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  1. Some build ideas utilising the Warmind Cells mechanic and seasonal mods: Hunter: Titan: Warlock:
  2. Tony v Khabib is fucking cursed, I tell you.
  3. It's very evident that there's a skeleton crew working on the 'live service' of Destiny 2 this year while the bulk of Bungie is beavering away on the autumn expansion/Destiny 3/the new Chinese IP and so this seasonal model with reskins a-go-go, bounties up the wazoo and variations on an arena horde mode is the result. With the resources of High Moon Studios and Vicarious Visions no longer available to help them they just can't churn out enough compelling content to tide the playerbase over until the next substantial release, it seems. I quite enjoyed Season of Dawn and got more than £8.50 worth of value out of it and some delightful god-rolled weapons but they should have changed it up more for the season immediately following. It really does feel like the same thing all over again and that's a big misstep. Guess they're gambling that the return of Trials will make up for the paucity of the offering elsewhere.
  4. First day impressions of Season of the Worthy are not great, I have to say. Rasputin Bunkers feel like a rehash of the obelisks but with the grind factor dialled up to 11. The novelty of the new public event has worn off very quickly, especially considering that it appears that they expect you to run it over and over again to finish the weekly bounty and obtain upgrade mats for the bunkers. If so, it's going to get very tedious very quickly. Adding a load of armour sets back into the general loot pool is nice... except they can't take seasonal mods, so they're a waste of time. Lack of ritual weapons and a collections badge is very telling too. It feels like this season is a pretty lean and underwhelming offering on the whole.
  5. Very start of the game. It’s just the Mako Reactor section.
  6. Fair fucking play he did exactly what he said he was going to do. All that extra weight and change of trainer worked to perfection.
  7. I posted the same video in this thread a week ago... You been jumping between timelines or something?
  8. The chocobo chick is nightmare fuel
  9. Nice insight into the making of the ‘Effect and Cause’ level by its lead designer.
  10. I'm not usually one for YouTube gaming stuff as, to be frank, I find the vast majority of it juvenile garbage, but this guy's an exception. Always has genuinely insightful and reflective things to say on games and their design. If you enjoyed Death Stranding and got a kick out of what it was attempting to say and do as much as I did then this extensive deep-dive is well worth your time. His praise for it isn't quite as effusive as mine was (which is almost a given) but he's not familiar with Kojima's previous work and so doesn't approach it with a lot of the baggage and prejudice that many others probably did, whether positive or negative. I think he nails it for the most part. A really great assessment of one of this generation's most singular visions. (Video spoilered just in case the thumbnail gives something away. Also contains spoilers for the entire game):
  11. I managed it on my titan by camping the shit out of the heavy ammo all game and plonking a bubble down on it when it popped. Then used Truth to get the ten kills within a few games. I didn't enjoy a single second of it and it's completely ruined games as everyone is forced to utilise the same shitty selfish tactics in order to get to this utterly stupid quest done. Just horrible quest design that they have to roll back for the next one because there's no way I'm doing that on my hunter and warlock as well. Just have the weekly Iron Banner bounties for the pinnacle gear and be done with it because gating token turn-ins behind a multi-step quest like this is a really fucking stupid artificial grind.
  12. The Gambit ritual weapon the Python shotgun is an absolute monster! Overflow perk means that running over special or heavy ammo overloads it directly into the magazine, so if you couple it with some special ammo finder and scavenger mods you hardly ever run out and can just keep on shooting things in the face forever. I used Lord of Wolves with the aforementioned special ammo mods to complete the quest and it didn't take long to grind out at all. Well worth it. I think not allowing seasonal artifact mods on exotics is a glaring omission but apart from that I really like this new system they've come up with. Really delving into the mod combinations can lead to some thunderous builds and I'm having a lot of fun with it.
  13. Further to the above reply there’s also a free log-in campaign running until January. If you have a lapsed sub then you’ll get 5 days for free from the date at which you re-register. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/43e7d126141d197e07c9fbebec536794f172f722
  14. They've still very much got the ability it's just that it's only to be found within the FFXIV team, so most people aren't aware of it. The Shadowbringers expansion which came out this year is the best Final Fantasy story in almost two decades. It's exceptionally good but the entry barrier of it being buried away behind a 6-year old MMO means that many will never get to play it. It's such a shame and I really don't understand how the mainline series' stories have been so piss-poor for years when they evidently still have the talent there to produce amazing longform RPG tales. In answer to the original question: Last of Us 2, Cyberpunk and Elden Ring are all looking like potential classics and a fitting swansong for this generation. I'd be very surprised if all three of those don't deliver.
  15. Definitely start with the campaign because a) it teaches you all the concepts, controls and features of the game, b) it's quite short (maybe 5 or 6 hours) and can be completed within a couple of casual evenings and c) it's absolutely fucking brilliant and the best FPS campaign of this generation. As someone said earlier in the thread, jumping straight into multiplayer is going to be brutal but once you have a grounding in the game via the campaign then you should find it a little easier to manage. There's also the Frontier Defense 4-player co-op mode which will allow you get some practice in and play around with the different Titans without too much pressure. The fact that it was on PS Plus recently has given it a huge second wind and evidently enabled many people to realise just how amazing it is, so I think the servers will have a pretty healthy population for a good while yet. It's really heartening to see it alive again.
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