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  1. Hopefully you'll get drawn against Livi u21s and play a Caramel Wafer Cup tie at the Tony Macaroni Arena. It's a very weird competition but it works in a way.
  2. Is it meaningfully different from the phone game? That was a typical decent phone game. Fun enough but disposable.
  3. Tunnocks Caramel Log for you sir.
  4. It's the deliberately old fashioned gaudy branding Tunnock's uses that has probably barely changed since the 1920s that makes it so perfect. It's a shame the sponsorship is for the caramel wafers, not the teacakes. Missed opportunity to have teacakes being drawn from the hat instead of balls.
  5. I'm not convinced Konami even know PES exists - there's a team of five people in a forgotten backroom somewhere making it on the sly but telling Konami higher ups they're definitely making health club software. Smuggling copies out hidden inside pachinko machines.
  6. Scottish football, how I love you.
  7. I enjoy pes more than fifa although neither is really what can be described as a good game really. Fifa is flashy but hollow and not much fun, it's basically the perfect representation of the EPL. Pes is a bit of a mess but more enjoyable to play. It's a very poor era for sports games at the moment.
  8. Pes 19 has Celtic Park in so it's brilliant.
  9. The latest KGATLW single taken from their upcoming album, the second they're putting out this year. Fuck knows what is in the water in Melbourne, how a band can jump around genres so much (for example, the easy-going folk of Paper Mache Dream Balloon to this thrash metal madness) is beyond me. I love it.
  10. Dan is being interviewed by an AI. This is the opening of an episode of Black Mirror, isn't it? https://www.improvasylum.com/shows/deep-learning-with-merrill-grambell/
  11. Hopefully this question is being asked so all the filthy inverters can go on the list.
  12. deerokus

    F1 2019

    Sure, it's primarily designed for pad. I'll probably get this one at some point, the career mode looks great. Proper driver transfers and everything.
  13. Add me to the list, just watched it. The Guilty is one of the best films I've seen this year, a very well done small-scale thriller. I think the main actor is on screen the whole duration and in close-up for nearly as long, brilliant performance. One of my favourite things about netflix is how easy it is to watch films like this that used to require buying some expensive dvd if you even heard about it.
  14. The latest Crime Crew is something special. I was crying with laughter for the first ten minutes. One of my favourite GB things ever.
  15. deerokus

    Best New Music 2019

    Bad Religion released a new album last month that seems to have flown under a lot of radars. It's really good.
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