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  1. They did seems particularly rubbish I'm afraid.
  2. Well on the basis of that game alone, New Zealand are going to walk this and they're going to beat South africa in the final. The bastards.
  3. where the hell did Ferrari find all that speed ?
  4. No Bladerunner 2049, Nothing from marvel in fact very little sci fi or fantasy and Spirited away which is the film you show people to introduce them to the better Ghibli films.
  5. Photography is 99% being in the right place at the right time with this sort of thing.
  6. He's not driving dirty as such, but he doesn't have a championship to defend or win, so he has nothing to lose by having his elbows out. I don't think he chopped Hamilton onto the grass, he just sort of drifted back with intent
  7. He's been fired from his WEC team now. Although I suspect that's more to do with money than being an utter liability.
  8. An absolute belter of an opener. Horne's magic finger, Katy Wix turning up in a hard hat and high viz vest , trying to find the Dodo, Baddiel stuffing aubergine down his pants and Jo Brand dressed as Henry VIII Baddiel is going to be comedy gold
  9. some of August's sketching August sketching by julian bowdidge, on Flickr August sketching. by julian bowdidge, on Flickr August sketching. by julian bowdidge, on Flickr August sketching. by julian bowdidge, on Flickr August sketching. by julian bowdidge, on Flickr
  10. the second string side didn't instill confidence. England might reach the final yet based on what i've seen of everyone else so far.. But yeah, New Zealand will win it all again
  11. Sidewaysbob


    Two cars spin, one drives off. 20 minutes later the safety car comes in ... I will never understand why it takes american so long to clear up even the most minor of incidents. Still it sets things up nicely for the last race. To add insult to injury Dixon will no doubt win it
  12. Redbull have an engine with more spunk than they were expecting and there's less juice in the ferrari then we all thought. If they had Merc in the back of the car then the tyre thing would be a bigger issue I think. They've over achieved this year, next year it'll be a different press release.
  13. Sidewaysbob


    Watch the onboard from Satos car, he drives in a straight line. There's no chopping down. Just saying like.
  14. I think that Alonso thing is entirely made up by a Spanish website looking for clicks. You can happily ignore it On the Albon move, they know what Kvyat can do already, so they probably want to put Albon in the car for 6 races to see how he goes in the big league and then make a decision at the end of the year. I don't think there's any name attached to that seat for next year at the moment. Well apart Gasly's name not being on the list i suppose. And once again, why would Merc want to replace a solid number two who can arrive and come second week after week and not get in the way, with an unknown quantity like Russell ? They tried two hot shoes before and almost lost the title. There isn't anyone that can touch Hamilton at the moment, just young guns full of piss and vinegar thinking they have a shot at being Mr fancy pants and getting in the way. The big boys was experienced drivers who finish, not mavrics willing to spunk it all away to 6th place.
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