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  1. Football Thread 2017/18

    Yep, the way they set up wasn't any different to the way they usually do. The biggest difference is they can't defend in the CL in the same way as they can in the PL. Every game, they're allowed to constantly push and pull, often with their arms completely outstretched in order to reach for their opponent. Last night they looked timid in comparison because they know that shit won't fly in Europe, particularly against a savvy team like Sevilla who, to a man, will just fall over at the slightest touch.
  2. Football Thread 2017/18

    Not for me.
  3. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Nobody is doing that. Spork is making out like that's what's going on when almost everyone seems to have acknowledged we didn't play well and they did.
  4. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Nonsense. So Young wasn't grabbing Salah? He's been doing it all game. All season, in fact. As usual, you are completely biased and concede nothing, but come on here and try to call others out for being biased.
  5. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    We've had two solid penalty shouts waved away and you've got away with untold clear pushes and high challenges. What is it that's gone against you? Lovren not getting booked when he should have?
  6. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    At least you got the foul. Must be nice.
  7. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    This referee is a fucking joke.
  8. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Watch 15 minutes disappear to unpunished time-wasting now.
  9. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    The Valencia one wasn't handball but both Young and Valencia defend with their hands constantly and never get called on it.
  10. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    The midfield isn't creating enough; the forwards are having to come too deep to get involved. Lovren has made two dreadful and basic mistakes. So disappointing.
  11. The Boxing Thread

    Agree 100%. He's just a cringeworthy, jealous bum. I think Joshua would take him apart inside 4 rounds, probably less. And I reckon Fury would play with him on the way to a UD, assuming he ever gets his shit together. Don't get me wrong, it's good that he's bringing some hype to the division, but I do think that's all it is. Although as Nayson already pointed out, his combination of power and athleticism/fitness is probably enough to overwhelm most heavyweights, to be honest. I hope he takes the offer from Dillian Whyte next, anyway.
  12. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Henderson will still be here and will still be first choice #6, unless we spend big money on someone like Jorginho, I'd have thought. I reckon the majority of games will see us line up with Henderson sitting behind Keita and another. Although saying that, look at how much we've rotated this season. And Ox doesn't have to worry about games as he's covering the wings as well as midfield.
  13. Football Thread 2017/18

    DT is genuinely mentally ill. He screamed in Robbie's face for like 90 seconds straight after the cup final the other day. Its great entertainment. I know a lot of Arsenal fans - most of my family support Arsenal - and not one of them can stand Arsenal Fan TV. It's the rest of us that watch it, and we do so for the bants. I personally really like Troopz, but I like laughing at his misery more.
  14. Football Thread 2017/18

    This is a really good post, and it highlights something that has been bothering me everytime VAR has been used. Seeing everyone bicker over decisions reminds me of my old statutory interpretation seminars at uni. Interpretation being the key word. For your example above, many people were confused about the offside because of Kane's position, as you pointed out. But there is also some confusion over the word 'deliberate', too. Does 'deliberately playing the ball' literally mean you deliberately move your foot towards the ball and touch it (regardless of where you intended to put the ball)? Or does it mean you attempt to pass the ball? A lot of people are saying Lovren deliberately played the ball, but if Kane wasn't there and the 'keeper came and scooped it up, would it have been deemed a back-pass? The wording of law 11 actually makes it clear that Kane was not offside because in order to have gained an advantage by being in an offside position, the ball would have to have rebounded off of Lovren, which it clearly didn't. Still, I found it interesting to see so many people on both sides of the argument making good points but getting all worked up over their own interpretation of the wording of the offside rule - many of whom had completely jumped past the 'gaining an advantage' section and were quoting subsequent sections in order to prove their point.
  15. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Mane loves to copy Bobby's celebrations. He can usually be seen in the background doing his best impression of him. He's like the John Terry of Firmino celebrations. I'm sure when Bobby finally signs his contract, Mane will be there behind him, signing thin air with his imaginary pen.

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