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  1. deerokus

    Xbox Game Pass

    Glad I didn't buy Indivisible, it's quite irritating.
  2. deerokus

    Xbox Game Pass

    I think the lines are screen tearing, not sure. Plague Tale is a game I've been wanting to play, good stuff.
  3. The Silverburn game shut down suddenly last year when Vodafone apparently offered more rent for the unit. I think some of the staff moved to the Fort one which has now shut, shame.
  4. Tutorials can sometimes still be pretty bad, I notice this a lot in strategy games. You get told the command to do a thing, but not shown where or when to do it. For example "click this menu thing and then this on coal to mine coal, now go do that" but doesn't give you any idea what coal looks like in the game or where it is in the starting area.
  5. deerokus

    Xbox Game Pass

    Original fat fuck model. I saw some mention of similar problems in the switch version resolved by rebooting the system so I'll try the game again later. Frostpunk (same developer I think), however, is fantastic. One of the most gloriously depressing games I've ever played! Edit: not same developer, the developer of Frostpunk is also the publisher of Morta.
  6. deerokus

    Xbox Game Pass

    Children of Morta seems to run really badly. Wtf.
  7. Rent is what's really killing physical retail. Online is a wound, sure.
  8. deerokus

    Xbox Game Pass

    It's sort of designed that way, it's a survival strategy game, those are generally all about failing in a fun way until you learn the optimal approach.
  9. deerokus


    Apparently RDJ's entire performance appears to be (badly) overdubbed. Wtaf happened.
  10. Critics on the whole seem to have totally misunderstood this film. It's weird. I think they were expecting some sort of Iannuci-ish satire? It's sort of like how critics hated The Witcher for not being Game of Thrones. On the other hand, loads of them are raving about 1917, a spectacular technical showpiece but a war film which lacks emotional impact and is devoid of anything to say and ends up feeling like a modern AAA video game.
  11. I can't imagine this has dated well.
  12. Also. For anyone who has ever follo wrestling. Jim Cornette angry that some wrestler did a GOTY list for giantbomb. Jim Cornette is a fud.
  13. No I think you're right, I remember that, he either lives in a rent controlled area or has some sort of tenancy that keeps him on 15 year ago rent. Something like that. I recall his place seeming tiny when he's streamed from home, however.
  14. Pc prices have been falling? Not as far as I've seen. I could afford a system to play modern games on nine or ten years ago. I am certainly better off now than I was then, with no chance of being able to afford such a computer unless I get a much better-paying job than I do.
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