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  1. Re Post Credits: Put me in the pile that enjoyed this very much. I'm going upper mid tier Marvel.
  2. You can essentially just keep doing it by putting your pack rewards back in. Forever and ever. So all top top players have flooded into people's unreadables.
  3. A common gold team and a rare gold teams for an 86+ pick is pretty good value... I got Tav, the lesser of the Tav brothers.
  4. I recon we have EA spies in the camp. As soon at they saw Timmo getting a good pull. "nah fuck this, we cant be having that, the SBC is clearly broken. Shut. It. Down."
  5. I cant even fit him into my team. Mainly because I have no fifa coin and 1 Seria A player. And for me Futties has arrived long after I stopped playing properly (I just SBC for the fun...). TOTS always feels like the end of the road to me.
  6. Did one Futties as I am poor! Decent result.
  7. Much like icons, I'd be guttered by the majority of them but a few of them would be a good land. I think they are separate to icons... could be wrong.
  8. Looks like Hero cards are inbound... Spies in the camp clearly. EA need to stop stealing all my ideas.
  9. I was a bit worried about his lack of pace at this stage of the game but its not been an issue at all, he still makes gains on attackers with his OP tractor beam. And Pope remains as good as any other keeper I have had in this game.
  10. The two player picks have worked out pretty well for me! Havertz and Firmino. I got Verratti and Wijnaldum from my guaranteed packs aswell last week. Team is looking a bit wonky, pre formation change and I know the Chem will upset people but I'm OK with it. Post kick off...
  11. If it happened then it must have been ok with the three magic lizards!
  12. Got my 20x84+ pack this morning ...it was fucking dreadful. Not a single TOTS not even from the ROTW selection. I got two special, both 84 cards which are both useless. Standard Casimiro and Sterling being my best pulls haha. From all the icon swaps, the 82+ pack was by far me best, just shows the better the pack, rarely means the better the pull. Either way I pumped all those 84+ players straight into those SBCs. Got Tadic in 88+ and Depay in the 90+ Happy enough with Depay.
  13. Welcome to Fut champs! I mean its no fun at all but I dont think you can pin it all on P2W, maybe I am just less pessimistic! At this point in the game everybody has ridiculous teams, people who started R2G two weeks ago have silly teams. If you had come up against a team just after the game has came out, in Oct/Nov who is stacked with Icons then I would fully understand that gripe.
  14. I remember seeing this as a kid thinking, bloody hell 'friends' behind the scenes doesn't look like much fun at all. But the reality is, Johnny Vaughn is an absolute twat.
  15. Saving packs never seems to pay off. It's almost as if having loads of packs nerfs your drop rate.
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