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  1. Yeah this Half Life 2 revisionism is fucking nonsense. It was revolutionary at the time and I'd never played anything remotely on the same level. The marriage of physics incorporated into traversal, puzzles and combat and the incredibly cinematic and immersive world it was set in had never been done to that degree before. Stepping out into City 17 for the first time and seeing the Citadel towering high into the sky above as striders loped in the distance and Breen made his soothing yet chillingly authoritarian utterances looming down from the lamppost screens on bleak Eastern European streets
  2. Yeah I couldn't understand Impa's moveset at all either. Looked great and she was kicking some serious ass but I had no idea how the symbols worked. Zelda's attacks just rotate through bombs, cryo, magnesis and stasis I think. You stop at the one you want and then press ZR to trigger a more powerful version of it. I think that's how it works anyway but I could be wrong.
  3. The message from Yoshida at the end is intriguing and suggests there may possibly be a connection between this and FFXIV in some way. Maybe it takes place on one of the shards from that game (13 parallel worlds, essentially).
  4. Official website is live: https://uk.finalfantasyxvi.com/ Main character is called...
  5. It’ll be a quest where you have to headshot 10,000 Fallen with a handcannon while hopping on one leg or something.
  6. Agree with @Uzi's posts. I absolutely loved this game, loved Kassandra, loved exploring the truly enormous map, pretty much cleared the entire thing and sunk over 120 hours into it but it is probably too big for its own good and if your enjoyment is beginning to waver fairly early on then I'd cut your losses and move on to something you really enjoy. Even if you mainline the story and only do as much side stuff as is needed to meet the level requirements for the main quests you're still looking at a huge amount of playtime. Life's too short to grumble your way through s
  7. I’m waiting for the proper next-gen version anyway, so no bother to me but this thing’s gonna be bugged to fuckery on release isn’t it. I know they want to catch Xmas and the new console buzz but they should really just delay it until next year and release all versions at once. It’s probably gonna run like shit on PS4/Xbox One anyway if that announcement’s anything to go by.
  8. Civilization VI Hadn’t played a Civ since Civ4 about 15 years ago but recently picked up the latest instalment on Switch when it was on sale. No-one’s seen me since. Prior to that it was definitely The Last of Us Part II. The single most absorbing and immersive experience I’ve ever had when playing a game. It utterly gripped me from beginning to end and the week I played it I don’t think I went to bed before 3am as I completely lost track of time night after night.
  9. I got one as well, so we can all huddle together in here and have a cry if it doesn't arrive on time. I did have a Series S ordered from Microsoft direct but that reduced storage capacity was really nagging at me. 512GB minus the OS/quick resume partition will probably leave about 350GB or so and that would fill up so so quickly. When you add the required extra storage you're not far off the price of a Series X anyway. I recently sold some very rare videogame merchandise on eBay and made a small fortune on it and we're all gonna be dead soon anyway, so fuck it why not.
  10. Now you’ve hit 1000 you’ll require powerful rewards to continue raising your power level towards 1050. So all the weekly challenges denoted by gold stars on the Director screen and from vendors in the Tower, along with weekly rewards from the Season of Arrivals (if you have it) and random drops of prime engrams will be your source of those. Each rank up in the Crucible and Gambit will provide a powerful reward too. As Shadowkeep is the most recent expansion there are a bunch of weekly powerful rewards from Eris on the moon too. When you add it all up there’s something like 25-30 po
  11. Really good advice that someone gave me in this thread when I started out was to focus on the main story. It's a very lengthy game and there's a LOT of side content but it can be safely left till the endgame (such as it is) or just done as you naturally stumble across it in the wilds. I found it to be a beautifully balanced game playing on hard difficulty, which is in stark contrast to most open-world games that have you thundering around like Zeus from about halfway through the game usually. So don't be too worried about losing out on valuable XP/items if you're not diligently clearing every
  12. 13 minutes of Scorn gameplay on Series X. Reminds me of Alien Trilogy on PS1 and I don't mean that in a good way... They've done a decent job of ripping off capturing the HR Giger aesthetic though.
  13. Maybe, but I get the impression that the tentatively titled 'Lightfall' expansion is going to provide a conclusion of some sorts to the whole Traveller/Darkness cycle. I can foresee some dramatic finale there before some sort of universe reboot and the emergence of a new uber-threat that provides a convenient excuse for Bungie to press a massive reset button, sunset absolutely everything and come out with a de facto next-gen only Destiny 3, even though it won't be called that. Or maybe in 5 year's time we'll still be using Whisper and Riskrunner to grind out bounties fighting Falle
  14. Dammit, was expecting next-gen versions to launch alongside Beyond Light. Sat there with a shiny new console and being able to finally play Destiny at 60fps in the new expansion was something I was really looking forward to. Ah well.
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