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  1. I don't really understand what they're trying to do with this kind of thing. Are they trying to be like a Netflix of YouTubers? There's no reason those guys couldn't do that on their own channel.
  2. Nextlander is strangely annoying. I only listen to the podcast though, maybe the twitch stuff is good but I don't bother with twitch.
  3. Take a small plane out around San Francisco, it's great. Like ultra next-gen GTA San Andreas.
  4. Forums dedicated to a single genre, or worse, single series, are usually a mix of weird obsessives and the absolute dregs of society. I stumbled into a flight simulator forum the other day, they aren't happy about the new one being on Xbox
  5. I've only heard bad things about the sam and max thing. The Room and Superhot are incredibly good.
  6. Jason has had a hell of a fucked up life. As for the new stuff, it hasn't grabbed me yet. I'm not sure who these heavy metal guys are though so that might be interesting.
  7. To clarify, Curse of the Dead Gods is very similar to but less polished than Hades. It has Dead Cells DLC. Dead Cells isn't that much like either game. All of them are really good.
  8. It's infuriating that real bad guys like J J Wank there always get to fail upward.
  9. Yeah, just click on the map where you want to go
  10. I found this pretty useful for understanding the autopilot in the a320. With that and the 747 I've mostly just been poking buttons at random until it seems to do roughly the right thing. The 747 one seems a lot simpler to work out by randomly hitting buttons mind, I couldn't get the Airbus to climb no matter what I did. I feel like Airbus need some user interface experts to look at their automation systems.
  11. The 2021 pes is better than recent FIFAs. At least it's very easy to keep updated.
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