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  1. DC only spoke when prompted to by the commentator. It’s a shame, think Channel 4 have messed up by not having him as the co-comentator. Nothing against Billy Monger but he is young and I would prefer the co-commentator to be the one with the F1 experience, like a DC / Martin Brundle. The cost of adding the F1 channel to my Virgin bundle is just too expensive so hopefully I will get familiar with the new set up. Ben Edwards and DC was a nice combo.
  2. Just watched the channel 4 highlights. Urgh, not enjoying the commentator at all and looks like DC, who I think is excellent, has been relegated to No. 3 in the commentary box. Hardly gets a look in. Very impressed with Tsunodo, nice 9th place finish on his debut. Quality drive by Perez too back up the field. Thought Max had it but fair play to Hamilton.
  3. Not a great start for Perez but hopefully a better showing incoming tomorrow. Also he is my turbo driver this weekend in Fantasy F1 so not good there either! Have Gasly though. Alonso was excellent as expected. He really is a class act. Never lacks confidence........
  4. Series S in stock at BT Shop. https://shop.bt.com/products/microsoft-xbox-series-s-console-rrs-00007-G5FS.html
  5. Series S in stock at Simply Games and actually decent bundles starting at £279.85.
  6. Just renewed my subscription for another year. Keep up the great work @ianinthefuture
  7. Cheers @evilashchris Tried these settings out and headset sounds best so far, that’s after Reddit ones too.
  8. In stock at Argos right now if you are still looking.
  9. New multiplayer mode plus 2K have signed up Tiger and bought HB Studios. Let’s just hope they keep the course creator in future titles as that is the main appeal of the game for me, playing so many different types of courses. There is also a 60FPS option now under the graphical settings in the main settings option. Smoother golf! https://pgatour.2k.com/news/sink-the-putt-or-get-cut-divot-derby-mode-available-now/ https://pgatour.2k.com/news/tiger-woods-inks-long-term-exclusive-deal-with-2k
  10. Just a heads up that Amazon are now taking orders for the xbox wireless headset - in stock on 23 March and slightly reduced price of £86.58.
  11. Mine arrived at 3pm, ordered from Curry’s on 7 March. Very impressed they got here on release day! Shame about the normal plastic bag wrapping but hey ho! Just tried them on and they are super comfy, reminds me of the Playstation Gold ear cups. Will set up after work.
  12. Yep, they are incredibly hard to track down. I would keep an eye on GAME and Curry’s. They both seem to show availability from time to time. It’s odd as not many of the independent video game online retailers are even selling them. Got mine from Currys and coming tomorrow. Reviews look really good.
  13. RIP Murray. Not many legends of the sport outside of the cockpit but he was one of them. Amazing commentator and a gentleman. Him and Senna were always my favourites. Sad day.
  14. Team done. Never done this before so will see how it goes! Cheers @Mr Tony
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