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  1. Not wanting to derail this thread, but I’m uncommonly annoyed by the idea of a Buzz Lightyear origin story. The whole point in the original Toy Story is that he’s a board room approved mass market toy, with a generic, paper thin backstory to flog him in adverts. The humour derived from the fact he think that’s all true. The idea he needs a damn prequel, in the way that Han Solo got one, Cruella de Ville got one, and even Willy bleeding Wonka, is a bit depressing. At least those characters are *actual characters* in their world, though, unlike Buzz Lightyear. Unles
  2. I’m someone who thought the original’s graphics were utterly masterful examples of reduction and character. I wouldn’t mind the change but would hope they could’ve done more to make them look like iddle-biddy toy soldiers made from Fimo, and go hard on the tilt-shift effects too. Hopefully it still *feels* great. The predecessor felt perfect on my GBA SP.
  3. I saw that all seasons of The Golden Girls are being added to Star soon. We got the 1-4 box set at the beginning of Lockdown 1 for some comfort viewing and it’s brilliant. Cracking writing and some masterful comic acting and timing. Plus one of the all-time great theme tunes.
  4. Transmission Records (record shop in Margate that specialises in obscure soundtracks as well as other stuff) have a 25% off all *in stock* items at the moment (so don’t try it on with RSD preorders). Cheeky purchase of the Frisson des Vampires soundtrack (french prog soundtrack to a saucy 70s french vampire flick I saw once), and the Harglow album (think Carpenter crossed with Reznor). Noice. Code is summersale21
  5. There were some cracking bits in this episode. The bit where he was taking about his dog, though… that was new and quite powerful.
  6. When my brother first borrowed RE (original version), we didn’t have a memory card for the PlayStation, so I would come home from uni every Friday night (for a Saturday job) and just play the first section and see how far I could get before needing to go to sleep. The first venture through the mansion, foyer, etc has a special place in my heart.
  7. I thought this thread had been created because of Nicolas Godin’s new track, which premiered yesterday, but it wasn’t. Anyway, Nicolas Godin has a new track, which premiered yesterday. It’s a collaboration with We Are King, who’s self-titled album from a few years ago remains a firm favourite.
  8. Sorry to hear about your daughter, @Herbalizer - mine is the same age. Another vote for Unmatched. We love it and games are really snappy. Core set is best to start off with, as you then have more combinations to try out (Alice vs Sinbad, etc). Not purely mini-based (only the baddies are plastic figures, but Horrified is a cracking co-op game where you move around the board, saving villagers from classic Universal monsters (wolf man, Dracula, etc). Lovely artwork, and can get quite hairy (pardon the pun) in places.
  9. Downloaded this and put it on for a quick go with my son. I’d recently shown him Tekken 2 and he’d been playing that a fair bit recently (it’s still flipping brilliant btw). Looking at VF4’s dazzling sprites and fluid animation, he went “yeah this is a bit better than Tekken 2”, so I showed him a YouTube video of Way of the Exploding Fist on the Spectrum, to show him what I was playing when I was his age. He couldn’t stop laughing.
  10. I’m not really into online gaming and bought Star Wars Squadrons at Xmas, just for some nice, Star Warsy action over the break in 1-player. Only played it a couple of times (and it looks and sounds great), but I have found the controls pretty fiddly. I’ve just resumed it and while enjoying it, I’m still not very good, and regularly find myself bumping into Star Destroyers, or finding it tricky to chase a TIE fighter. I still think the game that gave me the best feeling of Space dogfighting was Colony Wars: Vengeance on PS1. Your ship was nippy, and you could turn on a sixpe
  11. Went to an actual record shop and bought actual recordings.
  12. I like how last episode’s ending was actually a minor triumph for Alan. I think Coogan said something interesting in that BFI thing recently that while you want to see him suffer when he deserves it, you can’t destroy him. So it was nice to see him finish the episode on a high for once.
  13. Yeah, I have Tale of Two Sisters on dvd, and I’ve not seen it in donkeys years, so looking forward to rewatching it.
  14. Some great recommendations, everyone. Thanks! Yeah, we’ve watched Shaun of the Dead, Poltergeist. Think I’d like to watch the original Night of the Living Dead. Kid needs to know his history. Gonna watch The Thing soon too. I’m due a rewatch as it’s one of my all-time faves.
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