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    Games. And many more stuff. I particularly enjoy reading long books about story analysis, characterization, etc. Yup. My life is super interesting.

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  1. I generally don't think Sony should buy anyone to create more AAAs which take 5-7 years and cost tens or hundreds of millions. They are already pushing out the sequel to God of War in a three year cycle because their output is starting to look stretched. They are charging ridiculous money for remakes and they have essentially given the "ok" to general publishers to up their game prices too by raising their own. They even force people to buy a completely new game to play the upgrade of a game they may have already bought in all the Spider Man fiasco. What they need to do is create more options
  2. I don’t specifically know but it seems to be true on some level based on some reports, even if I find it totally off.
  3. Who knows? People thought the One X and the Series X are the same, why not the opposite one?
  4. So your point basically is that a corporation needs to make money and that is an anti consumer practice because they should be giving more stuff for free and not make so much money?
  5. Of course it makes sense that most of the titles are exclusives. But this is also an archaic view of thinking about the industry, much closer to the successful but quite top heavy strategy of Sony. Microsoft’s plan may not involve consoles at all in the years to come and the best way to make the service have value is not just keeping exclusives but also create the market impression that they offer such a cheaper deal in analogy to software than their competitors, that they essentially force them to do something equivalent to compete. Microsoft’s way of thinking here is so disruptiv
  6. It’s certainly not something that we can expect as a rule, but I see no problem with Game Pass offering the new Elder Scrolls for that ultimate price and a 100 more games while Sony sells it for the ridiculous $70.
  7. Were people actually confused and bought the wrong Xbox or is that just a stupid meme of some kind?
  8. Didn't I warn you some pages back not to use these kind of mods?
  9. I kinda envy him because he has probably never visited a game site for the last ten years. That must warranty some kind of respect. He has probably never visited any game stores, physical or digital, youtube, gaming social media or saw any gaming ads anywhere. Based on my superior Sherlock skills, I'd say he only plays on mobile based on the ads he clicks during cooking shows.
  10. It would but it wasn't released this generation.
  11. How does this affect your gameplay? You don’t really see it in the gameworld. Every conversation in story, quests, etc or stores, smiths etc is fine with the lips moving. Are you playing a first person mod?
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