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  1. Why Giovinazzi , he's worse than Trulli for fucks sake !!!
  2. I have never laughed so hard watching a woman try to catapult a shoe with rubber band wrapped round her feet in my life. Utterly brilliant
  3. Day 29 - Shoes. Ninja cow was quite prepared to give fat farmer Palmer a 20 minute head start. (With apologise to Gary Larson)
  4. Inktober Day 28 - Float Famously, the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. But only because no one believed the survivors account of, "An angry cow, with a sword, demanding someone called 'Old farmer Parker' be brought out to face justice".
  5. Getting the hang of Clip studio paint
  6. Inktober Day 27 - Music "no longer would young farmer Rupert have all night parties with his townie mates with the music cranked up to 11 untill 3 am anymore. The police report would later call it a symphony of violence.
  7. That looks excellent. The fact you have a consistency of design is superb. My cow has a different hind leg every time i draw her !
  8. Day 26 - hide Ninja cow was international Ninja Hide and Seek champion 6 years running.
  9. Day 25 - Buddy Ninja Squirrel was a short lived buddy experiment
  10. Cheers. I'm surprised i've managed this many to far to be honest, it was only ever an idle doodle i did when at work. Now i'm pretty sure i can finish the month off.
  11. I meet Sir Stirling a number of times in a purely fan meeting idol "my gosh you're amazing!!!!" way and every single time he was nothing but genuinely nice and modest.
  12. Day 24 - dig "Ninja Cow had a 2 for 1 deal with the local grave diggers"
  13. I love the sound of the GT3 mercs proper grunty engine note
  14. But they've had numerous races there this year already, maybe replacing the track surface has dislodged quite a few.
  15. OK hands up. It was late and I was quite drunk. My post is pretty stupid. My wife has now explained to me in simple terms how wrong I am, sorry. I still don't think he deserves to be banned for the weekend. But you're right, you can't really say that sort of thing and not expect it to be picked up on.
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