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  1. I knew Claudia wouldn't let us down. It was already on the reading list anyway, obviously, but now it's moved up a few places...
  2. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    I have the Donkey Kong version of this and can concur it’s excellent. I’ve only stopped using it because the cable is incompatible with our new dog.
  3. I assume there will be some new titles along to take their place, no doubt including another Star Wars series starting from #1 to cause maximum confusion as per Marvel standard operating procedure.
  4. One of my all time favourite films. I already own a German dvd version of the directors cut but it doesn’t have English subtitles for any of the foreign language sections, so I hope this one fixes that oversight. ”Better to be pissed off than pissed on.”
  5. Doctor Aphra continues to be one of the best, if not the best of Marvel's Star Wars comics. This volume has everything that's great about the series so far, including plenty of action and humour, and even throws in some character development not only for the good Doctor herself but also for her co-star and on-off nemesis, psycho-killer droid Triple Zero. In this story, the pair find themselves in a race across a Star Wars-y version of Mega-City One in a desperate attempt to prevent their own certain, explosive, demise. That could be the basis for a wacky, knockabout fun story, but like the very best comics this uses that structure - and the unique qualities of the medium itself - to elevate it to something special. There are some stunning pages and images in this, the highlight of which is probably a double-page look into Triple Zero's "mind". I can't recommend it highly enough.
  6. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    They are 100% definitely both serial killers.
  7. That looks great. I'm getting a Rub Rabbits vibe. No, those two statements are not contradictory.
  8. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    To be fair, they probably had to audition a lot of people before finding a pair that could do that advert without collapsing in giggles. And even then they had to deprogram them from whatever cult they were recruiters for previously.
  9. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    @wullie I bought my Switch direct from Nintendo a few months ago (days before they announced the new version ) in a similar bundle with a game and case, and it was fine. IIRC I ordered it on a Saturday morning and it arrived Sunday afternoon.
  10. That's still better than any Vader I could draw with my eyes open.
  11. You can’t go wrong with Claudia Gray and that is no exception. It’s a great book with a truly brilliant last sentence.
  12. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    This happened to me too.
  13. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    And Slay the Spire.
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