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  1. I’ve just started watching this from the beginning. The episode where the PM has to fuck the pig - was that written before or after the David Cameron incident?
  2. I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere.
  3. Been listening a lot to No Moon recently. This is their latest offering.
  4. Ponyo certainly has the best theme song.
  5. According to Eurogamer it’s locked at 30fps on both the base PS4 and Pro.
  6. I am digging the hell out of this shit.
  7. That’s nothing. I was a complete wreck during episode four.
  8. Whoever won, we lost.
  9. Yep, been listening to it the last few days, terrific stuff.
  10. Feel sorry for BioWare, they have been bummed senseless by the dickwads at EA.
  11. So Anthem is officially dead then?
  12. New Daphni single
  13. I’m probably the only one still excited about new Bon Iver songs...
  14. Really nice warm synth sound on this track.
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