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  1. It’s the time of the season where the physical prep done can really make a difference, so it could just be down to that. We saw it with Arsenal last year, where Emery had worked the players really hard in pre-season, and we managed to get good results largely due to that physical edge. It always catches up to you though.
  2. VAR official didn't suggest a review of it.
  3. The Fox


    Early days obviously, but so far it seems like more of the same, where we’ve got two wins from two by outperforming our crappy xG.
  4. If you think he actually believes that stuff and isn’t just trying to deflect then I don’t know what to tell you.
  5. Sean Dyche suddenly becoming extremely concerned for the state of the game after losing at Arsenal. Water is wet.
  6. The Fox


    Yep certainly seems that way. Not good at all. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/mesut-ozil-sead-kolasinac-left-18876936
  7. "Only Hazard" may be downplaying that departure rather significantly.
  8. The Fox


    Obviously that's not the case. I'm just stating a fact.
  9. The Fox


    Even with the issues on the left, the squad is now comfortably 4th-best in the league on paper. Any struggle to qualify for the CL is going to be firmly on Emery.
  10. The Fox


    I don’t have an issue with selling Iwobi. I don’t like a) the fact we don’t have a proper, senior replacement on the left, and b) that we’re only getting an initial £28m for him. I also think it’s a bit sad that most people here don’t seem to have a good word to say about a player who’s been at the club since he was a little kid.
  11. The Fox


    I’m not forgetting that; I just wanted us to use our best striker as a striker.
  12. The Fox


    So someone who needs to reinvent himself in a different position, and a child who’s played about 5 minutes of proper football. What could possibly go wrong. edit: an initial £28m too ffs. Baffled that you all seem to think this is good??
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