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  1. I’ve played Zero and feel the same way about it that you feel about Kiwami by the sounds of it. My advice - don’t waste your time.
  2. Another superb offering from the Foatster.
  3. Fierce Poodle


    To be fair it was mainly ZOK, the forum’s no.1 wind up merchant.
  4. Loved his previous album, The Mage.
  5. There are times when a good hard wank just fits the bill though. Edit: that makes no sense now the previous post has been removed.
  6. Disappointing, I was hoping for a female Bond. Tilda Swinton would have been ace.
  7. I mean, I like it but just wanted to check in here before committing a dreadful faux pas by admitting to it in polite company.
  8. Is this album considered Balearic?
  9. Wait, you can boost?
  10. Agreed. All I can say is I have felt very safe the two times I have been to the cinema since it reopened (the second time we were the only people in our screen).
  11. Yeah it was Kaufman’s partner on that film that came out with that line. The pair of them came across as a pair of miserable, pretentious arseholes in that interview. Maybe they were just having a bad day.
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