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  1. I’ve been having a great time with it since the big update. Giving a constant sense of purpose, progression and reward has made it a far more compelling experience than the rather aimless and anaemic one it had been before for so long. R* dishing out gold like candy over the past few months meant that I was able to unlock all three new roles and the ‘Wheeler & Rawson catalogue’ battle pass immediately at zero cost, so can’t really complain. I strongly suspect that this is entirely by design in order to bring players back and that the heavy pay-to-win stuff will be coming at some point down the line though. But for now I find myself logging in to do a couple of quick dailies and before I know it several hours have passed as one thing organically leads to another and I end up with a tale to tell of captured bounties, hectic shootouts, silent forest hunts and trinkets discovered in abandoned houses spread across the vast map. It’s certainly not short of things to keep you engaged now. Even after over 150 hours across single-player and now online I still find my jaw hitting the floor regularly and the experience of just existing in this world absolutely peerless in so many respects.
  2. Character configuration > Control settings > Character > Battle Effects settings
  3. The vendor’s literally right next to the person who gives you the quest. If there’s loads of other players there then try turning off player names if you haven’t already as they may be obscuring the NPC. edit: lol three people all posted same advice at the same time Never let it be said that this thread doesn’t offer help when it’s needed.
  4. Any status icon with a little blue bar above it can be removed with Esuna. Arrow pointing down (as in the image above) = debuff. Arrow pointing up = buff. It's not expected or required that you know every single buff and/or debuff status and its icon as there are so many of them and as a healer you honestly only need to worry about a few of the debuffs, such as paralysis. They'll appear first on the row of icons next to a player's name in the party list.
  5. There you go! That's exactly the type of thing I was talking about. Great to hear you had an experience like that and it'll be the norm in FFXIV based on my experience. I do think there have been a lot of WoW players coming over who are expecting toxic shitheads to give them grief if they don't know things right off the bat. It's very rarely the case.
  6. Remember that you can visit other world's servers now and buy stuff from their marketboards too. If you're on the hunt for something specific you can often snap up a real bargain if it's overpriced on your own.
  7. If you want to make a nice chunk of change then make stacks of 15 and sell it on the marketboard. I made nearly half a million this morning just doing that as it's piss easy to make and people are very lazy so will happily buy it in order to get all the event items with zero effort.
  8. In order to augment the Ironworks gear you need either Carbontwine (for armour and weapons) or Carboncoat (for belt and accessories) which can be purchased for 100 poetics each from Auriana under the 'Allagan Tomestones of Poetics (Other)' option. Take these and your ilvl120 Ironworks gear to Hyrstmill in the north-eastern corner of the North Shroud (map reference: X:30 Y:20) and talk to Drake at the smithy there. He'll upgrade your gear to the Augmented versions under the relevant menu options when you talk to him. Once you've done this I'd advise not to touch MSQ roulette again until such time as you come to level alt jobs as it will a) make you massively overlevelled due to it giving such humongous amounts of XP and b) drive you insane from having to sit through all those unskippable cutscenes every time. I would also stress that there's no need to be afraid to run duties and dungeons that you're not familiar with. It's the only way to learn. Just let people know it's your first time (a lot of newcomers don't do this and then get upset when everyone charges off) and they'll be cool with it. If they're lower level duties you'll often be running them with other inexperienced people anyway as there are a hell of a lot of new players lately. The community for this game is famously friendly and the vast majority of players will be perfectly happy to explain things if needed when they load into a duty with a sprout or at the very least be patient and understanding with any fuck ups. If they're not then they're dicks to be honest but I've found those sorts to be very rare in all my time playing this game. Pretty sure I've said this already in this thread but I've seen a few people mention that they're afraid to run things they're not familiar with or get major anxiety about grouped content and it makes me kind of sad as I think the very best experiences in this game are to be found when you go in blind and have to think on your feet. It makes you a far better and more capable player in the long run too. The thing to remember is that outside of the savage-tier raids and the EX trials all of the content in this game is designed to be able to be completed fairly easily by just about anyone and the mechanics and outgoing damage in dungeons in particular are tuned to be pretty forgiving. At its core it's a casual-friendly MMO designed for broad appeal. If you've got this far then you're already well-equipped to be able to deal with whatever a dungeon can throw at you, so just jump in and have fun. With regards to inventory space you're simply doing what every single person does at the start and hoarding mountains of shit that you just don't need. If you have three retainers and are still running out of space then it's definitely time for a clearout. Unless it has immediate use (like skins for a particular leather for a leatherworker leve or something) then just get rid. Either sell it on the MB if it's worth something (unlikely at lower levels) or just discard it. Your gatherers can get anything you need in a pinch if needs be and the vast majority of the rest of it can either be had for peanuts on the MB or bought from vendors somewhere or other. Every 5 levels or so with crafters you effectively move up a tier in terms of materials and so pretty much everything prior to that becomes effectively obsolete or so easily available that it's utterly pointless hanging on to it. Just get into the habit of ruthlessly clearing out what you don't need and you'll end up thanking yourself later.
  9. Yep, much like was discussed a few days ago with the level 60 Shire gear you should use those poetics to get Augmented Ironworks gear in Mor Dhona as it will see you through to about level 55/half of Heavensward. You'll be capping out on poetics on an almost daily basis before long so don't think that you have to hang on to them. Augmented Ironworks comes in at ilvl130 which is significantly better than what you're wearing at the moment. It's a no-brainer really. If you're into crafting, have been enjoying it and can see yourself wanting to pursue it into the endgame (which is an entire pursuit in itself) or just be self-sufficient from a crafting perspective (which is hugely beneficial) then I'd highly recommend keeping parity between the classes. It will pay off in the end and you'll thank yourself for it, trust me. There's nothing to stop you only focusing on one or two of them of course but the way crafting and gathering work in this game is that they are all ultimately interdependent on one another to one degree or another, whether that be pre-requisite crafts, materials or most importantly cross-class skills. Fisher is mostly an exception as that's its own little corner of the game that has its own very dedicated following. You can kind of fudge the endgame crafting stuff if you've only levelled a few of them but you'll find yourself relying on RNG procs way too much and it becomes too much of an exercise in frustration. At the very, very least I would ensure that either your miner or botanist (but preferably both) are kept up to date with your highest crafter as this will save you a fortune on materials.
