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  1. Diego's in a bad way, absolutely, and Conor should utterly wreck him. That said, I'm sure Sanchez wouldn't mind one of those Conor paydays. Not that it'll happen, it was likely just an off-the-cuff tweet.
  2. I'd rather see this than a Khabib rematch. The sport's a fucking mess already.
  3. Well yeah, but UFC always have the option of running fewer events, and bringing less cash into the state. That'll change minds quickly. Similarly, they don't do a ton of Cali events, despite having the fighters and the fanbase, because taxes are much higher there. Though I remember seeing an event in the last year or two where a fighter wasn't aware of the legality of grounded elbows because of the new MMA rules. Total shitshow.
  4. It makes sense for JJ to go to HW. Everyone at LHW is, relatively a nobody, and getting knocked off by one of those isn't great for his brand or his legacy. At HW, there are big money fights and, if he loses he can blame lack of preparation/the potential 40lb difference, which is the biggest step up in the sport. The only question I have is: does JJ play it slow and safe at LHW because he's protecting his income and record, or has he forgotten how to kill? I have no interest in a HW fight with DC. Jones is the better fighter, and we know it.
  5. I think it was the year the Good Dinosaur came out. Although it does feel like maybe they've reined it back in again.
  6. Having watched Toy Story 4 yesterday, I entirely disagree with the thread premise. It was great. That said, when they ramped up output to 2+ a year, I stopped treated each release as essential. I used to see every single one. That said, I did the same with Coen brothers movies too -maybe I've just become feckless. Happy with my choices though.
  7. I'm not someone who enjoys unnecessarily punishing games. I binned Hollow Knight, and Horace, and even some bits of the excellent Guacamelee 2 had me close to bailing. But I loved Ori and, despite the trickiness of the escapes, don't remember getting that frustration or desire to quit. Maybe it's all a bit rose-tinted now, but I can't wait for the sequel.
  8. I had Jones winning, though his formula could use some revision. He can't afford to spend the first two rounds taking hits and working the opponent out (a la Fedor/Silva) if he's just going to be taking harder and harder hits against young fighters. You could tell he'd taken some damage when he threw in some fairly tame TD attempts later on. Imagine if he'd aggressively gone after the grappling early on? Like the hungry, young Jones. Just like I didn't think Santos or Smith are as good as Jones, I don't think Reyes is either, but he makes a case for being at the top if Jones migrates to HW. Which he really should soon, if he wants the biggest money fights without some LHW ruining his earning potential. I thought Latifi got robbed too, though Lewis was more fun to watch than usual.
  9. Ugh, I can't even care about the Jones fight. If he wins, it won't be the display of dominance we want to see. On the wild off-chance that he loses, it's not because Reyes is close to as good as him, it's because he'll have refused to use his full skillset and got caught.
  10. Congrats from a professional point of view! But man, that guy's gonna be a pub quiz question one day.
  11. A quick google shows an alternative name for this: "The Organ Donor". Might be like Saw 2, where they take a previously unconnected script and crowbar it into the universe for a quicker buck. And there was me hoping it'd be a remake of the weird Japanese film.
  12. Maybe he was about to eat a big bowl of bad PR shit in regards to Rockstar working conditions, tax loophole exploitation, and his personal cut, and decided to distance himself. We can but hope.
  13. Yep. Because Wolf of Wall Street was apparently ambiguous enough, sadly, that a generation of dickheads laud Belfort and aspire to have WOWS parties. Depicting problematic things in the name of art gets a little tricky when you revel in those things too much.
  14. There are also a few too many jokes where the good guys revel in the idea of Captain Harris getting sexually assaulted. As in, any.
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