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  1. Groot kebabing those bad guys is definitely the one I think of first. The guy who gets melted by Jeff Goldblum in ragnarok is another that sticks out as a bit OT.
  2. Alask

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - 2018

    Kids wanted to see this, so I've been. I was surprised by how dull it was, just a really really thin plot. But then not even all that much action. It's 128 minutes long, when it wants to be about 28 minutes. I think there was 3 locations in total.. possibly the worst movie I've seen this year?
  3. Bought the PC version of this and it's a bit good isn't it? I've done my usual and re-started 4 times before leaving the first island, but have finally settled on a party. I think having not played divinity 1 I was struggling a bit with the combat as it's kind of challenging. I've had a read of this though: https://fextralife.com/divinity-original-sin-2-party-combinations-guide-magic-physical-and-mixed/ and picked something based off that and am finally winning some fights without the whole team getting brutally murdered. Hoping I shall shortly be done with Act 1, in a loot collecting mode now. Even just act 1 has me constantly re-thinking my choices. I'm being typically 'good' this run, I can see me doing another with the Red Prince as my main though and just talking down to everyone
  4. Alask


    It’s Amy. One of the few fights that’s easier to solo I think. Jumps are much less of a gamble when there’s only 1 target. Although my 99 arcane build is pretty much the ultimate cheese for that. It’s almost cheating.
  5. Alask


    The summon guy near him is actually pretty good in that fight.
  6. Alask


    Do it now! If you wait till the actual end you can’t do it.. It’s completely bizarre how you start it and short of googling it I’ve no idea how you are meant to know.
  7. Alask


    Someone telling you the basic mechanics is in no way going to limit your enjoyment of the game. And the idea that levels don’t make much difference is only true if you’re some sort of madman who can play without getting hit. Vitality is life. Levelling up Equiping weapons Also if you’ve not wandered about in the hunters dream, do that. One of the paths has lots of little tips on it.
  8. Alask


    I’d forgotten how horrible the undead giant with the club and chains is. I’m sure he’s the toughest boss in the game. Orphan of kos is positively forgiving in comparison. Can’t quite remember how I killed him last time. Possibly that’s the point I decided I needed a LHB in my life..
  9. There was a lot I liked, but I thought the ending was really weak.
  10. Alask

    Marvel's Luke Cage - Netflix

    Literally everything that happens in the defenders. Skip it.
  11. This is excellent news! My biggest regret of last year was lending my sister bloodborne and never getting it back.
  12. Alask

    Making Pizzas

    Looks like he's really happy and enjoying that..
  13. Alask

    Britannia - Romani Ite Domum

    Heart would soar to fucking heavens, were this so. I had not thought oratory worthy of the gods themselves would once more fall upon our ears. Yet you stand and claim it so. Speak truly friend, has Jupiter himself kissed these writers quills and blessed them or do you toy with me like a whore with her masters flaccid cock?

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