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  1. RIP. Huge part of hip hop history that singlehandedly saved Def Jam.
  2. I guess people are fatigued by dark "realistic" superheroes in a time like this?.
  3. I know he's meant to be actually a nice person in real life from hearing various accounts of him but Garth can develop wonderful characters and brings in deep themes that examine humanity, survival, war, oppression, sexuality, trauma etc. etc. Millar's work has no soul. Though admittedly I forgot about the Authority which I did enjoy.
  4. Apparently the whole Superman born in Russia was Grant Morrison's idea, and one of the reasons there's beef between the two. For me Millar is some edgelord, he would love to be like Grant Ennis but all his works come off as mean spirited.
  5. yakumo

    It Takes Two

    Finished it, and agree definitely contender for GOTY. Needs to win some awards at minimum.
  6. yakumo

    It Takes Two

    Man there's some messed up situations in this game around the parents. While its certainty really charming and funny, the parents are right shit lords.
  7. To be fair if someone spat at me, I be raging too and I'm not a tough guy.
  8. Sam Kieth drew a mean Wolverine too. When I was younger I used to love Jim Lee's artwork, but now I'm older I'm kinda bored by it. Technically he's great but it just doesn't do anything for me now. However, I like to brag I always love Mignola, his stuff was so different and wild at the time compared to artist working on Batman like Jim Aparo, Norm Brefoygle.
  9. yakumo

    It Takes Two

    Add me to the list of probably most fun I had in a game for a while, had so much fun playing this with my niece and sister. Proper great variety of puzzles and action, and yeah proper funny moments.
  10. Don't think so from just googling
  11. The Believer was crap, avoid.
  12. Nah ain't happening
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