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  1. Pete

    House of Cards (US) (Netflix)

    She was a great character until she moved into politics, it never felt like she would be popular with voters and I never believed it. Would of been better to have her scheming behind the scenes.
  2. Pete

    Breaking Bad

    I think that's a bit harsh poodle, it was a light hearted comment I'm sure
  3. I think it would be OK, there are lots of images of dead bodies in various states of decomposition but no moving blood or gore. They don't dwell on the drowning in mud, and with the rats they don't mention the fact they made nests in the chest cavities of the dead. But yeah emotionally it can be hard if they've not come across war documentaries or films much before. They do really emphasise how young these soliders were, so many were 15. Beggars belief.
  4. Pete

    Doctor Who

    It was pretty bad science. It started well, and I was excited as lots of students now learn about anti matter at GCSE, unfortunately the explanation was bobbins. I shouldn't be annoyed but i think when they do use science like that it'd be nice to get it right. It is the BBC after all!
  5. Pete

    Cormac McCarthy's writing style.

    There's a beautiful almost mesmerising rythm to it, but it takes time. Blood meridian and the border trilogy are both in my top ten probably, stick with it!
  6. Pete

    Harry Potter is 20 years old

    I read these when I was 15, even though it was very uncool. I thought they were beneath me but by the third book I was completely hooked. While it's full of tropes the world building and detail are superb. The world opens up with each book and it's full of clever call backs and very satisfying twists and turns. Great way to learn a language! I might try it with French.
  7. Pete

    Doctor Who

    Don't get Physics wrong doctor!
  8. Pete

    Line of Duty (BBC)

    Just finished series four, very happy to see a new series is on the way. I mean it's total bonkers but i love that there's a thread that links each series together which hints at a much larger conspiracy. Hastings is an absolute boss. The actor who plays Arnott is awful though, what's with that?
  9. Pete

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Line of duty series four is up. Absolutely bonkers and amazing.
  10. Pete

    House of Cards (US) (Netflix)

    Imagine seeing that and thinking "oh great, Doug's still in it. I really wonder what he's up to"
  11. Pete

    Daredevil - TV Series

    How much of this is daredevil mopeing around saying he'll quit then training lots and getting good again? I think it happens twice a series and it's really boring. Just make a thing about Fisk and sack off the rest.
  12. Pete

    House of Cards (US) (Netflix)

    Ha ha yeah I read Doug was still in it. Fuck off Doug you are the worst
  13. Pete

    The Walking Dead!

    I've not watched since 2015 still love this thread
  14. Pete

    Inside No.9

    This is partly what fooled me, it's a very recent change so I figured it must be real. I switched over luckily I read this thread!
  15. Pete

    Inside No.9


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