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  1. Sony are clearly making a Spider-verse movie where we bring together Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, Toby McGuire and Nick Cage live action Spider-Man Noir. It'll be an absolute mess with a big pile of villains on the go. (May require some resurrection.) Molina as Doc Ock, Keaton as The Vulture, Dafoe as Green Goblin, Ifans as the Lizard, Fox as Electro, that guy as Sandman, Hardy as Venom, Giamati as Rhyno, Gyllenhaal as Mysterio and D'Onofrio as Kingpin (They can have him right...Just because I want him.) Venom will have to turn Villain and then turn Face to help out the spider guys, I dont like these odds. Think of the money. Endgames box office record is at risk!
  2. I've done 5 icons packs, because I had a whole lot of money left and nothing I really wanted to spend it on, So why not!?
  3. 3-3. What is this madness?! #PulisIn
  4. No idea what to expect from Middlesbrough tonight, its been a very quiet summer for us as we are cutting cost. We've seen Downing, Obi Mikel, Besic, Braithwaite and Flint leave, which will have probably made up the majority of our wage bill. I cant say I will shed a tear for any of them mind, apart from Mikel who was a touch of class. We've only signed 2 outfield players Marcos Browne and Marc Bola, who I know very little about, a little bit of reading says they both had good seasons last season in League one for there respective teams. Both young, both play in problem areas for us, Bola left back to challenge Friend who has struggled the past few seasons and Browne adding some much needed attacking width, of which we had absolute zip last season under Tony 'Fuck-nut' Pulis. There is still a core of a decent team in there, especially down the spine. (-Ayala because he is terrifying to watch.) The problem we had under Pulis was he liked to play two spines at the same time, you had 4 Centre backs and 5 central midfielders. But now with the addition of Browne, along with Tavernier and Wing being freed up and given more time after a bit part last season. Hopefully we can compliment that spine a little better, with a couple of limbs! Plus if we give our Strikers something to work with, any one of them could have a good season, they are more than capable. (Okay maybe not Guestede. ) I'm hoping Fletcher will have the impact this year! I'm fairly positive and looking forward to this season but I just cant see us challenging for the top spots this time round, I think if we make the play offs this season, it will be a big achievement considering the limitations we are working wit, along with having a manager who is fresh out the box. All in all, I'm fucking delighted to see the back of Pulis. He didnt leave us in terrible shape to be fair because we didnt give a great deal to spend, he maybe left us a little overstacked in Centre mid, but we've already cut 3 from the squad (1 on loan) and look a lot more balanced for it.
  5. I've bought Lacazette, Benzema, Werner, Thauvin TOTS for 800k, they would have cost me 2.9M on Wednesday. I've got two teams now, not sure why I need two team mind because I'm sat on mountains of fitness cards. (Both teams switch to 4-1-2-1-2 at kick off) I thought we were already in 6 and 2x3s territory but we are 100% there now. I bet my team from about 2 months ago is a very similar quality. (I'm gunna go find it...) 20th May. 13th June...
  6. You are in for a treat! Never mind the movie its self. But once you have seen it you can enjoy the spoilers thread where you can read endless discussions around piracy.
  7. Ive just spunked about 500k on Zapata, Illic, Dumfries and Werner. Not sure why! They just seemed so cheap at the time. I don't really have a big player in mind who I really want. I'm stuck in tinker Town. Well Dumfries for that strong link with Lozano. Even though I have an Untradable TAA, Lala and Cancelo. But I really like that Lozano.
  8. And I thought I was special this morning when I packed this:
  9. I don't think anything they have released recently has cost much at all. But this one will break the mould surely! 500k plus? The flashback choice one yesterday was an absolute freebie, Villa all the way!
  10. Steely


    Videos missing the audio, I can only assume Kolasinac was an absolute hero shouting "Go! Save yourself!". Boss. It was probably a fend off and run scenario considering they are carrying huge knives! If Ozil jumped out and it became a stand off, things could have been so much worse. I'm sure I heard that both players wives were in the car as well? Which would better explain the sharp exit.
  11. And of course no introduction of real teams! BAP is forever dead. The whole pro system is a bit shit as well, i miss the days of do 50 tackles to get +1 tackling. Score 2 goals from outside the box in 1 match to get +2 long shots. Proper tangible challenges! This year is by faaaar the most games I have ever played in FUT and that's probably because clubs is meh.
  12. I wonder if it will come back. They cant have a market without TOTW cards! Its what all these throwback SBCs are based on. I'm hoping for some kind of repeatable TOTS SBC because I am sat on stacks right now and they could end up being worth fuck all.
  13. You are dead right! Had my Boro blinkers on. All I could see was Adama.
  14. Kris Boyd scored 18 goals in the league in 2017/18. So you can imagine its hard to have parity of who is worth what if that can happen. I mean you look at the players moving into the Scottish league and they are League one and Championship players mainly. As frustrating as it must be, is that not about the level? And you don't often see a player from the Championship going for £25M, never-mind a full back. I think the championship record for a player who is leaving directly after a season in the championship, (not a team just relegated) is £18m for Adama Traore from Middlesbrough to Wolves (And even then he had already had 2 seasons in the premier league previously). If Wan-Bissaka had a very good season in the championship, he wouldnt have been worth £50M and you have to factor in the price increase because, United. Che Adams and Ben James are the biggest transfer movers from the Championship to Premier League so far this season and they went for £15M each.
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