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  1. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    I actually thought Eriksen was okay last night. Rose was poor, and sadly was Dier was also. I would love for Dier to find that form from a couple of seasons back, when he was England's number 1. However I'm not sure how much time he's got to prove himself.
  2. I'd imagine it's about stock control - if they all sell in December then they'll make some more up for launch.
  3. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Feels like a longtime since we've had the winning games momentum, God damn I hope we win this weekend and the Mou love-in continues.
  4. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Bad news about Davies injury, he's gonna be out for months. So your suggestions above will surely have to come into play now.
  5. I read book 1 just around the time this started. It's good and all, but with the details of the book fresh in my mind it just feels like each episode covers too much and it's racing through. Understandable though, especially with it being a BBC series.
  6. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Dier going to be a mainstay this season I think, and he'll gain confidence and drop those awful mistakes on the ball. I've been quietly relishing Sissoko being benched. Quite excited. If we win on Tuesday we qualify for CL knockout with a game to spare, and beating Bournemouth on Saturday would really get the wheels greased. COYS
  7. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Agree with everything on Erkisen, what a fall from grace. Didn't catch it, but good result today, sounds like we need to tighten up to stop the late goals but that will come with time.
  8. Sounds like it's going to be a longterm stay for you. With each show the panel is usually different, but most of the time hosted by Leon (who is really good as a host). It's a pod that you can browse the archive and pick what games may interest you. If you really start enjoying it, sign up for the Pateron to get an extended version of each pod, sometimes up to an hour longer for each.
  9. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Dier to go around the goalie again and win it in the closing moments.
  10. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    If this happens then Sherwood will be back in charge
  11. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    As much as I love Poch and wanted him to at least get a chance to try and turn it around next season, it's happened now so it's time to move on and support both the club and new manager. Maureen does come with a ridiculous record of winning and silverware. He can sort out our defence, and stop us leaking awful goals. He never had a proper decent attack at United, whereas we have one of the most exciting in the league. The new signings and youth will be excited about working with him. The veterans and contract swervers may have a leash of new life. Before I went to bed last night I really, really didn't want Mou. Now it's happened, I'm actually slightly excited and thinking we could have appointed a much worse and uninspiring manager. I think if you delete Mou's United time, then actually there is a lot to like about him and his teams. One thing that does worry me is the longterm relationship between him & Levy... unless Levy really invests then Mou is at somestage highly likely to bring on the sulk. End of era - Poch you will be missed, and you made for some of the most exciting and loveable times for a Spurs fan, I will always love that man and will cherish the memories he brought.
  12. I've just finished reading book 1,and the first chapter of book 2 that was included at the back of book 1. Now I've tucked into the TV Show, and in episode 3 they are covering bits from chapter 1 book 2!! So, my question is, does the TV show carry many spoilers for book 2?
  13. Big shout for Cand and Rinse
  14. I finally thought to myself last night that I'm never going to be able to complete Darker Side of The Moon. Any tips?
  15. I'm really close to abandoning this... Just got to Monarch after leaving Groundbreaker and I'm just not that interested in going any further. Feels like there is no strong drive in the main plot, and advancing to a new location doesn't feel as exciting as it should due to all the lifeless NPCs and dull vending machines. I really loved the opening of the game - exploring the initial location and looking for good loot was exhilarating. Once I realised there was no real unique weapons or armour, and how messy the consumables is, the looting quickly became tedious. Exploring the wild lands is tainted by the repetitive and dull enemies. The writing and acting is great, and I've enjoyed the quests so far. I'm desperate to love the game and finish it... Anyone else felt the same and glad they persevered? Should I just push through the main plot?
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