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  1. Grid Legends gameplay. https://www.ea.com/games/grid/grid-legends/news/car-list
  2. I don’t think so. You would need to have the Xbox One/Series X branded retail box to have that.
  3. There are two versions. The Xbox One version which gives you smaller sections of the large maps and 64 players max. The Series S | X version is the large maps and 128 players. There is no smart delivery option, so if you play the Xbox One version on next gen, it will be in effect playing an Xbox One game.
  4. Fucking superb. Is Mason Mount still cupping his ear? COYI!
  5. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/battlefield-franchise-undergoes-major-shake-up/1100-6498521/
  6. Worst performance of the season for me and lucky to escape with a point. Only West Ham could concede against 10 men. We badly missed Cresswell deliveries from the left. If we are to maintain our challenge around the European places, then we must sign a striker in Jan. Antonio has been poor of late and we have absolutely nothing in reserve.
  7. Same here. I still have 4 hours left on my trial but simply had enough. It’s the least enjoyable Battlefield game I have played. Removing the traditional scoreboard is so bizarre. I know it’s insignificant in terms of the gameplay but what did they do to the theme music in this (traditionally epic), it’s bloody awful. The whole design behind this is off and it’s such a disappointment. The only way I can see me giving this another go is when it eventually makes it way to Gamepass Ultimate via EA Play but even then I might not bother.
  8. Really enjoyed that, brought back many memories. Was quite emotional as I lost a very good friend back in Aug last year who I played online with twice a week, every week for many years. He was never into Xbox but I convinced him to get involved and once he bought the 360, he never looked back. He would have loved this new generation. Here’s to you Rob and anyone else who has lost Xbox gaming friends. Here’s to the next 20 years. Cheers Uncle Phil, keep up the great work.
  9. Can’t believe how average the graphics are in this, playing on Series X. It’s inferior to the last Battlefield that looked superb on my old One X. Whatever they have done to the Frostbite engine just has not worked. Terrible interface, menus. Just a mess.
  10. Can’t even get into a game using the trial. 15 mins used up just looking at error messages. Marvellous.
  11. Yep spot on. Just had 40 mins on San Andreas via Gamepass. Absolutely dreadful. Not sure how this is the ‘definitive’ edition. Uninstalled.
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