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  1. Btw, if you come across: It is well worth taking the time to finish first, and pretty easy to do with the right equipment, which you should have by the time you get there. You'll be rewarded with the best means of traversal in the game, and I really wish I had bothered to get it before completing the map. :p Also:
  2. Just finished off 100% of the map. The last room I needed had a santa hat in it, which seems apt somehow.
  3. Finished it earlier. Really, really love it for the most part. The only big negatives that stick out to me are that a) the soundtrack is impossible to care about, and b) the bosses it shares with Curse were all a thousand times better realised as encounters in that game. The rest of it is great, and it's nice experiencing it as a companion piece to Touhou Luna Nights, which is a really lean, taut game built around a handful of carefully considered systems. This is just a big dumb search-action toybox of the kind we've been missing for years. Edit: he's in middle of the Garden of Silence, Krenzler.
  4. That's the best way to approach it, I think. Like Vampire Killer, CV2 and Harmony, it wants you to get lost at certain points and pursues that feeling for its own sake. Plus, none of the keys to seeing the real final areas are too obscure, so as long as you poke around in all of the corners of the map you've yet to explore you're bound to get there eventually. The solution is nearly always just "look around more".
  5. Klatrymadon


    Only scores achieved using the preset ships are accepted onto the CS mode leaderboards, unless that's been changed recently. The presets themselves are often very generous with the shields, though! I've cleared every route in arcade mode but I still need to go back and finish the last couple of stages in CS mode (including the 24-zone whopper). It'll take some serious practice, too - I last played it properly (to beat route QUZ) about 2 years ago.
  6. Yeah, if you're exploring thoroughly and finding/crafting good stuff then you kinda have to consciously fight against becoming overpowered, if you don't want to be. I like it, though. One thing this game shows is that a of what people have pointed to (over and over for 20 years) as Symphony's obvious mistakes in terms of balance and pacing were part of a coherent design philosophy that this game is pretty much standing by.
  7. Yeah, I'm guessing those are the keys to the endgame. I'm in the same area and haven't found anything yet, though! Edit: a clue for this area:
  8. I keep encountering this glitch where when I jump in water I lose the ability to jump or attack, so I can only get out again if there's a gentle slope. This could be a problem, because I've got the 'bad' ending and I'm pretty sure progressing is going to involve finding the means to dive. :p Ed: what boss did you do after the bad ending, Badger? If it was in the cathedral you're already on the right lines - the shard you get from it is important.
  9. In addition to the Welcome Guests shard, you can also get a Dullahammer Head familiar and increase its rank until you're surrounded by a swarm of them!
  10. Yeah, each individual setpiece/miniboss is perfectly doable by itself, and most attacks are well telegraphed. There's nothing unfair or purely RNG-based about the game - like Shattered Soldier, it all comes down to how well you've memorised the stages. In this regard it's one of the easier Contras!
  11. Yeah, I haven't played enough to find out what that is yet (thinking of shelving the game until I sort a cheap PC upgrade) but I think it's something watching you, like the Marble Gallery's big eye.
  12. Yeah - it really feels like everything they've ever used before is in here, on top of all the new stuff. It's the most maximalist game ever.
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