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  1. Sea of Solitude isn’t a bad one. Finished it last night, it took 3 hours to complete and ended up with 570 GS. I too rinsed all the easy ones last time they did this, which was fine but I’m not gonna bother too much this time round. Life’s too short to be mindlessly grinding out achievements for the sake of £9.... or so I’m going to keep telling myself.
  2. The way he pulls Masvidal’s right hand out of the way and then sends a missile of a right of his own down the pipe is just *chef’s kiss*
  3. Uhh yeah no shit dude. It’s the horrific morbid poetry of it happening to him when he’d been on the other side of one of the most infamous incidents in MMA history that makes it so grimly bizarre. You couldn’t make it up. I think that’s it for Weidman now as he’s 36 and by the time he recovers from that he’ll be pushing 40. Can’t help but feel that he dined out on his victory over Anderson for a long time but he did have a really weird run of brutal defeats in recent years and could never get going again. I really feel for the guy and that’s a sad way to potentially end a career. J
  4. Well that was a night of brutal violence in every way imaginable. Fucking hell!
  5. Oh my God, Weidman. I can't believe that happened to him of all people, considering the history. That's just awful.
  6. Series X has been an absolute joy to own since I got one on launch day and Microsoft have absolutely nailed it on the hardware and overall user experience side this time round. The effortless convenience of quick resume, the lightning fast speed of everything with the SSD, the brilliant controller, the whisper quiet fan; all of it is so well engineered and designed and feels like such a high quality and entirely frictionless luxury experience. The complete lack of next-gen exclusive games that take advantage of the hardware, while undeniably disappointing, has been nega
  7. You need to see endings A to E to get the full story. This requires three full playthroughs plus a little bit more. Ending A - you’ve seen this already Ending B - the playthrough you’re currently on Ending C - playthrough three Ending D - accessed via the chapter select that becomes available after playthrough three. You’ll be required to make a choice at the end of playthrough three. Use chapter select to go back to the relevant point and make a different choice and then play through to the end again to access: Ending E - the final ‘tru
  8. In terms of how the servers have routinely collapsed every single day this past week and the number of bugs that mean core modes in the game are completely broken at the moment, a more appropriate title would be ‘MLB The Shitshow’. When it works it plays a fantastic game of baseball though and you can see that it’s a series whose core mechanics have been refined to perfection over years of iteration. I’d say it’s probably the best sports game out there. The presentation’s phenomenal as well and it’s got me back into a sport that I used to follow closely about 20 years ago when Chan
  9. Saw this coming a mile off when they first announced they were introducing a transmog system but even I didn't think they'd fuck it up in quite such an egregiously greedy fashion as this. You can feel them gritting their teeth and the begrudging reluctance of the whole thing in the way they're whacking up the cost of shaders from 40 to 300 bright dust into the bargain as well.
  10. Bummed that it looks as if they won’t get to make a sequel. I guess that explains why there were several high profile departures from the studio in the past year or so. They proved their chops with the first game and a follow-up on PS5 could have been something really special.
  11. Focus on the main story as it’s very long. The side stuff I’d recommend doing if you happen to come across it but anything left can be mopped up at the end. I got the platinum for this and that’s how I approached it and it worked out well.
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/outriders/comments/mmrf7d/outriders_post_launch_dev_news_updates/ First major update sometime next week will include: - Fixes to crash bugs including the one that wipes inventories and overall stability fixes to matchmaking - Community appreciation package for those who played during the launch period which will include a legendary weapon, a stack of titanium and a currently unobtainable 'Frustration' emote Within the next week or so there'll be a restoration of lost epics and legendaries for those who fell prey to
  13. @StumpyJohn It’ll be some kind of perk. Something like “30% of anomaly power boost to firepower”. Look at each of your gear pieces and one of them will have a perk along those lines on it, which that symbol indicates is active.
  14. I’m gonna wait until they’ve patched it before properly getting into the expeditions I think. I’m hearing reports of entire inventories being wiped after a crash when playing co-op and stuff and I’ve got some really good gear so I’m not down for losing any of it. Would be down for having a crack at them with you and Monkey (if he’s still playing it?) when they’re fixed though. Ah OK, I thought the expeditions were only really attemptable in a group so I might give them a crack solo. Industrial techno is 100% my jam too, so that’s tempting!
  15. Finished the campaign after 40-odd hours, although I generally stuck to the highest tier available because I loved the challenge (aside from some absurd boss difficulty spikes which I just whacked the tier down for), tinkered with my gear obsessively, completed every side quest, hunt and bounty and sought out most of the lore pick-ups too, so delved into and rinsed it pretty thoroughly. Brilliant game and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. They’ve knocked it out of the park in terms of the vast array of build options and mods and the general furious obliteration that typ
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