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  1. She has the same effect on me and I’m five times his age. (Daisy I mean - he can have Katie.)
  2. I saw a bit of an episode the other day, and she made 49 year old me feel much the same way she used to make 10 year old me feel.
  3. I bow to your insider knowledge and experience, but find it incredible that Disney will choose to forego the easy money from chumps like me who've bought all the Star Wars films so far (some of them multiple times on different formats) not to mention the fact that this film gives them the opportunity to release yet another Complete Saga box set.
  4. 46. The Gunslinger - Stephen King My King-a-thon reaches the first volume of the epic Dark Tower fantasy/sci-fi/western series. I've read this twice before but I realised that the last time was when I re-read them all immediately before the last part was published. So this was the first time I've read it since getting to the end. And knowing how it ends made this book work so much better. My vague memory from previous readings was that it was quite uneventful and disjointed, more about atmosphere than story. I don't know why I thought that. I'd completely forgotten just how much of the book is spent in flashback - both to earlier events in the protagonist's quest, and to formative experiences from his childhood and youth. All of which have echoes and repercussions not just in the "present" narrative of this book, but in the later books too. It's hard to judge how much of this was planned in advance and how much of it was retconned in when King revised this first volume immediately after finishing writing the last. I've not looked for a list of the changes between the original and revised versions, I've just taken the revised text as I've found it, and I really enjoyed it. Third time's the charm.
  5. This is just so, so good. One thing I realised tonight is how well they’ve nailed the feel of the original with the layered stories, flashbacks, etc in a way that the film failed to do despite its “use the comic as the storyboard” approach. And I say that as someone who enjoyed the film, but this is not just in another league, it’s playing a different game. Also I automatically love anything with a bootstrap paradox so it gets double points from me tonight.
  6. Each to their own! I found him quite endearing and the silliness was a good counterpoint to what would otherwise have been pages of very dry technical and scientific explanations. But I can see how he could rub you up the wrong way.
  7. If they don’t do the yub nub song at the end, demand your money back.
  8. 44. Galatea - Madeline Miller This is a very short story (20 pages) from the author of The Song of Achilles which I read and enjoyed earlier in the year. It's decent enough and with some very nice evocative language at times, but it's just too short to be of consequence. I suspect I might have got more out of it if I was already familiar with the myth on which it's based (Pygmalion), but I'm not, so I didn't. But it only took half an hour to read and it added one to my stats for the year, and isn't that what really counts?
  9. 43. The Martian - Andy Weir Another Kindle bargain and one I wasn't that bothered about as I've already seen the film. But one mark of a good book (that's been made into a film you've already seen) is if it grips you despite the fact that you already know what's going to happen. And this absolutely did. It's brilliantly written with an engaging mix of real science and humour. Most of the book is in the form of diary entries from the titular character, who's quite the cheeky chappie, but all the supporting characters are properly fleshed out too, and it all gallops along very nicely indeed.
  10. As I've turned this into C16 thread, I will say that I had hardly any games for mine, but the best thing about it for me was the built in assembler/disassembler. Yes, there was a brief period in the mid-80s when I could program to a rudimentary level in 6502 machine code. Then I discovered girls and forgot all about that sort of thing. Suddenly I stopped looking at the computer pages, and instead found myself perusing the shower and sunbed pages in the Argos book. And we're back on topic!
  11. No don’t! They’re really not very good! The first one especially is very poor, the others much better but overall they’re not great.
  12. I loved that bit, it was like the show took a short break in an episode of Legion.
  13. How can this keep getting better? How is that possible? When this is all over I’m going to have to watch it all again to see what was hidden in plain sight all along. How many more episodes to go?
  14. Blimey. New Star Wars and Doctor Who weeks apart. I hope Bradley Walsh gets to meet more intergalactic bus drivers this series.
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