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  1. @Ballzzie I didn't do the weekend league, but looking at the TOTW list, bar Aguero and maybe Rashford, they all looked like shit player picks!
  2. Looks like we are getting headliners before Future star. Far less interesting!
  3. Why do you think they will peak tomorrow if the SBCs end today?
  4. That is a will of iron. Well done sir. Have you done much trading? This has been a goldmine if you managed to avoid getting drawn into pack plundering.
  5. One last 83+ brought me... Jarstein. That guy is the biggest fuck you going. I dont know why I chose to do a few more, I listened to Flair get absolutely fuck all for about 3 hours this morning. Oh well! Best sell up anything you have left before it ends though! Go go go! Any Rares go for 1.3k min. (Possibly more, but Ive set me stall out at 1.3k.)
  6. I keep telling myself, no more SBCs and then proceeding to do all the SBCs. I cant wait for this promo to be over.
  7. Yeah probably not that tempting looking at some of the prices, there doesnt appear to be much change.
  8. Current est 224 - That's not too bad for an 88 rated right back who could carry you through to the end. But then again his 86 rated version is only 76k. Cant decide if this will make any difference to the cost of SBC fodder, think its a tempting enough price for a lot of people to do.
  9. Aw man! Missed it. No good then Pants?
  10. Well, Im pretty much bust of any useless players rated under 83, so I am going to call the scourge off. It was interesting! I'm something like 400 gold players down, thats not even taking into account all those prem players that got recycled. I ended up with TOTS Alisson, Lehmann and Keane. Whilst I am happy I got Alisson, if I got nothing that would have been pretty bitter, suprised I ended with no decent standard gold players to use though from the prem, was hoping to land something like a Salah, Son or Pogba. Highest rated card I got was David Silva, and then a couple of 87s. All in all, certainly not worth it, but not really bothered, I was already happy with me team so I didnt mind going full kamikaze at this point.
  11. Thats harsh! I've lost count of how many I have done now. I'm just plundering my entire club into it. I havent had any Prem players worth keeping, beyond Allison (IF Jesus and IF Delefloof). Ive had some SBC fodder but not much. I keep getting that Mark Noble IF as one of my non rares in a 3 pack which is odd. Ive had him about 5 times now. I just dont have anything I can kick him into though, so have ended up discarding him.
  12. If you cant summon up 700k for Mbappe, then Son at 250k! This is just based on my experience playing against them. Son seems to score from anywhere and Mbappe wriggles past everyone!
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