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  1. hellcock junior

    Free digital movie codes (don't post codes , ask for PMs)

    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 please.
  2. hellcock junior

    Final Fantasy XV

    Picked it up during the sale on Steam, seems pretty buggy and drawn out. Speant an hour and a half on the world's slowest arcade game and it really felt like I was wasting my life away, couldn't even be arsed to try and kill myself on it as that'd probably take another hour...
  3. hellcock junior


    Yeah I reckon the Mrs will love it too! ... My first thoughts were "Why the hell is it set up like a game?" and in the end that still frustrated me but it did suprise me which was good and it had an element of strategy to it - but it went way too far with the shock factor. It never bothered me but just "why?".
  4. hellcock junior

    Aquaman - 14th Dec

    This artwork really boils my piss, it looks like he's posing in a sealife poster. The background has that blue watery tinge (along with the tridant) and the foreground is lit better despite it completely blocking out the light source ( the shitty lensflare that has no reason to be there). He also looks dry as fuck, there's blurry rock edges on the left and the foreground to background perspective is all wrong... It's all wrong.
  5. hellcock junior


    And what a cracker! I wasn't this sold on the last season until half way through!
  6. Looks alright actually, we need more black comedies!
  7. hellcock junior

    PlayStation Plus for November - Announced already!

    They do this a fair bit, my theory is that they lower the new price when they don't have the stock in to get more hits from comparisons. I think they cocked it up here.
  8. hellcock junior

    Titans - DC's Teen heroes headed to TV?

    Dark is cheap, that's why there's so many B-Movie horror films, and idiots use it as a metric of "good". To make decent action scenes in a bright and vibrant world whilst keeping a consistant TV quality you'll end up multiplying your budget (by a fair bit) on both scenes and CGI. Comedy is also very hard to write.
  9. hellcock junior


    So what's everyone looking forward to this new season? Jojo being the (obvious) big one but I though I'd share some of the others: Karakuri Circus From the guy who created Ushio to Tora Manga, this looks amazing, insane and damn pretty. Hinomaruzumou Sumo sports anime, could be pretty good - even if it's just to learn some completely useless knowlege about Sumo. Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru Another sports anime, this time about long distance running. Not something I'm interested in watching usually but it seems really well made and I love the art style. And... There's Yuu Yuu Hajusho special that I'm hoping will be good!
  10. hellcock junior

    Cosmetic items

    Speant 100s on TF2 hats and one day just realized how stupid it all was, sold them and got another game.
  11. hellcock junior

    Games for Psychopaths

    Serious Sam 3
  12. hellcock junior

    Streets of Rage IV

    Are they that massively oversized? They seem like a D or a DD and like everything's animated - boobs seem less so then everything else. Heck, Axel's boob's seem to wobble almost as much. Plus high heel boots? They're boots with a slight heel at most. Genuinely I'm not seeing what you are.
  13. Thank god this is a big thing; thought Twitter had decided I had sexual feelings towards Bowser and was curtailing everything towards that.
  14. hellcock junior

    Steamed Hams: A Simpsons Story

    I think that's a fitting end to this meme.

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