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  1. Just completed the main story. Loved every minute and perfect ending for me. Roll on the DLC.
  2. Delayed until sometime later this year. There’s a surprise.
  3. Series S in stock at Currys: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/console-gaming/consoles/microsoft-xbox-series-s-512-gb-ssd-10205195-pdt.html
  4. Still no sub copy so I have extended my sub by 1 issue via my online account seeing as they have sold out of the latest issue so was unable to replace.
  5. I think both consoles were certainly fit to launch. I’ve had no issues with my Series X and Im not aware of any major issues on both platforms.
  6. Indeed, the delivery of the mag has been fine until they moved their platform to this useless magazinesdirect. It’s been shite since. I recognise there are delays to the post but again I use the example of Wireframe which turns up on time every month so it can’t just be blamed on the royal mail. There’s clearly something going wrong plus they don’t reply to any emails.
  7. Still waiting for my sub copy, yet Wireframe (Raspberry press) turns up on time as usual. Not impressed with Future and they are shite at responding to emails.
  8. Yeah my sub copy came today. Have to say, been very impressed with the delivery of sub copies, always on time. Also, the Raspberry team were very helpful when I had a sub query previously. Wish Future would get their house in order! They have been awful of late, especially their customer services. No way am I renewing with them again. @ianinthefuture Loving the magazine, keep up the great work Ian!
  9. Still waiting for my sub copy too.
  10. Cyberpunk next gen upgrade delayed to 2022.
  11. Phil Spencer at 24 min mark. Always enjoy listening to him and just comes across so well. So long as Uncle Phil is at the helm, I’m happy.
  12. Crossplay is not supported for multiplayer. However, any custom courses created are available to play on all platforms regardless of the console they were designed on.
  13. Very sorry for your loss @IainGamer . Indeed, rllmuk is a great community and hopefully has helped you along the way. All the best and Merry Christmas.
  14. Merry Christmas fellow rllmukers!
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