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  1. Beast snagga box with codex bundle *chef kiss* business strategy
  2. The challenge has officially begun! Good luck to all participating, may the brush strokes be ever in your favour! I’ll start assembling my MEGANOBZ this weekend.
  3. In a total result, I double checked my ork pile of shame and it turns out I have the meganobz from the prophesy of the wolf box set, which includes the bits to make the teleporta blaster thing above!
  4. I've thought about ordering one of these https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Big-Mek-in-Mega-Armour
  5. So what models are you thinking of painting in May?
  6. The topic for Mays challenge is Light. We’ve also expanded the time frame for painting to 30 days and 1 day for voting!
  7. The choice is made, the destructor has come
  8. @Albert Fish stumbled onwards through the cavern, the last guttering flames of the lantern casting demonic shadows on the walls. He had to find the inscription before it was too late. He cursed under his breath as the lantern finally gave out “It should be right here, if only I had some light to see it!” the last words of reverberating in the dark. But the light was gone; and with it, all hope…. In this months challenge shedding a light on light, light sources and it’s counter part, darkness. Entries should be submitted by the 30th May, voting will take place on the 31st May
  9. @Albert Fish With a dominating 12 votes you are crowned the ultimate Fleshsmith and have the honour of setting May's theme! Let me know what you have chosen and I will get the thread sorted. This months challenge really impressed me, some fantastic work displayed!
  10. I've updated the poll to close tomorrow morning.
  11. I think someone recommended a number a of pages back.
  12. Hark at Mr "Stop the steal" over here Lets give the poll 24 hours and close it if there's been no change - what we can do is push the deadline of the next one to the 30th May with votes being cast on the 31st (a Monday)
  13. Polls are now open for this months April painting challenge!
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