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  1. He should be but I can't see it, Lawwell would be admitting he got it wrong. There's little doubt Rangers are stopping the ten this season. 2 wins in 9 games, dear god man.
  2. Right, but the people who notice such things and watch those face offs should be buying the series x. The S is for a different audience.
  3. It's noticeable for sure, I remember the atmos effect being inconsistent on the Bone, like it was being turned off in more demanding games as the cpu couldn't handle it. Much better on the SX.
  4. The whole point of the s is it's for people on 1080p tvs. You're not really going to notice 900p so much there. I think these problems will go away anyway as devs get used to the hardware, there are always poorly optimised games around launch.
  5. It's already switched. Think it's largely neck and neck and probably as much down to supply constraints. I had a base One last gen, hated how sluggish it was and switched to ps4, rarely using my one even with gamepass. Now back to SX and absolutely love it. Loads of stuff to play that looks and runs so much better and the system is much more enjoyable to play games on.
  6. It's tolerable, I'd say less bad than the ps4 version actually.
  7. Celtic are as amateurish as I have ever seen us. The coaching staff clearly don't coach the players on such things as 'what to do when defending a corner' or 'what your position is'. It's just funny now.
  8. Just started this on series x I feel like the cutscenes look way better than in the past. Some nice depth of field or something. Judgement already had some good ones of course. Looking forward to getting stuck right in but early impressions are strong.
  9. Obama's new book is a strong recommendation, he reads it himself and he's predictably brilliant at that. It's also much cheaper to buy it with a credit than buying any other format.
  10. I use game warm or movie balanced Crackdown 3 impressed me a lot with atmos, can really pinpoint those agility orbs even if they're behind and above you. I've found that games that don't natively support atmos seem better with dts, depending on if your headphones have a profile in the dts app. Atmos is definitely better for films. I found Mission Impossible Rogue Nation has an atmos soundtrack on bluray (not 4k bluray). Amazing with the atmos features on.
  11. I just unplug the hdd, doesn't usually need to be on when the system isn't running. Long term I'm replacing it with an external ssd but for now it's a noisy 2tb hdd that I was using on ps4 until now. Quick resume definitely works in Forza Horizon 4 BTW. I use it a lot and it changes that game into a pick up and play quick arcade racing dream. I've been playing quite a lot of games such ad Jedi Fallen Order, Doom Eternal, State of Decay 2, Wasteland 3, WRC 9, Outer Worlds and the only things it doesn't work with for me now are Valhalla and some 360 games (in some of those it says
  12. That Phil Spencer interview on the Decoder podcast is worth a listen. It's a business podcast so it's a bit different from interviews he usually does with gaming media, even though those are always good too.
  13. And the flip side is that one of the big complaints about the xbox is that the UI hasn't changed at all. Which isn't really true, it's the same on both generations but it changed in a few major ways about a month or two before the new consoles launched, just people didn't notice for some reason.
  14. Even if the cable spec is good, yours might just be faulty.
  15. It turns out there was a bug in CoD on the s making it look worse than it should. With Valhalla on the series s you get the impression they just quickly turned up the graphical features a little bit on the last gen version, it should be able to hit 1080p60 I'd have thought otherwise. It should be more than ideal for 1080p tvs but it will depend on how devs optimise for it.
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