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  1. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/09/23/designing-the-next-generation-of-consoles-xbox-series-x-and-xbox-series-s/ Must be Sony putting the two fingers up in one of the pics!
  2. Well as I said in a post recently, that was a risk I was happy to accept by going with an instore pre order which I did today. At least I have only paid £10 and given I and many others now owe them £439 (plus all the Series S pre orders too), I would imagine they would want to come up with a contingency to fulfill orders if shops have to close due to lockdown. If they don’t, then I’ll just have to wait and the £439 stays with me for a bit longer. Given the multitude of online issues today, that too brings its own pitfalls so can’t win either way tbh.
  3. GAME seem to have received additional Series X units for instore pre orders - loads of their shop twitter accounts just mentioned this in the last few mins in case this helps anyone!
  4. Just added you Darren to my Xbox friends list. I am djbmidge. Welcome aboard!
  5. Yes, 3 years Gold sub is the max for the conversion to Ultimate. Thanks to @Darren and @Pob for the threads title update and Gamepass info. I have added some Series S videos given this was the 'X' only thread previously and also added a link to more info on Gamepass and the new controllers/accessories coming out.
  6. Yeah this is what I did recently as an active Gold subscriber. I had a year left, bought 2 years more Gold subs then bought Ultimate for a £1. It then converted all my Gold membership to Ultimate. It's a no brainer.
  7. Series X instore at GAME. Arrived 7.10am and 2 people already there!
  8. No idea what happened as I changed the title thread last night and this morning, it was changed, cam only assume the Mods did that in error. Anyhow, rectified. We have indeed merged X and S together to rejoice in all things next gen Xbox in one place. Happy pre order day everyone!
  9. Ok cheers Len, much appreciated! I’ll update the thread title.
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