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  1. Virtua Striker 2 would have matches take place at day or night depending on the console clock IIRC.
  2. Yeah, got a lot of crashes playing online co-op on Xbox.
  3. Can negs come back please.
  4. Tokyo Mirage Sessions could be another one.
  5. Not sure you should be criticising anyone's avatar.
  6. PyramidFace

    Game Tag Lines

    A good one: "There's something wrong with the villagers". And FYI Halo's tagline was literally in the title.
  7. We already know it's good, people on this forum literally went to jail to play it early.
  8. RE4 is a lengthy game. If they couldn't even manage to remake the slender RE3 without cuts then it doesn't bode well for this.
  9. 5 and 6 are appalling. What on earth is happening in this thread?
  10. I don't think 4 needs an update or would benefit from this engine. A lot of the appeal of the remakes is the splicing of old school Resi with the RE4 viewpoint. A remake of 4 would likely miss 50% of the point. As for Resi 1, Lost In Nightmares gives the closest approximation of what a re-remake of that would play like - and is probably the only vaguely positively thing to come out of RE5. Meanwhile, CV and Zero are terrible experiences so I'm not sure where the remakes go from here. That said I would probably still buy a CV remake even though that game is just miserable from start to finish. Enjoying 3make so far!
  11. Probably because it was called Animal Forest.
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