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  1. pinholestar

    The Division 2

    It really is an absolute joy to play. There's so much stuff to do that you end up having emergent adventures spinning off in unexpected directions and whether you play for half an hour or five hours your time is always rewarded. Case in point happened to me tonight. I matchmade for a random bounty and once me and my three anonymous amigos had felled the target a nearby gunfight kicked off just down the street. That led to a nearby hostile control point which we took over and then another and then another as we left a trail of liberation working our way east along the National Mall towards the Capitol. As I was the leader of the group and the others seemed content to follow my lead I thought "Why not?" and marked a waypoint to DZ East as it was nearby and so in we went. We started clearing a few landmarks and then bumped into another group of 4. There was something of a tense stand-off as gunsights were trained on each other waiting to see if anyone was going to break the potentially fragile truce and unleash a rogue status, but no-one did. So without any verbal communication we instinctively started clearing the Dark Zone together. 8 people moving from one landmark crawling with enemies to the next under a hail of gunfire, drones buzzing alongside us and seeker mines scuttling off to blow the scavengers to kingdom come. It was glorious chaos and a constant cascade of loot. We all extracted our contaminated loot once with little fanfare but when we came to do a second extraction a squad of rogues turned up thinking they could have their way with us and pinch our hard-fought gains from under our noses. Don't think they had any idea that they were facing odds of 8 people vs 4. Not today you fuckers. We must have been in there for a good hour or more and by the end my inventory was close to the 100 items limit and I'd gone from DZ level 15 to 21. And it all started when I just set out to do a simple bounty. Now that's how you make a rewarding looter-shooter.
  2. Yeah I got past the bull and have about four different paths available now. I chose to go to the and reached the miniboss there. Infuriatingly I came so close to finishing them off first time but got greedy and haven’t been able to repeat the success. Will give it a rest for now as it’s such an intensely demanding game that I find it exhausting to play for too long. The level design takes a big step-up once you’re grappling around the vertiginous rooftops of the castle. Make sure you look up! I’m still not totally sold on it but it’s definitely growing on me and in classic From fashion once you’ve begun to really get a handle on the flow of the combat mechanics and increased your health meter a bit to give yourself a tad more room for error it becomes much more enjoyable. The skill that restores health on a deathblow kill is a total game-changer. Get that as soon as you possibly can because the vast majority of your kills will be with a deathblow and so it effectively gives you one free fuck-up per enemy.
  3. double post
  4. I did the Hirata Estate first but you can do either. For the Shinobi Hunter you just need to use the Mikiri Counter move when you see the red kanji flash up. Just mash circle without moving and you should be able to pull it off reliably after a while. The window for success is quite large. I find it works more reliably for me if I push forward at the same time as hitting circle but the move doesn’t technically require it. Guy on horseback is fairly easy as long as you have the Grappling Hook Attack and the Firecracker. Whenever you see the green symbol above his head use your grappling hook to leap across to him and get some hits in. Deflect his spear attacks and then use the firecracker to startle his horse and get some more hits in. His posture bar will be maxed out in no time.
  5. Press triangle.
  6. pinholestar

    Battlefield V

    Well they've also made two Star Wars Battlefront and two Mirror's Edge games in recent years and are the EA dev primarily responsible for the Frostbite engine, so they're not just 'the Battlefield studio'. Although the fundamental DNA is obviously always the same I think the Battlefield games are also sufficiently different to one another for it to not feel like they're just making the same game over and over. The gunplay in Battlefield V feels completely different to the gunplay in Battlefield 1, to give the most recent example. I can't think of any other big FPS franchise that's willing to change up such a core mechanic to the same degree. I think even if they wanted to focus the entirety of their development efforts on something brand new the fact that they're an EA-owned studio means they wouldn't be able to anyway. As I mentioned earlier it's EA's main tentpole FPS franchise that sells millions and (allowing for spin-offs like Hardline) is essentially inseparable from DICE. There's no way they're going to give that up. Most of the producers and various team heads there have been working on the series for years and years and they're absolute experts at it.
  7. pinholestar

