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  1. Blimey. How can that and Orphan 11 or whatever it was be in the same series? That was a proper wibbly wobbly timey wimey episode, which are always my favourites, and as with all the best ones we’re now left to speculate where it’s all heading.
  2. They’re all good. I’ve not read Darth P but everyone who has seems to like it. Of the other two I’d say it depends which era you prefer: prequels/clone wars, go for Dark Disciple. New trilogy, go for Resistance Reborn.
  3. Yes it was basically OTT to 2000AD’s Tiswas (80s references ahoy) but I definitely read it as a dig. Maybe a bit of both, Pat’s always been one for enthusiastically biting the hand that feeds.
  4. I started (re)reading Third World War today - Pat Mills managed to go a whole two panels before getting in a not-so-subtle dig at his other employer!
  5. He was definitely a regular in the Cantina. Probably had his own tankard behind the bar and everything. He knew it was where the sailors pilots hang out, and that it could get a little rough. It's why nobody batted an eyelid when he walked in: "Oh, it's just Crazy Ben with another 'young friend'."
  6. Perhaps it will be a real left-field option. He's in hiding on a desert world, he can't go far, or reveal his true identity. All he's got is time, the mystical and ancient power of the Force, and lots and lots of sand. So he amuses himself by visiting the homes of local moisture famers and other subsistence homesteaders, and covertly applying his special skills to solving their agricultural problems while they're away on a weekend city break at Mos Eisley. And while he's at it, rope in a friendly Jawa and a tame Tusken Raider to do a bit of landscaping, er, sandscaping, put in a nice path, perhaps a split-level effect, some nice trellis archways and a bit of decking. But no water features, obviously. Obviously it would be called
  7. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    I have a Switch and a PS4, and I'm also 99% Switch I reckon. Apart from anything else, being able to use it handheld means I can have a quick go any time. Getting the opportunity to monopolise the TV is rarer, and when I do I usually think "now I can play BOTW/[insert other pretty game here] on the big screen!"
  8. Look, I can put up with discussing the shortcomings or otherwise of various studio executives till the banthas come home, but please, lay off the Star Trek chat.
  9. And sound effects for the spaceships!
  10. Oh, that’s a shame. I think my next choice would be Leia: Princess of Alderaan. Or if you want something completely different, the first Battlefront novel (Twilight Company).
  11. 5. The Colour of Magic - Terry Pratchett Everyone's already read this, haven't they? Including me. I read it in the early 90s when someone recommended it as "Douglas Adams does Lord of the Rings," but it didn't really click for me and so I never bothered with any of the later books in the series. I'm glad to say I enjoyed it much more this time around. The only part of the book that I even vaguely remembered was the short passage that takes place in "our" world on a plane - I'd forgotten the rest so comprehensively that until that bit happened I was starting to think it must have been a different book I'd read back then. So this was effectively starting again from scratch, and I'm looking forward to finally finding out what all the fuss was about.
  12. Old school: the Eagles. New kids on the block: Joseph.
  13. It's out today, I'm 3/4 of the way through and happy to say it's a good Pet Shop Boys album. I really like the cover, which is much better than the last few IMHO.
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