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  1. I realise this thread is pretty young, but thanks to the Bumble, Wolverine, Pictonary and Bomberman bits, I think it may be one of my absolute favourites. Amazing stuff.
  2. Jolly

    Nintendo Switch

    I played Ruiner a couple of years back on the PS4 and didn't think it was that good unfortunately. I found it extremely tryhard in its bleakness and with some awful bosses. I think I played it off the back of Nex Machina so it was always going to come off somewhat badly, but I was surprised by just how little I enjoyed it.
  3. Bought it and it's still totally excellent. Turns out my willpower maxes out at 12 hours. God, I love that opening pizza eating bit.
  4. Jolly


    I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for a Switch release. They don't even need to do anything fancy with it. Just put it on the thing.
  5. Yeah, I suspected that would be the case. The story and tone aren't really my cup of tea so far. Thanks man!
  6. Was bought the triolgy in the Switch for Christmas and am about three hours in. Struggling with it frankly. Finding it exceptionally dry and fiddly as fuck. Is it worth me sticking with it for a little longer or should its charms be apparent to me by now?
  7. Sorely tempted by Devil May Cry 3 again on account of it being really good and because I apparently enjoy repeatedly buying the same ten or so videogames over and over.
  8. What I'm particularly enjoying about Shibuya is the points of interlocking. Something that seems completely irrelevant in one characters thread is of vital importance in another. It's a different kind of smart to Virtue's Last Reward (even if the drama all seems a bit less KERBLAMMO! and a bit more kerpuft)
  9. Yesssss, thank you!
  10. I still think Virtue's Last Reward (which I played on the Vita) is the absolute pinnacle. You've also got the Danganronpas and Steins;Gate so the Vita is pretty spoiled, really. On the Switch I thoroughly enjoyed VA-11 Hall-A although I do recommend that with the caveat that it's proper laid back. I've not played AI: The Somnium Files which is done by the same dude as Virtue's Last Reward. I've heard good things, although I've also read that the Switch version was a bit dodgy.
  11. There was another speedboat game on the NES and the name escapes me. I've got a vision of you shooting a sea dragon at some point. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? My mind is going. Dave. I can feel it.
  12. Noticed Florence is out this week, which I seem to recall getting very positive word of mouth a year or so back. In my head, it's going to be the videogame equivalent of Amélie and hopefully worth the effort of ensuring I got that diacritical mark in the right place.
  13. About five hours into 428 Shibuya Scramble and throughly enjoying it so far. The interlocking threads and cause/effect narrative splits are really, really well done. It's also feels - refreshingly - a bit lower stakes compared to other visual novels I've played (which seems a little ridiculous to say given that it opens with a kidnapping) and the translation is excellent with the jokes landing more often than not. Really looking forward to seeing where it goes and why it's considered so special.
  14. Jolly


    Does anyone mind explaining the differences between the versions on Psyvariar Delta for me please? I'm finding trying to figure it out is distracting me from actually enjoying what I'm doing From what I understand, Revision has more bullets than Medium Unit. But I can't seem to find anything that explains what Delta is doing. Which should I be concentrating on to begin with? Thanks in advance. Kind regards Jolly
  15. VR will struggle to take off whilst it's so difficult to play and know where your class of wine is simultaneously. In the immediate future, I can see a big resurgence in same room multiplayer. Rock Band and that were well over ten years ago now (fuck me) and although the mid 2010s attempt to resurrect music games went rather badly, people will always enjoy seeing their older friends and relatives being made to look stupid by a computer . Labo and Ring Fit seem to be on the road there, but it just needs one simple stupid spark to ignite the whole scene again.
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