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  1. Director realised Tom Holland is far too young to play this part?
  2. https://megadads.org/2019/08/22/gamer-spotlight-vincent-caravella/
  3. Arrow was a really fun series for the first two years, especially season 2. Went to absolute shit after that.
  4. St Vincent has immediately gone from this to working with Taylor Swift. Explains a hell of a lot tbh.
  5. Konami will put their name to a slimy dog shite if there is 50p to made in it.
  6. Gamespot is rammed to the gunwales with boring fuds who make Ben seem like Larry David in comparison.
  7. Why is the No in line with the Time but the rest are sloping? It is irritating.
  8. This looks like a marvellous port. I'm getting closer and closer to buying a switch, probably won't get this as I've played it to death but man, it's sort of tempting.
  9. It's such a gloriously stupid thing that 15 years ago I'd be all over it.
  10. deerokus

    Xbox Game Pass

    Adore paradox games, never played stellaris though as my pc is too old. Intrigued how it has converted to pad controls.
  11. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are not by any means a metal band. Their new album (second of the year) absolutely is, however. It's fantastic. Here is a good song from it.
  12. deerokus

    Xbox Game Pass

    I found Yoku's pretty overrated.
  13. I always liked Starr on Banshee but this is a real star-making turn, spot on performance of a total sociopath. It's the little details like that fake smile he puts on when he needs to be in PR mode. Perfect.
  14. Can we get Tommy Wiseau doing Johnny Cage?
  15. deerokus

    Saint's Row V

    2 was a proper black comedy of a sort that isn't as common in games as it should be. 3 and 4 were more over the top comic book silliness. Also, 2 had a really great, satisfying and compelling structure which worked well with the story, something which is quite rare in open world gsmes. I loved both 3 and 4 even if they felt a little unfinished at times but 2 had that unique quality to it that I'd love to see recaptured. I doubt it, though.
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