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  1. Game of the tournament so far.
  2. Orc This Way
  3. When I designed my gaudy orange and grey monstrosity little did I know it would be the subtlest, most tastefully understated controller in the thread.
  4. 15. Rain on Your Parade This was a really nice experience. Perfect for playing "on the side" next to a big meaty adventure - just dip in now and then and polish off another level, most of which only take a few minutes. It's silly and witty and lots of fun.
  5. Dirt 5 Theoretically this is a perfect Game Pass game, and that's how I've been treating it - quick blast, doing one race a day in career mode. The scenery, weather etc. are always pretty and sometimes great, e.g. during thunderstorms at night. But my god is it dull to actually play. The handling is terrible and you never feel like you're in total control of your car. It's especially disappointing in this respect compared to Forza (both varieties), the mighty Wreckfest, and even something like Hot Shot Racing, which is going for a different feel but nails it, whereas this just feel
  6. Yes! I’ve been putting off buying a second controller until I could make it a ludicrously multicoloured one.
  7. I can only speak for myself but I've definitely not found myself endlessly dipping but never properly playing. I've only had the Xbox & Game Pass since November and by my reckoning I've completed 16 games on it so far, including some pretty hefty ones like Dragon Quest XI, Final Fantasy XII and Nier Automata (twice! Or ten times if you count each of the five endings as a single completion!) But what I have done is tried out lots of games that I'd never buy. A lot of these I bounce off straight away, some seem decent and I stick with them for a while but gradually lose interest,
  8. I only watched MS and Ninty, and it was a close run thing for me, but in the end lots of new games plus one modern classic I’ve already played (Hades) won out over some new games plus several classics I’ve already played. They both surprised me with the number of games they showed though, I’d set my expectations low for both due to the pandemic so there were lots of nice surprises.
  9. I’m watching on my Xbox as I’m a conscientious objector to the console wars
  10. The only reason I'm not doing this is that I started 0 a couple of weeks ago, am absolutely loving it, and intend to play through all of them in chronological order, so I may or may not get to LaD before my current Game Pass sub expires at the end of 2023.
  11. Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul tie in. Get your chicken van over the border.
  12. “I didn’t watch it, I assume it was rubbish, how inevitable,” is certainly a take.
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