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  1. My wife bought these for around £20 and will keep us going a while. If it’s something you’re going to make reasonably regularly the cost is ok. If you’re only going to use them once, it’s not very economical obviously.
  2. Depends on your definition of waste, if the kid likes it and it makes them happy it is that a waste? I wouldn’t buy that stuff myself (and don’t) still though.
  3. It wasn’t aimed at you, I was thinking more like if someone asked me now how much ‘screen time’ my kids have now and I compared to January it would be very different.
  4. I’m coming around to this to some extent. It’s still very much an occasional thing but I don’t mind so much. One of their pals spent £60 on Fortnite levels for the battlepass though (rather than levelling up) and then complained about not having anything to do which I’m totally against.
  5. I don’t think using the last couple of months as a guide is fair really. Everyone’s normal routine here has been flipped and at the moment we have to compromise and do the best we can. For us this has meant increased gaming and YouTube time which isn’t ideal but both parents are working and have to balance what we can. With time limits I use the one more game strategy rather than x minutes as that works better for all concerned. The other plus side is that we’ve set up voice comms for them so they are talking to friends they haven’t seen since March otherwise - they’ll sit in fortnite creative mode chatting and playing hide n seek.
  6. Thanks. They can use Xbox pads fine so we shall see!
  7. Yeah I’ve ordered one now If it’s decent I might get one for the other rather than waiting for the official joycons to break again. My main worry is that it will be too big so will see how it goes.
  8. Another Switch update. Son #2 got one with grey controllers for Christmas and they are both playing up too. Used my big can of WD40 contact cleaner with no joy so off they go to Nintendo. They will be 4th & 5th ones with issues I've had, it really is crap. Edit - read @Pistol's post above and maybe I should get the Hori things. Daren't look at the price.
  9. I was just wondering whether the mixer bit would just be changed back to what it was, I didn’t think the redirect they mentioned would also cover the integrated streaming options - have they said it will definitely be Facebook gaming on the dashboard?
  10. My son is playing both Sword & Shield - he started with Shield but his brother got Sword so he started again on that after. He’s interested in the expansion pass now, is it right he’d need one for each title? #classicnintendo
  11. Quick update, I got lucky with my Switch issue (it stopped reading game cards as I mentioned previously) and as the majority of my sons games are physical I needed to sort it out quickly. Looked on Smyths when weighing up my options and saw they had them in so ordered one. Set it up, transferred his stuff over and started to look into fixing the old one to try recoup the cost a bit as couldn’t really afford to buy the new one. I checked the date I bought it and realised it was under 2 years ago from John Lewis so gave them a call. The guy took some details and said he’d swap it for me, no problem. He went away and came back saying no stock so did I want to return it and have a full refund! So I went for that and will be able to cover the cost of the new one which is a big relief. I was on the brink of ordering the screwdrivers etc to open it up
  12. Thanks both - any recommendations where to get the part @MikeBeaver? I’m definitely going to mess up opening the console up I reckon.
  13. Thanks, I’ll look into it although already considering just getting a new one despite not really having the cash so he doesn’t miss out I can kinda justify the price as would get more joycons and a dock...
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