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  1. Shmups

    I've played 3, 4 and 5 on your list and I'd agree that Blazing Star is the pick of the bunch. They're all pretty bloody excellent though. Gunbird and Pulstar are next on the buy list I reckon. I've also got Aero Fighters 2 but not really dedicated too much time to it. My highlight from the latter so far is the immensely brilliant opening line from one of the pilots "I am a ninja, my life is lonely and difficult", which I can empathise with.
  2. Shmups

    Ah, found it, thank you! Bit odd though; it's not in "options" but in "game options" just before you start. I would say that it doesn't seem all that intuitive but then everyone else seems to have managed to find it alright, so guess it must be me!
  3. Shmups

    Am I missing something really silly and obvious because I swear trance mode activates itself automatically..? Is there a option or something?
  4. Shmups

    16th on caravan mode with 1 321 670. Very nearly didn't survive the full five minutes; Jesus my hands were sweaty! Brilliant game, although I do wish it was a little less vague in letting you know when you've picked up a BONUS!
  5. Kirby Star Allies - Out now!!

    Just played two hours of this with the family and it was easily the best bit of gaming I've had this year. Will say that as a family of four with kids of seven and five, it's pretty much designed with us in mind, but it was an absolute riot. Just awesome, wholesome, wonderful fun.
  6. Shmups

    Friend code below if anyone wants to add me up. Can't remember if the leaderboards have a friend filter, but still..! SW 8315 4973 6987
  7. Shmups

    Yes! I'm playing! Think I'm just a shade over 50th on Caravan mode. I'll have to have another run at it this evening. Probably my favourite Switch shmup of the five or so Ive picked up so far.
  8. I'm not sure Mario/Horizon are guaranteed second and third. This place went absolutely bananas for Yakuza; I could easily see that taking the silver.
  9. My sixth favourite game of the year. Absolutely broke my heart not to be able to vote for it. FUN FACT: Other than Bloodborne, it's the best Souls fame.
  10. I didn't like Dishonored either but really loved Prey (it just snuck in as my number ten for of the year). Might have been a bit higher but it is a bit wonky in places (on the PS4 anyway) and is easily five or so hours too long.
  11. Nier followed by Persona? I move that we call this section of the show Qazimod's Qhoice.
  12. I think it suffered fairly majorly from being released smack bang in the middle of a ridiculously purple patch. And if I have to be mean to it, it does look fairly derivative; mixing a few too many browns and greens in with the glorious neon. But it's also, literally, the absolute pinnacle of the genre. A perfect expression of a simple concept. Considering there's been examples of the genre fairly consistently for over thirty years, I think it's unlikely that the "twin stick shooter has had its day". But if it has had its day it's because of Nex Machnia, not in spite of it.
  13. Crappy User Interfaces

    Yes! I was trying to think of what game that spiral letter entry thing was from as I was reading through the thread. Completely baffling its not been stolen more often. Quick and satisfying.
  14. The Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption are the two most recent biggies. I just found them both incredibly dull and way too fond of themselves (if that makes even the remotest sense). Genre-wise, I don't think I've ever really enjoyed a RTS or a Point and Click Adventure. Convinced there's something in my wiring that just makes me completely incompatible with the type of thought required in either.
  15. Nintendo Switch eShop

    I really should get round to that. It's downright outrageous that I haven't bought it yet. Thanks for posting shortly after I'd already spent some money mdn2

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