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  1. I saw a nice Carl Reiner-related thread on Twitter:
  2. I'd agree about episode two, but I thought one was great. Loads going on. Have just finished episode six (second time around), 'Which Side Are You On?' Unbearably tense. So good. And great comic relief from Wambsgans and cousin Greg.
  3. This is Mark Proksch (Colin Robinson) as 'K Strass'. He got on several local TV shows years ago on the premise that he was a yo-yo master...
  4. Yep, just seen that, good news. I was checking the app earlier. Time to watch again.
  5. This is back on Sky and Now TV. I can only see the 2nd series on Sky on demand, but they're both up on Now TV.
  6. I didn't see what version was shown on ITV4 but there are two versions. The 'normal' one and a longer version, that I *think* appeared as an extra / alternative scene. The rest of the film that's on now looks like the standard, unedited version, so I'm guessing they showed the shorter version of the boardroom scene.
  7. AKA 'your sister's first boyfriend with a car'
  8. I've finished Rise of the Tomb Raider and Jedi Fallen Order recently and liked them a lot. Would people recommend one of the recent Assassin's Creed games, based on liking these? If so, Origins or Odyssey?
  9. This is a weird one. This has got Sky Atlantic branding all over it on Sky's website, but Atlantic has always been for US series. So you're right, looks like Sky switched it fairly late on.
  10. I didn't know this before today, but the 'going out of my head' sample was taken from this banger:
  11. Netflix managed to partly spoil the latest episode...
  12. Mouldwood Depths was sadistic and entirely joyless. Then I played Luma Pools and loved it. A really nice balance of challenge and reward... Until the end of level boss. I tried for the best part of an hour last night and made next to no progress. Looking at YouTube, it seems I need, or would strongly benefit from, a weapon that I don't have. So chalk up another player annoyed with the upgrade system. This game really wants me to hate it. And, like a mug, I come back for more.
  13. Looks like this one:
  14. I've been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider recently and there are a couple of sections where you have to outrun the environment collapsing around you - effectively a chase sequence. It felt like they struck a good balance of exhilaration and challenge, giving you just enough leeway and signposting, while still giving you the feeling you were responsible for your success.
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