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  1. I have had the same problem @Waggo but only a few times. Cannot recall what game it was but the Series X turned off a couple of times some months back, getting the message on reboot its to do with overheating. No issues since until Flight Sim. It turns off every time I play it now after about 15 or so mins so had to uninstall sadly. However, my son has since played plenty of Fortnite and no issues. Like you, plenty of ventilation, I’ve even moved from horizontal to vertical and plugged straight into wall. Even performed system ‘reboot’. Im gonna keep an eye on it over the coming days but if it happens again, I’ll have to send off given there are only a few months left on the warranty (got mine at launch). Sorry to hear yours is still playing up. There are plenty of reports of the issue when you look online but nothing to the point where Microsoft have acknowledged it’s a problem. I agree with you that the customer service could be better. Even just an email explaining what they have done with the repair would help. You would hope that was a brand new unit they sent you but what’s to say it was a refurb? I owned an Xbox One X previously that I had in my conservatory and would get very hot in there in the Summer months. It ran perfectly. Dread to think if my Series X was in there now.
  2. Heads up this is not out until 6pm BST tomorrow. Looking forward to giving it a whirl tomorrow evening.
  3. Yep same here @Stanley Not many games have me speechless but this has this evening. A rllmuk group flight session is needed in the future!
  4. Just managed a landing in one of those activities/missions at the second attempt! My son and I have enjoyed the discovery flights. They are awesome as a starter to just get into flying from the off. It looks like you are watching an aviation documentary tbh, it’s that realistic. Utterly bonkers. I’m loving it.
  5. Use left stick to move a circle over the part of the screen you want.
  6. Managed to download the update and get into the game. Just had the message about the game being offline but it has not stopped me playing the game. Naples discovery flight first off and my jaw literally dropped. It looks stunning (Series X). Never seen anything like it. Controlling the plane was more user friendly than I was expecting. The music too is proper relaxing! Can see me losing hours on this.
  7. Urgh, still at work but reading the comments this does not sound good! Let’s hope someone gets in the air soon!
  8. Think I will need to refer to the controller layout quite a lot! Roll on tomorrow afternoon!
  9. Great tips/tutorial video here from Squirrel.
  10. Just beautiful. Blows my mind every time I see footage on console. Tuesday folks!
  11. Next gen will have well and truly arrived when I fire this up on the X on Tuesday. Absolutely stunning looking game from these videos. Fair play to the S too which looks tremendous. That weather system is on another level. Think this will need some form of rllmuk en mass flight arranged at some point! Anyone know the max numbers for a group flight on console?
  12. Series X and S gameplay. Looks so good!
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