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  1. Hmm, what's Valve doing getting into video game development?
  2. Bad films with terrific music

    The Fountain. A very silly but enjoyable film. Incredible score.
  3. Grace Park as well, also of BSG. My mind is blown by this whole story.
  4. Giant Bomb are streaming the piano and variety sets just now. Expect an extremely long stream! The aesthetics of the software are pretty fun, kind of a wario ware sort of vibe. Which is weird when combined with the flat pack furniture feel of what you are actually doing.
  5. Yakuza 6 - Baby's Day Out

    I need Matsunaga's trackie jacket.
  6. The improvement in Morrowind is terrific. It looks more colourful, even. (And of course the xbox rgb output was weird and washed out at the time).
  7. It's one of the annoying things about a lot of modern Japanese games - generally the ones a step below the top tier games. Needless tacky and shameless pandering to teenage boys. At least do it in a smarter way.
  8. So not only is this going to have PUBG mode, but other rumours are that he regular MP is going to be like Overwatch and (rofl) Lawbreakers. https://charlieintel.com/2018/04/19/rumor-new-call-of-duty-black-ops-4-leaks-indicates-mp-is-similar-to-overwatch/ It's amazing how this series has degenerated into just copying what other (less) popular games have done. And doing it less well. Titanfall was good so let's have a shitty version of wallrunning. People were interested in Bf1 so let's go back to a historical setting and somewhat more classic gameplay (which worked, so maybe they should have learnt from that). Now we have this, Reactionary Ops. It's like Activision don't realise that people who want to play CoD want to play CoD. Shame. Black Ops 2 was excellent but it has been all downhill since.
  9. A movie watchers blog

    She was the last big thing!
  10. Red Letter Media Fan Club

    That's also one of my favourite videos of theirs.
  11. Football Thread 2017/18

    Meanwhile, Chris Erskine of Partick Thistle isn't happy about being nominated for their player of the year award. Good point well made.
  12. Yakuza 6 - Baby's Day Out

    Chapter 3 mini (not really) spoiler for a quest title made me laugh.
  13. Yakuza 6 - Baby's Day Out

    The faces and the animation of them in the top quality cutscenes in this game is . The lower quality ones are certainly better than the puppet animation in 0 and Kiwami, too. Story is pretty good so far! I am impressed by how much more alive Kamurocho feels on the new engine.
  14. Wouldn't think so, DC keeps their TV shows separate from the films.
  15. I remember playing a DS game (which might have been a port of an older game) with a similar perspective to this, although it was a bit different in play, was more like a strategy game iirc. Anyone remember what it was? It's a style that doesn't come out often enough.

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