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  1. This movie was trash (warm, comfy and slightly squish). Anyone else choke up as well?
  2. Also Ape Escape soundtrack is great:
  3. Going bananas if this is true.
  4. That sucks pretty hard, sort of similar but not in the same ball park. Remember when I was younger and collecting comics I bought a whole wad of X-men no 1s, Death of Superman issue 75 and batman 500 when the new Batman appeared. All in the belief that in a few years I could be sitting on golden goose. Sadly that never happened, and even to this today the prices are really low.
  5. Thanks, I always overlooked Crash as I saw them everywhere when people were selling PS1 and thought it had little value because the game was so common.
  6. Excuse my ignorance but £20 each for a copy?. Was that a good rate for a near min copy of Crash at the time?.
  7. Guys you really need to watch Ouija 2, directed by Mike Flanagan and has some of the cast from Haunting Hill. It shows how good he is that he could turn a rubbish franchise like Ouija in a great horror movie. Really similar in tone to Absentia too and Occulus naturally.
  8. Little Shop of Horrors is amazingly good musical, and has that 80s off beat comedy.
  9. That is possibly the lowest bar you would have to pass to make a game.
  10. So this is like Max Payne crossed with Superhot.
  11. It feels a lot like a male version of the Descent, and I mean that in a good way.
  12. I love King to death, but his opinion on Kubrick's Shining means crap. Dude was praising The Dark Tower before it came out like it was the second coming of Christ.
  13. I thought the book was good, but I wouldn't consider it horror as The Shining was. I don't think the people that didn't read the book realise this. It's not a
  14. Mike Flanagan aka guy who did Absentia, Occulus, and the wonderful House of Haunting Hill. No offence but Gerald's game was weak compared to his other stuff. Guy is crazy good at understanding horror
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