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  1. You're right, it's not a downforce formula. F2 and f3 are sort of downforce, but not in the same league as wec and F1. I don't know, I just think the new car is as ugly as its possible to get. It looks like the sort of thing a 3 year old drew up before nap time. It's what a child thinks a fast car should look like. There's no finesse to it, it's just.. A marketing wet dream. And its not going to look any better round the mickey mouse Street tracks.
  2. In the "good old days" you could reasonably expect a seat or two to become available through the season. These days the drivers stay forever and hog the seats. So all the not so good drivers end up in the lower formulas. As formula E is a about to become utterly shit with this new gen car, I expect them all to head to WEC, which will be the only other proper downforce series left outside Indy and F1. It's a horrible thing
  3. I think you'd be hard pressed to say any of the avengers are actually fascists.
  4. But End game isn't about attaining Godhood, its a fantasy film about stopping Thanos and fixing things. Thanos doesn't even want to rule the universe. Its as ultraistic as it gets. Unless you see everything around you as fascist and wanted everyone to just sit down and talk through their issues before finding common ground and a compromise. Which would be dull. But i guess if you don't like superhero's to begin with chances are, the MCU isn't really going to be for you. I'm not sure why you'd even hate watch it. But there you go, it takes all sorts.
  5. Go on then. Explain how trying to stop someone from destroying half of all the living things in the universe is a fascist thing.
  6. My 18 year old son doesn't even do that
  7. wow, ok. If that was what you thought it was, then I guess you're really not going to like it. Do you see a lot of fascist wankfestery in a lot of things you watch/read ?
  8. Well, he isn't what you'd call a racist comedian as such. It wasn't punching down, it was punching in every direction, including himself, the audience and anything that needed punching. Think Frankie Boyle, but more intense. He is absolutely not TV friendly or most peoples cup of tea, but he is a master of the art of comedy. The likes of Boyle, Limmy and Carr probably owe him their careers.
  9. I would have thought waving a cock around in this day and age was pretty harmless. But then context is everything.
  10. I remember watching Jerry back in the day when he was trying to break into TV. He'd rock up and do these 10 minute slots on channel 4 late night shows. As a magician I think he was always described as one of the greatest close up magicians around. But as a comedian, I don't think I've ever seen anyone actively hate their audience quite so much. He's offensive, and if you're going to see him live I think you have to know just how offensive he gets. So I'm surprised they cancelled his show knowing full well who his is and what his act is. I thought he was funny back in the day on TV, but that was obviously toned down, but it was still pretty full on even for Channel 4 in the 80s
  11. I'm not too sure how much Christian imagery there is End Game.
  12. Now that is about the money.
  13. The grey man. It's not often I watch a movie and have an internal discussion with myself as to whether the film I'm watching is just stupid or really actually very stupid. Or if by watching it, I'm making myself more stupid? This film is stupid, that I think, is a given. If you like a stupid film with stupid people doing stupid things, it's 5/5. If you find when you watch a film and begin to ask why characters are doing stupid things constantly. It's -246/5 I think it's a 2 stupid plot device's out of 5 film. But that might have been swayed by the bottle of gin on the table.
  14. Sidewaysbob


    Wasn't nashville a shitfest last year too? I watched the practice and the commentator was talking about learning to live with the terrible state of the "track", I thought sebring was bad, but this looked like a ploughed field that had then been blown up. What is it with Americans and piss poor road surfaces. Its like some sort of challenge to see how shit they can make it?
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