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  1. Norfolk Enchants

    Gaming patches are taking the piss

    To update Gran Turismo 6 retail disc to 1.22 requires quite some 'baby-sitting'. Download the first 6 patches of 21, cancel, go off-line, install, back on-line, download and install the remaining 15 patches individually (going offline after each one.) It took me several hours yesterday.
  2. Norfolk Enchants

    Your Christmas gaming goals

    I'll play Skyrim SE when the weather's poor and there is nothing worth watching on the wazzock lantern. Also, to avoid appearing too anti-social, I've started Everybody's Golf again on the Vita. Merry Xmas one and all!
  3. Hello sweetie!










    (Yes, you are right, I have no idea either!)

  4. Norfolk Enchants

    Time Wasted / Time Best Spent

    I completed Fallout 3 three times, with all the DLC, from scratch. Along with abandoned runs, I reckon 450 hours plus. Fallout: New Vegas is now 150 hours plus across three runs, and I have yet to finish it. I gave up first PS3 run because of bugs, started again on PC and gave up because of a save bug, finally bought the GotY edition for PS3. I'll probably do a Hardcore run, before 4 is released, and finish one of the main quests that I've failed (and don't have an earlier save "for"). Burnout Paradise took about 150 hours. Loved the online for that. Probably hundreds of hours across various Mario Karts, Mario platformers and sport spin-offs (particularly Mario Tennis 64 multiplayer).
  5. Norfolk Enchants

    Your Top 3 Lagers

    Budvar Kasteel Cru Kozel
  6. Norfolk Enchants

    South Park: The stick of truth

    I was wondering what to play next when I finish my first play through of Fallout New Vegas. This thread has made up my mind.
  7. Norfolk Enchants

    Fallout 4 - VR Coming Soon

    I loved Fallout 3. Played it through several times. At least 500 hours total. The bugs in New Vegas made me give up on the PS3. Tried it on PC but a save bug made me give again.
  8. Norfolk Enchants

    Nintendo 3DS

  9. Norfolk Enchants

    Nintendo 3DS

    Have some of the Miis team up with you. They'll follow you around until you press B and then they'll stay put for a while. I left a couple at one gate, dealt with the bomb zombies at the other, whilst keeping an eye on the gate status levels. Completed it - just - on second go.If you haven't already, check the zombie nav to see which weapons are most effective against each zombie type. That'll help as well. The mansion, fishing and garden games are bestest!
  10. Mario Party 10 released 20th March. Club Nintendo points expired 31st March. I was able to register them just now.
  11. Norfolk Enchants

    What games did you complete in 2015?

    Hmm... Does Staff Credits on Theatrhythm FF Curtain Call count? 9.5 hours in, and probably 30% complete, I reached 20k Rhythmia which triggered the ending and credits.
  12. Norfolk Enchants

    Nintendo 3DS

    A wild StreetPass appears! Someone called Nero on High Holborn, near the Penderel Oak/Kimchee, at 10:30-ish on Wednesday 1st. I've also had some success with the relays. Had eight in Cirencester back in early March; probably the WHSmith. Then six in the McDonalds on Friar Street in Reading, Thursday last week, and another four that day somewhere on Slough High Street. I've purposely gone in other places that supposedly use The Cloud for WiFi - Pret a Manger, Caffe Nero, other McDonalds - yet had no more hits. How long do StreetPass exchanges take? I was sat behind someone with a original turquoise 3DS on Paddington Station concourse (April 1st again). They were checking their plaza but nothing happened after a couple of minutes, and I had to leave to get my train. Of course, I assume they had their WiFi enabled...
  13. Norfolk Enchants

    What Are You Playing?

    I have the Vita CoL waiting on the pile of shame.
  14. Norfolk Enchants

    What Are You Playing?

    Splitting my time between these DS/3DS games - de Blob 2 (~40% thru), Theatrhythm (button on Basic scores, also have probs with the directional hits), Pokemon Shuffle (stuck on lvl 90, S-ranked to lvl 45), Ridge Racer, NSMB2, StreetPlaza, and Pokemon Y (about 6 hours in, need to catch something for someone...) At the moment, bursts of gaming suit me fine. I find it soon adds up, with over 40 hours since the 9th March.
  15. Norfolk Enchants

    Nintendo 3DS

    I'll give that a go. The 3DS only supports 802.11b and 802.11g (2.4GHz) so interference could be a problem. In the front room, the New 3DS can't connect to the Internet but my DSI XL and original 3DS can. The signal is reduced but they both connect a-okay. Cheers both.

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