my moneys worth already and I still have a ways to go by the looks of it.
  7. Damn. Was looking forward to trying that when I got home. Especially with the DF video showing how much better intel was! Do we know if the GPU config as limits too?
  8. Was that the window on the quest where you eventually get the Widow Maker? Because I had the exact same thing on that window too!
  9. Or just using them! Touch of the brake and they start going sideways but in a most bizarre way. Like least the cars drift, especially the less desirable cars. They seem to handle much better weirdly.
  10. I much prefer the cars over the bikes. The motorbikes handle with seemingly no physics. Not been in a vehicle with decent brakes yet like.
  11. Just finished act 1 and I love it. It’s everything I wanted it to be so far, well apart from not having the ability to change my appearance and a transmog option my clothing.
  12. Trigg

    Disco Elysium

    I started this, loved it and then fell off for whatever reason. Will go back now with the final cut for sure, voice acting is a big plus that’s for sure.
  13. The subtitles don’t translate languages your character doesn’t know though right? I think you get that translation with Cybermods. Sure I’ve read that somewhere. Some impressions on a PC with a AMD 3900x and RTX3080-I was expecting the worst after reading people’s reactions but it’s running fine tbh. It’s not perfect don’t get me wrong with the main issue being the fluctuations in FPS more than anything. More often than not I’m above 60 though, a bit more optimisation wouldn’t go amiss though. Looks stunning in places too, especially the city. Character models on the main cast have b
  14. That seems normal I think, mine's the same. Try undervolting it a little if you're happy for 60fps+. Mine sits at around 65c and I've not noticed any problems with performance.
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