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  1. Oracle

    Atari Lynx Appreciation Thread

    How much does a modified lynx go for? I.e the ones with vga out and the improved screen?
  2. Oracle

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Watching the matrix, it does look rather good.
  3. Oracle

    Retro PC Appreciation Thread

    There’s no magic to P4s imo. Invest the time in grabbing the bits you need (or a 300A and overclocking it to P2 450 beating levels)
  4. Oracle

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Brock Lesnar with a steel chair!
  5. Oracle

    Your retro youtube videos

    Apart from the dodgy textures I don’t think HOTD was that bad a conversion. The mid game loading times weren’t the best but it was a more complex game than VC2.
  6. Oracle

    Your retro youtube videos

    Thats a shame if true. I liked their port of 2097 - it didn’t feel like it missed out much.
  7. Oracle

    Your retro youtube videos

    Thats not not quite fair, SEGA decided to ship the game with beta textures.
  8. Oracle

    E3 2018: Xbox E3 Briefing

    Yup MS nailed it.
  9. Oracle

    Xbox One X

    I have the same issue with UHD discs, some times they read fine, others it straight out refuses. This is he case for both my x and s
  10. Oracle

    Nintendo Switch

    Twas fun playing doom on the flight, although I forgot I am a leaner so that doesn’t really work well in economy seating!
  11. Oracle

    Nintendo Switch

    Must be, I’m sending it back and will pick up something in SF. Shame, I had looked forward to all day DOOM.
  12. Oracle

    Nintendo Switch

    Got this today, doesn’t have the grunt to play and charge :/ sending back and will get a different one tomorrow.
  13. Oracle

    Nintendo Switch

    What’s the go to battery pack for the Switch these days? Have a long flight coming up.
  14. Oracle

    Help me find this saturn title...

    Robotica is also awful.

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