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  1. Clearly someone with good taste like me and appreciate the high brow sequential art form.
  2. Talking about FF4, you guys should watch the Doomed F4 documentary
  3. Not sure but have you heard of this small up and coming new band?.
  4. M'Baku makes sense. Shuri did become the Black Panther in the comics too so its not out there. But it does make me laugh that Shuri in MCU is a genius scientist capable of insane medical marvels but actually stupid in real life.
  5. Also they had to put Mr. Sandman as some slow creepy tune didn't they?. I admit I cringed.
  6. yeah that really put me off her, wish they just get michael b jordan back in some redemption arc.
  7. Apprehensive as this is Netflix, looking at you Locke and Key!. However, Boyd Holbrook as The Corinthian is on point, from what we seen is everything I imagined him to be. Still unsure about Morpheus as the comic version is burnt into my brain. Also Merv is voiced by Mark Hamill
  8. What I like about Ventriloquist is that he is just a human like all of us. He looks innocent and average, but with his puppet in his hands, he becomes the most scariest villain. You may not understand him at first and you would think that the puppet is the boss and he is it's servant, but then you realise that he is a psycho with a mental illness, who kills people pretending that it's the puppet who is doing the dirty work, not him. Ventriloquist has a split personality, and two of his personalities can be seen in his design. A middle aged, polite, nervous man is holding the puppet of a violent mafia boss with a tommy gun. Scarface is his split personality, a more aggressive one that can represent what he truly feels inside and what he wants, and his real self, has doubts and but it does what the puppet says. We don't know entirely if Ventriloquist is actually a psychopath with a split personality or the puppet is supernatural, but both versions are equally scary to think about.
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