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  1. deerokus

    Doom - 25 years old today

    It still stands up really well today.
  2. Weekly 15gb+ patches is starting to really piss me off now, means I can really only play this game two nights a week, and for one of them I will probably play something else. It doesn't seem like the patches add enough to justify such size.
  3. deerokus

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    I'm eyeing up thronebreaker
  4. deerokus

    Earth Defense Force 5!

    40 quid for an EDF game?!
  5. deerokus

    Red Letter Media Fan Club

    This film sounds decent.
  6. deerokus

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    No, it's flopped.
  7. There's an interview with him about that in that documentary, including photos and stuff. He was ridiculously young when he did that. Edit: Randy Pitchford is wearing a horrific shirt in this.
  8. NoClip just released a feature length documentary about Half Life. Should be excellent. I note that a few minutes in he says Valve completely blanked him. It's like they're ashamed of the whole situation.
  9. deerokus

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    A lot of them seem to have really loved Into the Breach, that will do well. Bit surprised about that to be honest, nice enough game but it didn't stick with me beyond a few days.
  10. deerokus

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I renewed but more out of habit than anything. I'm a bit behind on the really good Mass Effect series.
  11. deerokus

    Just Cause 4 - After Rain Comes Explosions

    They never fixed 3's shite performance on consoles so I wouldn't hold your breath. It was outright unplayable for me on Xbox One.
  12. deerokus

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Rangers held to a draw away to a Dundee side that started the day bottom, and played with ten men for 70 minutes. That's an appalling result for Gerrard.
  13. deerokus

    Mutant: Year Zero - Open World XCOMlike

    Sounds good need to try it. I was surprised by a review I read saying it's only playable on the easiest difficulty, that sounded like the reviewer is just shit at it.
  14. deerokus

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    It wasn't!

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