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  1. Is traffic going to be scripted in this? I think that's what make's Burnout 1 so damn good; dynamic traffic is fine but really if you script a certain car going around the corner at a certain time then that becomes a massive boost to your level design choice.
  2. hellcock junior

    SSBU DLC Fighters Suggestions

    (But above all Waluigi)
  3. hellcock junior

    Katamari Damacy

    I'll probably pick it up after Christmas; it'd be cool if this got completely broken open to mods; I'd have to try making a level if a level editor ever cropped up.
  4. hellcock junior

    Sunset Overdrive

    Well it was a bit of a protest to all the data-hooks Windows 10 had on it's customers, I've seen ways around that now not that it'd really affect me but I just don't want it to become common practise (which it already has). I mean it's literally only 4 games that don't run on 7 and that's because they're tied into the Microsoft store. Maybe, everything works perfectly (including Sunset Overdrive) as it is though so to me it just seems like a risk.
  5. hellcock junior

    Sunset Overdrive

    7, nearly all games still support it so why not?
  6. hellcock junior

    Sunset Overdrive

    Picked it up instantly at that price, says Windows 8 as the minimum spec but that's apparently bullshit so I guess I'll find out!
  7. hellcock junior

    Recommend me 'git gud' games!

    1001 Spikes, a really special and difficult platformer. I'd describe it as like a kaizo Mario but really well designed.
  8. hellcock junior

    Sunset Overdrive

    Finally! Brilliant, been waiting for this.
  9. hellcock junior

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Will do, this is the V2 though so it *should* be updated as it's only coming out 15th of December. You can pre-order it for £35 - I think it's just got some added motion function.
  10. hellcock junior

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Pre-ordered one of these for this: Can't wait, it's like my dream pad!
  11. hellcock junior

    Opus Magnum

    Early puzzle solution but even though I've done better this is the first one I got a sense of satisfaction with (my personal goal was not to use the tripple bond). I'm starting to get into this!
  12. hellcock junior

    Spooky Gaming

    Just trying to complete Spider-man so I can trade it in for Red Dead guilt free, really enjoying the last parts but I don't feel the need to 100% it. Lit the pumpkins though and put the dogs in their outfits so there's a spooky ambiance.
  13. hellcock junior

    New Intellivision waste of time.

    Intelivision, On the Busses collection and Quincy tapes were all I had around my mum's mate's house.
  14. Got it today, spent all my time so far making Dio lol.

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