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  1. I watched this yesterday whilst down with a cold. I hadn't seen any of the trailers but knew by reputation that it was not a great film. I've never been so confused/bemused by a film.
  2. pfft I dont touch vampires - death guard all the way for me
  3. Managed to swing by the local Warhammer store here in Tokyo and grab some season 2 space marine heroes
  4. On my phone, plays great. I use yaba sanshiro.
  5. Oracle

    Gears 5

    Yeah that's why I did the test
  6. Oracle

    Gears 5

    Finished this up last night, I honestly though there would be another Act:
  7. Heh, it's not quite that bad - as long as you have planned your opening line it's certainly not a problem to win from second place. I have a primaris captain as my warlord and I've found melee is the way forward, with a full melee bar I can dish out 70-90 points of damage from a single hit with him.
  8. It gets easier once you work your way through the first few levels and unlock a couple of slots and some upgraded cards.
  9. I’ve got this it’s not bad but strategy doesn’t come into it so far. I’m at level nine, it would be nice if you could add friends but that doesn’t seem to be a Feature just yet.
  10. They are expensive though, sugar is a far cheaper replacement.
  11. Its making up for a lack of fats, food, if it originally featured fats, tase worse for the lack of it. The common solution is to add sugar to replace it, see low fat yogurts etc.
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