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  1. Remind me , is this not going to be on Netflixs then ?
  2. That moment was like choosing between Reagan and Thatcher for best leader of the 20th century. You just didn't really want either of them to win.
  3. Channel 4 i can just about accept. But ITV .. no Anyway classic series this one, Baddiel was brilliant, Rose was lovely and I can no longer say "shed" properly. Edd was a worthy winner. All the tasks were great and I loved every minute of this series.
  4. Fair point and I apologise. Kubica was once a driver with world championship credentials and but for an accident would have been up there with a tier one team. To come back from that accident that almost killed him is nothing short of heroic and it is wrong of me to dismiss him. And in a shitty Williams he is the one with the points. I think Russell has done alright, but I think Lando and Albon have been more impressive this year. I've not seen Russel have that hero drive that makes you want to see him on a tier one car.
  5. Everyone raves about Russell, But Norris has been a revelation for me, in a so so Mclaren he delivered solid results all year. He's give Sainz a run for his money and got better all season. He's the real deal and is in the midfield fighting it out, not at the back beating a one armed driver.
  6. I don't doubt he's good, but i struggle to see this amazing driver everyone talks about. Saying that, i suspect even Lewis would struggle to beat anyone in a Williams.
  7. I'm still not convinced Russel is the new wonder kid. He's beaten a man with 1 functioning arm, but has less championship points then him. He's not dragging an admittidly shitty car anywhere special.
  8. Sidewaysbob


    hmm yes, you're right. that is pretty horrendous. I could have sworn he just rolled off the corner into the wall.
  9. I love the retro 70's vibe.
  10. Sidewaysbob


    I remember seeing the crash at the time, and it looked so innocuous. Just a bump into the wall.
  11. I've just remembered Schumacher won with benetton and ferrari
  12. Don't forget, we only get a tiny percentage of the car to pits radio chatter. And that is essentially only what liberty want us to hear. The whole "Hamilton moans about the tryes/bumps/flags/strategy" is just the writes owners trying to build in some extra tension. Also Hamilton uses that "I'm not sure this is going to work here Bonno" thing to motivate himself. Ultimately though, Hamilton is the best driver of this generation and I'll contest that he's the greatest of all time. Schumacher couldn't do it with a different team. Senna couldn't switch from analogue to digital car control. Prost never lay it all on the line, he was too calculating. Vettel hasn't come close without an Adrian Newey car. He's beaten team mates and rivals, he's won in shitty cars and driven the wheels of the car, rain or shine he's won and even when the FIA waded in with their ban hammer he's still taken the top prize. The only person that can beat Lewis, is Lewis. God, I love him.
  13. I have to say well done to SA. They beat us fair and square, the line outs, scrum and defense were exactly what you need in a final and we just didn't have an answer. But, we beat New Zealand, Australia and Argentina on the way to the final, I think we can hold our heads high and say we were beaten by a better team on the day.
  14. I just hope we don't get all cocky and give hundreds of penalties away
  15. Hurrah it's the last one. However, there are so many characters I didn't draw, Judge Dredd, the bash Street kids, nemesis the warlock, Rogue Trooper. Then there's Superman, Wonder Women, Daredevil. But wait.... Japan has Akira and Appleseed, plus the weird and creepy stuff. So this.... May.... Go... On... Just a little bit longer. Anyho final drawing... Here you go Swamp thing, just for you @wev
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