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  1. Klatrymadon


    Nah, it's a different ship called the OF-1. It appeared in R-Type Final as the "OF-1 Daedalus" and had a whole class of ships derived from it. Well done, btw! Image Fight is brilliant too - another ruthless memoriser, but extremely rewarding I think. It's great that they are both available on Switch now, since the last (and only other) time X-Multiply was ported to a home console it was bundled with Image Fight.
  2. Klatrymadon


    Deffo! The EX version (the 2019 re-release) is really great. There are loads of small improvements over the older one - it even adds an arranged soundtrack to the 3D versions that's pretty good.
  3. Klatrymadon


    Cheers! Yeah it took some work. I wanted to go for a 2-ALL but the second loop is almost as hard as R-Type II's. The last stage can be a lot tougher than it looks, too - I mainly got through it by killing everything proactively. Until you've memorised where everything is, though, the screen always fills up with these indestructible balls that meander around unpredictably. They're really good at ending your run at the last hurdle.
  4. Klatrymadon


    X-Multiply is a masterpiece, @Let us measure! If you like either of the first two R-Type games you'll love it. It's a slightly more manic reimagining or companion piece, with defensive tentacles replacing the Force pod. It's also a brilliant horror game, set inside a human body. You can watch me fumble my way through it here, if you like!
  5. Klatrymadon


    Haven't checked my Switch yet, sorry! The Steam version has definitely unlocked, though. I'll have a look soon. I think I've figured out how to have fun with Timeless mode, now. Choose a character from the sequel, then use your Vasara attack as often as possible, preferably on major targets so that you can immediately recharge your gauge on the blue crystals and use it again. The game is still messy as hell, but a bit of knockabout fun as opposed to a dull slog.
  6. Klatrymadon


    Just picked up the Vasara pack on Switch and Steam, since it was so cheap. The ports of the two original games seem really solid. There isn't too much in the way of display options (smooth filter or sharp pixels, left or right tate), but what's there works well. The new "Vasara Timeless" mode is predictably pretty boring, though, shoehorning the original mechanics into a 16:9 horizontal playfield and adding a 'dash' manoeuvre to alleviate the tedium of traversing it. It possibly wouldn't be so noticeable if the pace of the action itself wasn't so sedate - here's hoping it picks up in the later stages!
  7. Klatrymadon


    Yeah they're great. They're quite heavily focused on a secondary melee attack that can cancel bullets etc, so they reward a pretty aggressive playstyle. If you liked the first Giga Wing you'll probably enjoy them - there's a similar flow, although it's more visceral and about getting in the enemy's face.
  8. YOG, after Yog-Sothoth. Awful, and a pain in the arse to enter, but I can't bring myself to change it now. (Ditto my forum handle.)
  9. Cheers! I'm attempting hardcore mode now and that seems really good too. It doesn't just make everything a bullet sponge - soldiers fire faster, but there are lots of new, smart enemy placements to keep you on your toes. Should take a while to beat this one!
  10. Just one-life cleared the normal mode in under 40, with a score just outside the top 10. Gutted! This is still the best run-'n'-gun in a decade and you should deffo play it, btw.
  11. Which version are you playing? I'm playing on PC with a 360 pad and pressing start skips it immediately...
  12. Beat the normal mode earlier and it turns out my style isn't as aggressive as I think - I'm getting leathered in stage 1 with the unlockable melee characters!
  13. Yeah, the game actually features three mechs, all with completely different weapons. The visuals are very reminiscent of Nazca's stuff on the whole (and similarly bristling with detail), but the gameplay's a lot more precise and satisfying than Metal Slug's, imo.
  14. It's one of the best Contra games ever made. Play it, everyone!
  15. Just a heads-up on some deviations from Hard Corps that may throw you: you're not invulnerable during a slide, and dropping through platforms isn't a thing you can do, so keep off the down button where possible!
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