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  1. I'm thinking of returning for a bit. How is this on the X? 4K proper? Steady fps?
  2. Oh, for sure. The core mechanics of BotW are simply on another level. It is an extraordinary achievement and one of the main reasons I kept playing and exploring. The responsiveness of everything with the freedom allowed is unparalleled in the industry. W3 has ok controls for an rpg but nothing more than that. It is not a game to keep on playing because of its combat system, that's for sure. Its strengths lie elsewhere.
  3. I beg to differ. A bit. All these distractions did not mean much to me. They were fun but nothing groundbreaking. My point was that you can't look for things in a game that is simply not designed to have. Despite the lack of things I enjoy in BotW, I'm not going to judge it because it didn't have a complex story. I did not enjoyed it as much as I was hyped for it but I can appreciate its amazing qualities without asking it to be more like the games I personally like playing. In the same way I can't judge W3 badly because it doesn't have the sandbox elements of BotW, I can't really go around believing BotW was bad because it's not more like W3. I don't think that's a fair comparison in general.
  4. I know what you mean, but from the opposite side. Finishing BotW was not as great of an experience as I'd hoped it would be. For all its excellent mechanics the world was empty and bland, the stories unimportant and the combat quite boring after a while. The main strengths of W3 is the writing, the complex choices, the world building, the characters and the emotional stories. If these are not grabbing you then I think it becomes more difficult to enjoy it purely for its combat system, for example. As an rpg it does very little wrong but it's not an action sandbox game like BotW.
  5. In a sense, yes, but in another, no. The world of Zelda is very simplistic and one dimensional compared to a multi branching rpg with multiple ways of completing quests, hundreds of npcs and other systems. The fact that it's so simple allows for a freedom like the one it offers. As a whole and considering everything, I think Witcher 3 is a more impressive achievement. Yes, I took the bait, work is shit today.
  6. Yeah, it was pretty mediocre and no real advancement in any of the mechanics or world design. I think the original Deus Ex still is a batter sandbox game with much more interesting story branching.
  7. The level design can't be compared, they are very different games, as you said. But Cyberpunk will still have more elaborate and sandbox questing than MD, even in an open world like this. Which makes the entire thing look almost impossible. But what do you mean Deus Ex MD had better side quests than W3?
  8. This aims for a completely different level of gameplay choices and branching. Both modern Deus Ex games are quite basic compared to what CDPR is trying to do actually. For example they have no companions and their worlds are extremely smaller and contained in comparison. Their systems do not interconnect the same way either. CDPR is talking about different access to different kinds of quests depending on your "cool" stat as well. This is a classless open world rpg with sandbox questing and Naughty Dog / Rockstar levels of quality storytelling that also changes and adapts to deep and complex character input and choices while lasting 60+ hours. It's basically an impossible game to be made.
  9. This is also a nice interview with some small details on questing.
  10. You should have seen a contributor's article on RPS about Assassin's Creed Odyssey and how it promotes harmful views regarding slavery.
  11. I think answers like these and Pondsmith's are needed more and more. For example, there's nothing more effective when you have the creator of a game, who also happens to be black, to shoot down the silly and hyperbolic ramblings of a "journalist" complaining about stereotypes.
  12. Yeah, it is really getting out of hand. especially with the selective attacks from major media like Kotaku or EG or RPS, where they only ask these 'questions' where it suits them. My biggest fear -and it seems to materialize on some level- is that you will either have to be offended or been seen as an enemy.
  13. I can't see any of these services surviving now that xCloud is going to be deployed. Not mentioning Stadia or whatever Sony does.
  14. Ι think that would be much cheaper than paying for licenses.
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