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  1. Pockets hates Danny, Mary, Dan... For shame! The fire escape cast continues to be good. They have a good thing there if they keep it up. I always found Mike a bit dull, sometimes slightly annoying on Resident Kinevil, but his personality works perfectly with Dan and Mary. Weird dude though.
  2. Destroy all humans seems to spit them out.
  3. Anecdote time and not really anything to do with this, but the ps-only people I know seem way more likely to buy physical copies for some reason.
  4. It's rock solid 30 on the series x already. It's not an upgrade!
  5. Yeah, it's just a lot of faffing to use your main console with it and you don't really benefit from the extra power AFAIK (emulation is typically cpu-intensive and the cpu is only slightly faster on the x, the much beefier gpu is where the power differential really is).
  6. It's a very good emulation box.
  7. It already was 4k/30. Bit confused.
  8. The S is a cool system but for anyone who is into games enough to be on this forum, I think it's the wrong choice. As a stopgap until the x is available more easily, sure.
  9. I really enjoyed the Fire Escape, I'm hoping it becomes a favourite of mine. It's very similar to the old Bombcasts - 3.5 hours of friends chat about stuff very tangentially related to video games. Mike Mahardy is somehow entertainingly boring and Mary and Dan just constantly wind him up works great!
  10. Nah non-sports games take a year to go on EA play, roughly. Sports stuff at the end of the relevant season.
  11. MS need to put this on fps boost
  12. It sounds like Jeff, Jeff and Red Ventures were planning a big reboot or overhaul of Giant Bomb and they weren't up for what it would entail. Their jobs have changed so much from what they used to be and honestly, who stays in the same job for 10+ years any more anyway?
  13. Yeah. The game isn't amazing, but definitely better with the boost on. Was already 60fps in the framerate mode but now also in high res.
  14. Shadow of the Tomb Raider looks absolutely fantastic at 4k60.
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