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  1. I use them they're fine, you just need a moment to get used to a soft brake pedal with travel rather than a hard pedal with force Though mine came with T-300 I think the only difference is metal footplates.
  2. Try the 993 on Race A for some more sideways fun. When you get in another RWD car afterwards you feel like superman. A bit like when you go in a cold plunge pool, then get back in the main swimming pool afterwards and it feels like a hot bath. Except the Gr3 GT-R, I cannot drive that thing. I love the 'vette, the R8 and other sideways ones, but the GT-R makes no sense it just goes sideways randomly.
  3. Oh for me I mean when you're in first pulling away (i.e. in 1st). Once you're up to speed it's not usually an issue, but it's the worst time to deal with it if you've just been punted/made a mistake and are trying to rejoin, only to perform multiple pirouettes in a panic
  4. Yeah I think all the Gr2 engines do this to varying extents. It feels like sort of traction control, or it mimicking a highly tuned engine that can only breathe properly at high revs, being driven by someone who can't slip the clutch. It's really annoying because you floor it and nothing, nothing nothing, nothing, facing backwards.
  5. There are some exceptions. The Gr3 Corvette peaks well below the redline, so you're actually best off shifting up when the bar is level with the RHS of he gear indicator (when it's flashing is too late). Also short-shifting (shifting a bit earlier) is a good way to save fuel in this game. Useful in this week's Race C I made several places in the pits thanks to using the Corvette and short-shifting when I didn't need max power.
  6. Can you use it in Gran Turismo Sport to stop the stupid gear change sound when you use a road car? It's like the computer is really uncoordinated and presses the accelerator before lifting the clutch. Silly thing but it sort of ruins the immersion for me, when you watch the replay and it's like EEErnnnnnnn EEErnnnnnnn
  7. Does the death chicane have track limits? Maybe it's just that you die if you hit the wall.
  8. The T300 is belt drive so smoother than T150/G29. Same 2 pedal box as T150 though. The hierarchy of FF is like vinyl turntables. direct drive > belt drive > gear drive Technics = Fanatec i think
  9. I’ve got a stand that says “Next Level Racing” on it. Works well with my garden chair
  10. IMO G29 if you want a clutch pedal. T-150 otherwise
  11. morcs

    The BTCC Thread

    O shit. http://news.donington-park.co.uk/msv-announcement-no-spectators-at-this-weekend’s-btcc-round-at-donington-park.aspx
  12. morcs

    The BTCC Thread

    Eh? Oh the British GT one on the 16th?
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