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    I went for sword and dual swords and light armour, keeping agility at A. Maximum mobility and low ki usage. Dance around the enemies and slice and dice with the sword, switching to dual swords when in groups for maximum attack speed. You can't take many hits but as you're constantly on the move you shouldn't have to. Add in a few of the Onmyo magic skills at opportune moments and you should be able to deal with anything that the game can throw at you. It felt to me like an approach that utilised all the tools of the combat system to your best advantage. The beauty of this game is that there is no 'right' way to play it though. Any set-up can work as long as you adapt your playstyle to fit around it, which sounds like banal advice but it's quite true.
  8. pinholestar

    Battlefield V

    I just dearly hope that the next game in the series gets the development time that it needs. Battlefield V is amazing at its core because in the ways that matter DICE can do it like nobody else can and when it all works as it should it plays like a dream. But it was quite clearly heavily compromised and needed at the very least another 6 months of development, probably another year. You can see precisely where the corners were cut and they've been playing catch-up ever since. It should have hit the ground running but instead it sputtered into life and there's been a swirl of negativity surrounding it that it's never been able to adequately shake off. And it's infuriating that such a good game is not going to get the support that it deserves and desperately needs in its post-release content, if that incredibly underwhelming roadmap they just released is anything to go by. After the excellent BF1 a new Battlefield set in WW2 should have been a surefire smash but they've fumbled it completely. Doesn't prevent me from enjoying the game immensely but EA really need to wake the fuck up and learn their lessons from this one.
  9. pinholestar

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Now Wonderboy gets sparked out cold. Welterweights being dropped by lightweights left, right and centre. Really disappointed in that one as I’m a big Wonderboy fan and was hoping that with Woodley out of the picture for the time being there was a potential route back to a title shot for him. Ain’t gonna happen now. Pretty spectacular stuff from Showtime though, especially as he was getting handily beaten up to that point. Seems like his highlight reel has a few spaces left yet.
  10. pinholestar

    Battlefield V

    Who knows what’s really going on over there but I can’t help but feel that the reason this ‘live service’ has been so anaemic is because EA are making demands of DICE that they simply don’t have the resources to deliver. Battlefield is EA’s tentpole FPS franchise in direct competition with CoD (as they would have it) and it seems they want one delivered on a 2-year cycle, which as Battlefield V has egregiously shown is just nowhere near a long enough dev time to deliver a fully-featured and polished game. I’d be absolutely amazed if the reason there’s been fuck-all post-release content isn’t down to the fact that the majority of the team has been shifted over to developing the next title in the series. What form that’ll take I don’t know but if it’s another relative flop then I genuinely fear for the future of the series as EA have proven time and again that that’s how they go about their business: over-burden devs with unrealistic demands, fuck up the release of the game, abandon it rather than fix it and then shutter the studio because the shoddy release they’ve been forced to push out ahead of time doesn’t deliver the bacon and meet their shareholder’s satisfaction. They’re a fucking pox on the industry and if the Battlefield franchise ends up being a casualty of their ruthlessly misguided business practices then it’ll be a crying shame.
  11. Yep. Curtis and I have been saying the same thing in this thread. It’s a beautifully crafted game in so many ways and it’s mechanically as exceptional as you’d expect by From, but there’s a certain special something that it’s lacking in comparison. It’s a more savagely immediate thrill but it doesn’t have the same depth as those games.
  12. pinholestar

    Edge #331

    Nah the game’s a complete mess and felt like an early access game in places at launch. Really enjoyable core gameplay and bags of potential but I honestly haven’t played a game that’s felt so clearly unfinished in years. Entire systems that don’t work or are fundamentally broken and a looter-shooter with virtually no endgame content. Even by EA standards it’s pretty shameful to release a game in that genre in such a dire state. Nate’ll give The Division 2 a deserved 9 next month and your conspiracy theory will be in tatters.
  13. You don’t lose them when you die though...
  14. pinholestar

    Battlefield V

    So one new map in May and another two around June-August time. Next ones won't be until the autumn. So by my calculation that means we'll have been given a grand total of 4 new maps within the first 9 months of the game. That is absolutely fucking pathetic and it's glaringly obvious that there's a skeleton crew working on additional content for this Tides of War 'live service'. The whole concept's been a total failure. No-one gives a shit about new game-modes.
  15. Spoilers for first two 'proper' bosses: I'm getting my ass kicked when traversing the levels for the first time and facing most of the mini-bosses but the big bosses have felt easier in comparison so far. Makes me uneasy because I feel like there's something waiting for me in this game that's going to test my patience to the absolute limit, I just know it.

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