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  1. Don't miss HD Reworked Project, Friendly HUD, Immersive Camera/Motion suite, No Dirty Lens effect and Map Quest Objectives. Feels like a totally different game sometimes with these, especially with the Friendly HUD. Being able to enjoy the glory of this game with a dynamic HUD is simply something that has to be experienced.
  2. What? She definitely does and also does a great little quest for him.
  3. Nope. Triss is in Witcher 1 as well.
  4. There is very little about their history in Witcher 2. Witcher 2 is all about I was so used to her in the games that the actress in the show was the only one who struck me in a bad way. She is so different.
  5. Is the story any good? I was really hooked back then with both games, but I am kind of disappointed that this doesn't conclude the story. Even so, I will have no complaints if this actually tells a good tale. So, does it?
  6. It would with some additions, modders have done that as well. For example a very subtle marking appears in the game world or in the top of the screen when you press a button, letting you know if you are going the right way. No need for mini map actually, I finished the entire game without it and it was incredible.
  7. Recently I have decided to use the consoles more than my pc for general purpose gaming. I have a very good PC and I have enjoyed a lot of multi platform games but it is more fiddly than the consoles. Even by just using settings from the game or the nvidia tool, many times I have had to check forums for microstutter, weird frame drops and various other settings. Mods also take too much of my time (that’s my fault of course). It’s not as bad as it used to be, far from it, but it’s still time that I don’t want to spend anymore. I will always have a PC because I love it and because it is so versatile, but no matter how powerful it is most of my greatest tech memories, for example, in this gen, have come from my console exclusives. And even though some multi platforms are better looking on the PC, like Odyssey or RDRII, the X versions are impressive enough for me. Thinking that the new consoles will be able to offer even more power and, finally, some good CPUs, I see little point in spending for a real gaming pc any more.
  8. We are talking about the use of UI. Zelda has nowhere near as complex cities or places or side quests or shops or items or stashes to uncover or investigating areas that update their next target in another area or characters to find, etc. It is a simple game to navigate with simple systems compared to W3. CDPR's game needs most of its UI marks to be able to play it as intended because of the amount of complexity it has. A dynamic UI would solve all these problems, as the modders proved.
  9. Botw isnt nearly as complex as W3 though.
  10. While good, I think there is no real use for that (or any other clever idea). Games should just have dynamic UIs and be done with all the shitty clutter. If a modder can do it then professional developers should be able to as well.
  11. I had the dots off. Question markers appear only when close. Completed question markers off. Quests on. If I wanted to go somewhere I would just check the map and see where the quest I was going to is. For example, west. Then just go towards that and when I was near the marker would just appear on the mini map. It didn’t take me long to learn the basic areas and I’m hopeless with directions. Plus, there are signs in the city for the major areas. I agree that an overhead bar would make things easier (and on PC you have a dynamic ui mod which is incredible and completely clears the screen), but weirdly I had more of a problem checking the mini map constantly when I was out in the wilderness than in the cities.
  12. Why were you looking at the white dots?
  13. No, it wasn't. I remember hacking it just to use extra RAM. Pure trash, especially for a company with so much experience and resources. W3 was only the third game of CDPR and their first open world. Also if I remember correctly the delays in the end also involved adding content. I reckon this is the case here as well. No company would delay such an immense game just to polish bugs for five months. It would be financial suicide.
  14. It depends what you mean "polish" it. The game will have bugs on release, it is an open world game and an RPG at that. Plus, a huge complex RPG that allows for multiple gameplay paths. No RPG of this complexity can be released "polished" as we understand it in a Naughty Dog game or a Rockstar game (which in the latter case they still have bugs even though they are nowhere near as complex as Cyberpunk will be). Skyrim was trash on release and it still needs an unofficial patch to correct hundreds of bugs. W3 worked fine in context of what it was trying to achieve and it quickly got patched. I personally had little issues. This delay will surely correct some things (and add new things) but it will still have bugs on release. It would be an insane and unprecedented achievement if an RPG of this complexity would be released in a pristine condition.
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