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  1. Looks to be quite a backlash on Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Oh man, just had an amazing experience on Mendoza! Brilliant game
  3. Just did China, again loads of scope for stuff. Finished my first run through with 33k XP and level 6 mastery but didn’t do a single mission story and messed up a few times. Excellent so far!
  4. Just had my first fuck up where I rounded a corner to come face to face with a target. Hilarity ensued.
  5. Did you play and then import your Hitman 2 progress? That would’ve wiped the H3 progress. Otherwise no, that shouldn’t happen.
  6. Good luck @Alshie. The only other thing I was going to suggest was going to Hitman 3 in my games & apps, picking manage and making sure all the optional dlc packs are ticked. Hopefully this doesn’t fall into the patronising bracket but I saw a few people needed to do that. *** In game news, went through Dubai and got mastery 6 on my first run. Looks to be lots of things to have a go at although there seem to be fewer mission stories across the levels.
  7. Series S is clearly the best as it has a guy in fancy dress.
  8. Oh yeah, I generally couldn’t care less and ignore all the digital foundry stuff. I want mine set up optimally but it seems to be unnecessarily complicated. It looks pretty but HDR makes it look prettier (or should) so I just want that on too
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