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  1. I want to shine some light on two great FTP games that I've had a fair bit of fun with and not speant a penny. I Wanna Maker. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1114940/I_Wanna_Maker/ I'm sure you've all seen these I Wanna be the Guy style games - well this is the Mario Maker version, easy to edit and play other people's creations with a lot of possibilities (played a pretty good Pac-man level earlier for example). There's filters like difficulty which make this a hell of a lot more accessible then jumping straight into one of those I Wanna games. Bombergrounds. Well it's Bomberman battle-royale and it's pretty fun. One map at the mo but matches cue really quickly and it's a lot of fun for a short blast. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1104450/Bombergrounds_Battle_Royale/
  2. Did not happen Enjoy guys I'll play it one day!
  3. Retroid


    If anyone's watching MHA; Gentle is the most empathisable character I've seen. He perfectly describes that level of mediocrity nearly all of us with ambition will feel as our luck/mistakes cast us to the sidelines. Suprising feels.
  4. I'm just joining the rare yellow max-raids, they're pretty hard to get into - you have to be stupidly fast but it seems like people want to share their shiny finds. I'd say 1 in 20-30 is a Shiny raid.
  5. Got a Shiny Grimmsnarl, Gardevoir (love that blue) and a ruddy Rotom! Productive weekend!
  6. Oddworld Theme is the one I'm currently using - although I may have to give that FotNS one a chance.
  7. Oh what a night! Got 3 ruddy shinies! Female Unphezant, Pikachu and Thievul. Now I never liked the normal Thievul but the shiny version really is nice, very dapper. (Not my image)
  8. Oh I just remembered one that got me good from my childhood; spending hours trying to beat Kintaro in MK2, mate who'd been bugging me put his hand out for a high five, I went to smack his hand in solidarity when he moved it out the way and I smashed it on the wall and couldn't carry on. Got destroyed by Kahn...
  9. Literally just minutes ago battled a fecking Shiny G-max Gengar, it got away after the third ball shake.
  10. Retroid


    I don't want to say anyone is wrong but... I've got a horrible twitch reading this page and feel like I have to reel off my top Sports Anime. 1, Hajime no Ippo 2, Ashite no Joe 3, Initial D (If it counts) 3, Akagi (If it counts) 4, Major 5, One Outs (Probably counts) 6, Ace of Diamond 7, Cross Game (Should probably be higher) 8, Captain Tsubasa 9, Prince of Tennis Then any anime where it's just pretty people being the best at stuff.* *Yuri on Ice may be an exception but goes against my theme. (Not watched Ping Pong, Chihayafull or Big Windup yet)
  11. Using Pokémon home and all the asking trades are crazy. I just want a Ditto for Ditto trade but you look and it's all "I'll trade you a Ditto for the legendary, shiny MalmetalxWoolooxWailord digi-fusion MetalWoolord from the limited release x-rated German game Poke-Pokecops, with perfect evs. Level 1."
  12. So anybody using the time-skip exploits? I'm finding it pretty disheartening trying to do things legit when everyone else is running around with Shiny G-max pokemon. Also, I just read that if you recieve a hacked pokemon from a Suprise trade and take it online - you could get your online features revoked. Bah, Nintendo where are you?
  13. Congrats man! Anybody know if Pokemon Home and the DLC will affect getting the Shiny Charm?
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