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  1. Shmups

    Yeah, definitely! It has different scoring mechanics to Psyvariar but they both heavily involve scraping up against bullets rather than just dodging 'em.
  2. You're saying it wrong!

    Me too, of course! I assume most English-speaking people do. But whenever I hear it spoken by people in high-scoring runs and whatnot it's always "da-rye-us", and the transliteration from the game's Japanese title (ダライアス, "Daraiasu") seems to bear this out...
  3. You're saying it wrong!

    Darius should be pronounced "da-RYE-us" but after so many years of ignorance of this fact it just sounds like a ridiculous over-emphasis.
  4. Shmups

    Great news! It seems this is going to include Medium Unit, Revision and a new mode. Revision has always been one of my favourites - I think it definitely has the best implemention of a 'graze' system to date. Should be worth picking up just for that.
  5. Steam

    Minit is very charming and clever but I've done what I feared it would let me do - unwittingly marched straight to the ending without having seen half of the thing.
  6. Steam

    In case anyone has the same problem, the pitch-black Steam client thing was eventually fixed by right-clicking on a shortcut for it, going to Properties and adding the term "-compat" to the end of the Target field. This was their support team's own recommendation. Thanks again for the suggestions, though!
  7. Steam

    Thanks, I appreciate it! I'll have a mess around with IE then.
  8. Steam

    Does anyone have any idea why the Steam program would display as a featureless black square? Since it updated yesterday I haven't been able to log in because I can't see anything. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, updating the C++ redistributables, and messing around with a few other solutions people have posted online, but nothing has fixed it so far. Thanks!
  9. Shmups

    Yeah, I'm just getting used to that myself. I'll have kept a huge chain going throughout a level, then lose it just before the boss dies because I was focusing more on survival than grazing for a second. It's one of the most unforgiving scoring systems in the genre, I think - it's actually quite rare that a game will readily render your entire run a dud over a single mistake. I think you're better off playing on Normal if you're trying to learn the systems, though. It sounds counter-intuitive, but having more bullets moving around with fewer dead spots makes it easier to get a feel for the flow of the graze/trance mechanics. Edit: pretty sure I've just lost all my progress in Dariusburst's CS mode because I didn't know that doing a quick uninstall/reinstall of the Steam app entailed deleting every game. Fuckinell.
  10. Shmups

    Revisited route CGL on Dariusburst AC with the Genesis ship, which was a lot of fun. Genesis has an absolutely devastating burst weapon, but its main shot is a lot weaker than most of the other ships', which forces you to endure all of Great Thing's cycle of attack patterns (with most of the other ships he can be dead about halfway through his full cycle). I want to do this again soon, because if I hung back a bit I could have had a counterburst against GT, massively boosting my final score. https://imgur.com/4D1VfOE Edit: actually not such a huge boost. The biggest gains are going to come from planning a better route... https://imgur.com/BMHn3lR
  11. Steam

    Have you tried Super Cyborg? If you're after a faithful Contra clone I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by it - it's an impressively close study of the NES games... Blazing Chrome looks great, and is clearly very heavily inspired by Contra: Hard Corps in particular. Love the chunky Nazca-style sprites on some of the vehicles, too. Can't wait to try it!
  12. Shmups

    And done! Middling score, but chuffed to have finally nailed the one-life clear. This felt like one of my most hard-won 1CCs, despite it being a wee three-stage route. I now have every "all down" route in the series under my belt, but there are still some serious challenges to be had in the CS mode, so I'm not quite finished with the game yet. It's completely matchless for longevity - three years, over 250(!?!) hours on the clock somehow, and there's still potentially plenty left to do. Edit: for anyone who has no idea what this is about, here's a much better player making it look a piece of cake.
  13. Shmups

    Working on a one-life clear of route QUZ in Dariusburst AC EX - the hardest route of the 'expert' mode. I've spent more time learning one level (zone Z) than I've spent trying to clear entire games. Pretty fatigued at this point, but so close... Edit: I've 1CC'd this a few times today, but I keep losing the 1LC to stupid mistakes. Soon!
  14. Shmups

    I love it. Like most of Picorinne's games, it's a fair bit easier than its influences* (I cleared the Normal mode in a couple of hours), but if you miss Irem-style memorisers it's essential. *The previous Infinos games were essentially pastiches of R-Type and a few other classics at various points in their careers (in Infinos 0 even the idea of the NES conversion of an arcade game was aped). They're all well worth checking out - especially Battle Crust, which is a lot like Image Fight.
  15. Shmups

    Thanks a lot! It didn't work for Stella Vanity, since it doesn't have any in-game resolution settings, so it just ran in a small square in the corner of the screen, hehe. I did manage to find a solution, though! Running it at the compatibility resolution (640x480) then saying 'no' to the full-screen option at startup causes it to... run full-screen at 60fps.

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