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  1. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans The Last Laugh Baby Driver
  2. Great topic, great replies. The only issue is this thread broaches too many ideas. Do books progress? Do movies? Either way, I do think our purpose in this life is to learn. FWIW, movies over the last 10–20 years seem less and less significant, while videogames continue to fascinate me more. Are they the art of the zeitgeist? I'm in awe of the of artistry and creativity that went into Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Baldur's Gate III, and Cyberpunk 2077. Games I couldn't of fathomed 10 years ago. Then again, my mind was similarly blown by Fallout 3 ages ago, and I generally expect to be amazed by the wizards at Nintendo. Overall, to the topic at hand, I think the biggest development in the last decade, as mentioned earlier in the thread, is the emergence of indie auteurs. I think it's shocking to see GOTY's from small titles like Celeste or Slay the Spire. I remember a 90's retrospective program about the movies. They interviewed famous directors on the future or demise of cinema. I think it was Francis Ford Coppola who prophesied a great future of film where masterpieces would be made by relatively unknown talent on cheap tech. At the time I thought his vision was impossibly optimistic. Go figure.
  3. This thread has been a joy! Thank you! Thanks to everyone. It's helped me shift how I view the reading and writing of lists. Like the small treasure of passing by a stranger in a crowded city and exchanging a smile or greeting, these lists and in general all aesthetic opinings, are a great way to see and be seen. I say namaste.
  4. 1. EarthBound 2. Super Mario Bros. 3 3. F-Zero GX 4. Resident Evil 4 5. Super Monkey Ball (video game) 6. Skies of Arcadia 7. Flashback (1992 video game) 8. Final Fantasy IV 9. Wipeout HD 10. Mario Kart 8 11. Killer7 12. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 13. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 14. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 15. Resident Evil 16. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 17. Metal Slug 18. Super Mario Sunshine 19. New Super Mario Bros. U 20. Peggle
  5. Alien: Resurrection is an excellent film, second only to Scott's original.
  6. Today was my first 1st guess, too. I'm enjoying it; thank you for the rec robotattack.
  7. Game of the Year 2021 A1. Hot Wheels Unleashed A2. Metroid Dread A3. Guardians of the Galaxy A4. Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection A5. Cruis'n Blast Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Super Mario 3D World (switch) B2. Mushihimesama (switch) B3. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (stadia) A day to Night difference between this and the switch version in terms of loading times and graphics. Quick, silly, and more or less mindless fun and wonder, this epitomizes my current taste in games. I think it's a bona-fide classic, and almost as good as Metroid Dread, which while equally dumb 2d-fun, somehow manages to make me 32 years younger, wherein I easily imagine myself lost and hunted on an alien planet. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Monkeyball Z2. rllmukforum.com mostly ignoring Hot Wheels Unleashed This isn't a finger-pointing type of disappointment, rather, a personal, existential doubt of my gaming tastes. I see the best arcade racer since f-zero gx, and my favorite forum mostly says mum. Sure, the graphics are boring, but the sense of speed and in-the-zone cornering hits the sweetest highs possible in gaming. This isn't my all-time favorite racer, yet arcade racing games are my favorites. Z3. Sound Design of the Year S1. Guardians of the Galaxy S2. Metroid Dread S3. Visual Design of the Year V1. 65" Sony Bravia TV OLED tvs offer the biggest jump in graphics I've witnessed. What prompted all this was the supposedly great value of the stadia Cyberpunk/chromecast promo. Suddenly after years as a Nintendo only gamer, I could feast on high-powered computing. Soon thereafter, I realized having a tiny unit with low res was a waste. The only sensible choice was a $$$ tv. And what a tv. It makes old games and movies new and different. It's like when I was a dumb college student wondering what a movie would be like while high. V2. V3. Writing of the Year W1. W2. W3. Format of the Year: F1. stadia Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Capcom
  8. Full disclosure, as currently written, I voted Yes. However, if it was specifically worded as, Should Hades be included in this year's GOTY awards? Giles: No
  9. RE: the music If a game can be more than the sum of its parts, this is it. The lack of melody looks like a severe and daring design choice to me. It makes the EMMI zones pop. I'm reminded there was no music in Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds."
  10. After hearing the disheartening reviews of Monkey Ball, I bought this instead for the Switch, and couldn't be less disappointed. It's the most fun I've had with a racing game since F-Zero GX. Game of the year for me.
  11. I recall seeing similar dreary forecasts in the Schmup thread, and yet, maybe thanks to their passionate talk, that genre now seems to be enjoying a comeback. Is it time for an Arcade Racers thread? Until then, allow me to continue off-road topic: is the new Hot Wheels Unleased legit?
  12. The million dollar/ forty dollar question: Is it worth its mid price point? I dunno. It's certainly cheaper than buying a Hydrothunder cabinet for the house. I like it. I wish there was more to say, but it's really too wild and mad for me to wrap my mind around. In the little time I have for gaming, this is perfect.
  13. I hope it plays like F-Zero GX.
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