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  1. So pleased for Marcus Smith getting called up by the Lions
  2. Unbelievable game, the turnaround in the past 6 months from Quins under Gustard is amazing. Smith is outstanding when playing what's in front of him and has to be called up, just don't want Jones ruining him.
  3. The Quins game was insane, missed most of the first half but listened on the radio in the car and it wasn't sounding great as a Quins fan. Got home and turned on just as Dombrandt was collecting the ball to score Quins' first try. I'm taking full credit for the turnaround! Can't get excited about the Lions warm-up game, it's all about the Prem Final for me this weekend.
  4. Been impressed with all the squeaky bean stuff. Had heard the veggie quorn ham slices are better but I've only had the vegan ones and they're nice enough with some salad in a sandwich. Agree with @MarkN, have also used burgers in sandwiches/wraps. Also, Bosh have a great faux gras recipe which is essentially mushroom pate.
  5. Work lunches I tend to switch between Quorn vegan ham or squeaky bean pastrami in sandwiches, falafel or roast veg wraps or hummus and pitta if I need to grab something quick and easy.
  6. Over-carbed this by some way - didn't take into account that a lot of what was in the fermenter was cherries rather than beer. Had one bottle explode at 1:00am and the others fiz up when opening so if you've not got a glass ready you lose half the bottle. I've had some froth up a bit when you open, but this one is something else. Apart from that, it's amazing. Really fruity with a slight sourness, not too overdone. Best beer I've ever brewed, so gutted I messed up the carbonation. Happy to do a bottle swap and dig out something less explosive.
  7. Finally got round to bottling this today. Smells, looks and tastes amazing. Blows the 2019 version out of the water.
  8. I never label mine - different coloured caps and then relying on memory of what they are and abvs. Definitely labelling from now on, great idea!
  9. This! Brewed a bitter a few weeks back for @Flams birthday, knowing that the sour will use up my fermentation bucket for a few months.
  10. Brewed up a sour yesterday, got kilos of cherries from the allotment that'll get added in a week or so and then no more brewing for a while
  11. Yes please! Got 2 loads to offload and a decreasing pattern
  12. Have added my details to the google sheet, will grab your code and add you when my wife's finished. Hope all's ok!
  13. Wife wanted to play so new queue if anyone's wanting to sell https://turnip.exchange/island/8f0c5a21 @jonnyalpha feel free to use the queue and come over to explore, it's been fairly quiet all afternoon so don't think you'd be blocking anyone.
  14. Thanks guys Only really had a handful of friends to the island so it's nice to have strangers visit with positive comments. Even old 3 stars Goldbricker.
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