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  1. Gutted I missed that Kholi wicket, shame about the weather now as well
  2. The Dutch team obviously did something right with their track training. Dominant win that from Walls, amazing stuff.
  3. Loving the Omnium, looks like Walls is going to do this, he's in such a great position tactically.
  4. I've often wondered this. I was in Portugal during the 2016 Olympics and it was barely on TV. It is not a rich country, and most of it's sporting energy is devoted to football. I think you'll find Spain also underperforms compared to it's European neighbours. It's population isn't huge either, and there have been long periods where young people left Portugal to find work abroad. I'd be interested if anyone else has an idea though?
  5. Clearly the best is medals per capita. Tokyo so far:
  6. I quite like Sibley in a perverse way. It does feel like we've been having this conversation for years now though and I'm all for some fresh faces. Watching the highlights, Root looks tired and England don't look like they are having much fun. Maybe they need a pool and some inflatable unicorns?
  7. I hoped it wouldn't be something so stupid as this but it makes sense. Didn't he totally take India apart on the last tour? Anyway, classic England, left for a swim when it was Root and Bairstow batting, now I turn it on to hear the crowd going mad for a Broad boundary.
  8. Looks HD to me, might be your internet
  9. Why is Moeen Ali not being selected?
  10. Live climbing on red button now, yay! The Slovenians bouldering was next level, should be a good final event.
  11. Yeah this is what I thought, the lead wall is a total surprise which they only see as they walk up to it. The bouldering I think they get forewarning though? Annoying they only seem to be showing the speed part, which is the least interesting to anyone who knows a little about climbing.
  12. I've only just checked the score, genuine horror before massive relief it's currently 16-1. Kind of glad it's Burns as well as he has the least to prove in the top order at the moment.
  13. Fouling in basketball remains a total mystery to me
  14. This hundred is alright isn't it? Seems to be genuinely quick unlike 20-20. Badly needs some way of recording economy for the bowlers though, surely one of the most important statistics in the short form?
  15. Amazing to see Olympic surfing today, and in pretty relatable conditions for a UK surfer. The real winner of the games though is surely Lutalo Muhammad, who brilliantly upstaged that awful BBC breakfast presenter. Give that man a job.
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