  10. It's quite easy to miss as it's buried away in layers of somewhat impenetrable menus but if you cross the street and go to Seika, you can augment that gear for a few hundred more poetics tomes to ilvl 270. This'll take you through to levels 65-66 quite comfortably, so will potentially save you a little bit of cash by leapfrogging a gear tier as you head into Stormblood and climb towards 70.
  11. For my money it's the greatest fight ever and the absolute pinnacle in terms of two men leaving it all inside the cage. The staredown at the end of the 4th round gives me chills every time. And it was immediately followed by Conor v Mendes. Fans got their money's worth and then some that night.
  12. Vorgot's covered most of their use already (minions, mounts and materials) but there are a few notable beast tribes that are well worth unlocking and utilising. The Ixal are very handy when levelling low level crafters as their daily quests/hand-ins give decent XP rewards when it's at a premium at lower levels. The Moogles are an absolute Godsend when your crafters hit level 50 as the 3 daily quests they dish out give around 1 million XP per day. Unlocking them requires doing an ungodly number of side quest chains in their zone though but it is well worth it. Ditto for the Namazu and crafters/gatherers between levels 60 and 70. Their 3 daily quests are trivially easy and at their highest level give around 3 million XP per day. I've been levelling fisher this past week and just one or two days worth of quests from these little Fishie Bois negated literally a week's worth of tedious grind. The Kojin and Ananta beast tribes are also decent sources of XP when levelling alt combat jobs at levels 60+. Perfect way to spend your time when you're waiting for a roulette queue to pop. Shadowbringers daily beast tribes haven't been added yet but the principle will remain the same: something to do for 15 minutes each day that will eventually reward exclusive minions, mounts and crafting materials and be a convenient XP booster when levelling alt classes at the relevant levels.
  13. Roulettes are once per day per character not per job, so choose wisely!
  14. Bard has had a lot of its utility removed in 5.0 so that it's no longer such an overt support class. The core playstyle of the job hasn't changed at all though. It's still the most mobile job in the game with an entirely instacast kit that feels very busy and always has you pressing something. Doesn't have a 'rotation' as such as it's more about keeping up your song buffs, watching your DoT's and keeping an eye out for the big damage skills when they proc. Definitely a fun job if you like to keep busy yet stay out of the fray and always be able to keep on the move. Like many others though it is pretty boring until you reach at least level 70. Machinist saw a total rework from the ground up for 5.0 and is now a hell of a lot of fun. It used to be all about building up your heat guage and then unleashing it at once but it has a wider spread of mechanics now and keeps you more consistently engaged in my opinion. It seems complex but it's actually been fairly simplified once you get to grips with it. It's a gunslinger that summons automata to the battlefield and has use of a flamethrower. What more could you want? Its new guise has had a very good reception across the board from both newcomers and those who've been playing it for a long time. Since they sucked a lot of the fun out of Scholar in 5.0, Dancer has to some degree become my new main. Probably the easiest and simplest job to play in the game right now (although there's a definite skill ceiling in terms of really maximising its output) it is also one of, if not the, most gloriously fun to play too. A swirling dervish of cascading sound and colour that has heaps of party utility by buffing everyone's damage and in particular that of your chosen dance partner, it also has a huge damage burst potential. I love to keep on the move weaving in and out of mobs and appropriately enough dancer lives up to its name by having a beautiful rhythm to it once you get up to speed with how it works. It's just really really fun and I'd highly recommend it. Only caveat I'd add is that it is highly dependent on RNG procs, so you'll spend a lot of time looking at your hotbars to see whether they're available or not. Doesn't bother me but some people don't like too much RNG in their job rotations, so might be worth considering if you're one of them. Red Mage is fantastic fun too. Before dancer came along it was my go-to job if I just wanted to relax and have fun without worrying too much about any complexity or demands on skill. Essentially the playstyle revolves around building up your black/white mana guage by alternating between two skills from distance and then leaping in to unleash a high damage melee combo once it's full, before leaping back out again to do it all over again. It also has the ability to insta-raise at any moment and a reasonable cure spell so is always a welcome addition to parties for dodgy healers. It's very simple and very clean to play but also has a beautiful rhythm to it (which is what I tend to look for in a job) and was very popular throughout Stormblood. Truth be told, they're all good choices and I have all of them at lv80 so feel pretty confident in being able to recommend any one of them as being fun to play.
  15. Alliance raids (24-mans) when they're relevant and at current gear levels so provide a real challenge are my favourite content in the game. The final Stormblood one (The Orbonne Monastery) was exceptional and the Shadowbringers ones are going to be Nier-themed so I really can't wait for them. Having 24 people all working together to overcome is just such an amazing experience and I've made many friends through them. The old ARR 24-mans are just so trivial now in terms of difficulty that entire mechanics are completely bypassed or nullified. Still quite the spectacle but if you can get up to speed and be able to play the Shadowbringers ones when they're still relevant then you're in for one of the greatest experiences in the entire game. And yes the Crystal Tower storyline is very relevant to the Shadowbringers story as a whole, so it's a good grounding to have it fresh in your memory. I couldn't remember any of it and had to go back and watch the cutscenes to remind myself of just what happened and the characters involved.
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