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  1. Looks awesome, just caught up with all the developer diary videos. Day 1.
  2. No closing down sale. Stock just gets sent back to HQ or moved to another store - I recall the Manager in Crayford telling me when they knew they were closing. You are close to me as I live in Barnehurst! Good to know there is a fellow Kent rllmuker.
  3. With Bexleyheath on the list, that will be both my two local stores gone what with Crayford a while back. I bet CEX opposite in Bexleyheath will be pleased as they will now be the only high street option there for trade ins and pre owned.
  4. Sorry to hear that McSpeed, hope things are getting better. Have a good Christmas and keep friends and family close, they will be a big help to you. All the best.
  5. Continue on my journey with Death Stranding (up to Episode 7) and will start TLOU Remastered. Cannot believe I am so late to the party with the latter - very excited to play it.
  6. I hope it can be laid on its side?? Won’t fit standing up below my TV on the tv stand! Day 1 though, i’ll manage.
  7. Master System for me which was my very first games console. Plus I had the light phaser which was awesome. Fave game was Psycho Fox !
  8. Available instore now. Pre owned version £4.99. Brand new and sealed version £1.99.
  9. Amazing Black Friday deal - COD MW reduced by £2 to £47.99. Says it all really.
  10. New Head of Worldwide Studios: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-11-07-guerrilla-games-hermen-hulst-is-playstations-head-of-worldwide-studios
  11. Can anyone post a link please to the documentary referred to above? Would love to watch it, not sure which video it is on Youtube. Cheers!
  12. Finished the campaign, put a solid 35 hours into this and thoroughly enjoyed every minute! The reviews are very harsh in my opinion. I loved Wildlands so I suppose I was always going to like this. I did miss controlling the A.I. teammates however (although it’s coming at a later date via patch). For anyone interested, its £28.99 on Amazon. Considering CEX are giving £29 cash, worth a punt! I traded in mine yesterday at CEX so happy with that after paying £38.
  13. Half term sale has started. To give you an idea of how good this is, how about ‘special offer’ GR Breakpoint £49.99. Geez, what a joke. Still more expensive than everywhere else and it’s on special! Absolute twats.
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