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  1. Played it a little but I'd probably have another crack at it if given a chance. I did watch the Gamecentre CX playthrough though which is always entertaining!
  2. This guy wrote the Thick of It and has *Hugh Laurie* in a position of power during a disaster and he makes what seems to be a light-hearted bit of fluff. I've not watched, maybe I'll give it a shot but those generic oversight(?) based jokes in the trailers were dreadful.
  3. First time I went to Outrage I saw a Rotom in the distance, split-second later it was in my face throwing down... We need more Pokemon like that it was ace!
  4. Retroid


    Oop, Dorohedoro - already my contender for Anime of the year, very different - got that 80's cyberpunk feel with wizzards and violence and just wierd dystopian things going on.
  5. Just finished the story mode... Wish I could say I'd not lost a battle - but that Champ's Charizard had a surprising moveset and was incredibly fast, beating out every powerful move I had. Ah well time to complete the Dex...
  6. Definitely "Erased", a proper thriller which may bring a couple of tears.
  7. A genuine issue for some indy games that shove incredibly important text on there.
  8. Calm down, I still like suprises so I skip through stuff for the details and only found out because of the message given at the Pokecentre. Before I knew about the evolutions being tied I was like "Wow, this is a nice little gesture to get people to buy the DLC" - now it's more of "Wow, that's a skeevy move to invest people into buying the DLC". And it really is - it's clever but it's a financial move and shouldn't be hailed as a freebie.
  9. Bit of a dick move tying Slowpoke's evolution to the DLC. Speant all morning trying to evolve it.
  10. Retroid


    Babylon seems good! Grounded detective thriller/mystery - we'll see how it finishes but so far it's doing everything right.
  11. It's enjoyable enough but really... It's kind of latter Dexter quality except we haven't had the highs of the early Dexter seasons to compare it too.
  12. Pokémon Pinball created by Pinball FX... Come on!
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