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  1. Rapture by Blondie. Two minutes of awesomeness, then the rapping starts. And it goes on. And on.
  2. I finished Halo 4 for, I think, the third time last night. I played it when it came out, then a year or so ago when I got an Xbox One and started it again more recently on the Series X. I found I enjoyed it more with each playthrough. Some of the levels in 4 are excellent, namely the ones which are mainly Covenant. 'Composer' (on the Ivanoff Research Station) was absolutely superb.
  3. According to 'Burgerlad.com' (!) a large Big Mac meal is £5.19 (I was going to guess around £6), so it's plenty cheaper than Five Guys. I'd say that even a little burger and small chips at Five Guys is a fair amount bigger than a large meal at McD's though. I'd go for Five Guys over Honest myself. Honest is good, but I prefer a trashy burger to a gourmet one. Little bacon cheeseburger, 'all the way, no tomatoes', small fries.
  4. Right, but the unknown voice actors wouldn't be invited onto talk shows or whatever to plug the film. Having a name attached is about recognition and publicity.
  5. Only one more to go I ended up thinking the same
  6. Show Me A Hero (set in Yonkers) was excellent, as I recall, and that was a six-parter as well.
  7. I've been playing it alongside starting Cyberpunk. There's something about its simplicity that I've really liked. And the original Doom, which I'd not really played before. It's not mattered to me that it's clearly dated, but maybe that's because I'd not played it when it first came out, so there's no nostalgia aspect.
  8. This is a great walkthrough for Doom 64, if you want to focus on achievements rather than playing the whole way through:
  9. Indeed. This one's from 'The Serenity Now'. Can't quite believe I went looking for this but it's not like I have anything better to do. I also learned, from the subtitles, that 'serenity now' in Spanish is 'serenidad ahora'. So it's not been a total waste of time.
  10. I joined an online race last night that was fantastic carnage. It was on the figure of 8 loop, 12 laps, B class with two people choosing school buses. They clearly weren't interested in racing and were indiscriminately taking out anyone to trying to squeeze past. But it made for a much more interesting, and fun, race than it would have been otherwise.
  11. Pretty sure they did this for my Series X purchase in December.
  12. "I'm not getting into it..." *immediately gets 'into it'*
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