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  1. I can attest to the lack of risk. Or being invincible. Salmon's certainly not immune to theoretical perils though, as mentioned above. Or oysters or any number of non-traditionally cooked foods. That said, it's clearly not for most, which makes it ideal for this thread. And delicious.
  2. It's cured, so I assume so. Though even if it wasn't, there's also a slightly unappetising rare pork movement in US restaurants where they've apparently eliminated trichinosis. I've never had parasites either, but I've gotta assume they don't survive the curing process. Do it. You know you want to.
  3. Malignant I basically enjoy anything churned out by the James Wan horror mill, and this fits the bill. Absolute fucking silliness accompanied with the unknown cast and inventive shots you might expect from a more experimental project. 3/5 in the best possible way.
  4. I think it did the job well enough. It's near impossible to end a beloved show and please everyone, but this had a bit of a meta-narrative where it felt like the actors wanted away from things asap in the same way as the characters.
  5. VHS was such a wild mix of fun ideas and utter dogshit. Exactly what a horror anthology should be.
  6. I'd say it absolutely is horror. It's not gory or explicit, but the ideas contained with it are unquestionably horrifying ideas. People use thriller as a shorthand for 'PG-13 horror' too often. It's a different thing, though they can overlap a lot.
  7. There's also a 5 second window between underdone and the cheese separating and launching itself off the pizza entirely. They're great. Also the 'signature sauce' is almost certainly just ketchup, tomato puree and extra sugar.
  8. I think I'd watch the first 4 series, and then watch a YouTube wrapup of the latter ones. That said, I think Michael C Hall's performance is one of the all-time TV classics, and sometimes I just like watching him do it regardless of the shite he's given. It's the role he was born for.
  9. Cat People is already a remake, isn't it? Or is that the gag? Although there was 40 years between the last two, so we're due another... next year.
  10. I'm gonna try and catch Malignant this week. I fucking love James Wan. He basically looks in a thesaurus for synonyms for 'bad' and then makes every single one into a movie.
  11. Nueve Reinas/Nine Queens Argentinian conman movie. You know how these go, and this one's a solid one. Low-key and personality-driven, just like a good con. Christ though, the year 2000 looks like a million years ago. 3/5
  12. Oh god damnit. The ball is so useful, but I never found it intuitive to use.
  13. Finding this a bit disappointing. It's melodramatic characterisation, poor acting even for Starz, and the wrestling analogies are ham-fisted. They also make it a tedious family drama, instead of exploring the interesting, gross sides of wrestling that we saw in The Wrestler. I know it's not trying to be that, but it seems like they're going for Friday Night Lights, especially with Discount Riggins getting top billing, but dropping in soap opera territory. Also, the fight scenes in S2. Christ. Still, Amell's bringing some Garrett Dillahunt energy that I appreciate. And, let's be honest, I'm going to watch the whole thing because wrestling's great. When HBO get round to this shit, it'll be great too.
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