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  1. Half of them are out of contract anyway. Can’t help but think Levy has made a right mess of outgoings over the last couple of summers.
  2. Wouldn’t even need to move house. Get it done lads.
  3. The Fox


    United would've sacked him. Solksjaer has cachet from his time as a player that Emery can't rely on, and he also has a worse squad to work with.
  4. Why on earth is Darby Allin not on the card??
  5. AEW World Championship Chris Jericho (c) vs Cody 200 points AEW Women's World Championship Riho vs Emi Sakura 150 points AEW Tag Team Championships SoCal Uncensored vs Lucha Brothers vs Private Party 150 points Unsanctioned Match Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega 125 points Hangman Page vs Pac 125 points Joey Janela vs Shawn Spears 125 points The Young Bucks vs Santana & Ortiz 125 points
  6. The Fox


    I never want us to lose, but I won’t be that sad if Leicester hump us at the weekend if it finally convinces them to put Emery out of his misery.
  7. The Fox


    Said at the time that Rodgers was a much better coach than Emery. I don’t get much right but I’m taking the W on that one.
  8. The Fox


    Meh, there's no way he believes most of the shit he comes out with, but at the end of the day he's employed to be a troll, and people like Cesc quote tweeting him is exactly what Talksport wants.
  9. This 'not that sort of player' stuff crops up every time someone gets their leg broken and it's such an empty phrase. Martin Taylor. Ryan Shawcross. Neil Taylor. Always the same guff afterwards. "He's a good lad and he's absolutely gutted. There was no intention to seriously hurt anyone. He's not that sort of player." Now I can see why people want to use the term to defend Son, because his foul was obviously not as forceful as a lot of those other incidents, and by current laws should probably have been a yellow card. But ultimately unless we are to believe there are psychopathic footballers who go around deliberately trying to break people's limbs, then it's completely meaningless. 'That sort of player' simply doesn't exist. Pleading that the severe consequences of these fouls weren't intentional is so obvious that it shouldn't need stating, and doesn't detract from the fact that they were reckless and, to varying degrees, endangered another player's safety. Ultimately I think the best way to handle it is with harsher punishments for deliberate kicks or trips (and maybe even flagrant shirt pulls) with no intention of getting the ball. I can remember Xhaka getting sent off for something like that a couple of years ago, and I don't think there's anything wrong with it personally. I've already mentioned Guendouzi on Zaha, and there was one on Salah recently from I think Choudhury. And Son obviously. Just make things like that a red card in the laws.
  10. The Fox


    Think the Mourinho stuff is all coming from his end tbh. I doubt even our top brass would be that stupid.
  11. Yeah still no clue what you're talking about, sorry.
  12. Would you be able to explain the post to me? Shimmy hasn’t elaborated so I’m currently none the wiser.
  13. Yeah Man City do rotational fouling too, albeit not as often as Spurs. David Silva in particular has been a snide, dirty bastard for years and has largely got away with it. I obviously haven’t suggested that only Tottenham do it, and gave an example of an Arsenal player who deliberately fouled someone recently. The main problem here is that football is far too lenient on fouls with no intention of getting the ball, regardless of who they play for.
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