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  1. I really loved it. I thought the alien Nick Nolte played (Kuill) looked incredibly realistic (until his mouth moved anyway). I was saddened by...
  2. Yeah I noticed that. There doesn't seem to be any way to improve. However, when you the final invitational, which is a combination of sports cars, le mans and F1, you'll find that your are the front of the field.
  3. Can we use this thread as a feature request thread? I would love to see a proper lap chart at the end of each race .
  4. Way Of The Tentacle 2D Beat em' Up Sequel to one of the best point and click adventure games of all time.
  5. Does the Switch version have the other racing categories as well e.g. The Endurance Series? I've been tempted to get the Switch version for a while but I keep stopping myself because I've already played the mobile version to death. Is there much difference?
  6. LowCostMonkey


    I remember watching that race live on Eurosport quite vividly. They even showed a slow-mo replay of it straight after They obviously didn't realise the severity of it but you could clearly see him... well, it's not a nice topic to go into detail of. I remember the race so clearly. Franchitti, who was best mates with Moore, had a shot at the title against a rookie Juan Pablo Montoya. The race continued but they lowered the flags to half mast. I also have a weird memory of a reporter asking a really stupid question when the doctor announced they were unable to resuscitate Moore. The reporter just didn't understand what that meant and asked something like "is it serious".
  7. Yeah if anything Gorden be would Lestrade and Robin would be Watson. Alfred would be Mrs. Hudson, always faffing about, getting tea, high as balls.
  8. This is a really good read. It's an article analyzing why the British aren't holding Hamilton is as high regard as he deserves to be and the hypocrisy of it all. https://www.westerntelegraph.co.uk/sport/18017306.britain-refuse-warm-all-time-great-hamilton/
  9. I've been pretty cold on this film but after this reading this, I'm warming to the idea. https://lrmonline.com/news/matt-reeves-the-batman-is-reportedly-going-full-sherlock-holmes/
  10. I'm trying to finish off all the achievements in MM3 at the moment. Spent quite a few years doing F1 and at the end of each year, changing the rules to add or replace tracks (turns out 16 races per season is the max). I'm now in the Endurance Championship, hemorrhaging money each race
  11. I'm still convinced that the main character is going to turn out to be Bobba Fett (which would explain the carbonite). His face will be been a little disfigured from stomach acid but maybe he had it reconstructed and that's why he looks a little different.
  12. Totally out of curiosity and in no way trying to make you subconsciously want to start doing them again but what games did you still want do? Had you done all of your favorites?
  13. I said something similar on the Patreon wall but just to say thank you very much for all the episodes. Genuinely loved listening to them and it was a lovely 30 minute slice of nostalgia each week. It's not just the content that made these so great but also yourself. It's clear how much you genuinely love the Amiga and that enthusiasm is really infectious Massive congrats on the new job!
  14. Having to check the picture to remind myself, every single console in that picture is all packed away now Bottom left to right is Jaguar, PS2, 3DO, NES & Master System. Row above that is N64, SNES, Megadrive, Xbox. Row above that is GameCube, Amiga CD32, Dreamcast and PS3. Row above that is Saturn, Xbox 360, PlayStation, Wii & Wii U There were certainly a lot of wires and I actually added even more. On the right hand side is a SCART to HDMI converter. That fed into an HDMI switcher. That in turn fed into an HDMI splitter where one HDMI fed into the back of the TV and the other went into a Capture Card in the back of my PC. Probably only a 3rd of the consoles were actually plugged in, the cables for the others were in drawers in case I wanted to play them. I'd also wired the whole house up with Ethernet Ports and that "office" had a huge number. There was a little server room with 48 port switch, server and NAS. I er, went a little over the top. Dust was certainly an issue and over the years I became some sort of ninja master with a feather duster. I've since moved to smaller digs so it's all packed up now. Well, I've got Pro, 1X and Switch under the TV but most of the games in those library are digital downloads.
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