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  1. It's a French series about a young woman who has been writing successful horror novels with the inspiration of her recurring nightmares about a witch, Marianne. When she decides to stop writing about her after 15 years, her nightmares return with a vengeance, seemingly intersecting with her real life, thus forcing her to return to her hometown to find out what is happening. I know, doesn't really sound like anything new, but I'm 4 episodes in and very pleasantly surprised. There are some wonderfully eerie scenes that truly manage to build suspense. Without spoiling anything, there is also an actress who is very, very good at being the creepy grandma of nightmares.
  2. Yeah that was a nice touch.
  3. One of my biggest gripes was also:
  4. You're correct sir, I was referring to the latter.
  5. I must just be a sucker for the It franchise. All of the critiques people mention here went right over my head. I was glued from beginning to end. "Its too long". The book is ridiculously long, and as faithful as the movie appeared to be to it's source material they would have had to cut way too much to meet your general movie length. I thought this movie made the best decisions they could make with how to approach the notorious climax. I agree that there was an attempt to be too funny in some areas, but that is over shadowed by how much I enjoyed it. My only gripe would be the reliance on CG.
  6. Regarding the length it definitely sounds like the book, the ideas are great but King is such a self indulgent writer. It sounds like the film is maybe too faithful and like the book could have done with some trimming.
  7. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/3kxd99/games-industry-wrestles-with-multiple-new-allegations-of-abuse Everything about this is terrible.
  8. Dolores Clairborne Fuck me this is easily 5/5, never hear this film being mentioned but easily one of the best King's adaption.
  9. yakumo

    Nintendo Switch

    Thank you, I'm in the same boat. I might wait for a sale. It would be just nice to have this to play portable. Haven't played since Uni. Hope we can see a physical release.
  10. yakumo

    Nintendo Switch

    Ho much is Deadly Premonition on the eshop?, plus did I hear that right regarding the Kirby game being free?.
  11. yakumo

    Nintendo Switch

    Well the whole Overwatch x Nintendo cases sort of sealed the deal for me aswas proof. Regardless it do well on the Switch, I always loved the characters and lore of Overwatch
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