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  1. I just feel sorry the tiny lion in that bin
  2. Yes me too. It's great and marks the period of Disney being fun again. And the characters are great.
  3. The question is @feltmonkey, has this cured your pessimism? What a world cup, thank God the ashes is so soon. Roy must open? I did not like the way he protested about his wicket though. Hope someone had a word. I hope Ali is back. Psychologically it'll be fascinating. We know the Aussies will give it their all and Smith likes all the attention I think, and he has a lot to prove. England tend not to choke these days even when favourites though, but I still think it'll be close.
  4. So many what ifs! I'm such an emotional mess I can't even begin to imagine how kiwi fans are. I've known a few in my life and I've not met many more fanatical lovers of the game. I'd given up at the start of the 50th over because I didn't want to cry so went in the garden with the radio, then that six happened and I ran back inside to see that crazy over throw. Lots of my cricket loving friends also missed it for similar reasons, one of my friends gave up when buttler got out! Not even thought about what a great world cup it was, and the best team won. Brilliant.
  5. Really struggling today to get anything done. Can't believe that bloody game of cricket.
  6. Incredible, listening to five live to cool off. What an incredible day! Just finished my BBQ chicken as well
  7. He's the man for the job. Optimistic again.
  8. All this not-dropping feels very unsporting. Swings back to the kiwis
  9. Seems to be swinging England's way now a little...
  10. Blimey @feltmonkey I don't agree, think as long as these two can get in we've got a decent chance. But then I'm always an optimist.
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