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  1. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    At last! The sequel to 42 All Time Classics we never knew we wanted!
  2. Thanks! I'm desperately trying to offload a few now but people keep turning up! We're all in the same boat I suppose... I'll try to get it done and leave you some fruit etc. Actually - sorted!
  3. I’ve got one minor UI gripe that could easily be fixed and be a huge improvement. Currently to find out what the active Nook Miles + objectives are, and how you’re progressing with them, you have to press at least three buttons: ZR to open phone, (d-pad to select Nook Miles if it isn’t selected), A to open Nook Miles app, + to open the + objectives. And yet when out and about, the + button doesn’t do anything. If they made + a shortcut to immediately display the objectives it would save a lot of faffing.
  4. Have you stood on all the blue areas?
  5. In your passport on the nook phone.
  6. I was a SO-CALLED EVENTUALITY and have now promoted myself to PARTIALLY OBSCURED FOSSIL. It's a brilliantly pointless part of the game. The museum is truly wonderful, the fossil section especially. I'm really looking forward to seeing that fill up. I'm expecting That's a guess but I've hidden it in case I've guessed correctly!
  7. Yep the eshop trick did the, er, trick. It’s bloody lovely.
  8. I’m still getting “you cannot play this software yet.” This is BULLSHIT Nintendo! I’ve paid my bells!
  9. I don't know what the UK National Space Design Championship entails, but if her winning design didn't include a few strategically placed flower beds and a path made out of a custom low-res bitmap then I'll be sorely disappointed.
  10. They don't call him Ed "Dennis Waterman" Epistaxis for nothing. Or, indeed, at all. Anyway, I've finished Voxelgram after being basically addicted to it for the last few weeks, so now I can get properly stuck into Murder by Numbers.
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