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  1. Just to demonstrate how little character development Ryan had, he still couldn't ride the bike at the end of it all. Maybe a bit more confident about trying, but not a lot.
  2. Soul Better than I was expecting. Not too much shmoltz, and not too much "Jazz, nice". But like any pixar film, it's there to press the emotion buttons and make you think a little. Looks amazing, leaves a happy felling in the heart, says absolutely nothing. Graham Norton is excellent, a phase I never though I'd ever use. 3.5/5
  3. Tedious, long, basil exposition, "let's all sit down and discuss our emotions" it now takes four minute for a time machine to travel from Sheffield to Osaka so we can talk about the plot, oh some people are going, who cares, police procedure, dull, tedious shit. Half way through I realised they were talking about the timeless child and for the life of me couldn't remember a single thing about it. "Where was the other female doctor, is she in this?" I kept thinking. Then John Barrowan arrived to save the day after smuggling a time machine into a prison up his arse.
  4. If nothing else Perez is great at getting a car home and being there to pick up points. I think he'll easily match Max
  5. I too am in the, "this has been a classic series" camp. Bloody excellent.
  6. Maybe he can redo Watchmen and put the right fucking ending on that next.
  7. I've slowly come to realise no one but me like my pictures and stuff, so if i'm happy that's what counts. But it still pisses me off when yet another generic big eyed Manga girl ipad tosh gets a bazillion likes on instagram and i can barely scrape up 20 likes for pouring out my soul into a piece of work. But there you go. Basically, people like some really dumb shit and there is no accounting whatsoever for what the herd deem "awesome". You know if stuff is good or not, if it's what you wanted to do or pictured in your head. And art is always about moving forwar
  8. You know what I like about Russel the best? He is going to be reliably unfortunate all his career. He is the new Nigel Mansell we've been waiting for. A driver that can be leading by a country mile, only to have a tire let him down at just the wrong point of the race. He can be on for a hatful of points for a struggling back marker team, and a split second lapse of concentration and he's in the wall. He can throw a fantastic qualifying lap on Saturday into a desperate rally through the turn 4 gravel trap on Sunday Yet, he's still smiling, still down to earth and still
  9. Prog 2211. The return of death World. I've never liked this from the start. I think the art is dull, muddy, confusing, childish and just a bit too random. The story doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me and just seems to be a exercise in joining up point A to point B in the most perfunctory way possible. I hate it really. So this episode with the pregnant mother getting to the hospital was the low water mark of utter shitness. I really, really hated this, it's just nasty and ugly for the sake of it. There's no really merit to it for me. Ho
  10. I really can't fathom how anyone thinks this is a complicated film ? The moment Paterson tells the protagonist what drink he likes its all obvious isn't it ! He's going forward, he's River Song going backwards and Kenneth is a nutty Russian. We get to the end and he's off to keep some promises. I really didn't struggle with the plot, and to me the sound was perfect, i don't need to hear the fluff, I want the key information. If i missed a lines it's because it wasn't important.
  11. Sure, but can you imagine being Bottas and knowing you're going to get fired come what may. He'll have no interest in playing the team game in 2021. Better to punt him now, give Rus a year with the big boys, not so much pressure because "he's just the kid who got the golden ticket" and will sit back and keep Verstappen of Hamilton's tail, get a bit punchy in 2022 and take the title in 2023. Lewis gets a year being a mentor, A year beating the young upstart and then a lifetime of comfort having handing over the mantle. Everyone wins. Except Bottas of course, who g
  12. Someone said he was rude at a party, he came back and said sorry he may have been shy or drunk. I think.
  13. Merc will take Russel now, give him a year or two happily playing second fiddle to Hamilton "learning his trade", then give him the number one spot when Hamilton goes. Why keep Bottas whose head had gone completely and is only just keeping Albon honest. This is a race team, not a charity.
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