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  1. Fierce Poodle

    Black Panther - Chadwick Boseman - Feb 2018

    Indeed. Everyone knows the second season is far and away the best.
  2. Fierce Poodle

    Your unearthed gems

    Ban request.
  3. Fierce Poodle

    Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema - Tuesdays 9pm BBC 4

    Indeed. Boreman is a total charisma vacuum and comes across as being thick as pig shit.
  4. Fierce Poodle

    Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema - Tuesdays 9pm BBC 4

    If he has changed his mind it was a long time ago - he’s been banging on about it for years on the radio show with Simon Mayo.
  5. Fierce Poodle

    Nintendo eShop

    Thanks @Stanshall, some intriguing impressions there! Will definitely give it a go now.
  6. Fierce Poodle

    Nintendo eShop

    Detention has to be worth a punt for a fiver, right?
  7. Fierce Poodle

    Best New Music of 2018

    Enjoying this EP of ‘dark and deep hip-house’ (to steal Pitchfork’s description). Another great soundtrack to the current glorious summer weather.
  8. Fierce Poodle

    Your unearthed gems

    Better than the goat herding film? I’m in!
  9. Fierce Poodle

    Your unearthed gems

    Give it a go! You’ll either love it or you’ll be wondering how the hell you’re going to get those two hours of your life back. Edit: only 88 minutes as it turns out, so not that much of a time commitment.
  10. Fierce Poodle

    Your 4K Gaming TV Experiences & Thoughts

    I’m hoping my 10 year old Panasonic LCD 720p screen will give up the ghost soon and give me a good excuse to splash out on some seriously top of the range shit.
  11. Fierce Poodle

    Ant-Man and The Wasp - July 2018

    I was going to post something but this sums up my feelings exactly. They really ramp up the whole size shifting mechanic in this sequel too.
  12. Fierce Poodle

    Your unearthed gems

    Le Quattro Volte. An Italian film about goat herding with almost no dialogue. Sounds a bit niche, but is actually hypnotically wonderful.
  13. Fierce Poodle


    I notice Sky Force Anniversary and Reloaded are in the PSN sale. Can any of you kind fellows tell me the difference between the two and/or which one is the best?
  14. Fierce Poodle

    Shenmue 1 and 2 coming to PS4,XB,PC

    I loved Shenmue back when it was originally released. I was hoping to get a similar vibe from Yakuza 0 but unfortunately I found it incredibly tiresome and repetitive and no fun at all. Plus the story was bullshit. Really in two minds about whether to pick up this new edition, but it can’t be any worse than Yakuza.
  15. Fierce Poodle

    Netflix Recommendations - See OT for other thread

    Watching this now. Fucking terrifying. Do not watch if you are having surgery in the near future.

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