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  1. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    I know but having it legitimately and open to everyone can foster a much bigger community - especially knowing it's (pretty much) always going to be there.
  2. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Suprised at the lack of PC votes in that poll, I mean Steam games virtually last forever.
  3. Crappy User Interfaces

    I'm trying to learn it at the moment and I haven't felt this way since first picking up Dwarf Fortress!
  4. Crappy User Interfaces

    Zbrush is absolute balls and it's like it's actively trying to be different from all other creative software. For how much this costs it's crazy how tacked on everything feels.
  5. I don't really like Clarkson but I might have to atleast see that. Well played ITV, well played.
  6. Super Smash Bros - Releases on Switch, 2018

    If it's a port I don't mind* *As long as it has the Roguelike mode from the 3DS version. That was the damn best thing ever and the only reason I'd sacrifice my poor thumbs playing it on the 3DS.
  7. Into the Breach

    I've been playing with that lightning squad a lot - very fun. On the run I'm on currently I unlocked a pilot from a pod that has "Give a mech flying" - and in a moment of genius I put him in the grapple mech, now he just hovers over water areas drowning veks with his hooks.
  8. Into the Breach

    It might have been impossible in the scenario you mentioned but most(all?) squads have a mech that's capable of moving another friendly by 1 block. One thing I think they *might* have done to combat randomness that I've noticed; if you play it near perfectly and still can't escape building damage - they seem to resist damage. It might be coincidence but it really does seem that way.
  9. Nintendo Direct - March 8, 2018

    I get what you're saying but MM is a thriving community and more access can only help it - assuming they can translate over the levels... It's kind of like Minecraft really in how new things get discovered all the time. If they can't translate over people's work then hopefully it'll be different enough that you won't feel cheated.
  10. Nintendo Direct - March 8, 2018

    I just want some Mario Maker switch. I need to make levels on the go and share them with ease. Also, hills would be cool and a playlist option.
  11. Into the Breach

    Got to the final fight after doing all the islands should have been good - I'd pretty much steamrolled the first 3 islands and came out alright-ish on the 4th. On the final stage I just had this one enemy burry himself in the corner, I couldn't get at him - he created 4 walls around him every turn, between that and the buildings there was no way of attacking without taking damage.
  12. Into the Breach

    You'll get there, it gets easier with experience! Don't forget about your turn reset button and heal abilities, also there's an icon in the top right you can hover over to get the turn order.
  13. Into the Breach

    Oh my g... I thought it was game-over for sure; 2 grid damage to losing and no way to stop it. Speant a good ten minutes trying to figure a way to stop this damn wasp on the oposite side of the map - then it hit me: It has one HP and there's one mech that can do the job. (Small unlocked squad spoiler) This could be my Goty! I think once we get good at it the random mech-squad will be the way to go.
  14. Anime

    Well I think April's going to be a decent month, new Steins;Gate, new Major, a remake of Captain Tsubassa and what I'm really hoping will be good: Megalo Box. I'm a massive fan of Ashite no Joe, so it's nice to see something come from it - even if it's just a 50th anniversery project. Golden Kamuy is meant to be a pretty good Manga - so I'm hopefull for some decent wartime treasure hunting. And last but not least; I get to continue my love/hate relationship with My Hero Acadamia. Seems like a solid season of anime!
  15. No excuses now I don't have to put the disk in, I will complete Bloodbourne!

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