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  1. Klatrymadon


    I went and did this, if anyone fancies watching. Loop 1 Loop 2 Not sure if there are any plans to get ZeroRanger out on the Switch, Mrs Horribleman! It's a wee PC shmup developer's first finished release, AFAIK. It is on itch.io if you want to avoid the DRM...
  2. Klatrymadon


    ZeroRanger, a green and orange Finnish non-Euroshmup, comes out on Steam and Itch.io in about an hour. It's a vert memorizer with shades of Silvergun about its weaponry and a clear DDP influence in its chaining system. It's been in development for about ten years (originally appearing as FINALBOSS) and seems to have shaped up incredibly nicely. The demo was great fun. Got the 2-loop clear on R-Type (PS version) recently and am currently driving myself to despair trying to repeat the feat in MAME so I can make another video.
  3. Klatrymadon


    Here's me arsing around too much and getting rattled too easily in X-Multiply: I want to add helpful notes to set the run apart from the obviously better ones available, but both YT's annotations and captions features seem to be down at the moment. (I suppose the only tip you really need is to learn where all the problematic things appear and kill them pre-emptively. I do this throughout stage 7, which is why it looks so underwhelming. The middle part can very easily become a minefield of indestructible obstacles.)
  4. Klatrymadon

    The Emulator Thread

    Sorry if this isn't really the right topic for my question, but does anyone here have experience of making videos out of MAME input files (.inp)? I can get the emulator to record the input, but can't get the "-aviwrite" command to work at the same time, and external programs I've tried using to record footage as I play back the .inp (FRAPS, OBS and Hypercam 2) either record a black screen or slow everything down to about 10fps. Any tips or alternative methods would be greatly appreciated! I've a 1CC of X-Multiply I want to upload to YouTube with annotations etc. Edit: I might have sorted something now, but I'd still love to hear about anything that's worked well for you!
  5. Klatrymadon


    It does have Gaiden, but G-Darius is an odd one to leave out given that there are so many existing ports and it needn't be a from-scratch job...
  6. Klatrymadon


    Darius Cozmic Collection announced for Switch. There are some significant omissions, but it looks like a strong archive of the early games up to Gaiden. The special edition contains some of the console games, which are of varying quality - the Mega Drive and Master System conversions of Darius II are the best out of those, imo.
  7. Klatrymadon

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Aye I'm aware they're the arcade versions, ofc! I've been doing a bit better since that post - I've cleared a few of the SFII games on defaults, as well as a couple from the the Alpha and III series. They're doable by a total beginner after a bit of practice, since the behaviours of even the final bosses are still reasonably readable and predictable at that level. Hoping I can improve enough on Turbo to eventually get beyond the first half of the game. :p
  8. Klatrymadon

    Nintendo 3DS

    I've been getting massively into the older SMT games lately, having only played bits of Nocturne in the past, so I'm pretty chuffed to discover that the Soul Hackers 3DS port is only £9 on the eShop. I assumed it'd be the same price as a physical copy, like most of the other downloads...
  9. Klatrymadon

    Koji Igarashi's Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    Is it sussing out the pattern you're struggling with? I could be wrong about this but the ship boss only seems to do his up-close attack if I've cleared out all of the lightning rods on the side he's currently occupying (i.e. giving him a clear path to the middle of the screen/me). So if I've destroyed the middle ones but left the two end ones active, or cleared out my side but not his, he'll do the gale attack instead. If it's the attacks themselves giving you trouble, when he slides up close to you, you want to jump over him in the direction he's just come from, which gets you out of the path of his huge lightning wave and leaves him wide open when he lands. For the wind attack you want to crouch near the middle of the screen - if you've destroyed enough lightning rods you shouldn't take a hit, nor be pushed off the edge. When he's diving around overhead you're not at much risk, so take pot-shots at him whenever you can.
  10. Klatrymadon

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Ah, maybe the 360 Madcatz fightpad and a Brook converter? It definitely has a nice d-pad for fighting games - in fact I'm trying it out now and it seems to be easier to execute certain movements than with the Saturn pad. I imagine that's a pretty expensive option unless you have the fightpad already, though... Ed: 30 matches won, now, after losing over 100. A champion's ratio.
  11. Klatrymadon

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    I've always used a Saturn pad for PC games, with one of these: https://www.play-asia.com/pc-joybox-3in1/13/701hv There are probably newer and better versions available, but it works well with this collection and doesn't cause any noticeable input lag, etc. The only problem is I tend to avoid grapplers with it as I can't reliably pull off 360/720 motions with a d-pad.
  12. Klatrymadon

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Same here, really - I'm still very much a beginner and mainly pick up collections like this (and play fighting games generally) to enjoy the incredible spectacle of them, to admire the sprites and listen to the music, etc. I do get sucked into periods of earnestly trying improve as a player, but I find the sheer volume of talk about it, the immense weight of available guidance, somehow makes it all the more daunting*. So I go back to relying on a few pokes and special moves, arsing about and enjoying their worlds again... *for some reason the same doesn't stop me from playing shmups semi-seriously.
  13. Klatrymadon

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Everyone on the PC version requests rematches when they win but never when they lose. I can almost hear them huffing. Beat me eight times in a row but they're fuming because my headless-chicken Cammy spin-drive smashed them.
  14. Klatrymadon

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Yeah! I'm playing on defaults but have tried setting various versions of II to the lowest difficulty and on all but the original I genuinely couldn't tell the difference. :p Ed: read something on Twitter about Super Turbo's earliest version having extremely high difficulty regardless of what you set it to, and that this is the one included in the collection. Is that right?
  15. Klatrymadon

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    The SFII series' AI seems to get significantly harder around the HF version, too. I've managed to 1CC World Warrior and 'dash', despite being completely untrained and rubbish, but I've hit a brick wall about six fights into Turbo. I know it's probably just a matter of baiting them into their worst behaviours and making bad moves but I'm not having much luck with that. They're so fast and can seemingly brutally punish anything I do. Online I've won about 20 fights out of 50 (on PC), but I'm having a blast with it. I wish I had more time to practice fighting games and finally advance beyond sub-scrub level, because I'm just now starting to gel with characters in the Alpha games and 3S that I'd never bothered with in the past. I haven't put much time into characters who aren't members of/variants of the original 8, or pushed myself out of the comfort zone of their extremely familiar playstyles, but I'm finding I really get on well with Necro, Q, Sakura, Sodom, Ibuki and Oro. It's like several new games have just opened up before me.

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