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  1. downloaded yesterday, played all night, got 2 hours sleep, playing some more. Kinda glad I never picked this up before. This is a life destroyer. And those hours just melted away. Help me
  2. yeah the analogues have more give than the vita but you can just give a slight push and it responds ok. gona try the split pad d pad later, I guess a lot easier. Forgot how addictive the nostalgia and lab unlockables are
  3. Really enjoying Pix the cat again having played it a ton on vita. Its 89p, or it was yesterday, I need more people on my list playing it for leaderboards!
  4. Does anyone have info on Microsoft flight simulator? My dad is really interested, he's been watching vids of it after being linked from flight disaster videos :3 . Maybe it'll be in this showcase?
  5. I used to play Age of Booty on 360 (fast paced real time hex based , up to 8 player boat resources strategy ) when it was on its last legs. I believe it was made by some of the ex halo 1 multiplayer devs too? There was a little community about 5 years ago which would play most weekends. I'd say about 20 semi regulars who would play competitively . Everyone knew what to do and how to out think every move and every upgrade and counter upgrade. I don't think the game got rated that well, due to having very little single player content. But with a map editor, there was endless new content from t
  6. I demand a recount !! I am too high up !!That's very nice of yous to put me second, really was not expecting that. I honestly came away from everyone else's islands feeling I can do so much more with textures and lots of things( though my main paths ate up about 80% of my textures :3 so kinda screwed myself) Congrats to BimBam and Mrs Skittles and everyone!
  7. Cool just thought I could roll in while you're away. But will be about in a hour then. Will leave mine open till then
  8. cool, will close up and drop by yours in that hour ! Let me know if you change the code or you can just open open normally I can drop in
  9. I've been open most of yesterday, all night and all of today besides a short visit earlier. Can you check at your airports plz cos my switch is gona goddamn melt In hindsight we probably should have said when each of us was available more specifically with a window of opportunity and what day. @NexivRed @letsbook @skittles @Uncle Mike
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