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  1. Nigel Farage’s Alternative Lifeboat Service is something I would watch.
  2. The Skies of Arcadia demo that came with the Official Dreamcast Magazine was incredible and went on for ages. I have very little interest in JRPGs normally, but by the end of this demo there was no question I would buy the full game on release. I wasn’t disappointed and played it to completion.
  3. Such a piss-poor film. I wanted to shove that flute up Fassbender’s ass.
  4. Now that is what the Olympics is about.
  5. Big fan of the Papa Don’t Preach look. The hairy armpit phase, not so much.
  6. Great mix from MoMA READY @Stanley https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/TEwjmnW4NF5FTGpS9
  7. Yeah I could not give less of a shit about football and tennis at the Olympics. It just seems so out of place having multi millionaire cry-babies like Djokovic throwing their toys out of the pram.
  8. Fair enough, I didn’t make it that far.
  9. Tried watching Fear Street 1994. Utter tripe and about as scary as a boiled egg. Also, why is it rated 18?
  10. Who doesn’t enjoy lovely looking pretentious twaddle?
  11. Just watching the “highlights” of the opening ceremony on BBC 1. Compared to the other recent displays this is utter cat shit.
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