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  1. That's a pretty low bar to set, to be fair.
  2. Oh, and I would hazard a guess that 99.99% of people going to watch this film do not give a flying crap about the TV show or the comic.
  3. Ghostbusters ‘lore’. Fucking hell, I’ve heard it all now.
  4. Fuck me, the Queen is a real cold-hearted bitch to Charlie in this.
  5. Awesome 5 disc reissue of 1999 with live material, b-sides, demos and all the usual gubbins, as well as some of the greatest songs ever written. https://open.spotify.com/album/1rVZhQOyV33ZKRNXTnrjTM?si=Sf2HfM8mQZiJ4-FsaCu4sw
  6. Surprised at the high score for Monomals, I thought it was bobbins.
  7. Fuck yes. That is borderline child abuse.
  8. Isn’t that how 2D Mario games usually work though?
  9. Fierce Poodle

    The Jazz Thread

    Loving this wonderful recent album from the evergreen Abdullah Ibrahim. https://open.spotify.com/album/06PrLBgiDLn3AkDXJP81J8?si=-8_i_ycORWGP-X7cBC0_Jg
  10. Solo is worse than shit - it’s just very average.
  11. Oh God, you’re not one of those “Disney films aren’t real cinema, man” merchants are you?
  12. Yakuza Zero. Thought this would be the series to replace Shenmue for me. Turned out to be a self consciously “zany” load of nonsense featuring never ending random fights with anonymous goons.
  13. It’s up against some pretty stiff competition, but this has potential to be the worst Christmas film ever.
  14. Agreed, the Leon Vynehall one was a bitter disappointment. He’s put out some great stuff in the past.
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