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  1. If it all came out at once, there wouldn't be the opportunity for teasers like this: Which looks ALL fucking kinds of amaze.
  2. Lewis is a bit of a twat in the post race interview. "I don't know who was on the podium", and then looking a bit awkward as he realises the bit he thought he said in his head, was broadcast on live TV. Still, credit where credit is due - he raced well.
  3. Just come out. Its wasn't very good. Another Nolan film where everyone speaks quickly in masks. The Zack Snyder of coherent drama. Ten couples in the cinema
  4. Indy 500 starting now. At the very least, its better than nothing...
  5. Really enjoyed this. I've always enjoyed Spike Lee films so was looking forward to it. Thought it was well acted, particularly Delroy Lindo, and the script was great. Tied in with BLM at the end, but it wasn't tacked on more a case of Spike Lee seeing what was about to happen (again). Well worth a watch.
  6. That was great fun. The Mrs. and myself were laughing our tits off. Commentary was genuinely funny as well. Will watch it again.
  7. I've tried this twice the last couple of years, but only managed an hour or so each time. After watching the Netflix show, in considering playing again. Any pointers on what I should be looking for / doing so I might enjoy it and get into it?
  8. Just watched ep7. That was pretty epic by all accounts, some proper WTF moments throughout. This is the second best thing I've seen this year, after Chernobyl.
  9. This is great!!! Max is flying, still not a clue who might win.
  10. It was decent enough, and quite enjoyed how it ended. Looks like the start of a new franchise though...
  11. I didn't like this at all. It was continuous fighting in conveniently bizarre locations (19th century stables, gothic libraries, glass museum) interspersed with talk about tables. It was shite.
  12. It's not very good at all, watched about three quarters of the first episode and it was cheesy as fuck.
  13. Paul3704

    F1 2019

    Theres no VR mode, in this day and age... It's the same fucking thing every year, yet they don't have the basic insight to make it more interesting by adding VR. Pass....
  14. When he crouched down and you heard his knees crack had me in stitches. Missed most of the rest of that segment through laughing.
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