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  1. Hmmm, I'd been looking forward to this but it does all look pretty ropey. Think I'll probably wait and see some reviews for both this and Famicom Detective Club to see what's best suited to satisfy my visual novel itch.
  2. I know Returnal is a game about repeatedly crashing on an alien world, but this is all a little on the nose.
  3. My favourite bit was when you spent twenty minutes roundhouse kicking insects on foggy mountain.
  4. Jolly

    Xbox Game Pass

    Quite pleased with the opportunity to give Steep another go. I'm oddly in love with games that involve hurtling down a snowy mountain; despite never having touched the pursuit in reality*. I briefly played it about three years back and something just didn't click instantly for whatever reason (I expect I was still pining for another SSX and was disappointed I couldn't spin the snowboard around my neck like a propeller within the first five minutes) and I abandoned it within a single evening. Really should give it a fair whack. *I strongly suspect a large portion of my obsession is
  5. This is exactly where I am. I'm fairly certain that the recent Resident Evil 2 was released at a similar time of year too. Seems odd to me that they clearly don't take this in consideration.
  6. Nothing has bettered Virtue's Last Reward for me yet (it's the second part of the Zero Escape trilogy). I'd go as far as to say it's my favourite narrative in the whole of videogames. If I could have my mind erased to play one game again fresh, it would probably be that one. Big fan.
  7. Not even these are safe. My children got into occasionally picking up the Unofficial Fortnite magazine with their pocket money and I was suprised to hear from them that it's recently stopped. Seems a fairly stark indicator when a mag on a mind-blowingly massive, constantly evolving game that's regularly discussed in the playground can't sustain an audience.
  8. Jolly

    Xbox Game Pass

    Finished Rain on Your Parade the other night. Perfectly fine fun and everything but I found the comparisons to Donut County in here are a little surprising. I found the latter to be light years ahead in just about every aspect.
  9. Steering clear of reading this thread in too much detail, but just popping my head round to say holy crap the sound design in this thing is extraordinary.
  10. Didn't think we'd have a contender to beat 'music is done' for the Maddest Thing Said on RLLMUK '21, but here we are.
  11. Waiting on my Switch code which is irritating. It sort of feels like I'm being punished for kickstarting it; if I hadn't, I would have bought and played it by now! Realise this isn't a new thing for crowd sourced stuff but it doesn't make it any less annoying. I'm also a very impatient man so waiting a day or so feels like aaaaaaaages.
  12. Got caught up in all the hype last night, doubled down and bought a Pulse headset to make best use of all the fancy noises. Yes, I am very suggestible.
  13. Great to see Gnosia get a bit of exposure. I really enjoyed my time with it, even if it does fall a little short of lofty standards of the Zero Escape series.
  14. Definitely gets better as it goes along this; although that does largely depend on whether you enjoy being confused. I had only the faintest grip on what was going on by the end but it was quite the ride. I got caught out by some of the stingy checkpointing - and it's almost begrudgingly interactive at times - but would recommended to anyone who likes stroking their beard.
  15. Definitely going to pick up at least one more of these whilst they're on sale. I've discovered recently that I need to have a Picross game on the go AT ALL TIMES.
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